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  • How Automation Can Help Deliver Innovation

    Sponsored by: Automation Anywhere

    A global supply chain and logistics leader needed to automate their back-office document management to provide better customer service and reduce shipment delays on their 22,000 monthly shipments. Find out why they chose to deploy Automation Anywhere and the benefits they've experienced in this case study.

  • Red Hat Fuse

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Developing integration solutions can be complex, and gets even more hectic when the deployments are distributed on the cloud. Take a look at this product sheet to learn more about implementing Red Hat Fuse, and the 520% ROI you could see in just three years.

  • Red Hat Consulting Solution: API-Centric Integration

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Take a look at this product sheet to find out what steps you can take to create an Agile Integration strategy, and the benefits you will see including agility, scalability, and new value added.

  • The 5 Foundational DevOps Practices

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    Explore the 5 foundational DevOps practices in this whitepaper, and learn the common threads among some of the most successful DevOps teams.

  • RPA with Machine Learning: From HR to Finance Departments

    Sponsored by: Automation Anywhere

    Learn how one global financial institution integrated RPA bots into its human resources and data collection workflows, buying themselves a 70% reduction in process times, $1 million in annual cost savings, and more. Plus, find out the role machine learning played throughout the process.

  • How to Avoid These 7 Deadly Sins of App and Desktop Virtualization

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Download this white paper to learn the 7 deadliest desktop and app virt sins and how to avoid them in order to achieve a successful deployment.

  • The Power of Predictive IT

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    Unplanned outages can have a disastrous impact on brand and business reputations. But is a reactive IT support strategy enough to prevent them? Open up this guide from Harvard Business Review to learn why predictive, AI-fueled IT support platforms are proving to be an essential component of the modern enterprise.

  • Intelligent Information Management: New Opportunities for Oil and Gas Companies

    Sponsored by: M-Files

    Read this white paper to learn how the oil industry stands to benefit from digital transformation - and to find out if your business could be falling behind too.

  • Disrupting an Industry

    Sponsored by: Automation Anywhere

    Read up on how one company deployed RPA bots throughout 15 of their departments, introducing automation into their daily billing and payment processes and then some.

  • Expanding your Business to China? 8 Key Solutions to Succeed!

    Sponsored by: Alibaba Cloud

    Access the following infographic to learn how Alibaba Cloud can provide your organization with support at every stage of entering the Chinese market, from testing the waters to scaling up and customer engagement.

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