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  • Curiosity Video Series Episode 2: The New Dynamics of Data

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    2020 cemented the importance of analytics in everyday life. But despite its significance, many organizations aren’t sure about how to best deploy analytics—and they suffer for that. Listen to these industry experts discuss the new rules of analytics in business, and learn how you can actually master data in the data-driven age.

  • ModelOps Delivers What Digital Businesses Need

    Sponsored by: SAS Institute

    While plenty of companies are investing in analytics models, far fewer are deploying them effectively. So how can you ensure you’re not limiting your analytics ROI? Read this transcript to learn why industry experts think the holistic, collaborative approach known as ModelOps is the best way to see analytics success.

  • CMS Maintenance Shouldn't Be a Full-Time Job

    Sponsored by: Contentstack

    Inside, explore how your organization can vastly improve how it maintains content with a headless CMS. Review how a headless CMS can help eliminate the grueling nature of CMS maintenance, and uncover how a headless CMS from Contentstack can help your organization improve its CMS maintenance process.

  • Accelerating Digital Transformation In Covid Times

    Sponsored by: Alteryx

    This webinar covers an important topic area: why analytics process automation is becoming a key tool in accelerating, scaling, and democratizing analytics and data science. Tune in to hear experts from IDC, PwC, and Coca-Cola talk about the different ways that automation and analytics platforms are accelerating digital transformation.

  • Top Reasons: Why Aparavi, The Platform

    Sponsored by: Aparavi

    Intelligent data discovery and automation can help your company improve data governance, satisfy regulatory compliance, and establish a single source of truth across your cloud architectures. Access this data sheet to learn 8 ways that the Aparavi Platform can help reduce data costs, minimize risks, and create better insight for your enterprise.

  • Extending the value of data beyond the organization

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    What happens when you’ve adopted a data driven approach, but your business partners haven’t? Read this blog post to learn how embedded analytics and extended analytics can help you offer data insights throughout your business sphere, even when that data is being shared outside your organization.

  • A Guide to One-to-One Marketing for the Forward-Thinking Enterprise, with Examples

    Sponsored by: Contentstack

    View this article to discover how your organization can boost customer engagement and drive more sales with a one-to-one marketing strategy, and uncover 3 steps to making one-to-one marketing work for you.

  • Opportunity or survival? The importance of data-led decision making

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    Successful companies are more likely to report that their analytics and data initiatives as having a major impact. But ensuring these initiatives are effective requires a deeper understanding of data and making that data widely accessible. Read on to discover the importance of data democratization when building an agile, informed business.

  • The Future of Banking A Five to Ten Year Horizon

    Sponsored by: Teradata

    The banking industry is changing more rapidly today than ever. To maintain profitability, banks are transforming themselves to become more efficient, in control, trusted, analytically agile, and digital—all underpinned by improved analytical capabilities. Read on to learn more about how analytics are driving a new era of banking innovation.

  • Deliver smart, responsive IT services in an always changing world

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Today’s IT organizations need to not only deliver fast and personal services at scale,they also must constantly pivot to meet any challenges that may arise in an ever changing world. Open up this white paper to explore how to boost ITSM tools with machine learning, chat bots and analytics.

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