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  • How AppNeta Is Using Intent Data to Re-Envision Demand Gen and Successfully Fuel Pipeline

    In this e-book, discover how AppNeta surpassed their lead expectations by re-envisioning their existing demand generation strategy with TechTarget Priority Engine. Review Priority Engine product features and benefits, and decide if Priority Engine is right for your organization.

  • Thinking Differently About Data and Reporting

    How can your organization exceed ABM expectations? View this infographic with insight from over 200 organizations to learn what separates successful ABM practitioners from the rest of the pack, and discover how thinking differently about data and reporting can improve your ABM success rate.

  • Assessing your company's needs when choosing a network analytics tool

    If the correct network analytics software is selected, the associated advancements in monitoring accuracy, detailed root cause analysis and automated remediation capabilities will quickly prove the tool's value. But how can you ensure you're choosing the right tool? Find out in our exclusive network analytics software buyer's guide—which you'll

  • Digital Transformation is Driving your CX

    Digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword, but rather how you think about, and engage with, your customers with the help of digital technology. Claim your FREE copy of the guide, Why CX Should Drive Your Digital Transformation, please answer a few questions in our survey, and your download will be available upon completion.

  • Critical Success Factors for ABM

    View this infographic to discover the critical success factors for ABM. Learn how aligning your sales and marketing teams can drastically improve your ABM success rate, and discover why 82% of successful ABM teams have modified their targeting inside accounts.

  • Why More High-Performance Companies Are Depending on Intent Data

    Increasingly more often, high-performance businesses are depending on intent data to fuel their pipelines. Watch this webinar to find out more about real purchase intent data, where it comes from, and how your business can make use of it.

  • Why Cold Prospecting Costs You 50% of Your Deals

    View this infographic to explore why cold prospecting is costing you 50% of your business deals, and learn how TechTarget's Priority Engine can help your organization generate 2x the amount of active prospects.

  • Power Your Pipeline with Purchase Intent

    With this 3-part ebook, discover how purchase intent data can help your organization gain a competitive advantage in your specific markets. Learn how to evaluate practical applications of B2B purchase intent data for marketing, sales, and ABM. And explore how intent data can help your organization capture more demand, accelerate sales, and more.

  • Priority Engine: A Faster Path to More Deals

    Just because you're a startup doesn't mean you can't beat your larger competitors to critical sales opportunities that can level the playing field in the long-term. Watch this video to learn how Priority Engine can help you move faster than your competition by focusing on the opportunities you know you can win.

  • Commitment and Dedication

    ABM is not a campaign—it's a multi-faceted strategy. Read this infographic to learn just how much more effective your marketing efforts can be by making use of an ABM strategy.

  • Determining the Best Network Analytics Software for You

    Today's network analytics software can help provide you with actionable insights that can be used to address complex problems and pinpoint potential performance issues. Grab a copy of our buyer's guide to examine key considerations for evaluating network analytics tools, features and functionalities.

  • Thin Client Buyer's Guide

    Download this E-Guide to find out how our industry analysts recommend approaching a VDI deployment – even if you're just window shopping.

  • Keep Your Data Center Skills Sharp

    Inside this guide, learn how to keep your data center skills up to par with today's technology demands.

  • Achieve Supply Chain Transformation

    View this guide on supply chain transformation to glean expert insight into the technologies driving supply chain transformation. Discover the benefits of machine learning, and learn how to drive supply chain transformation efforts with AI, IoT, deep analytics, and more.

  • How to solve DNS security issues in your organization

    The urgency to implement DDoS protection has never been higher. Without better protection, brand damage, revenue loss and hefty fines can occur. In fact, according to Neustar's Q1 2019 Threats & Trends Report, there has been a 200% increase in the number of DDoS attacks comparing Q1, 2019 to Q1, 2018. Luckily, a secure DNS can

  • 5G: Separating fact from fiction

    A barrage of media and marketing has spotlighted 5G technology, which has seen some success but more setbacks, according to Gartner's most recent Hype Cycle for Enterprise Networking. Find out what's really going on with the technology in our guide, Where's 5G? Not Here, which you can access after a 5-10 minute multiple choice survey.

  • Why Bad Demand Gen Is Holding You Back

    Download this 4-part e-guide to explore the dangers of ineffective demand gen, and find out how better data sources allow you to access and engage real demand in your market right now.

  • An Introduction to ABM Scoring

    Download this white paper to examine common models and insight on what qualification criteria to focus on in determining your own ideal approach to ABM scoring.

  • Expert breakdown: DaaS vs. VDI

    Choosing whether to host your desktops on-site or in the cloud is a vital business decision, but there's a lot to consider when choosing between VDI and DaaS, from cost to management capabilities. Save this PDF for an expert breakdown of the pros and cons of each desktop management option to help choose which is best for your organization.

  • How to: Continous Testing

    Getting testing done quickly and efficiently is now the most significant obstacle most organizations face when trying to get software out the door quickly. There are actually 4 key components to have in place when using continuous testing. Open this guide to learn all 4.

  • Timeless SAN: Pairing the Right SAN Technology with Your Storage Requirements

    To help you ensure your company's SAN infrastructure delivers the availability, performance, and capacity your company needs—while solving the networking block storage issue—we're now offering you access to our e-book, Choosing the Right SAN Technology with Your Storage Requirements, to fast-track this decision-making. Read the e-book here.

  • Navigating the All-flash Array Buying Process

    When it comes to comparing the leading all-flash array vendors to help you select the right solution for your company we've got you covered. Simply participate in our multiple-choice survey about your company's flash storage strategies and you will receive a copy our AFA buyer's guide comparing vendors like vendors like Dell EMC and many more!

  • Storage Magazine June 2018

    Protecting container data has its own set of unique requirements. Reading this quarter's new e-book from SearchDataBackup, Containers Need Backup: Who Knew?, will grant you access to container backup tactics and which vendors are setting the standards for backing up containers.

  • Converged Secondary Storage: Expanding the HCI model

    Because converged data protection is still relatively new, questions and concerns abound regarding the benefits and drawbacks of deployment. That's why we took the time to curate the following e-book for you, Converged Secondary Storage: Expanding the HCI Model, to cover the breadth of questions your company may have. Read it here.

  • Ransomware Backup Protection Requires a Comprehensive Approach

    If you think ransomware couldn't get any sneakier think again: it's now capable of infiltrating an organization's backups meaning contaminated files used to restore data will only perpetuate the attack cycle. Check out our newest resource Complete Guide to Ransomware Attack Prevention, for guidance on protecting backups from ransomware infiltration

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