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  • The CHRO guide to unleashing agility and bottom-line benefits

    For today’s businesses, managing risk and building resilience in their HR operations has never been more important. To do so, many have turned to strengthening their employee productivity and development plans. However, many can find these methods daunting. Browse this guide to learn more.

  • Unlock AI-powered efficiency with HR shared services

    This paper looks at how unleashing an HR shared services strategy, a model that aims to boost the strategic impact of HR teams by streamlining legacy systems to drive greater agility for employees and improved cost savings, can transform your HR function and team.

  • The 3 Imperatives Driving Employee Experience in 2024 and Beyond

    As organizations continue to work to prioritize and enhance employee experiences, many are still facing challenges, which can make employee processes frustrating and time-consuming. So, how can companies best overcome these hurdles and drive employee success? Browse this guide to learn more.

  • A dynamic, AI-powered approach for employee growth and development that improves retention

    When 50% of today’s employed workers report that they are watching for or actively seeking a new job, it has become critical for organizations to prioritize employee satisfaction to retain their teams. But what exactly are the best ways to do so? Dig into this guide to learn more.

  • Software as savings

    In today’s ever-changing economic environment, many HR Leaders are looking for new ways that they can optimize costs while also creating efficiency and driving growth to deliver exceptional employee experiences. But can this be done? Browse this white paper to learn more.

  • The 3 Imperatives Driving Employee Experience in 2024 and Beyond

    As organizations continue to work to prioritize and enhance employee experiences, many are still facing challenges, which can make employee processes frustrating and time-consuming. So, how can companies best overcome these hurdles and drive employee success? Browse this guide to learn more.

  • Observability vs. monitoring: What's the difference?

    Is observability really all that different from traditional IT monitoring – or is it simply the latest buzzword word? This e-guide dives into the differences between observability and monitoring. Start reading now!

  • Transformation, simplified

    Supply chain pressures, growing ESG expectations, global economic uncertainty and workforce shortages are all contributing to increased pressure to innovate. In this infographic, discover how to transform faster and more efficientlywith ServiceNow on Azure.

  • Modern business demands modern IT asset management

    Reduced security risks, stronger audit performances: These are two of the many metrics that organizations leverage to measure IT asset management (ITAM) success. To discover other metrics, and to learn how to boost your ITAM program’s success, download this infographic.

  • Market Guide for Software Asset Management Tools

    Gartner reports that by 2026, organizations that merge SAM and FinOps into a central governance function will report 60% less financial waste from software and cloud investments. Dive into this Gartner report to learn about the future of SAM tools and compare the top SAM providers on the market.

  • Investing in Experience Outcomes

    As business leaders look for new and simple ways to drive their outcomes, many forget about some of their most important assets: their employees. So, what exactly can investing in employee experiences bring to your organization? Tune into this video to learn more.

  • Don’t Forget The Manager Experience

    In this new world of work, it’s necessary for organizations to equip their managers with the tools they need to stay connected with their employees from wherever they work. Watch this video to learn more.

  • Customer Insights

    Businesses are under pressure to find a versatile solution that can help reduce operational costs while resolving customer issues faster.

  • Thriving in the Experience Economy

    With IDC reporting that 35% of today’s top executives consider improving customer experience to be a top priority, many organisations are looking for effective ways that they can enhance their experience efforts. Browse this report to learn more.

  • Service Experience: The Next Value Driver for Global Business Services

    Learn how a growing number of GBS organizations are at the vanguard, learning how to create an imperative for investment in experience, no matter the function or process. Download this white paper as Deborah Kops leans in to help leaders figure out how to harness their corporate contexts to make the case for service delivery transformation.

  • 4 ways to master employee growth and development with AI

    Today, 74% of Gen Z and millennial workers are willing to leave a job if the company doesn’t invest in employee growth and development. This means that it’s become critical for organizations to adapt to these changing needs to keep up. But how can this best be done? Browse this article to learn more.

  • Increase Field Service Efficiency and Reduce Costs with Augmented Reality

    Discover how combining augmented reality with your field service management solution can improve the efficiency of the services provided by your technicians, including resolving issues faster and increasing the productivity of employees.

  • Servicenow Customer Insights Banking Industry Testimonials

    Nearly 40% of the CEOs in the world today think that their companies will no longer be viable in 10 years if they don’t radically change course now. And digitizing their future is the number one thing on their minds. Read this resource

  • Make Journey Mapping Your Secret to Outstanding Customer Service

    Giving customers exceptional experiences is key for any organisation that wants to succeed and grow in today's competitive environment. A customer journey map helps close gaps in customer engagement and backend service operations, while identifying processes you can optimise, using self-service and automation.

  • Think Big - Embracing the new era of productivity in the face of economic uncertainty

    Learn in this eBook how to empower your employees to easily use self-service, proactively resolve issues, and be more productive, wherever they are and however they work, with intelligent digital workflows on a unified platform.

  • Customer insights: Technology Excellence testimonials

    Many organizations with incomplete digital transformation initiatives suffer from poor customer and employee experiences and rising costs due to inefficient processes and systems. To get started on the right foot, explore how enterprises like yours are achieving technology excellence with ServiceNow.

  • Conquering Technology Risk In Banking

    Technology risk management is sometimes perceived as a burdensome but necessary evil. But recent banking crises and market disruptions have highlighted the importance of real-time risk control and resilience. In this e-book, learn why you should embrace technology risk management as a competitive advantage rather than a burden.

  • Survey says digital innovation is the way to navigate macro uncertainty

    The current economy is as unpredictable as ever, leaving organizations to strategize about the best ways to proceed. So, how can companies keep up? Digital transformation may be the answer. Browse this article to learn more.

  • Generative AI

    ServiceNow’s Now Platform is now fully equipped with Generative AI, a tool designed to improve customer experiences and resolve HR cases faster. Discover the key benefits, use cases, and real-world impact of the product in this resource.

  • Futurize banking risk and compliance operations

    As banks accelerate digital innovation and harness new technologies, they expose themselves to greater enterprise risks, particularly technology risks. In this e-book, access 3 strategies to transform risk management at your bank.

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