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  • Protecting Financial Institutions Data from Ransomware Threats

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Check out this white paper to learn strategies to provide the financial service industry with practical steps to protect data and avoid falling victim to ransomware attacks.

  • Carbonite complements Microsoft data recovery and backup

    Sponsored by: Carbonite

    Jump inside this case study to learn how Enhanced, a UK-based MSP with several hundred clients, made the jump themselves to enhanced data protection and backup capabilities—improving the quality of data recovery process and making a substantial impact on their ultimate ROI.

  • 100 Year Archive White Paper

    Sponsored by: Quantum Corporation

    Access this white paper to learn key characteristics of archival data like when it becomes archival, data classification guidelines, and 10 essential components of achieving a 100-year archive.

  • Accentuating the positives for a post-pandemic world of orchestration

    Sponsored by: Enate UK

    In 2020, orchestration shifted its focus from automated activity to human activity after the rush for remote work. As we enter 2021, organizations are realizing that orchestration is here to stay. See how businesses are incorporating orchestration into their permanent business strategies in this article.

  • 11 Required Monitoring Platform Capabilities for Enterprise DevOps Teams

    Sponsored by: Datadog

    As DevOps teams work with an unprecedented volume of data, effective end-to-end monitoring is a key capability for any DevOps initiative. Here, explore the 11 required monitoring platform capabilities for enterprise DevOps teams. Download it here.

  • Why Hackers Hack

    Sponsored by: Carbonite

    Chances are that your perception of what a hacker is has been completely skewed by Hollywood. Check out this Carbonite data sheet to bust 6 myths of the modern-day hacker.

  • Why Hackers Hack

    Sponsored by: Carbonite

    This white paper breaks down some of the most common hacker myths and unveils the true methods and motivations behind these myths to help your organization lock down and protect customers against today’s biggest threats. Download to read more.

  • Comparison: EDB Products & Services vs. Self-Supported PostgreSQL

    Sponsored by: EDB

    DBAs can quickly be overwhelmed as their organization saddles them with more demands than a small-scale Postgres DB operation can handle. Download this comparison to learn how EnterpriseDB support can help you improve your Postgres security, failover abilities, database performance, and more.

  • EDB Postgres Advanced Server vs. Oracle® Enterprise

    Sponsored by: EDB

    Open source database models are becoming more popular by the day thanks to their reduced costs, flexibility, and scalability. But can these databases provide the performance, security, and manageability required for enterprise workloads? Examine this technical comparison to see how EDB’s Postgres Advanced Server compares with Oracle Enterprise.

  • Data Governance Foundations

    Sponsored by: Ascention

    Companies often talk about the importance of data governance, but they can struggle to properly understand its place in their business. Read this white paper to gain deeper insight into the 3 fundamentals your business needs to understand to see success from data governance: vision, culture, and structure.

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