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  • Top Limitations of SAM Tools Guide

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    There is a common misconception that Software Asset Management (SAM) tools can completely mitigate your risk of a costly and disruptive audit. This guide reviews the top limitations of SAM tools.

  • Managed Services Agreement Gotchas Guide

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    MSP agreements are among the riskiest contracts to negotiate; custom scoping requirements, performance metrics, and lack of price transparency cripple your ability to benchmark costs against competitive solutions. This guide addresses offers key tips to help you succeed.

  • IT Services Statement of Work Guide

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Demand for IT Services and Systems Integrators is on the rise, and the Statement of Work (S.O.W.) used to define the services performed by these outside vendors can be critical to achieving a success. This guide helps you avoid mistakes in your IT Services S.O.W.

  • SAP Negotiations Guide

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    It's not easy to develop a strong negating position with an entrenched vendor like SAP whose solutions are key to running your business. This essential guide to negotiating with SAP will lay out a step-by-step deal plan and timeline and best practices to develop a communication strategy to create and maintain negotiating leverage.

  • IBM Gotchas Guide

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Complex contract language and licensing practices make increased costs and audit exposure nearly inevitable unless you understand the risks hidden in your IBM agreements. This easy-to-digest guide shares pitfalls that can lead to lost credits, best practices to mitigate price increases, and more.

  • Top 3 Gotchas in a Workday Agreement

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Workday's standard contract language obscures significant pricing risks that can increase your overall costs at the outset and over time. This helpful resource points out potential traps most buyers miss and offers proven guidance to address them.

  • Negotiating with ServiceNow

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    ServiceNow is a key supplier for many customers, and your sales team knows it, so it's hard to gain leverage to get the best price, functionality and service for your budget. In this helpful guide, learn the 5 best ways to achieve a discount, simple (but common) mistakes to avoid, and more.

  • Top 3 Gotchas in a Salesforce Agreement

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    This eBook identifies traps hidden in the standard language of your Salesforce licensing agreement and provides specific guidance to help minimize your company's exposure.

  • ServiceNow Street Pricing & Sales Tactics

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Find out the actual discounts negotiated in more than 100 recent deals for ServiceNow products. Download the report to learn how your deal stacks up and more.

  • Building a SAM Program: Where to Start?

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Research indicates 70+% of organizations do not have a formal SAM program. Yet studies also show rigorous SAM programs deliver up to 25% savings on software costs. But just adopting a SAM tool is not a silver bullet. View this webinar to learn how to succeed.

  • 2020 Naughty Vendor List Revealed

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Each December, ClearEdge Partners, a consulting firm that advises IT buyers how to successfully negotiate with key IT vendors, looks back over the last twelve months at the behavior of the industry's top suppliers and shines a light on who's not been very nice to their customers. Check out this webinar to learn which vendors made the list.

  • Oracle Deal-Makers Toolkit

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Oracle customers are well advised to prepare for sales engagements long before an upcoming purchase or renewal and to exercise extreme caution. Watch our "Oracle Deal-Makers Toolkit" webinar to learn how to avoid the numerous landmines in your next deal.

  • Introduction to Leverage Management

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Today's IT buyers are focused on more than just getting the best price. They must juggle cloud migration, software audits, decentralized IT, internal stakeholder alignment and vendor relationships. This webinar reviews the business impact of current supplier sales tactics, reveals the three main sources of leverage, and more.

  • Software Asset Management

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    SAM can be overwhelming: it requires significant investment in resources and tools but can still fail to prevent out of-control costs and software audit findings. This webinar reviews best practices for SAM, including tips and gotchas from a team of former software auditors.

  • Top Gotchas in an IT Contract

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    In today's fast-paced environment of IT innovation, pressure to execute deals quickly can undermine your ROI due to traps hidden in contractual language in technology purchase agreements. This webinar discusses how to identify and mitigate these hidden time bombs before they bust your budget and derail your organization's goals.

  • Extreme File System Performance on Supermicro Servers

    Sponsored by: Supermicro

    Check out this white paper to learn about Supermicro's next-gen X12 BigTwin hardware, featuring 3rd Generation Xeon® Scalable Processors supporting up to 40 cores, higher instructions per clock, and two 512-bit-FMA units.

  • See How Datacenter Managers Can Reduce Their Environmental Impact

    Sponsored by: Supermicro

    To learn how CxOs and IT managers are working towards greener data centers, and how your company can lessen its impact on the environment, download this free report. Inside you'll learn how data centers impact the environment, how to select low-impact servers and equipment, how to plan for End-of-Life (EOL) of older servers, and more.

  • Design an Efficient Storage System With Intel DAOS and Supermicro Hardware

    Sponsored by: Supermicro

    Learn how Supermicro and Intel®, with their DAOS software stack, is designed from the ground up for performance and uses persistent memory and NVMe SSDs to provide a high-efficiency storage solution for demanding applications.

  • High Performance All Flash Ceph Cluster on Supermicro X12 CloudDC platform

    Sponsored by: Supermicro

    Check out this e-book to learn about a Ceph cluster based on an all-flash storage server with 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors using all-flash NVMe SSDs and discover how it held up to testing by Supermicro experts.

  • AI Training Workloads Can Be Scaled and Accelerated

    Sponsored by: Supermicro

    Supermicro has partnered with Habana Labs and Intel® to deliver a high performance and cost-effective system for AI training coupled with the 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor. Explore this white paper for an overview of the Supermicro X12 Gaudi AI Training system to enable high-performance computing for deep learning workloads.

  • The Future of Computing with Supermicro X12 Servers

    Sponsored by: Supermicro

    The Supermicro server and storage families that incorporate the Intel® 3rd Gen Xeon® Processors enable new workloads to be run, allowing unique insight from massive amounts of data. Learn how to reduce application run time and infrastructure costs with Supermicro and Intel®.

  • Automate IT to Deliver Greater Reliability with Less Risk

    Sponsored by: IBM


  • CW Europe - September-November 2021: Dutch researchers build security software to mimic human immune system

    Sponsored by:

    In this issue of CW Europe, find out how researchers in the Netherlands are attempting to help IT systems fight certain cyber attacks in a similar way to the human immune system works. Also find out about the so-called "Klarna academy" in Stockholm, which has created the next set of Nordic fintech entrepreneurs.

  • App-driven digital transformation

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Low code and no code app platforms can help enterprises speed up app development – however, it needs to be properly executed. How can IT leaders balance the needs of digital transformation while maintaining the integrity of their systems? Access this white paper to learn.

  • Fail-proof your digital transformation

    Sponsored by: Atlassian

    This blog lists out nine tips you need to know to help you create a successful digital transformation in your organization, pulled from real success stories by your peers. Click in now to get started.

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