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  • Building Your Cloud Migration Toolkit

    Sponsored by: Cloudability

    Use this checklist to make sure your enterprise is utilizing the right tools and services during your cloud migration journey – no matter what stage of the ride you're on.

  • Don't Just Keep the Pace, Set the Pace In Today's Digital Economy

    Sponsored by: VMware & Intel

    Over 80% of line-of-business partners view CIOs as a key strategic partner within their business, increasing from just 63% in 2017. Faced with this newfound responsibility, find out what IT tools and technologies CIOs are relying on to keep business applications agile and performing in step with business demands.

  • The Secrets of Self-Healing Systems and Architectures

    Sponsored by: xMatters, Inc.

    The term "self-healing" sounds like something that belongs in science-fiction – but in the data center? Jump into this guide to learn more about what goes into building self-healing systems, the challenges they can help mitigate, and how to get your enterprise to follow suit.

  • Data Deployment Strategy Report

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    203 IT decision-makers, representing a broad range of company types and sizes, were asked about their views and experiences with new technology initiatives for data management. Download the analysis of this project to discover key trends in data management.

  • Getting Started With a Centralized CMDB

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Setting up a CMDB is notorious in the IT industry for being "too difficult." Click inside to find out 8 configuration management and CMDB tips, designed to help guide you through both the initial and post-implementation steps.

  • Performance Management: Accelerating UC Deployment & Adoption

    Sponsored by: Nectar Corp

    Most enterprises struggle to successfully deploy and deliver advanced UC performance management tools. This Wainhouse Research e-book will summarize research findings on the topic of performance management tools, and includes data from objective UC surveys, briefings and projects.

  • The Importance of Single-View IT Analytics

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Improving IT service delivery starts with scrutinizing performance and process data, but this data isn't always easy to reach – especially for management. Find out how a single pane-of-glass view across IT services and operations – and subsequent end-to-end visibility – can take IT to new heights.

  • Beyond IT Alerting: Why You Need to Change How You Evaluate Solutions

    Sponsored by: xMatters, Inc.

    In a world dominated by agile, DevOps, and lightning time-to-market speed, effective IT incident management tools need to have the horsepower to match. Continue reading to discover how to choose an alert and response system that can deliver.

  • Hidden Impacts to Your Major Incident Management Process

    Sponsored by: xMatters, Inc.

    In major incident management strategies, keeping stakeholders informed throughout the resolution process is often considered a critical step – but why? Click inside to read more about what IT pros are saying about stakeholder reporting – and spoiler alert, it's not encouraging.

  • Why Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is Going Mainstream

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC

    Over 85% of IT leaders are planning or are already utilizing hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) – but why? Click inside to learn why your IT peers are turning towards HCI as a shortcut towards data center modernization – and as a way to survive.

  • Free up IT with Managed Workplace Services

    Sponsored by: CompuCom Systems, Inc.

    Check out this resource to learn how managed workplace services can help your organization deliver the latest technology to employees – allowing them to work where they want, when they want helping to maximize productivity, improve the bottom line, and more.

  • Hybrid IT Is the New Normal for IT Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Click inside to explore the challenges that businesses like yours are facing around building and managing modern IT infrastructures – and how hybrid cloud can bring out the best of both worlds.

  • Hybrid IT Is the New Normal for IT Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Click inside to explore the challenges that businesses like yours are facing around building and managing modern IT infrastructures – and how hybrid cloud can bring out the best of both worlds.

  • How to Realize the Power of Automation Technology

    Sponsored by: VMware

    In this guide for IT, find out what it takes to build a successful automation integration strategy, focused on two key areas – infrastructure and business processes.

  • The New Rules of CIO Leadership

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    In this report, hear from over a dozen high-profile CIOs and CDOs as they share their secrets for keeping up to date with current trends and tackling digital transformation – from breaking down business siloes to resetting old expectations.

  • IT Automation for Dummies

    Sponsored by: VMware

    In this brief guide "for dummies," discover why companies similar to yours are turning towards automation as a means to drive new value from IT operations – and the business as a whole.

  • Choosing the Right Cloud Optimization Solution

    Sponsored by: Cloudability

    Open this guide to learn about strategies designed to keep your company's cloud bill at a minimum, while also providing the resources your engineers and developers need to stay as nimble as possible.

  • Escaping the Traditional Role of IT for Something Better

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Open this whitepaper to learn how IT can escape its traditional role for something bigger with the help of intelligent and automated workflows – freeing up IT's time to focus on value-adding projects rather than manual maintenance tasks.

  • Follow These Five Simple Steps to Rationalize and Renovate Your IT Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: VMware and Intel

    As the pace of business continues to accelerate, IT leaders must consider whether they should invest in new infrastructure or upgrade their existing data center. Read this paper to learn five simple steps to help guide how you can deliver a more agile environment using commercial, off-the shelf infrastructure.

  • From the CDO's Desk: Why Survival Means Modernization

    Sponsored by: CompuCom Systems, Inc.

    Click inside to sit down with Justin Mennen, Chief Digital Officer at CompuCom, to find out why he's predicting that modernizing IT and businesses through automation, AI, and other cutting edge technologies will be the key to survival.

  • Pushing IT Operations Into High Gear with ITSM and ITOM

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    In this whitepaper, find out how ServiceNow, a leading IT service management (ITSM) provider, pushed their IT operations into high gear using their own ITSM and IT operations management platforms.

  • Is Your IT Ready to Compete in the Digital Age?

    Sponsored by: Intel

    In this resource, find out if your company and IT are ready to compete in the digital age. Plus, learn about the key challengers, services, and disruptions that are shaping the latest versions of digital transformation.

  • Top 12 Enterprise Service Management Vendors Head-to-Head

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    In this Forrester analysis, find out how the top 12 enterprise service management vendors stack up – and which are leading the pack.

  • Why Infrastructure Monitoring Is Not Enough

    Sponsored by: OpsRamp

    Find out how IT operations teams can break from their siloes and adopt the role of an internal service provider. Known as IT Operations as a Service, click inside to learn more about this new operations paradigm.

  • CW Middle East ezine October 2018

    Sponsored by:

    It's still early days for the Middle East when it comes to artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, but things are picking up.

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