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  • Highlights CX (CSM/FSM) sessions from K22

    Watch this webinar to hear from industry experts and discover how you can harness the power of your whole organization, enabling you to serve customers and ensure that they enjoy effortless experiences that keep them coming back.

  • The field service experience - the next big differentiator for your business

    Many field service management leaders struggle to find methods and solutions that allow them to adapt, innovate and grow at speed and scale, while also making their employees feel more engaged and valued. Access this infographic to learn how your organizations can deliver frictionless experiences to customers and employees.

  • The Book of Knowledge: Employee Experience

    Today’s employees expect better, more unified experiences, and in order to stay competitive, organizations must rethink strategies for recruitment, engagement, and retention. Access this e-book to hear stories from companies that were able to reimagine their workflows while keeping their employees engaged, productive, and connected.

  • Artificial intelligence. Human Experience. Five ways to strengthen customer experience with AI

    According to research, 86% of organizations that have embraced AI say it has improved CX and boosted satisfaction rates. However, many companies either struggle to integrate these technologies or struggle to see the benefits. Access this guide to discover 5 ways that your business can leverage AI to strengthen CX.

  • Why Strategic Automation Empowers Employees to Deliver Effortless Customer Experience

    Front-line customer service and support agents spend over 1/3 of their time on routine activities. However, these tasks can be significantly reduced by strategic automation, which can allow you to diminish service delivery issues, improve customer satisfaction, and increase innovation throughout your company. Access this e-book to learn more.

  • Agile at scale 101

    Dive into this e-book to explore what Agile project management is and the payoffs your organization can achieve through adoption.

  • T-Systems elevates project management excellence

    Check out this case study for a close look at T-Systems' experience integrating ServiceNow's PROJECTnow platform.

  • FSM Tools: Reshaping Customer Experience for the Real and Virtual Fields

    While field service management (FSM) software is helping organizations coordinate logistics, advances in areas like augmented and virtual reality are now enabling new models for service delivery. Access this report for a look at market factors impacting the priorities of large enterprises, as well as advanced FSM capabilities to watch out for.

  • Turn customers into fans with your field service experience

    For field service agents to be successful, it’s necessary for your front, middle, and back-office teams to work together. Access this article for 4 ways that you can drive differentiation in your company and get tips for not only strengthening customer experiences, but also improving employee satisfaction throughout.

  • The Three Customer Service Megatrends in 2022

    Recent years have seen it become necessary for long-term contact centers to have strategies that allow you to anticipate future challenges and adapt to change. Access this Forrest report for an inside look at the current customer service landscape, revealing the top 3 trends to watch out for.

  • Harnessing the whole organization to create a better customer experience

    In today’s competitive landscape, it’s critical to create efficient and seamless customer experiences (CX) in order to stand out amongst the crowd. However, organizations need to develop more responsive and agile methods for CX while improving employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention. Access this article to learn more.

  • Transforming the employee experience for field service organizations

    Watch this webinar featuring HR leaders to learn the best practices for improving field service employee experiences, as they discuss the current landscape of the industry and how to best set up your workers for success.

  • SPM Highlights from Knowledge: Operating Excellence

    Check out this infographic for 3 examples of organizations embracing observability, breaking out of silos, and integrating new acquisitions faster with the help of ServiceNow.

  • Book of Knowledge: SPM

    Read through this e-book for stories from companies that took complex situations and, with the help of ServiceNow, reimagined how the work was done with AI-powered workflows.

  • Highlights from Knowledge: Risk

    Enterprises like yours need to manage both higher levels of risk and a growing list of new risks related to digital transformation initiatives. In this infographic, ServiceNow puts the spotlight on 3 organizations that they partnered with to help facilitate strategic change and improve operations. Download this infographic to learn more.

  • Integrating People, Technology, and Processes to Drive Effortless Customer Experiences

    How are organizations delivering on their investments to drive more efficient customer experiences? Read on to learn about 4 success stories of companies that leveraged ServiceNow’s cloud-based platform and solutions to integrate people, tech and processes and drive effortless CX.

  • Effortless customer experience

    Inefficient manual processes and siloed departments lead to wasted time and effort, leaving both customers and employees frustrated. In this e-book, explore the benefits of a unified service platform like ServiceNow, which offers predictive services, automation tools and a centralized network to deliver fast, frictionless service.

  • Great customer experience is easier than you think

    With customer self-service technology, companies can not only provide customers with more resources, but also reduce call volume to allow employees to focus on customers seeking their support. Read on to understand the full range of benefits that can be achieved by taking advantage of automation and customer self-service.

  • New Era, New Complexities, New Innovations... Prepare to Thrive with ServiceNow and IBM Order Management

    In ServiceNow’s latest webinar, hear from IT experts on how to build better customer experiences and develop value propositions beyond traditional telco products thanks to IBM Order Management.

  • From "Ow!" to "Wow!" - Reinventing IT Change Management

    Without a unified service platform, change management can be a time-consuming process for organizations as they deal with manual reporting and expensive change advisory board (CAB) meetings. Learn how to optimize your change management with a unified platform capable of automating and integrating your existing processes in this webinar.

  • See how Service Operations Workspace will change how ServiceNow works for you

    Access this webinar for a live demo of a unified service operations workspace solution, designed to break down IT operations and service silos for greater availability, visibility and productivity.

  • Powering your everything-as-a-service business

    Watch this webcast to understand how technology providers are successfully transitioning to everything-as-a-service business models by empowering customers with AI-powered self-service, integrating support and operations teams to deliver seamless experiences, getting ahead of customer needs with proactive support and more.

  • Now on Now: How we use ITOM + ITSM to accelerate adoption of Digital Service Ops

    Watch this webinar to learn how investing in CMDB, ITOM and ITSM across a unified platform can provide the essential visibility you need for IT operational excellence.

  • Keep digital services running 24/7 and support employees working from anywhere

    There has been an exponential increase in the use of digital services causing an explosion of incidents. Luckily, an AIOps solution should be able to predict every possible issue, preventing impact and automating resolutions. Watch this webinar to discover how to keep your digital services running 24/7 thanks to predictive AI tools.

  • Strengthen digital business with people, process, and technology optimization

    IT teams often struggle to offer consistent service methods to employees, increase service velocity in times of change and optimize team performance while maintaining security and compliance standards. However, AI and cloud capabilities can address these challenges with one unified platform solution. Learn more by watching this webinar.

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