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  • Consume and Operate IT as a Service (ITaaS)

    Sponsored by: Energy Communications

    There are benefits and challenges to implementing ITaaS. Download this 23 page guide to learn the steps, challenges and expected results of attaining an ITaaS environment, plus guiding principles and best practices that you can follow.

  • 4 reasons to choose Digital Workspaces For Your Remote Workers

    Sponsored by: Ancoris

    Digital workspaces can help organizations shift their organizational culture to remote work. Download this white paper to explore four reasons to switch when considering digital workspaces, as well as tips for moving to the cloud.

  • Must-Ask Questions for Evaluating an IT Asset Disposition Vendor

    Sponsored by: Dynamic Lifestyle Innovations

    It is up to organizations to find an IT asset disposition (ITAD) vendor who can help reduce e-waste. This white paper covers some must-ask questions when evaluating ITAD providers to ensure that the ITAD vendor will meet your requirements for data security, compliance and value recovery.

  • How ITSM Is Increasing Efficiency In the Wake of Covid-19

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    While ITSM has been able to improve employee experience, experts at Forrester wanted to evaluate organization's recent views on ITSM, such as their new priorities and investments. Download this report from Forrester to uncover key findings of the study, as well as recommendations for ITSM best practices and tools.

  • Manchester United praised for swift response to cyber attack

    Sponsored by:

    The Theatre of Dreams briefly turned into The Theatre of Nightmares last week as Manchester United Football Club suffered a cyber-attack on their systems. This e-Guide dives into more depth about how the attack happened and what Manchester United's cyber security team did, in order to prevent a loss of data and keep a clean sheet.

  • Windows 10: How the client operating system is evolving

    Sponsored by:

    A discussion about strategies for Windows 10 really boils down to the organisation's desktop IT strategy. Windows PCs account for the bulk of the personal computing market and the Windows client remains the dominant target platform for developers of client-side applications. In this e-guide, we look at the evolution of desktop IT.

  • Mattress Firm: Security and innovation

    Sponsored by: Ivanti

    As enterprises grow, their competitive advantage relies on their ability to innovate. However, too often, IT teams are spending their effort on tedious, manual tasks, limiting their time to innovate. Read this case study to learn how Mattress Firm, through their partnership with Ivanti, were able to address this issue.

  • The Role of Emerging Technology in Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: CompTIA

    Emerging technology may have become a highly hyped concept, but businesses that cut through the hype can find ways to build competitive advantage. Download this white paper now for insights to help you evaluate how you can best leverage today's emerging technology.

  • HPC Cost Modelling

    Sponsored by: Rescale

    In this ebook, learn the 3 specific ways core hour pricing for high performance computing (HPC) fails and discover a new model for assessing the cost of an HPC practice that helps align business level objectives to HPC investments while also replacing cost per core hour with cost per workload.

  • Jira Service Management: Getting Started with Opsgenie

    Sponsored by: Atlassian

    Integrating existing monitoring tools, having proper notifications, and guaranteeing the right escalation protocols are in place, are all huge components of a quality ITSM solution. Watch this video to learn how Jira Service Management allow you to build a team, create an on-call schedule, escalate incidents and more.

  • The true impact of the SAP skills crunch

    Sponsored by: NTT

    Organizations are struggling to attract, retain and develop the necessary technicalskills within the IT market, especially when it comes to SAP. To further evaluate this, and its subsequent effects on companies, Ensono and Vanson Bourne teamed up to survey 100 SAP professionals. Explore their findings in this research report.

  • The Right IT Asset Disposition Partner For A Growing Health System

    Sponsored by: Dynamic Lifestyle Innovations

    A nonprofit, academic healthcare system's fast growth presented the challenge of information technology asset disposal, or, ITAD. In this case study, hear how this healthcare system was able to find an ITAD partner and how your organization can find the best partner for ITAD that matches your needs.

  • How Cloud Infrastructure Can Take Rapid Data Analysis to the Next Level

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    Utilizing GPUs and a cloud infrastructure allows high volumes of information to be processed more accurately. In this webinar, you'll get an inside look at how one organization has partnered with an industry leader to enable rapid analysis of growing quantities of data in shorter periods of time.

  • Limiting Friction and Successfully Scaling Automation Initiatives

    Sponsored by: Hyperscience Europe Ltd

    There's been a recent surge in the availability of automation platforms and technologies. But are all industries ready for automation? In this webinar, industry leaders cover the key trends taking place in the automation landscape, how companies are using RPA and AI to automate processes and more.

  • Only the Essentials: Refactoring a Monolith to Microservices

    Sponsored by: VMware Tanzu

    Refactoring a monolith to microservices is no easy feat. Luckily, TechTarget has collected all the essentials of this transformation to make it a bit easier. In this E-Guide, join Software Architect Joydip Kanjilal as he runs through every required condition needed to refactor a monolith to microservices. Download the guide here for safekeeping.

  • 4 Ways Digital Transformation Can Help the Bottom Line and How a SIEM Can Help

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    IDC estimates that digital transformation could translate to over $18 trillion of new value. This is great, but what specific effects could these transformation strategies have on the bottom line and on cybersecurity? Read this white paper to get the answer.

  • Gartner Predicts 2020

    Sponsored by: Rimini Street

    Gartner predicts great things for the third-party enterprise software support industry, with actual inquiry volumes pointing to the acknowledgement of third-party support as an established offering. Read more of their predictions in this blog post.

  • Ansible 101 - Ansible for beginners

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Whether you’re new to the open source world or looking for a refresher on the basics, this Ansible 101 guide is a must-have. As Red Hat details in the guide, the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is far more than just a single command. Get the facts and figures here.

  • Why Service Providers Need Open Source Expertise to Drive Customer Success

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Open source software is a key part of hybrid cloud environments, and service providers are increasingly turning to it to fill in gaps in their technology—as well as responding when customers demand open source expertise to answer questions. Read this short 451 Research paper to learn why open source expertise is crucial for service providers.

  • Value Driven Software Asset Management

    Sponsored by: Livingstone Tech

    Even companies of a global scale have a limited amount of resources they can devote towards overseeing their various SaaS suites and contracts—a risky state to exists in. Examine this case study to learn why retailer Home Retail Group turned to software asset management provided by Livingstone, and how their business is that much better for it.

  • Relationship-Based Observability

    Sponsored by: StackState

    Checkout this white paper to learn 3 unique capabilities of a relationship-based observability platform and discover the business values it can bring.

  • Livingstone Group helps Public Sector organization to boost the governance of its software estate

    Sponsored by: Livingstone Tech

    Without the right ITAM expert team available, tools like Flexnet can be far less effective. That’s because experts need to scrutinize reports and plug in any gaps in the data provided to gain comprehensive insight. Discover how to ensure the ongoing success of your ITAM program in this quick guide.

  • EMA Radar Report: AIOps A Guide for Investing in Innovation

    Sponsored by: BMC

    In the last 8 years, the diversity of AIOps approaches and design ramped up significantly, along with ongoing advances in AI/ML, integrated automation, and unique approaches to discovery and dependency mapping. Download EMA’s 2020 AIOPs Radar Report now to explore what’s changed—and what’s coming—for AIOps.

  • What to look for in next-generation IT infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Cisco and Pure Storage

    Check out this custom resource to learn 3 requirements that IT teams should look for in a next-generation IT infrastructure and how FlashStack can fulfill them.

  • Building the Case for Investing in Tech Training and Talent

    Sponsored by: QA

    Today, the amount of technologically skilled talent is finite. Dive into this guide to hear expert surveys and research make the case for further tech training and talent investments—and how the global pandemic has amplified the need for skilled talent.

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