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  • Embedded Analytics Empower the Citizen Data Scientist

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    Explore how new technologies such as reusable workflows and automated data preparation are empowering citizen data scientists to step into the void and fill the shoes of well-trained data scientists.

  • Are You Ready to Move to Self-Service Analytics Democratization?

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Learn about the growing impact of self-service apps on modern analytics activities. Plus, explore the influence an autonomous data warehouse in helping business users and IT work together to produce faster insights.

  • Jargon Buster Guide to Artificial Intelligence

    Sponsored by:

    Where once stood Big Data and Data Science, now stands AI and its younger sibling, Machine Learning. AI is red hot. And stuffed with jargon. Whether you are an IT professional looking to see how AI can benefit your organisation, or an entrepreneur looking to launch an AI-fuelled start up, this Jargon Buster will help to throw the trend into relief.

  • Gain a People Advantage with Analytics for Human Capital Management

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

    Discover 4 ways analytics can help support HR technology transformations and achieve your key human capital management (HCM) goals for employee engagement, talent acquisition, training, and more.

  • Empower Business Intelligence for Big Data

    Sponsored by: AtScale

    In this Ventana Research report, explore some of the top challenges and trends surrounding big data management and analytics, including user familiarity with BI tools.

  • 10 Questions About Augmented Intelligence

    Sponsored by: Cognitive Scale

    The concept of AI has been around for some time, and augmented intelligence is the next phase of AI. Familiarize yourself with augmented intelligence with this sheet of answers to 10 frequently asked questions.

  • IoT Analytics: From Data Integration to Actionable Intelligence

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    In this white paper, learn about the potential benefits of IoT and how businesses can get ready to adopt smart technologies with integration strategies, data quality management, big data analytics, and more.

  • Thank You for Registering for this APN Webinar: How to Wrangle Data for Machine Learning on AWS

    Sponsored by: AWS - Trifacta

    Join this webinar to hear how Consensus, a Target-owned subsidiary, utilizes AWS and Trifacta to prepare data for use in fraud detection algorithms. You'll learn how self-service automated data wrangling can save your organization time and money, and get tips for getting started with machine learning on AWS.

  • Embedded Analytics Possibilities

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    Explore some of the benefits of embedded analytics, which can range from risk mitigation to improved customer engagement.

  • The State of Information Management

    Sponsored by: Box

    Transforming your content by making it accessible in the cloud is the first step to digital transformation. Where are you on this journey? Explore the latest AIIM report on the state of information management to uncover advice for helping you create a comprehensive cloud content strategy.

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