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  • Better Analytics with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Speed has become the necessary basis for competition – of course this means fast analytics – and you need systems that can keep up with these changes and accelerating growth. Watch this webcast to learn how Oracle's autonomous data warehouse can help your business perform advanced analytics.

  • Go Beyond Basic Up/Down Monitoring

    Sponsored by: Quest

    With DBAs often managing multiple databases at once, they need predictive performance diagnostics to truly understand and resolve performance issues. Discover how to get to the next level of diagnostics.

  • The Complete Guide to Couchbase Backup & Recovery

    Sponsored by: Imanis Data

    This e-book discusses the key data protection challenges of Couchbase. Read on to learn how to address these issues—including compliance requirements—and close the data protection gaps that often leave organizations exposed to data loss and ransomware attacks.

  • Take Your App Development Strategy to the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

    Learn about the Oracle Cloud and find out how you can modernize app development in hybrid cloud environments without sacrificing IT security or control over critical data or business processes.

  • Developing Apps Using a Database

    Sponsored by: Redis Labs

    Conflict-free replicated data types (CRDTs) are designed to deliver strong eventual consistency through a predetermined set of conflict resolution rules and semantics. In this white paper, explore how to design, develop and test geo-distributed apps using Redis CRDTs.

  • Accelerate Migration to a Cloud Database

    Sponsored by: Amazon Web Services

    Tap into this resource for a 5-step plan to determine if you can benefit from a cloud database, and tips on how you can make the transition successfully.

  • 5 Reasons to Choose Apache Cassandra for a Multi-Cloud Future

    Sponsored by: Instaclustr

    Here are 5 reasons why an open source multi-cloud database like Apache Cassandra can ensure your business avoids some typical multi-cloud challenges, such as a lengthy data-related migration or downtime.

  • Hear Customers Share Why Autonomous Data Warehouse Benefits Them

    Sponsored by: Oracle Cloud

    To better understand how Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is really leveraged in the real-world, watch this 30-minute video interview featuring 2 decision makers who have invested in the technology. Learn about the numerous benefits they're realizing and positive impacts on their businesses.

  • High Performance with Distributed Caching

    Sponsored by: Couchbase

    More and more companies are moving from SQL Server and other relational databases to NoSQL to power their critical web, mobile, and IoT applications. This white paper describes potential upsides to NoSQL and clarifies the important difference between SQL and NoSQL databases.

  • Nvidia Case Study: Global Customer Identity and Access Management

    Sponsored by: Fauna

    NVIDIA's cloud-based database could not meets scalability or customer identity and access management (IAM) needs. In this case study, explore how NVIDIA corrected it course for database and IAM performance to achieve results sustained throughput at 10% the cost, and much more.

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