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  • Digital Experimentation - Discover the secret weapon

    Sponsored by: Optimizely

    In this brief company snapshot, see how experimentation has helped start-up company, Secret Escapes, address key strategy concerns and establish a place for themselves in the highly competitive travel market.

  • How Everybody at Domo Gets Work Done

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    In this case study, find out why Domo chooses to use their own business management platform to be more productive and make their work more enjoyable by bringing together people, data, and systems in a way that transforms the way business is done.

  • Moving Beyond Basic BI

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Aberdeen Group compiled this report to highlight how the best companies are adopting BI tools that are capable of aggregating, analyzing and interpreting the massive amounts of data moving through organizations today.

  • The Rise of Automated Analytics and the Demise of Dashboards

    Sponsored by: Yellowfin

    Many businesses use business intelligence or data analytics platforms. However, businesses are not convinced that BI dashboards are providing them with the insights that they need. Read this research report for the full analysis on the use of BI dashboards and where they are falling short.

  • Business Intelligence Trends

    Sponsored by: Tableau Software

    Business intelligence will undergo some fundamental changes in the next few years. Read this white paper to learn about the emerging trends in the business intelligence market.

  • Build Applications Quickly and Economically to Meet Individual Business Needs

    Sponsored by: SAP

    Download this white paper to learn about the SAP Cloud Platform, which enables you to build and extend applications for every department and every role quickly, easily and economically.

  • The Role of AI and Analytics in Enabling Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: Vitria Technology, Inc.

    Watch this brief video to learn about an advanced analytics platform that uses AI to help you aggregate static and dynamic data from various sources quickly.

  • The Future of Network Service Providers in Serving the Connected Lives of Consumers at Home and Work

    Sponsored by: Vitria Technology, Inc.

    Download this interview with Mark Wyman from Windstream and Chris Menier from Vitria to learn how leading analytics platform Vitria is helping companies—like NSP Windstream—offer a better customer experience by providing accurate data that can be used to support customers, install services, troubleshoot services, and do menial day to day tasks.

  • The Complete Starter Guide to RPA

    Sponsored by: Automation Anywhere

    Download this white paper for a detailed look at robotic process automation (RPA), a type of automation that can help you reduce costs, decrease errors, improve efficiency, boost productivity, and more. Also explore the definition and features of RPA, as well as the types of automation software.

  • IoT In the Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara Corporation

    When asked what technologies were the top priorities for the upcoming year, roughly 46% of the 300 IT executives surveyed answered IoT. Download this 28-page research report to review more survey findings, as well as IoT use cases, trends, leaders and funders, and more.

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