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  • Guide to building an effective employee experience strategy

    As companies continue to prioritize employee experience, many are still running into challenges understanding the wants and needs of their staff. But with risks such as wasting money on poor HR software, how can organizations better keep up? Take a look at this guide to learn more.

  • Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

    Dive into this Gartner analyst report to compare and contrast the leading LCAP vendors in the global market, and discover the platform characteristics your organization needs to prioritize.

  • Why stellar IT services start with automated infrastructure visibility

    To deliver IT services with speed, consistency and accuracy, you need complete visibility across your infrastructure. Read this e-book to learn how you can automatically discover your IT infrastructure and map it to the digital services you provide, on the same cloud platform.

  • Thwart cyberthreats fast with security operations + AIOps

    Security operations are often managed in silos—prone to human error, manual processes and minimal visibility. So how can you protect your data effectively while maximising efficiency and optimising resources?

  • Silo busting in IT services and operations is good for the business – and team satisfaction

    Read this e-book to learn how you can unify IT services and operations to increase productivity by 30%, resolve IT issues 75% faster, and save your organisation an average of $4.5M a year. You’ll see why connecting people and processes can drive transformation and innovation while giving your teams more job satisfaction than ever.

  • The CIO’s guide to Aligning Technology and Business Strategy

    Get this guide to learn how you can solve your biggest problems by coordinating your business strategy with the right technology. With the right digital tools, you can scale your business, fast.

  • What you Need to know about Upcoming ESG Regulations

    This KPMG and ServiceNow white paper explores how ESG disclosures can enable your organisation to create impact in reducing carbon footprints, managing climate risk and driving cultural change. Read it now to see how you can get your people and processes ahead of the latest regulations.

  • Turbocharge your Project Management Office

    Read this new e-book to learn how to turbocharge your project management office. You’ll see how the top 10% of PMO maturity organisations are more likely to report revenue growth and higher customer satisfaction.

  • ITSM Pro: Beyond out-of-the-box

    Discover in this e-book how, by connecting ServiceNow Virtual Agent and Service Catalog to Automation Engine, you can automate actions and integrate data in any system — eliminating manual IT work while slashing operating expenses.

  • G2 Community Reviews ServiceNow App Engine

    Get this e-book to cut through the noise and see what real users think of App Engine. You’ll also learn how they’re using App Engine for good, boosting agility while creating workspaces fit for a more flexible future.

  • ServiceNow Video 1

    ServiceNow’s Field Service Management application helps organizations manage work tasks performed on location. This brief demo shows how the service works with examples of how to minimize time to resolution with things like an POS network outage and how to schedule a variety of assignments for completion. Watch the demo.

  • The Book Of Knowledge

    Gartner predicts that 65% of all app development activity will take place on low-code platforms by 2024. That’s because a feature-rich, low-code platform that’s built to scale can enable your department to double production without additional hires. Explore this e-book to learn about the full business case for low code.

  • The Essence of a Customer Experience Strategy

    Most customer experience (CX) strategy documents that Gartner reviews define the current state and the detailed steps needed to move to an intended future state, but they fail to include the essence of a good CX strategy. Read this analyst report to learn about the 3 essential elements of a successful CX strategy and how you can implement one.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Servicenow Customer Service Management

    Organizations are looking for solutions that can help them improve employee and customer satisfaction while also retaining business and realizing new opportunities. However, when searching for systems, many struggle to understand the benefits, costs, and risks, as well as the financial impact of the investment. Access this report to learn more.

  • The Case For Proactive Customer Service

    Today, customers expect 24/7 service with minimal disruptions. So, in the event that your services do go down, it’s crucial that you have proactive approaches for help set in place. But where do you begin building these strategies? Access this e-book to learn more.

  • Reflect Rethink Revise

    Tap into this white paper for access to an exclusive collection of essays authored by Kris Oldland designed to help business leaders understand the challenges the field service industry faces in a post-pandemic world and launch their own journey of discussion to redefine field service in the new normal.

  • Power Of The Platform

    How can you empower your customers, employees, and partners with modern, consumer-grade experiences? Read on to learn how the Now Platform can help you break down silos, seamlessly connecting your people, systems and processes with enterprise-wide digital workflows while increasing speed to value.

  • The Virtuous Circle Of Collaboration With Augmented Reality In Field Service

    The vendor landscape that IT leaders must navigate in order to build a robust collaboration framework & enable technicians to collaborate is fragmented. This Gartner report analyzes the state of field service collaboration, investigating what is needed to overcome the current obstacles impeding effective collaboration. Read on to learn more.

  • Dräger Creates A Fast And Secure Customer Service Portal

    Access this case study to learn how a manufacturing firm was able to leverage ServiceNow to create a bespoke Digital Customer Service Center - a secure, self-service, and functionality-rich customer portal designed to improve the many different and complex procurement routes for its customers.

  • Carrefour Delivers Great In-store Experience

    As an organization that interacted with customers mainly through their physical location, Carrefour decided they needed the store itself to be optimized in order to provide the best customer experience possible. Read the full case study to learn how ServiceNow helped Carrefour redesign their in-store service and improve customer rating scores.

  • Automation for Service Operations

    Download this e-book to see why it’s time to go beyond technology service operations.

  • The Book of Knowledge

    Every customer interaction matters. But how can you deliver effortless experiences that build long-term loyalty? Learn why top brands are connecting people and processes to drive growth, in ServiceNow’s 2022 Book of Knowledge.

  • Customer Experience Five Best Practices for Connecting Customer Service Resources

    Delivering great customer experience—and fixing issues before customers even know there’s a problem—goes far beyond just your contact centre. Your whole organisation needs to be involved. Read this e-book to discover five best practices for building more resilient and connected service operations.

  • Boost Engagement and Productivity with Employee Experiences

    In a world defined by rising costs, increasing compliance and the war on talent, how can you stay at the leading edge? Access this e-book to learn the steps for not only attracting and retaining top talent, but driving your business forward by delivering effortless experiences when it matters most.

  • Deliver More Reliable Digital Services By Knowing What Supports Them

    Does your IT service desk work as a unified team or are they isolated and focused on their own silo? To enable this collaboration, you must start with a cloud-based ITSM solution that lets you add robust ITOps capabilities on the same platform. Download this e-book to unite your IT service desk and unlock the power of infrastructure visibility.

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