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  • The New CHRO Agenda: Employee Experiences Drive Business Value

    In this brief video, learn how Chief human resources officers (CHROs) are helping organizations win the war for talent, and discover how CHROs are driving organization-wide digital transformation, and aligning personalized, predictive, and seamless employee experiences to drive business value.

  • Executive Profiles in Digital Transformation

    True digital transformation is no longer a buzzword or a far-off prospect – it's a necessity for any organization seeking ongoing business success. Read this white paper to explore how real world CIOs and IT leaders are commanding the helm of their organizations' digital transformation journey.

  • To Achieve a Consumer-Grade Employee Experience, HR Must Follow CRM

    HR leaders strive to satisfy the increasingly elevated expectations of a technically savvy workforce to create a positive perception of the HR organization and, by proxy, the employer. Download this report to find out how to provide a consumer-grade employee experience with 8 building blocks.

  • ServiceNow Security Operations Infographic

    Download this Forrester Total Economic Impact infographic for a summary of interview findings from 3 customers about their experience using ServiceNow Security Operations.

  • HR Service Delivery

    Your employees have grown to expect the same intuitive experiences that consumers are given—and if they don't find it at your company, they will look for it at another. Read this white paper to see how you can better service your employees, freeing up resources, so they can spend more time on high-value, strategic tasks.

  • Now on Now: Accelerating Security Operations

    Most companies manage security incident response with a manual process. This creates confusion and reduces the visibility an organization has. In this white paper, learn how with the Security Incident Response application of ServiceNow Security Operations, organizations can automate alert processing and accelerate their incident response process.

  • Cybersecurity in Financial Services: Orchestrating the Best Defense in an Evolving Threat Landscape

    Financial Services has been a targeted sector and cybercrime is becoming sophisticated on an industrial scale. A more strategic and wholesale approach needs to be adopted industry-wide to fend off the threat. In this white paper, learn how organizations can leverage technology to get a holistic view of their entire business.

  • Service Visibility: A Road Map for IT Operations and Managing your EHR System

    Download this white paper learn how you can map your EHR-related clinical and business services automatically and uncover how better EHR service visibility can improve patient care, reduce risk, and drive down costs.

  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance: Analyst Report

    In this Forrester Total Economic Impact report, discover a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of ServiceNow GRC on your organization.

  • Security Fundamentals for Clinical Excellence and Improved Care Outcomes

    Download this white paper to uncover 4 core areas healthcare providers should focus on to ensure they do not cause harm to patients or their workforce after a security or data breach.

  • Reimagining the Employee Experience in Banking

    Read this white paper to learn how to provide a compelling employee experience that not only reduces turnover—but also improves customer experience as a result.

  • How to Empower Financial Services Employees to Deliver Great Customer Experience

    If your employees are consistently hung up navigating disparate, clunky legacy systems in order to provide customers with the insights and solutions they need—both parties will fatigue. Read this white paper to learn how to improve customer experience at its roots—by improving employee experience first.

  • Engagement Fundamentals for Improved Patient Care Outcomes

    Healthcare providers are not immune to the customer experience revolution that has swept across many industries in the wake of technological advances. Download this white paper to uncover the 5 core areas of focus in delivering a positive patient experience and learn how ServiceNow can help strengthen patient engagement for improved care outcomes.

  • Redefining Service Delivery for Citizens

    A positive service experience drives more engagement with an organization. This applies in private and public sector, but it's not easy to achieve. Although everyone wants to provide excellent service, many challenges exist in delivering efficient, modernized services. In this white paper, review a checklist for modernizing customer experience.

  • HR Analyst Report - The Employee Experience Platform Has Arrived

    Read this white paper to learn about a new category of workforce productivity software, the employee experience platform (EXP), and discover how it can simplify some of the less intuitive workplace processes for your employees.

  • Top 5 Ways HR and IT Can Partner on Delivering Great Employee Experiences

    Download this white paper to uncover5 ways to partner across HR and IT to foster a transformative mindset and deliver great experiences, benefitting an entire organization.

  • Case Studies of HR & IT Partnering to Transform the Employee Service Experience

    Download this white paper to learn about the transformative mindset that requires HR and IT to partner closely to deliver experiences that enhance the digital, human, and physical employee journey.

  • AIOps Takes the Lead on Root Cause Analysis

    Of all the recent developments in the IT operations sphere, automated root cause analysis is one that has many enterprises salivating. But despite the obvious interest around AIOps, many IT monitoring vendors are hesitant about jumping on the bandwagon. Keep reading to hear what you could stand to gain from AIOps.

  • Service Health with AIOps from ServiceNow

    Find out how machine learning and artificial intelligence tools can offer an alternative to traditional event management processes that can leave your systems vulnerable to outages.

  • The Rise of AIOps, Explained

    AIOps tools use AI to monitor and manage environments under the direction of the operations team – but what impact does this have on IT's value to the greater business? Continue reading to uncover more .

  • Top Five Data Center Trends to Watch in 2019

    Recent data center trends have been centered on finding ways to reduce complexity through technology like automation and artificial intelligence. Inside, get a glimpse at some of the data center trends to keep an eye on in 2019 – and how they're expected to impact data center operations.

  • What to Expect from AIOps in 2019

    Jump into this E-Guide to learn how AIOps – the collective term for AI-infused IT automation technology – can impact IT operations from the ground up, and what developments to look over the course of 2019.

  • Tackling Virtualization Complexity with AIOps

    AIOps use cases continue to expand to all facets of IT responsibility, including the data center. But could AI be the key to deciphering the complexity of heavily virtualized data centers? Read further into this E-Guide to find out.

  • AIOps in the Real World

    Since the introduction of AIOps platforms, IT professionals have been drooling over their promised capabilities, especially when it comes to root cause analysis. Thanks to early adopters, we can find out how these platforms work firsthand. Jump inside this E-Guide to learn more.

  • Automating the IT Service Desk

    Since its inception, the IT service desk has provided an intuitive portal designed to make it easier for users to get technical help – and for IT associates to keep on top of support workflows. So what happens when automation is thrown into the mix? Dive into this E-Guide to take a closer look.

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