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  • Increase field service safety and reduce costs with augmented reality

    Download this eBook to learn how, by combining augmented reality (AR) with field service management solutions, businesses can offer contactless remote service and also support their technicians with remote expert assistance to increase first-time fix rates and better serve customers.


    Explore this market study to learn about the challenges facing contact centers today, discover the priorities, and preferences that will impact the makeup of the customer contact function – and overall customer experience strategy – in years to come, and access case studies, best practices, and technology recommendations to help you succeed.

  • Customer Workflows Book of Knowledge

    Download this collection of case studies to discover how 7 companies including 7-Eleven & Lowe’s tackled complex challenges in their customer service workflows by leveraging digital solutions from ServiceNow. Also, discover key trends and best practices that can help you deliver superior customer experiences and scale your operations.

  • Visibility in action: Powering end-to-end insights across customer experience, satisfaction, and cost management.

    Explore this eBook to learn how you can leverage digital workflows to gain end-to-end visibility within a single system of action to address service needs effectively and make customers feel seen and valued.

  • Why automation is giving rise to hyperautomation

    Although automation has streamlined workflows to some degree, it doesn’t provide visibility into processes to aid optimization efforts. So what’s next in the automation evolution? Hyperautomation. In this blog post, explore what hyperautomation is, how it works, and how you can implement it in your organization. Read now for more.

  • A day in the life of a low code hero

    Embracing low-code development is one of the best ways to overcome shortages and increase development time. Check out this short video to explore how to get started with a low-code strategy.

  • Market Guide for Software Asset Management Tools

    In this exclusive Gartner report, Market Guide for Software Asset Management Tools, discover how to select the right tools to support your own Software Asset Management (SAM) strategy. Access the exclusive Gartner report here to explore the top recommendations, products, and strategic planning available to you.

  • Roadmap planning: the key to enterprise-wide visibility and strategic alignment

    Roughly 40% of executive leaders say their enterprise accountability and leadership are not aligned on strategy execution, according to Gartner. Check out this eBook to learn all you need to know about roadmap planning to finally bring your business plans to execution.

  • Achieving IT Asset Management Success

    You’ve got to know exactly what software, hardware, and cloud infrastructure your business is made of. That’s where ITAM comes in. Save a copy of this eBook to learn just about everything there is to know about ITAM—at least, over 97 pages worth.

  • ITIL 4 in 10 minutes

    You want an introduction to ITIL 4 or, perhaps, more information. But you don’t have the time to read the 122-page ITIL Foundation: ITIL 4 Edition book. No problem. In this quick start guide to the latest ITSM framework, learn what ITIL is all about, how it works, and more. Access it here.

  • Ten Cyber and IT Risk Fundamentals You Must Get Right

    Cyber and IT risks are no longer technology risks. They are now inherent risks to the business itself. Read Gartner’s Ten Cyber and IT Risk Fundamentals You Must Get Right report to learn the frameworks needed for long-term success.

  • Project Portfolio Management 101

    It’s a safe bet that project portfolio management (PPM) is playing a significant role in your organization to achieve positive payoffs—but what exactly is PPM? This eBook provides a quick introduction, identifies key PPM issues, and highlights tools to facilitate effective PPM. Download the eBook here for safekeeping.

  • Uniper Achieves Digital Transparency With Connected IT

    Uniper, an international energy company, wanted to achieve digital transparency – a streamlined IT environment with a shared understanding and visibility to enable its teams to work with flexibility and agility. Open this case study to see why Uniper selected ServiceNow ITSM platforms for their needs, and learn the results realized from the switch.

  • SaaS License Management Integration Success Guide

    This 45-page guide will assist you on how to connect software as a service (SaaS) to ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) with the goal of quickly revealing potential savings for that product and reclaiming wasted SaaS licenses. Access it here.

  • Visibility to Workflow: How IT Leaders Can Discover and See All Technology Assets to Transform Business

    Having visibility over all your assets is essential for making informed business decisions. Access this white paper to explore which discovery strategies can help you get the right data to guide your organization.

  • Simplifying SaaS License Tracking for Huge Savings

    With the influx of cloud services into the workplace, it has become quite challenging for those who manage and optimize an organization’s SaaS and software. Access this white paper to explore how a single architecture SAM solution can streamline your SaaS management.

  • A guide to the essentials of 24/7 IT services

    With the ever-increasing number of digital services they must deliver and maintain, in addition to the tidal wave of data to manage, IT teams are rapidly becoming overwhelmed. Access the guide here to explore how predictive AIOps can free up IT.

  • Stand Out With A Winning IT Asset Management Strategy

    How can organizations change up their ITAM game? It all starts with developing a winning technology asset management strategy. This eBook outlines key things to consider when starting to identify and resolve ITAM challenges and lay out a strategy. Download now to learn more.

  • How to keep your digital services up and running 24/7

    Download this eBook to learn all about the game-changing benefits of AI-Powered Service Operations with Predictive AIOps from ServiceNow – an automation platform designed to fill in where humans can’t.

  • You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken

    This eBook offers insights about how to plan and execute an AI-powered IT operations management transformation effort, as well as a look at the ServiceNow workflows that can help make it all possible. Dive in now to get started.

  • Get started with Predictive AIOps in just a few weeks

    Organizations often struggle with unexplained service outages or rapidly rising event volumes from multiple monitoring tools. Enter: Predictive AIOps – a machine learning tool that can help predict service issues, pinpoint the root cause, and automate remediation. Access this resource to learn more.

  • Omdia Universe: Selecting an AIOps Solution, 2021-22

    As AIOps continues to be adopted by organizations, selecting the right solution is as important as ever. Access this guide to gain a firm understanding of the AIOps market and see what vendor is right for your business.

  • Modernize And Automate ITAM Across Hardware, Software, And Cloud

    Organizations often struggle to manage their IT assets, especially when software assets and hardware assets are run in silos. Access this white paper to learn how to integrate a more efficient ITAM into your enterprise.

  • Creating The Ultimate Spend-Smart IT Asset Management System

    According to a recent Insight survey, 66% of organizations reported having a large amount of duplicate hardware and software, leading to unexpected costs piling up. Access this handbook to explore the top ITAM challenges and solutions for an effective workflow.

  • Deliver a CMDB with true business value: 6 essential steps

    What makes a healthy vs. unhealthy CMDB? Download this e-book to view 6 key steps to a successful CMDB deployment

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