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  • Leading Cable TV and Telecom Provider Enhances Customer Experience with A Customer 360 View, Using StreamAnalytix

    Sponsored by: StreamAnalytix

    How was a traditional cable provider able to reduce high customer churn and poor customer data usage, and become a competitive business with real-time analytics powering their growth? Read this white paper to learn how StreamAnalytix was able to help their client gain deeper insight into their consumer behavior and take data-driven action.

  • Next Step in The Digital Workspace: Using Intelligence to Improve Data Delivery and Provide Insights

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    The digital workspace has transformed modern business—work from home and international collaboration are just a few benefits that your company derives from a digital workspace. Read on to learn how your company can also use solutions like Citrix Workspace to incorporate intelligent programs into your workspace and use your data more effectively.

  • The Importance of Embedded BI Reflects Information Democracy Trend

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    Embedded BI capabilities have become more and more widespread over time, and this Dresner market report demonstrates that this trend isn’t going anywhere—organizations are planning around BI, and embedded BI in particular. Read on to see how embedded BI use is part of a wider effort to democratize and proliferate data through organizations.

  • Get The Most From Your AI Investment By Operationalizing Analytics

    Sponsored by: SAS

    Many organizations blindly approach their analytics without ever aligning them with business goals and KPIs. Download this AI analytics guide, which dives into 7 steps to fully operationalize your analytics, and how to get the most out of AI analytics.

  • Rimini Street Support for BusinessObjects

    Sponsored by: Rimini Street

    Because BusinessObjects’ products are mature and stable, many customers are starting to wonder if they need to constantly pay for new licensing and support. Read this white paper to learn why some companies are choosing to forgo renewal and build on their current BusinessObjects release—and see massive savings, without sacrificing BI performance.

  • The Future of Banking A Five to Ten Year Horizon

    Sponsored by: Teradata

    The banking industry is changing more rapidly today than ever. To maintain profitability, banks are transforming themselves to become more efficient, in control, trusted, analytically agile, and digital—all underpinned by improved analytical capabilities. Read on to learn more about how analytics are driving a new era of banking innovation.

  • G2 Crowd Grid Report for Business Intelligence Platforms

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    In this research report, Domo was named a leader based on receiving a high customer satisfaction score and having a large market presence. Domo also received the highest satisfaction score among products in Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms. Download now to see who they’re competing with and how these competitors stack up.

  • The technological evolution of IT industry leaders: Part two

    Sponsored by:

    Companies leading the technological evolution have gone through changes. This second part of this e-guide explores the technological evolution of SAP, Microsoft and some business analytics vendors throughout the past two decades.

  • CW Europe December 2019: Deutsche Bank creates innovation division

    Sponsored by:

    German investment banking giant Deutsche Bank is opening a division focused on innovation as part of its plan to digitise all business operations. Read more details in this edition of CW Europe.

  • The CFOs Guide to Digital Finance Transformation

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Looking for a crash-course on digital finance transformation? Inside, glean insight into the changing world of finance with information tailored specifically to the needs of industry CFOs. Review the main causes for digital finance transformation, and learn what digital transformation in finance can do for your organization.

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