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  • How to Increase Agility with Hybrid Cloud Automation

    Sponsored by: VMware

    There’s a rumor going around: The secret to automation success is consistent infrastructure and consistent operations. This paper aims to prove that this isn’t just a rumor, but the truth for automation. Download the paper to learn how automation and hybrid IT fit together thanks to consistent and simplified infrastructure.

  • Negotiating with Microsoft

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    This asset walks you through 4 elements crucial to building a case to get a great Microsoft deal. Learn how to assess and address your negotiating leverage with a 9-point checklist, the most important thing you can do to achieve savings on your next transaction, key communication mistakes that will destroy your negotiating leverage, and more.

  • Microsoft Street Pricing & Sales Tactics

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    This report provides the actual discounts obtained in hundreds of Microsoft deals for products like M365, O365, SQL Server, Dynamics, Azure and more. Learn typical discount ranges in real deals plus how to jump the curve to get even more, 3 tactics Microsoft reps and resellers use and how to counter them, and more.

  • Right Sizing Your Spend with Microsoft

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    When negotiating a deal, assess your current environment and future needs to avoid overspending. Discover the best ways to avoid leaving money on the table through over-buying or under-buying, a 3-point checklist to accurately forecast your licensing needs, and pros and cons of Microsoft's licensing options and advice to pick the best one for you.

  • Rightsizing Your SaaS Spend

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Sizing your SaaS deal incorrectly can cost you in the long run. In this white paper, learn how to dodge potential traps that lead to over- and under-buying, and how to apply deal sizing best practices to optimize your IT spend.

  • Negotiating with SaaS Vendors

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Negotiating with your SaaS vendors involves more than a test of wills. This resource outlines 4 crucial components to building a case to achieve a great deal. Discover a 9-point checklist to assess and address your degree of negotiating leverage, the biggest obstacle to success on your next deal (avoid this simple but common mistake), and more.

  • Top 10 Risks in SaaS Purchases

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Download this asset to understand the top 10 SaaS contract "gotchas" that can result in surprise charges, built-in cost hikes, audit exposure and double paying for the same license or functionality, SaaS traps that tip leverage to the vendor right from the get-go, and 3 sales compensation schemes that lead to customer lock-in and cost increases.

  • Deal-Makers' Guide to ServiceNow

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Explore the actual discounts offered in more than 100 recent deals on ServiceNow's most popular suites and sales tactics, how to overcome obstacles to a successful negotiation, key terms to pay attention to in a contract, how to size your deal for your short-and long-term needs, and more.

  • Top 3 'Gotchas' in a ServiceNow Contract

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Many of the standard terms in contracts are confusing and one-sided. This e-book from ClearEdge provides tactics to sidestep built-in cost increases, avoid being forced to buy new products to get functionality you already have, and negotiate and close loopholes on renewal rates.

  • ServiceNow Street Pricing & Sales Tactics

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Download this document to explore the actual discounts offered in more than 100 recent deals on ServiceNow's most popular suites. Learn how to avoid overpaying for products, ways to protect yourself from paying for the same functionality more than once, and how to leverage sales rep incentive plans for a better deal.

  • Right Sizing Your Spend with ServiceNow

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    Without best practices to accurately forecast your ServiceNow licensing demand, you risk overpaying for the functionality you need. In this useful guide, learn the basics of effective demand forecasting, how to avoid overbuying or underbuying while still maintaining negotiation leverage and more.

  • Negotiating with ServiceNow

    Sponsored by: ClearEdge

    In this guide, you'll learn how to overcome obstacles to a successful negotiation, the 5 best ways to incentivize your rep to discount, and critical information to keep close to the vest to get the most for your budget dollars.

  • Accelerate Your Workforce Transformation with Dell Client Management Solutions

    Sponsored by: Dell and Intel

    The Dell Client Command Suite is a collection of IT management tools that automates and streamlines client deployments, configurations, monitoring and updates. Learn how DellEMC can streamline and simplify your endpoint management through modern solutions with this interactive webpage.

  • How to Optimize Hybrid Cloud with Self-Driving Operations

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Take a minute and brainstorm the challenges that can plague hybrid cloud. For VMware, operational efficiency is one of the greatest obstacles blocking the path to a successful hybrid cloud. In this guide, learn how to enable self-driving operations with machine learning, so that your business can overcome the operations hurdle.

  • On Call: The Definitive Guide to Productive On-Call Teams

    Sponsored by: Atlassian

    As usage increases and software capabilities evolve, your on-call schedule inevitably becomes more hectic. Save a copy of this 109-page eBook to learn how to successfully navigate the many challenges of operating an on-call program through strategic philosophies and tactical best practices.

  • Drive Business Value Through Optimized IT Operations

    Sponsored by: Atlassian

    As an IT pro, you know the truth – applications don’t just magically work, especially in today’s complex IT environments. Dive inside this paper to learn more about the challenges that face today’s incident management teams and find helpful advice for overcoming them.

  • Intel Data Center Blocks for Cloud

    Sponsored by: Arrow Electronics, Inc.

    With Intel Data Center Blocks for Cloud, you can simplify your IT modernization efforts and greatly accelerate your ability to deploy your own on-premises cloud storage infrastructure. Access this video to learn how employing this hyperconverged infrastructure from Intel can streamline this process while meeting 3 key requirements.

  • The 5 Steps to Scaling Work from Traditional to Agile Methods

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Read this white paper for a detailed discussion of the five levels of agile scaling fitness to help you demystify the process, understand where your organization falls, and how to begin your own journey.

  • Couchbase-as-a-Service Using Containers and Kubernetes – Connect New York 2018

    Sponsored by: Red Hat and Couchbase

    Managing multiple clusters can be quite the headache. Even more, deploying and managing multiple clusters results in high operational costs. The solution? With a NoSQL data platform, developers can scale for cloud and container-based environments with surprising speed—and at a reduced cost.

  • Transforming IT Operations to Enable Better Business Outcomes

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    Access this ESG paper to learn how enterprises are harnessing AI and ML to drive more intelligent operations in their businesses, including aiding admins in real-time collection and analyzing constantly generated telemetry data across the infrastructure.

  • Four Use Cases for AIOps

    Sponsored by: New Relic

    The exact, real-world applications of AIOps aren’t always clear. Inside this blog, learn about the four main ways that DevOps, SRE, and on-call teams are taking advantage of AIOps technology to troubleshoot and respond to incidents faster.

  • Why containerization needs context

    Sponsored by: New Relic

    Complex application architectures are leveraged to deliver better user experiences, yet user experiences ultimately decrease due to downtime, bugs, and latency. This is the paradox of modern software environments. In this guide, learn how to undo the paradox and benefit from modern architectures without jeopardizing the user experience.

  • Reducing MTTR the Right Way: 10 Best Practices

    Sponsored by: New Relic

    MTTR — or mean time to resolution — is one of the most widely used metrics in the systems reliability toolbox. It’s also one of the most misunderstood. Jump inside this guide to learn 10 best practices designed to help your team better utilize and reduce MTTR.

  • Five IT Fitness Journey Maps for True Enterprise Agility

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Get an executive overview of each of the five IT fitness maps that lead towards fully realized enterprise agility – and learn how to start chartering your organization’s journey towards the end goal.

  • The 5 Steps to Managing IT Portfolio Costs

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Experts recommend that your company’s entire IT investment portfolio be optimized to match business objectives. Uncover the five IT portfolio alignment tiers to find out which one your organization’s IT investment portfolio currently resides.

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