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  • Five Ways Data-Driven Analytics Investments Have Digitally Transformed Businesses

    Sponsored by: Pure Storage

    As businesses seek to utilize the massive amounts of data they have on hand, pivoting away from reactive analytics and towards predictive analytics, they are increasingly turning to advanced analytics to achieve these goals. Read this ESG Research Paper now to learn 5 ways that advanced analytics investments have transformed businesses.

  • Power of Analytics in a Digital Workplace

    Sponsored by: Capgemini

    While many people think of analytics as simply another business tool, it’s best understood as something more than that. Listen to this podcast, or check out its transcript, to learn how analytics solutions are unifying and satisfying the goals of three crucial audiences: users, IT, and business leaders.

  • SunnyD eliminates data silos with Infor Birst

    Sponsored by: Infor

    Access this white paper to discover how a comprehensive solution from Infor Birst lead to profit maximization across the supply chain for leading juice-based producer.

  • Masterclass for SaaS Part 1

    Sponsored by: Toucan Toco

    Watch this video to learn how incorporating embedded analytics into your software can propel you to become a driver of business value, not just another aggregator of data.

  • CW Europe December 2019: Deutsche Bank creates innovation division

    Sponsored by:

    German investment banking giant Deutsche Bank is opening a division focused on innovation as part of its plan to digitise all business operations. Read more details in this edition of CW Europe.

  • Sentiments, Deployments, and Adoption Plans for Data Science and Machine Learning

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    Despite the relative youth of machine learning, data science, and other AI driven business initiatives, their perceived value and importance has grown extremely rapidly. Examine this Dresner report to see how this perceived importance lines up across organizations, what’s currently driving adoption, and who the main users of these technologies are.

  • AI and SaaS Companies Listen Up: 3 Reasons Why Your Product Needs Embedded Analytics

    Sponsored by: Toucan Toco

    While AI adoption is rapidly increasing, many companies aren’t seeing great returns on this adoption. If you’re an AI or SaaS company, embedded analytics allow you to present concrete evidence on the ROI that your service provides. Read on to learn more about using embedded analytics to boost the value of your AI or SaaS offerings.

  • Modern Business Intelligence by Looker

    Sponsored by: Looker Google

    Google knows that good businesses need good business intelligence to operate, which is why they’ve given Google Looker the power and capabilities of a modern, cutting edge BI tool. Check out this white paper to learn more about Google’s BI offerings.

  • THE 4 Do´s and Donts of Business Analytics

    Sponsored by: Teradata

    In the past few years, business analytics has taken on a new role as a decision-making function. Enterprise leaders can take advantage of this shift by providing their analysts with the right tools to uncover insights. Learn more about the top do's and don'ts of business analytics to help your organization transform data into tangible outcomes.

  • Real-time Insider Threat Detection using Machine Learning

    Sponsored by: StreamAnalytix

    Banks are facing numerous internal threats these days, as phishing becomes more complex, regulatory requirements become more stringent, and data becomes easier to mishandle. Check out this case study to learn how StreamAnalytix helped identify and prevent these insider threats using predictive analytics, machine learning, and big data tools.

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