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  • The Autonomous Digital Enterprise

    Sponsored by: BMC

    Dive into this white paper, The Autonomous Digital Enterprise, to uncover a vision of enterprises as they’ll look in 2025 – and find out which technologies will play the most critical roles moving forward.

  • How Leading Organizations Use AI to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    The best IT departments aren’t the ones that solve your issues when they crop up—they’re the ones who prevent the issues from ever happening in the first place. While this might seem like an impossible task, it’s not. Read on to learn how AI-powered predictive analytics are augmenting and improving preventative IT performance.

  • How to overcome five common IoT device management hurdles

    Sponsored by: ARM

    With IDC predicting that 30 billion “things” will be in use by 2020, it’s clear that the internet of things is playing a critical role in many companies’ digital transformation strategies. Download this E-Guide to learn about the five most common IoT device management hurdles that might stand in the way – find out how to hurdle them.

  • How to Secure Operational Technology

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    The consequences of a successful intrusion into operational technology (OT) are serious. In businesses that rely on operational and industrial production systems, the chief information security officer (CISO) must ensure that security teams have the right architectural defenses in place. Read this checklist for 7 considerations for securing OT.

  • Comprehensive Kubernetes Observability at Scale

    Sponsored by: VMware

    While Kubernetes helps manage some of the complexities involved in containerized applications, it also introduces operational and observability challenges. In this eBook, discover what you should include in your toolkit to properly maintain Kubernetes, as well as what to look for in an observability platform.

  • Ivanti Neurons for Healing - Demo

    Sponsored by: Ivanti ANZ

    IT departments often have to place large, important projects on the backburner as they respond to menial and repetitive, but necessary, tasks. Watch this short demo to see Ivanti’s self-healing Neurons platform automate and alleviate repetitive tasks and free up IT time to be spent on more valuable tasks.

  • Jeff Abbott & Nayaki Nayyar, Ivanti CUBE Conversation, July 2020

    Sponsored by: Ivanti ANZ

    When choosing an endpoint management solution, you often have to choose between UEM and service management—and end up paying for both. Check out this Ivanti webinar, featuring President Jeff Abbott and Chief Product Officer Nayaki Nayyar, to learn why Ivanti is a leader in endpoint management and what their new executive team is planning.

  • 10 Get-back-to-work Dimensions Every Business Needs to Digitize

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    Check out this blog post to learn 10 aspects of the pandemic that organizations can and should monitor in order to reopen as safely as possible and discover how data-driven insights can help.

  • How to Safely Reopen the Workplace

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    Access this e-guide to tackle the 7 biggest questions that deal with getting back to work so you can leverage data, engage employees, and boost productivity.

  • Securing OT Systems in the Face of Rapid Threat Evolution

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    Operational technology (OT) and IT used exist independent of one another, and each had their own security. But with the evolution of IoT, OT is beginning to merge with IT and connect to the internet, exposing OT to an increased number of security risks. Read this white paper on what CISOs need to know about the advanced threat landscape.

  • Managing a Virtual Workforce: Optimizing Employee Wellness

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    Today, nearly 62% of employed Americans are working from home – and 60% are planning to continue after the pandemic. This begs the question – how are businesses going to maintain employee safety and productivity with a newly hybrid workforce? Uncover the answers in this blog post.

  • Tips & Best Practices for your Negotiation Strategy

    Sponsored by: Livingstone Tech

    Did you give yourself enough lead time to plan your IBM road map and decide on your ELA strategy? Livingstone Tech recently sat down with 2 IBM experts to discuss some of the key considerations and best practices to help ensure your negotiation strategy is successful. Watch the 30-minute webinar to learn more.

  • CW Benelux - August-October 2020: Problems with critical security systems at Schiphol Airport

    Sponsored by:

    Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is one of Europe’s main access points, so you might be surprised to read that IT systems such as those controlling the Dutch borders are rarely tested. In this issue, read about a critical report from the Dutch Court of Audit.

  • How Global IT Departments are Adapting in the Era of Remote Work

    Sponsored by: LogicMonitor

    Dive into this first-party research survey to see how IT decision makers across the globe are evolving their IT strategies and technology choices to adapt to increased business continuity needs, and in turn, better meeting the needs of internal and external customers.

  • Monitoring for Remote Workforces

    Sponsored by: LogicMonitor

    Inside, learn about an intelligent monitoring platform designed to increase visibility into the critical applications your remote workforce relies on – thereby ensuring business continuity is maintained.

  • Why IT sustainability should be at the top of your agenda

    Sponsored by: Cistor

    Dive into this document to learn about the opportunities available to align your enterprise closer to business-focuses on sustainability. As you’ll find out inside, sustainability doesn’t necessarily require radical change or reinvention, but rather a rethink.

  • HybridOps: Why It’s Important for Business

    Sponsored by: PagerDuty

    Access this white paper to learn 3 characteristics that leading high-performing HybridOps organizations share, which will lead to resolving disruptions quicker than ever while keeping up with the speed of business.

  • Rein in Your Incidents: Incidents and Alerts Foundations

    Sponsored by: PagerDuty

    Access this resource to learn just what is meant by the term “incident” and discover how alerts can help you deal with them.

  • Resources for Planning Your Corporate Contact Tracing Strategy

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    Before reopening the office, it’s critical that your organization has a contact tracing strategy in place in case the worst-case scenario happens and employees are exposed while in the office. Inside this blog posting, find a collection of eight guides and reports designed to help inform your corporate contact tracing strategy.

  • Event Intelligence: Next-Gen AIOps for Every Team

    Sponsored by: PagerDuty

    Many organizations now deal with thousands, if not millions, of events taking place across their systems every day. In this e-book, learn about a new approach to AIOps that eliminates silos between event and incident management, has helped customers reduce noise on average by 98%, and supports both centralized and distributed workflows in harmony.

  • Removing Barriers Between IT And Security

    Sponsored by: VMware International Unlimited Company

    Discussions about IT and security usually revolve around their respective technologies and how they would function independently of one another. But Forrester has reported that the #1 priority in EMEA is to drive collaboration and alignment between IT and security. What else did they have to say on the matter? View this infographic to find out.

  • The Business Case for Embracing a Modern Endpoint Management Platform

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    When it comes to modern endpoint management, it’s not a question of “if” but “how”. Check out this this expert resource to learn what to look for in a modern management platform.

  • Open Circle Solutions builds innovative golf management system with Red Hat OpenShift

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    In this case study, learn why Open Circle Solutions, who focuses on market disruption, chose to work with Red Hat to accelerate development and ensure Agile integration—for both their customers and their own employees.

  • Three Benefits of Building an Intentional Remote-First Work Strategy

    Sponsored by: Arrow

    Jump inside this white paper to learn about the three tangible business benefits that come from building an intentional and robust remote work strategy.

  • CUBE Conversation: Ivanti discusses partnership with Intel

    Sponsored by: Ivanti ANZ

    View this video to hear Nayaki Nayyar, EVP and CPO of Ivanti and Stephanie Hallford, VP & GM of Business Client Platforms at Intel Corporation as they sit down with Lisa Martin of The Cube to discuss Ivanti’s new hyper-automation platform and their accompanying partnership with Intel.

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