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  • Active Intelligence: The Next Era in Business Intelligence

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    Traditional BI's passive approach can't handle today's data-driven demands. Download this e-book to discover how the new approach of Active Intelligence overcomes the shortcomings of traditional BI by delivering continuous intelligence from real-time, up-to-date information designed to prompt immediate actions.

  • Sentiments, Deployments, and Adoption Plans for Data Science and Machine Learning

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    Despite the relative youth of machine learning, data science, and other AI driven business initiatives, their perceived value and importance has grown extremely rapidly. Examine this Dresner report to see how this perceived importance lines up across organizations, what’s currently driving adoption, and who the main users of these technologies are.

  • Data’s Inferno: How Data Teams Can Escape the Report Factory Inferno

    Sponsored by: Sigma Computing

    As companies struggle under the weight of their increasingly massive data stores, they often see their analytics or data science efforts suffering as well. So why is it that more data does not equal more insight? Read on to learn what’s stopping your company from unlocking the full value of your data and how to overcome these issues.

  • Moderna uses the right dose of data to boost discovery

    Sponsored by: Looker

    As Moderna researches key developments in mRNA medical treatments, they do so with a multi-cloud data strategy dedicated to infrastructure optimization, data discovery and integration, and ethical, compliant data usage. Read this white paper to learn why Moderna chose Looker to improve their data analytics and business capabilities.

  • Unlock the Power of Any Data with Unify

    Sponsored by: TIBCO

    Watch this demo to learn how TIBCO’s Unify data management capabilities coalesce master data management, streaming data management, metadata management, and data integration under one roof— allowing you to access accurate data in a distributed environment for analytics, data science, and much more.

  • ML-Driven Data Governance for Business Intelligence (BI)

    Sponsored by: BigID

    As data analytics ecosystems handle more and more data, data quality and integrity are common problems—even as the complexity and scale of data systems is beginning to exponentially explode. Read on to discover how ML-powered data governance is helping keep BI-essential data clean, organized, and easy to access.

  • Dresner Navigating and Thriving in a Quickly Evolving BI Software Landscape

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    The huge wave of consolidation in the BI market last year means that businesses need to prepare for changes in basic products, pricing and licensing, and turnover in key positions as their BI vendors are increasingly disrupted. Read this Dresner white paper to learn how you should be planning your approach to BI programs in the coming years.

  • Container Storage for Dummies

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    Learn how new software-defined storage approaches can help you take the next step in containerizing your application environment.

  • Building Better Data Experiences

    Sponsored by: Looker

    As companies look to infuse data across their businesses and make informed decisions the default, many are realizing a positive user experience surrounding data is necessary. Read on to learn how Looker can tackle this challenge and help integrate BI and analytics across your company, improve workflows, build customized applications, and more.

  • The CFOs Guide to Digital Finance Transformation

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Looking for a crash-course on digital finance transformation? Inside, glean insight into the changing world of finance with information tailored specifically to the needs of industry CFOs. Review the main causes for digital finance transformation, and learn what digital transformation in finance can do for your organization.

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