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  • AIOps tools supplement -- not supplant -- DevOps pipelines

    Open this E-Guide to learn more about the most important differences between your DevOps and AIOps strategies, and the tools you may need to achieve monitoring, systems diagnosis, and incident remediation in your CI/CD pipeline.

  • Accelerating the Pace of Innovation with ServiceNow

    In this case study, find out how VIVAT reimagined its IT service management strategy to better support over 2,500 employees – ultimately introducing an enterprise-wide system of record for IT, service delivery, operations, and development teams.

  • Connecting Disparate IT Service Systems: NXP Case Study

    Find out how a global manufacturing and engineering firm attained seamless IT services, change controls, and more under a single integrated platform – streamlining the disparate systems their recent expansion initiatives had inadvertently caused.

  • HealthPartners Unlocks Powerful Project Portfolio Management

    HealthPartners, a non-profit healthcare system with over 22,000 employees, originally brought in ServiceNow to replace their legacy IT helpdesk – but they didn't stop there. Find out what results they earned inside this quick article.

  • Adidas: IT Self-Service in Action

    Learn how Adidas used ServiceNow® platforms to create a consumer-style shop to deliver services and increase efficiencies for its employees across 160 countries

  • How 5 Enterprises Left Their Legacy ITSM Behind

    An unorganized and ill-prepared ITSM can bog down many of the processes and tools that keep service delivery running smoothly. Learn how a group of leading companies revaluated their legacy ITSM strategies to deliver increased value to their users and cut down operational costs.

  • 5 Ways to Eliminate Help Desk Fire Drills

    Without an efficient way to manage requests, data, and staff, your help desk is in trouble – especially in today's increasingly complex IT environments. Learn about 5 best practices that will get your help desk up to speed, and keep it there.

  • The New Era of IT

    Check out this collection of resources designed to illustrate today's new era of IT, ranging from IT transformation case studies to live demos of cutting-edge ITSM software.

  • Driving Radical Business Transformation Through IT

    Check out this white paper to learn how to shift away from a cost-reduction focused to an innovation focused transformation strategy – and find out how the two are inherently connected. Inside, you'll get tactical advice for aligning IT strategy to business objectives through ITSM, PMO, and other IT levers.

  • Time Warner Enhances Visibility and Service Quality

    Learn how Time Warner moved from multiple disconnected monitoring tools and manual maintenance processes to an automated approach, providing seamless integration between CMDB and event management systems – and ultimately increasing the value-add of their ITSM processes.

  • Turbocharge Your Project Management Office

    Find out how to accelerate project delivery and drive continuous improvement throughout your portfolio's lifecycle with advice on how to tackle some of the top challenges currently facing your IT project management office.

  • Case Study: How TransAlta Keeps Their Lights On

    TransAlta, a Canada-based energy provider, is built around providing its customers with the power they need, wherever and whenever they need it. Learn how TransAlta ensures optimal IT engagement, visibility, and performance through a collection of IT service and self-service platforms – and how they ultimately reduced service outages by over 80%.

  • Transforming IT into a Catalyst for Business Growth

    Discover how ServiceNow's Change and Governance framework can help establish a higher degree of change clarity, regulatory compliance, and ultimately increase the visibility and strategic value of the entire change portfolio.

  • The Road to Transforming the Customer Service Experience

    With the information provided in this white paper, discover how to modernize your customer service strategy through the use of smart technology, and increase your bottom-line with these new CX strategies.

  • Improve Your Customer Experience with Modernized Field Service Management

    In this e-book, discover how to transform your field service management strategy to a customer service success. Learn how to deliver an effortless, personalized experience to your customers, and uncover 6 field service best practices to improve CX.

  • The True Impact of ServiceNow IT Business Management

    Download this study from Forrester to learn about the potential ROI of ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM) software and explore the benefits, costs, and risks associated with an ITBM investment.

  • Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Replacing Your Legacy ITSM System

    Legacy IT service management (ITSM) systems aren't always able to keep up with today's business pace, but some organizations are still clinging to their old systems. Inside this white paper, learn why IT modernization might not be as difficult as you think – and why it's a necessity now more than ever.

  • Modernizing Customer Service for the Digital Economy: Best Practices

    With the information provided in this e-book, learn how to transform your customer service with featured industry best practices, and compare your customer service strategy against ServiceNow's modern customer service checklist.

  • The AI Revolution: Creating a New Customer Service Paradigm

    In this research report from ServiceNow and Devoteam, explore how AI is revolutionizing the customer service paradigm. Glean insight into the role AI-based technologies will play in the future of customer service, and learn how to empower your customer service teams with AI-driven technologies for better CX.

  • Crossing the Legacy ITSM Chasm

    This exclusive report examines "next-generation ITSM" and its contributions towards changing IT and business requirements. Download now to compare advances with the risks of staying with legacy ITSM models and evaluate the risks of "doing nothing" and allowing legacy ITSM to persist.

  • Go Live Fast With ServiceNow ITSM

    Read about a cutting-edge ITSM platform that uses graphical tools to configure and deploy new applications – all without any installation steps or having to write additional lines of code.

  • Unlocking PPM's Full Power: HealthPartners Case Study

    Discover how a national healthcare provider rose from the ashes of its legacy IT desk to build out a new service management and PPM platform that could keep up with their growing pains.

  • Digitally Transform Customer Service Management

    Choosing the right customer service platform can be complex, which is why ServiceNow looped together 5 best practices to help you make the right decision. Download this e-book to uncover expert tips and discover why self-service, automation, and multi-channel support are essential for your next customer service platform.

  • Driving Radical Customer Service Innovation

    With the information provided in this e-book, discover how to innovate customer engagement and build a better CX through the use of smart technology, and determine if a Customer Service Management platform from ServiceNow is right for you.

  • Service Visibility: Your Green Light to a Clear Road Ahead

    Download this eBook to learn how efficiently mapping IT infrastructure to business critical services can increase service visibility and improve your service delivery.

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