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  • ServiceNow transforms offboarding for energy services company with digital workflows and automation

    In this case study, learn about energy and utility company, Parker Drilling, who recently modernized a paper-based offboarding process to drive efficiencies and strengthen security with the help of ServiceNow’s HR service delivery platform.

  • A Phased Approach To Getting To Dynamic Devops

    Regulatory and security requirements are holding organizations back from digital transformation, regardless of industry or market. While DevOps is lifting some of the pressure off these transformations, businesses will need more. Learn how automation can help your DevOps and digital transformation initiatives alike in this guide.

  • Streamline Customer Service With Digital Workflows

    As ServiceNow puts it, behind every great customer service experience is a great digital workflow. With this guide, learn how digitizing workflows can help you deliver better customer experiences—even when the unexpected happens. Read the guide here.

  • AI And Customer Experience Keeping It “Intelligent” Without The “Artificial”

    Explore this ServiceNow white paper to learn how AI-assisted customer service is delivering real, tangible benefits, ranging from 40% reduced average handle time to employee cost reductions of up to $5 million.

  • Deliver Smart, Responsive IT Services In An Always Changing World

    Today’s IT organizations need to not only deliver fast and personal services at scale,they also must constantly pivot to meet any challenges that may arise in a constantly changing world. Open up this white paper to explore how to boost ITSM tools with machine learning, chat bots and analytics.

  • The PMO that delivers

    Dive into this white paper to take a closer look at modern, business aligned PMO strategies and learn why PMOs should be business focused, instead of project focused, to help your organization succeed.

  • The Now Platform Reference Guide

    In this ServiceNow guide, explore the key features and functionalities of the Now platform, designed to be used by no-code and professional coders alike. The development platform claims to digitize and automate departmental and cross-enterprise workflows, streamline work with AI, and measure and optimize business processes. See for yourself here.

  • Where Employers Fall Short: From Onboarding To The Rest Of The Employee Experience.

    You need to make sure you’re working to address the fact that employees see a shocking 22% drop in enthusiasm only a couple weeks after they start. Explore this infographic to explore more facts about employee satisfaction and learn how you can cultivate a productive, happy workplace with a few simple strategies.

  • Combining IT operations management and security operations using AIOps

    Open up this eBook to explore how to meet new pandemic-related challenges and cybersecurity threats using AIOps to help monitor data and manage incident response, secure corporate data assets, and prevent breaches from impacting employees and customers.

  • AI And Customer Experience Keeping It “Intelligent” Without The “Artificial”

    Explore this ServiceNow white paper to learn how AI-assisted customer service is delivering real, tangible benefits, ranging from 40% reduced average handle time to employee cost reductions of up to $5 million.

  • Switch stories: How 5 enterprises consolidated ITSM to reduce costs

    This eBook takes you through the digital transformation journeys of five leading brands, detailing the obstacles they faced with their legacy systems and what happened after they made the switch to new ITSM platforms. Open now to get started.

  • How to get closer to the Holy Grail of IT operations management

    Self-healing organizations –using AI-driven ITOM to predictively detect issues and resolve them automatically – are a huge, yet unattainable, goal for CIOs. Open up this white paper to learn how to harness AIOps to improve predictability, observability, and real-time decision making to get your organization one step closer to self-healing.

  • Delivering uninterrupted digital services at speed requires predictive AIOps

    As organizations transition from traditional on-prem infrastructure to virtual servers and the cloud, the number of alerts and unforeseen problems force IT teams to be both reactive and proactive at the same time – a near impossible task. Enter: AI-powered service operations. Open up this e-book to learn more.

  • A New Spin On Managing Your Hardware Assets

    Open up this resource to see how you can simplify managing hardware assets in your organization, and get all your questions, answered.

  • Predict, Prevent, And Automate Across It To Enable Proactive Digital Operations

    Open up this white paper to take a closer look at how to predict, prevent and automate across IT to enable proactive digital operations. Plus, uncover stories of other organizations’ success and learn how you can do the same in your organization.

  • Operate High-performing Services. With Servicenow.

    Stop the manual cycle of eliminating outages, mitigating risks, and fixing incidents by connecting teams, workflows and systems on one platform. Open this infographic to learn how to get started.

  • ServiceNow Video

    In this webinar, IT transformation expert discusses ITOps management and IT asset management and the different focus areas of each platform. Tune in now as he takes an in-depth look at IT transformation dashboards, how hardware asset management expands ITSM asset management and more.

  • Integrate Your Security And Asset Workflows To Remediate Threats Faster

    79% of companies that experienced a security breach indicate that it could have been avoided with a patch or configuration change. Have you ever considered that integrating your security and asset workflows could lead to faster threat remediation? Access this data sheet to learn a new way to manage vulnerability.

  • Why Servicenow Is Critical For Devops Success

    DevOps has successfully broken down countless organizational barriers—but there’s still no clear view across the CI/CD pipeline. In this white paper, explore how IT professionals right now are creating an end-to-end view across DevOps. Even better, learn how your IT team create one integrated view for your own organization. Start here.

  • The Servicenow Common Service Data Model (Csdm)

    In this white paper, explore the Common Service Data Model (CSDM) approach, a CMDB-based framework for creating a common service model across all IT management domains – helping IT run complex operations across multiple lines of business. Open now to learn more about the nuts and bolts of CSDM, why now is the time for CSDM and more.

  • The 2021 Employee Experience Imperative

    ServiceNow surveyed over 3,000 employees at large enterprise companies in Europe, gathering insights on a range of topics from health and safety to business continuity, productivity, and the future of work. Check out this report to see 3 key themes that emerged from the research that can help leaders navigate the challenges facing the world today.

  • Reduce hardware, software and cloud costs with ServiceNow

    Managing software assets can feel overwhelming, especially when your team is trying to reduce costs. In this 2-minute video, learn about ServiceNow’s single platform solution for IT Asset Management. Watch here.

  • Customer Operations of Dummies

    Delivering high-quality customer service has always been important, but the challenges companies face today have made it imperative. People want great, personalized experiences, and strong customer operations is the best way to make that happen. Grab your copy of Customer Operations for Dummies to learn how you can get started.

  • Modern ITOps: Enabling Engagement and Experience

    In this fireside chat, join three business leaders from ServiceNow, Accenture and IDC as they discuss modern IT operations and the different practices that C-suites can get ready for in 2021. Tune in now to hear their opinions on what executives are looking for in terms of modern ITOps, how IT teams can rethink their roles going forward and more.

  • AI and Intelligent Technologies: 3 Strategies for transforming your customer experience

    AI already transforms our everyday lives— e.g., virtual assistants and facial recognition. With this in mind, it stands to reason that businesses can benefit from using AI to speed up the resolution of customer concerns. Open up this eBook to explore 3 strategies you can implement in your organization to transform the customer experience.

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