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  • Your Cheat Sheet for Creating a Natural Disaster Recovery Plan

    While the debate on climate change continues, prepping for natural disasters—whether you like it or not—is now a must. Examine today's natural disaster recovery planning essentials inside this e-guide, which aggregates all the natural DR prep must-haves in one place: 10 tips for your checklist, planning FAQs, and more!

  • Top Cloud Backup & Data Protection Vendors Go Toe-to-Toe

    Before selecting a backup vendor or vendors, you need to know how they compare against one another, and how their offerings align with your specific needs. Look no further than our e-guide Top Cloud Backup & Data Protection Vendors Go Toe-to-Toe for your answers! Get your copy here to see the latest vendor comparison from our editors.

  • Focusing on the 3 Ps for ABM Revenue at Scale

    In this e-book, “Focusing on the 3 Ps for ABM Revenue at Scale,” we discuss how you can implement ABM 2.0 to better inform your marketing efforts and meet your sales team’s needs.

  • Buyer's Guide: Desktop and App Virtualization Products

    Get our free 40-page guide to desktop and application virtualization. You'll learn which approaches are best for your shop, as well as get comparisons of the current products on the market.

  • Assess and Evaluate the Range of VDI Tools for Monitoring Deployments

    Managing virtual desktops requires monitoring tools. Which ones depends a lot on the size and complexity of your deployment. Learn more from this free, 36-page guide.

  • 5G Wireless: Understanding the Basics

    Has your organization started preparing for the adoption of 5G? Learn how you can start in our guide, 5G Wireless: Understanding the Basics, which you can access after a brief multiple-choice survey.

  • How to prepare your WLAN for the 802.11ax standard

    Find out everything you need to know about the next wireless standard, 802.11ax.

  • Evolving Persona Thinking to Win More Business

    In this e-book, “Evolving Persona Thinking to Win More Business,” we discuss how to use prospect-level intent data to engage buying groups in target accounts so you can identify and capture real demand, real opportunities, and real buyers by eliminating gaps in your tactical execution.

  • Driving Short-Term Quota Attainment by Aligning Marketing to Sales

    Watch this interactive webinar featuring Nancy Nardin, Founder of Smart Selling Tools and one of the world’s leading experts on sales technology and process, explores what Sales really needs from Marketing right now and provides clear insight on how teams can align to reach revenue goals in the near term.

  • 3 paths to more productive revenue capture in a changing interaction landscape

    In this white paper, explore how changes in B2B interaction are impacting relationship-creation and how you can use intent data to connect buyers to the solutions they need. Download today to see how you can transition to ABM 2.0 and become a key player in the enablement of both high-velocity and field sales teams.

  • Demand and Account-Based Marketing: Planning Assumptions 2021

    Disruptions to the B2B buying process—as a result of COVID-19—offer a unique opportunity for demand and account-based marketing (ABM) leaders improve their strategies. Learn how to bring this potential to life and drive growth for your organization in this Forrester brief.

  • Complete Guide to Identity and Access Management

    In the world of authentication techniques, security experts have bemoaned the weaknesses of the password and username form of authentication security. But biometrics, voice, facial and behavioral recognition are taking hold in security.

  • Expert Webinar: Closing the Loop on ABM Revenue in 2021

    Featuring Forrester Principal Analyst Malachi Threadgill and moderated by John Steinert, CMO TechTarget, this interactive webinar explores how companies can deliver better on increased revenue by overcoming some basic – and yet critical – barriers to addressing actual customer needs. Watch now to learn more.

  • Why More High-Performance Companies Are Depending on Intent Data

    In this webinar, Eric Wittlake, Sr. Marketing Analyst, TOPO, discusses new use cases and applications for intent data that reach beyond just account based strategies and explores how entire go-to-market teams are using it to significantly improve results for each function within the team.

  • Complete Guide to Buying Enterprise Accounting Software

    Modern accounting software brings new automation techniques that make your AR, AP, GL and payroll staff more efficient. Take our multiple-choice survey and access A Complete Guide to Buying Enterprise Accounting Software to explore key enterprise accounting software benefits and products.

  • Data Repository Cheat Sheet

    Data comes in all shapes and sizes and - more often than not - in high volume. That will only increase in the future. We created a Data Repository Cheat Sheet to understand your data architecture needs, and you will get immediate access to it once you complete this survey for us.

  • Converged Data Protection: From the Cloud to the Ground

    We just added a brand new Converged Data Protection guide to our Backup Research Survey as a thank you for all participants – don't miss out on your chance to access this exclusive report. To save your guide, simply complete the survey questions when prompted.

  • ERP Comparison Guide: SAP vs. Infor vs. Microsoft vs. Oracle

    Comparing ERP vendors is no easy task, especially when considering the ROI of your future purchase. With our expert guide on ERP vendors, compare and contrast platforms from SAP, Oracle, Infor, and more, and get a comprehensive look at product features, platform differences, and ROIs from popular ERP vendors and industry underdogs alike.

  • SD-WAN: Hitting the mainstream

    So you decided you want to implement SD-WAN—but what's next? According to experts at SearchNetworking, the first task is to go through the practical steps of moving away from MPLS. Learn more about the 4-step migration process in our guide, SD-WAN: Hitting the mainstream—which you can access after a 6-8 minute survey.

  • CISSP Has Changed (Again): What it Means for Your Certification Prep

    The CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) exam was updated with changes to the topics covered and format of the test. Luckily, we have a new study guide just for you. Simply complete our online-survey and you will receive a free download of the revisions to the exam as well as, tips and tricks to passing the exam. Begin the

  • Simplifying VDI with the Right Storage Strategy

    If your VDI is buggy, laggy, or slow don't worry. Having the right storage for VDI deployments can diminish those issues. Download this E-Guide to learn how moving to a flash-based storage array can solve some of your most pressing VDI challenges and prevent performance-related issues.

  • Multi-cloud Storage: Planning, Deployment, and Management

    This is your absolute last chance to grab your copy of Multi-cloud Storage: Planning, Deployment, and Management—it expires today! Claim your copy here, and you'll be well on your way to streamlining your company's multi-cloud environments.

  • Today’s Market Realities Require New Demand Gen Strategies

    In this e-book, we discuss the shortcomings of the classical lead gen model and provide a framework you can use to improve productivity and effectively identify, pursue and manage real opportunities.

  • Using Intent Data for Effective Persona Development in ABM

    In this e-book, Using Intent Data for Effective Persona Development in ABM, we’ll show you how to keep pace with what’s going on in your target accounts. Download today to learn how to leverage intent data for effective persona development and shape your ABM strategy.

  • SD-WAN Explained: The Ultimate Guide to SD-WAN

    Data center networking is never easy. Searching for flexibility, having to defend against threats – there's a lot to keep a DCN professional up at night. What you can do to sleep a little easier: Participate in our DCN Research Program to narrow down your priorities and get a FREE copy of our Ultimate Guide to SD-WAN as a bonus.

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