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  • How Marketers and Sellers Can Deliver More Revenue with Intent Data

    This webinar offers an inside look at the critical intent data use cases that will drive the most value the fastest. Watch now to discover the specific intent-based activations that are delivering serious pipeline payoffs for teams like yours right now.

  • Cookies are Canceled: Intent Data and Digital Advertising Going Forward

    Third-party cookies are going away, so it’s time for digital advertisers to figure out a way forward. While the end of third-party cookies may drive a massive shift in technique, the logic underpinning smart strategies remains in place. Watch this webinar to learn about the challenges this shift creates and how to address them.

  • The Intent Revolution is Coming to Portfolio Marketing

    As change in so many markets continues to accelerate, are you completely confident that your current PMM methods will, in fact, be able to keep up? Watch this webinar to find out what competitive PMM teams like yours are looking for to accelerate their accuracy, precision and response.

  • Closing the Gap: How to Engage Buyers and Empower Vendors for the Future

    Marketing and sales leaders, the idea of customer centricity isn’t necessarily new – but taking a hard look at your buyer interactions can help illuminate your best path forward. In this webinar, learn about a new GTM playbook focused on understanding the needs of your priority accounts and the unique individuals comprising the buying teams.

  • Building Partner Pipeline How to Drive Demand With & Through Partners

    Throughout their careers, Angela Motiani, Kristina Onyon, and Rachna Gupta have faced this challenge head-on and cracked the code on what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to with- and through-partner demand generation. Watch now to learn more.

  • GTM Success in 2024: A B2B Guide to Tech Investments and Media Preferences

    To thrive in 2024, marketers need to truly understand how tech buyers buy, what content will support them on their journey, and how to influence them where they consume buy-cycle information. Watch the first episode of this TechTarget series to learn how marketers can build laser-focused messaging and content that truly converts.

  • Four Tips to Get Started on Your Intent Journey

    To help more B2B marketing and sales teams jump-start their intent data journey, TechTarget gathered insights from its award-winning customer success team. Download this new infographic to explore four areas critical to getting off on the right foot, from developing a growth-centric intent data strategy to achieving early success for your business.

  • Publishing Switch or Stay_ Understanding Tech Vendor Loyalty and Customer Retention to Email

    To unravel the intricate tapestry of vendor loyalty, customer satisfaction and differentiation in 2024, tune into this webcast featuring two subject-matter experts from TechTarget.

  • The State of Partner Marketing in EMEA

    Listen in to The State of Partner Marketing in EMEA to hear these experts’ perspectives on how the world of technology Partner Marketing has evolved in recent years, the top challenges facing Partner Marketers in EMEA and how to overcome them, and more.

  • Designing a Comprehensive Intent Data Strategy

    Teams relying only on traditional inward-focused insight sources are at a widening disadvantage as B2B buyer preference for self-directed solution research has already begun reducing the chances today’s vendor teams have to break through. Designing a comprehensive intent data strategy can help you avoid challenges. Learn how in this e-book.

  • Generative AI Opportunities and Implications for Partner Marketing

    In a very short time, generative AI (gen AI) has become a major factor shaping the future of the enterprise, and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. In this piece of streaming media from TechTarget, you will hear from industry experts as they uncover the potential of gen AI across the partner marketing landscape. Tune in to learn more.

  • Creating a Successful Marketing Plan with Partners

    What should you focus on when crafting a partner marketing plan? To unlock guidance from marketing experts at Dell Technologies, Trellix and more, check out this webcast.

  • Driving Partner Pipeline: How 8x8 Leverages Intent Data to Fuel Joint Campaigns

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use intent data to find even more opportunities for your business. Join Daniel Streeter from 8x8 and Alex Leadbeater from TechTarget in this session as they discuss:What you can learn from 8x8’s Intent data journeyHow to enable partners with intent dataTechTarget Intent data use cases

  • Developing and Activating Your Content Strategy

    In your overall content marketing strategy, partners present a key means of gaining fresh perspectives. In this BirghtTALK webinar, Google Cloud ‘s Amy Catalano, joins with experts from Fortinet Finacle, and MongoDB, to discuss effective ways to develop partner content. Watch now to learn more.

  • Guiding the IT Buying Journey: Strategies for Partner Marketing

    As the IT buyer’s journey evolves, how should partner marketing strategies evolve in order to drive more demand? To unlock guidance, watch this webcast that features insights from marketing executives at ServiceNow, Palo Alto Networks and more.

  • Sparking ABM with the Right Data and Insights

    84% of surveyed TechTarget customers reported that they are actively planning and executing ABM in their GTM strategy. So, how can businesses unlock the best results from their ABM program? For guidance, dig into this 12-page e-book penned by TechTarget’s SVP of Customer Strategy and Enablement, Jillian Coffin.

  • Mind the Gaps Driving More Revenue with Integrated Marketing

    Tune in to this BrightTALK webinar to learn how you can combine different marketing tactics and efforts into a cohesive, integrated marketing strategy that helps to engage and influence buyers more effectively and efficiently.

  • 3 Data-Driven Ways to Break into Your Buyer’s Email Inbox

    Engaging with today’s IT buyers is highly difficult, and with more email filters and controls than ever before, ensuring your message reaches its audience is itself a challenge. Download the infographic to unlock 3 data-driven ways you can use to gain buyer’s attention through email.

  • Tech Purchase Drivers and Disruptors for 2024

    TechTarget surveyed 340+ global technology buyers across IT management and senior business roles as a part of the 2024 Media Consumption Survey to understand what areas are driving or disrupting tech purchases. In this infographic, explore 3 trends impacting buyers’ decision-making – and more.

  • A Better Toolkit for Finding and Converting More Real Leads

    Though foundational to B2B marketing, lead generation can pose a couple significant obstacles. Along with unpacking those challenges, this 21-page e-book by TechTarget maps out 3 tips for driving stronger leads from your business’s lead generation strategy. To access those insights and more, dig into the book.

  • The B2B Technology Buyer’s Journey for Joint Solutions Insights for Partner Marketers

    77% of B2B technology professionals surveyed by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) plan to increase their budget for joint partner solutions in the next 12 to 24 months. To discover why this is the case, and to unlock insights about the buying journey, tap into this TechTarget e-book.

  • 2024 Media Consumption Study

    We know buyers are constantly evolving. To better understand how buyers are researching tech solutions, we surveyed 600+ global technology buyers across IT management and senior business roles in TechTarget’s 2024 Media Consumption Study. Read on to learn more.

  • Stop, Collaborate and Listen Bringing Marketing and Sales Teams Together

    Watch the session to join Jat Hayer, TechTarget SVP of Sales in EMEA, and Andrew Milne, Secureworks Senior Director of Marketing, in solving an age-old problem—marketing and sales misalignment—and investigate how leaders from both sales and marketing should work collaboratively to resolve it.

  • Intent Data and ROI: How to Measure It and Drive It Through the Roof

    “We found that the number one challenge in the area of intent data that our customers have,” explains TechTarget’s Chief Product Officer, “is really being able to understand buyer priorities and interest areas in practical ways to enable better prospect and customer conversations.” To learn how to address that obstacle, view this webinar.

  • Secrets of Successful Intent Adoption: Insights from Customer Success Superstars

    When leveraging intent data in marketing and sales strategies, how can you set your organization up for success? Discover tips and secrets for doing so in this webinar, which features four Customer Success leaders from TechTarget.

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