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  • The new CISSP Exam format: What's different this time?

    The CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) exam was updated with changes to the topics covered and format of the test. Luckily, we have a new study guide just for you. Simply complete our online survey and you will receive a free download of the revisions to the exam as well as tips and tricks for passing the exam.

  • Container Adoption, Orchestration, and Management 101

    Take a look at this Container Guide from to learn more about the types of modifications many organizations are making to their apps to make them container-ready, and some of the container skills you'll need to know as this technology becomes ever more popular.

  • Container Adoption, Orchestration, and Management 101

    Take a look at this Container Guide from to learn more about the types of modifications many organizations are making to their apps to make them container-ready, and some of the container skills you'll need to know as this technology becomes ever more popular.

  • Your Guide to Navigating a Cloud Computing Career

    The cloud is a growing job market, with new roles popping up and leading many to consider a career change. Could a cloud title be the right next move for you? Are you prepared to highlight your cloud skills in an interview? Take a look at this guide to learn some of the most popular cloud titles and see if you should consider applying.

  • Best Practices for Using Open Source Code

    A huge amount of applications are now built with open source components, but what affects does this open source code use have on your apps later on down the line? Take a look at this guide, Open Source Compliance, Security, & Risk Best Practices to learn how to monitor your open source code and make sure you're using it safely.

  • Thin Client Buyer's Guide

    Download this E-Guide to find out how our industry analysts recommend approaching a VDI deployment – even if you're just window shopping.

  • Your Cloud Computing New Year's Resolution

    Stick to your new year's resolution and improve your cloud strategy with this Cloud Computing: Market Insights and Best Practices for 2020 e-guide.

  • The Top Wi-Fi 6 Technology Benefits

    Like the IEEE standards that predate Wi-Fi 6, this new standard performs all the same duties as Wi-Fi 5 and earlier, while also offering improvements.In our Complete Guide to Wi-Fi 6 and 5G, uncover 4 key improvements that help Wi-Fi 6 stand out from its predecessors. To access this guide, complete our Wired & Wireless LAN survey.

  • How to Resolve Office 365 Performance Issues with NPM Tools

    The monitoring capabilities of application performance monitoring have crept into network performance management platforms. In our expert guide, learn how these NPM tools can help to solve performance issues in business applications like Office 365. To access this guide, participate in our Network Management Survey.

  • Fulfilling HPC needs with a composable infrastructure

    By answering just a few questions, we can tailor premium content for you to use as a reference guide during this stressful, yet exciting, buying period. But that's not all, after taking this short survey, enjoy a copy of our guide on The New Infrastructure in Town:

  • It could be time to leave ECM behind: Are you ready?

    Many organizations are making the shift to content services platforms, as it creates a digital workplace, making files accessible to employees both inside and outside the office. But how exactly do you make the daunting move from on-prem to the cloud? Find out in this guide, which you can access after a brief survey.

  • 15% of customer service interactions will be handled by AI in 2021

    15% of all customer service interactions by 2021 will be handled completely by AI, according to Gartner. As this deadline comes closer, business leaders are facing increasing pressure to adopt digital technology – like self-service platforms.

  • TechTarget Network Innovation Award: A Spotlight on 4 Network Automation Winners's Network Innovation Award recognizes vendors offering new products across 14 different network technology categories. To learn about 4 network automation winners, download our expert guide. This guide is available for download after completing our market search survey.

  • Why your customers should shape your DX strategy

    Digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword. Instead, DX begins and ends with how you think about, and engage with, your customers—with the help of digital technology. Grab a copy of our guide—after a brief survey—to learn why transforming CX should be high on your executive priority list.

  • Creating an Incident Response & Management Plan: Prevention is Key

    Today's cyberattacks trigger significant disruptions, causing possible fiscal or legal penalties. As the risks grow, so too does the need for effective incident response (IR). Luckily for you, our Ultimate Guide to Incident Response and Management has all the knowledge you need to build your own plan. Complete our survey to reserve your free copy.

  • Essential BC/DR Planning & Testing Templates

    What if you were hit with a ransomware attack or experienced a malfunction in its data center sprinkler system? Whether your company is in the early stages of establishing a DR plan or it's time to retest, we've got you covered: we just released the 2nd edition of our Verified BC/DR Planning Templates! Simply answer a few simple survey questions

  • Salesforce Backup: Challenges, Solutions, and Strategies

    My team at would like to know how your company plans to, or is already, backing up its SaaS and Salesforce data in our brief, 5-minute SaaS Backup Survey. As our personal thanks for sharing your approach, you'll get free access to our Salesforce Backup Tools & Strategies guide, in which we demystify the process and break down

  • Tools & Strategies for SaaS Backup and Data Protection

    SaaS adoption is certain, yet one factor that remains most uncertain is data protection. On behalf of my team, I invite you to download our guide on SaaS Backup Challenges & Best Practices, chock-full of tactics for you to employ at your company. All we ask is for 5 minutes of your time to tell us about your company's existing backup and

  • Office 365 Backup and Data Protection Essentials

    We well recognize that properly safeguarding your company's SaaS-based Office 365 workloads is often easier said than done. That's why we've stocked our guide on Office 365 Backup, the Enterprise, & You with the must-haves for effective O365 protection, backup, and recovery. Claim your copy now to ensure your company is properly equipped to

  • Explore all your ERP options before making a decision

    There are plenty of reasons why migrating to a cloud ERP system could make sense. But making the decision is not always easy. Read this expert guide for advice on how to approach this dilemma, and explore insights from real business leaders, as well as statistics on cloud ERP usage.

  • Benefits of starting your move to the cloud with accounting & financial apps

    Take a brief survey to access our expert guide, which delves into which business processes can benefit the most from integrating with SaaS financial applications as well as also the best way to handle implementation.

  • Date Warehouses: Learn the what, why, and how

    As they become more popular than ever, two things are clear—data warehouses are an asset to any company utilizing big data, and they're here to stay. But what exactly is a data warehouse? Take this short survey and tell us your company's data warehousing plans, and in exchange gain free access to our expert resource covering data warehouses!

  • Optimize your content management strategy with AI

    AI can upgrade CMS workflows to optimize content creation, streamline content preparation processes and improve customer experiences. Download this expert guide—after a brief survey—to learn how AI technologies, including machine learning, NLP, image recognition and more, can be applied to content management workflows and the benefits that offers.

  • Owner’s Manual for the Modern Demand Gen Engine

    Download this e-book to learn how you can build a demand generation strategy that scales with your business to accelerate the pipeline and increase win rates.

  • Making Sense of Cloud Costs

    It's hard enough to keep track of all the different ways you use the cloud. Keeping an eye on the cost of all these services is nearly impossible. In this e-Guide, we assess the state of cloud cost management for you, so your business can make the right cost-effective decision without creating a fuss. Download the e-Guide below to learn more.

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