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  • Rethink Technology In The Age Of The Cloud Worker

    Sponsored by: Google

    In this Forrester report, learn how cloud-based computing and an increased reliance on browsers have transformed employee technology needs and behaviors, and how IT decision makers are responding to ensure their workers are equipped with the right tools for success.

  • Case Study: Using Automation to Process Thousands of Transactions

    Sponsored by: Kryon Systems

    In this case study, find out how Optus Wholesale employed the help of an automation platform to tackle an influx of new service orders, to the relief of customers and employees alike.

  • 3 RPA Use Cases: Hybrid Automation

    Sponsored by: Kryon Systems

    Hybrid RPA opens up an entirely new realm of automation possibilities – seamless collaboration between humans and robots. In this whitepaper, look through three distinct use cases for hybrid RPA in call centers, order processing and billing, and sales to see how other businesses are capitalizing on this new breed of automation.

  • 10 Smart Questions for Your SaaS Vendor

    Sponsored by: Samanage

    Once you cut through the vendor jargon and get to the bones of SaaS offerings, it can be difficult to discern which one is the best choice for your organization's needs. Check out this eBook to learn the top 10 questions your chosen SaaS solution should be able to address to help narrow it down.

  • 10 ITSM Mistakes You're Probably Making

    Sponsored by: Samanage

    Open this guide to learn about the 10 biggest mistakes that can occur within ITSM projects, from personnel inconsistencies to neglecting service quality. In addition to learning how to recognize these tell-tale signs, you'll also find tips for overcoming and dodging these mistakes before they manifest into bigger problems.

  • People First: Measurably Improving Operations and Team Health

    Sponsored by: PagerDuty

    In today's always-on, always-available digital world, responding to issues around the clock can take a toll on your organization's most precious asset: your people. Check out the results of a study that reviewed a combination of notification statistics and their impact on the well-being and work-life balance of human.

  • The On-Call Survival Guide

    Sponsored by: PagerDuty

    Being on-call is one of IT's necessary evils. But while it's no fun trudging to the office at 2 a.m. to resolve an issue, it's important that you're equipped enough to handle any situation that arises – for the sake of the business and your sanity. Jump into this guide to view a collection of on-call best practices to keep sharp.

  • The Changing Role of the IT Manager

    Sponsored by: ProAct

    Striking a balance between IT in its traditional support function and IT as a value-adding entity is no easy feat. Keep reading to find out nine key recommendations for IT managers on how to continuously develop their careers and keep in tune with current and upcoming shifts in the industry.

  • 7 Lessons for Defining Your Cloud Strategy

    Sponsored by: ProAct

    An ill-equipped cloud strategy can leave hopeful firms facing unexpected costs and stuck untangling a mess of awkward business processes. In this guide, get the seven core cloud lessons to keep in mind as you evaluate your organisation's compatibility with the cloud to avoid failure.

  • Technology Procurement Consulting: What It Is and Why It's Valuable

    Sponsored by: Enginess

    It's easy for organizations to notice problems, but finding and procuring the right technology for the job isn't as straightforward. Click to learn how tech procurement consultants can pinpoint your company's core competencies and hone in the technology choices that best fit.

  • Enabling the Next Generation of Cloud Workers

    Sponsored by: Google

    In this industry report from Harvard Business Review, find out how IT organizations across the world are striving to enable the next generation of workers through cloud-native computing and the latest iterations of productivity-centric technology.

  • Finding Opportunities for Process Automation with AI

    Sponsored by: Kryon Systems

    In this whitepaper, learn about a proprietary, AI-based platform that learns and adapts to an organization's business processes to correlate variations and spot opportunities for RPA – even amongst complex systems.

  • 10-Step Guide to the Cost-Effective Cloud

    Sponsored by: Magenic

    In this guide, learn the ten preparation steps your organization should use to ensure you're leveraging the cloud in the most cost-effective manner, while still getting the most bang-for-your-buck.

  • Transforming Business Collaboration Through Enterprise Service Management

    Sponsored by: Samanage

    Without the right set of visibility and management tools, the inner workings of service management can be just as mystifying to IT as it is to users. Discover how enterprise service management can provide a streamlined and centralized platform for internal service requests and processing.

  • The Starting Line of Service Management

    Sponsored by: Samanage

    What exactly does modern, automation-powered service management look like behind the curtain? Jump into this guide to learn the basics of modern IT service management and then some, from the help desk all the way to the service catalog.

  • Digital Killed the Business SLA

    Sponsored by: ProAct

    Keep reading to learn about XLAs (Experience Level Agreements), an alternative to traditional SLAs that caters to the parameter shift of modern businesses by cementing user experience as the principal focus of service providers.

  • Does Your IT Department Say 'Yes' to Innovation?

    Sponsored by: ProAct

    In this checklist, take a look at the top 6 questions to pose to your IT team about their role as innovators within the organisation, and find out if you're ready to tackle digital transformation head on with the functionality of the cloud.

  • When School is Out, IT is In

    Sponsored by: Samanage

    While normally bustling campuses have been quiet during summer weeks, IT teams have been hard at work behind the scenes preparing and maintaining the infrastructure that supports it all. Click to learn about the challenges and the innovative projects that campus IT teams have been tackling head-on.

  • 150 Ways to Automate Service Management

    Sponsored by: Samanage

    Opportunities for automation can spring up throughout the organization – if you know where to look. Keep reading to learn over 150 ways service automation can be integrated within your organization, from IT to HR.

  • Top 5 Signs You're Living with Jurassic IT

    Sponsored by: Kaseya

    Click to find out the top five tell-tale signs that your IT system is showing its age, and discover how to take the first steps towards modernization – and burying any IT fossils.

  • Agents of Change: Six Crucial Drivers of Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: ProAct

    Click into this report to learn about the six most impactful 'agents of change' that all organisations should prioritise during digital transformation. You'll also find in-depth examinations of major technology and cultural shifts that have proven to be essential to modern business success.

  • Your Roadmap to IT Automation

    Sponsored by: ProAct

    Automation deployment is an extremely technical process, requiring skills that most organisations don't have on hand. In this automation roadmap, learn where to start your organisation on its journey, and how to find the right automation partner with the knowledge and expertise to guide the way.

  • Old vs. New: The Impact of Automated IT

    Sponsored by: DXC Concerto

    Automation through the cloud has continued to evolve, and every corner of IT, from the overall infrastructure to the individual desktop, can stand to gain from it. Check out this comparison tool to see how the capabilities of IT throughout the stack have changed via automation.

  • Stop Living with Jurassic IT

    Sponsored by: Kaseya

    Tune in to this webcast to learn how to improve your organization's aging and inefficient 'dinosaur' IT systems, featuring actual dinosaurs. You'll also find a live demo of Kaseya's IT service platform, designed to provide a consolidated and collaborative management tool to keep your IT services running smoothly and avoid extinction.

  • The Business Impact of IT Transformation

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC

    In this expert IDC study, find out how organizations across industries are leveraging their IT teams to keep up with business demands, win more business, and open up new revenue pathways.

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