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  • CW APAC: Trend watch: Enterprise resource planning

    Sponsored by:

    In this handbook, focused on enterprise resource planning in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly looks at what's behind this renewed priority and why firms want cheaper software maintenance and the benefits of best-of-breed cloud apps.

  • Digital inking on Microsoft Surface for Teachers and Students

    Sponsored by: ASI Solutions/Microsoft

    Explore the benefits of digital inking technology in this e-book from Microsoft, which highlights their Surface Pens for education.

  • Advanced Phishing Techniques

    Sponsored by: Asigra

    Discover in this blog post the advanced phishing techniques designed to dupe even the most sophisticated end-user, and find out how you can protect your business from these attacks.

  • Drive The Banking Experience Of The Future

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Banks face profound industry changes driven by evolving customer expectations, emerging technology, and new digital challenges. Citrix helps financial services organizations reimagine how technology can address the changes and digital disruptions they face today. Keep reading to learn more.

  • Ransomware 3.0 Stop Paying the Criminals

    Sponsored by: Asigra

    How can you address the expanding threat landscape to protect your business and avoid paying out a ransom? Read this white paper to understand the expansion of ransomware criminal strategy and learn the capabilities that you should seek out in your cyber security software solutions.

  • The Essential Guide to Brand Management

    Sponsored by: Canto

    A strong brand identity is critical for organizations to increase brand awareness and loyalty among customers. This e-book offers comprehensive information on brand identity management. Learn the different components of brand management strategy, how to protect brand integrity, boost brand consistency, and scale content creation.

  • Streamlining database provisioning with DevOps

    Sponsored by: EnterpriseDB

    A modern approach to data provisioning is paramount as businesses outperforming their competitors are the ones taking advantage of insights that come from data. Watch this webinar to learn what you should consider when implementing DevOps for your database and how it can help you increase the quality of your data.

  • Microsoft 365 Cyber Security And Resilience

    Sponsored by: Mimecast

    Microsoft 365 has security vulnerabilities not defended by its internal security systems. This e-book looks at how you can get more out of Microsoft 365 by developing better security protocols that will increase cyber resiliency and prevent data breaches while facilitating better work environments. Download this e-book and become cyber resilient.

  • Is your business ready for the big switch off?

    Sponsored by: Maintel

    By 2025, both BT Openreach’s PSTN and ISDN networks will switch off in favor of IP voice services, with a gradual phase-out of older systems like wholesale line rental (WLR) happening across the next few years. Access this e-book to learn how to overcome key challenges associated with WLR withdrawal with the right migration approach.

  • Helping GE Healthcare deliver a platform for better patient outcomes

    Sponsored by: Spectro Cloud

    GE Healthcare, a distributor of medical imaging procedures, was looking for a repeatable and scalable way to easily manage hundreds of Kubernetes clusters across cloud and on-prem data centers. This case study examines why they turned to Palette from Spectro Cloud. Read it here.

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