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  • Customer Service Insights in the GenAI Era

    To state that the customer experience is critical for business growth is an understatement. In a recent survey, almost 70% of respondents claimed they would switch brands simply based on customer service. With that much on the line, ensuring your CX team is fast, efficient, and empathetic is the key. Watch this webcast to learn about this trend.

  • 3 stages for optimizing it services and operations

    In this guide, discover a practical, 3-stage approach for automating and optimizing IT services and operations on a single cloud platform, giving you the ability to govern all things IT while efficiently delivering extraordinary technology experiences.

  • Raiffeisen Romania streamlines Service Operations

    Discover in this case study why Raiffeisen Bank Romania trusts ServiceNow IT Service Management and IT Operations Management as it overhauls the way IT was managed, maintained, and ultimately, the way it delivers an exceptional experience to its users.

  • Unleash productivity across the enterprise with GenAI

    Before you can unlock the benefits of GenAI, you first must answer the question: How do I incorporate GenAI into my IT estate? Download this e-book to find out.

  • Modernize IT services and operations with AI

    There’s a misperception that modernizing your operations with AI and automation is complex and expensive. The good news? It doesn’t have to be. Download this e-book to learn the secrets to unleashing the next wave of productivity across your organization with AI.

  • ServiceOps 2024: Automation and (gen)AI-powered IT service and operations

    ServiceOps just makes sense. It is practical and makes everyone’s job easier… but how can you adopt without requiring major disruption in day-to-day realities? Find out in this research report.

  • Embedding AI Into Technology Strategy: Five Steps to Impact

    In this IDC white paper, discover the 5 essential steps for effectively embedding AI into your technology strategy.

  • 3 ways to expand technology services and still cut costs

    Siloed services and operations teams can no longer keep pace with the technological demands of today’s digital-first world. In this guide, you’ll discover 3 approaches for expanding technology services away from traditional silos while still reducing costs.

  • Measuring value to deliver value

    Businesses need relevant metrics to monitor and manage project value from the outset. But how do they do that? Read on for the answer.

  • Transform Work with Business Agility

    To learn how to develop and support a scalable investment strategy for digital product development, check out this video by ServiceNow.

  • Governance GenAI Low Code Development

    More organizations are turning to generative AI for its many business use cases. It’s been especially helpful for IT teams that use it for low-code and no-code application development. But, if your organization doesn’t have proper governance and controls, you risk app sprawl and wasted resources. Read on to learn how to establish solid IT controls.

  • Innovate with Intelligent Automation and Low Code

    In order to stay competitive, organizations must have the flexibility to keep up with changing customer demands, solve complex issues, and the capability to digitize processes. However, if manual processes and siloed systems are preventing that, you need to adapt. Read on to see how low-code and automation can be the answer you’re looking for.

  • 5 findings about the customer experience landscape in the GenAI era

    Consistently delivering a top-notch customer experience across all touch points in your organization is extremely tough. There are challenges to overcome like increased customer expectations and the pressure to reduce costs. To manage this, businesses are turning to automation and AI to optimize the workforce. Read on to learn more about it.

  • Putting People First

    While AI technology continues to flourish in today’s marketplace, businesses have a fantastic opportunity to learn how to utilize AI in combination with human intelligence to create a modern and efficient customer experience. When combined correctly, this strategy is transforming the CX for customers and businesses. Watch this video to learn more.


    In this e-book, discover a practical, 3-step approach to optimizing technology spend and mitigating risk.

  • Five ways to reduce costs with Strategic Portfolio Management

    Too many organizations are not generating satisfactory returns on their strategic investments. They are leaving opportunity and money on the table, and their competitors couldn’t be happier. In this e-book, learn how the ServiceNow Now platform can help your organization make sure no opportunities are left on the table.

  • 3 Paths to Faster Growth with Low Code Development

    Low-code development platforms enable faster innovation and growth by expanding the developer pool. To learn more, read this paper on how low-code development can accelerate your digital transformation.

  • Application Development Maturity Assessment

    Are you ready to drive business results and get more done with low-code tooling on the ServiceNow Platform? Take this assessment to uncover key next steps and best practices no matter where you are on your journey.

  • Unify Customer Experience

    When it comes to creating a sustainable and unified customer experience, consistency and uniformity are the keys. However, for organizations with multiple locations, delivering a consistent CX can be hard. Overcoming the challenges of varied data models and silos requires the right solution. Watch this video to see what that solution is.

  • Simplify your field service technology selection

    For organizations looking to upgrade their field service management offerings, there are many benefits to an initiative like this. Whether it’s optimizing scheduling, improving CX, or having the ability to offer connected field service and outcome-based contracts will give you the advantage you need. Read this Gartner report to learn more.

  • Navigate the era of new customer expectations

    For companies to be successful, they must achieve the delicate balance of finding ways to reduce costs while still delivering seamless customer experiences that stand out versus the competition. Today, focusing solely on customer engagement is not enough. Customers also want easy problem-solving with minimal effort. Read on to see how to offer it.


    The customer experience has changed significantly in recent years due to digital disruption. This ongoing change puts more pressure on customer service leaders than ever before to ensure that customer engagement stays high while costs are kept down. Read on to learn how your organization can navigate these challenges and continue to grow.

  • 3 Ways to Acceslerate Productivity and Innovation in the Enterprise

    This ServiceNow white paper details 3 ways to accelerate enterprise productivity and innovation, including connecting processes, hyperautomating tasks, and orchestrating workflows. Read the full paper to learn how you can drive faster decisions, save time and money, and empower employees.

  • Top 10 Ways To Anticipate, Eliminate, And Defeat Cyberthreats Like A Boss

    With 90% of organisations saying digital transformation introduces new risks, what if you could enable agility in technology innovation safely and confidently? Discover how easy it is to drastically improve your risk and security hygiene in this guide.

  • The Forrester Wave: Customer Service Solutions, Q1 2024

    The Forrester Wave report for Q1 2024 assesses 12 key customer service solutions providers across 39 criteria. It highlights the need for solutions that automate simple tasks, aid agents in complex issues, and enhance efficiency. Access the report to learn how top vendors stack up and get guidance on selecting the right solution for your needs.

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