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  • It’s Payback Time How It Modernization Investments Are Rewarding Federal Agencies

    Sponsored by: Hyland

    Read through this article to explore how agencies are leveraging new funding vehicles to innovate and modernize their organizations, while also paying themselves back in the process as they manage business priorities and institute long-term efficiency and cost-savings benefits on cloud-based platforms.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    To meet today’s data process and response needs, many businesses are moving beyond the bounds of their data centers to decentralized computing at the edge. Tap into this e-book to learn how you can take advantage of 5 key edge-specific features.

  • Build-in Information Governance

    Sponsored by: Hyland

    Read this e-book to learn best practices for invisibly embedding information governance into your ECM system and content-driven processes to keep compliance risk properly managed.

  • VoIP has never lost its voice: How to get the most out of your business communications

    Sponsored by:

    In today's comms world, and especially with regard to hybrid working, a communications identity has now become a unified calling and collaboration endpoint, one which is part of a suite of business services spanning voice, security and network-as-a-service solutions to power the mobile workforce.

  • How TDCX is building a people-centric business

    Sponsored by:

    Every digital tool deployed by TDCX is aimed at augmenting the performance and experience of its employees. In an interview with CW, Byron Fernandez, group CIO of TDCX, talks up the company's approach in ensuring its technology investments enhance employee experience, as well as the cyber security challenges in its human capital intensive business.

  • India gears up for 5G but challenges remain

    Sponsored by:

    India's upcoming spectrum auction marks the start of larger-scale deployments of 5G in the subcontinent, but telcos will need to find a way to address high infrastructure costs and monetise their investments. Download the full article to understand what challenges the country will have to face on its journey to deploy 5G.

  • Inside Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's cloud journey

    Sponsored by:

    With a strong DevOps culture, Australian bank has been moving its most important applications to the cloud in a journey that has already reaped returns. Download the full article to learn more about Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's cloud journey.

  • 7 steps of an SD-WAN implementation

    Sponsored by:

    The benefits of software-defined WAN make many organizations interested in adopting it, but the implementation process can seem daunting. Enterprises can use this seven-step process as a guide to deploy a successful SD-WAN implementation.

  • 7 types of networks and their use cases

    Sponsored by:

    A computer network is an interconnected system of devices, represented as network nodes, that share information, data and resources among each other. Not all networks are the same. In this e-guide, learn about the seven most common types of networks, their benefits and use cases.

  • Zero Trust. Zero Effort. Secure Connectivity for 3rd Party Users

    Sponsored by: Cyolo

    Many organizations today offshore certain resources, or work with external vendors who need access to their internal resources. Utilizing 3rd Party Resources & Contractors can open your organization to multiple risks & vulnerabilities. Access this white paper to learn how Cyolo ZTNA2.0 can help connectivity for 3rd party users.

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