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  • Cloud Threat Report 2019

    The Oracle and KMPG Cloud Threat Report 2019 examines emerging cybersecurity challenges and risks that businesses are facing as they embrace cloud services at an accelerating pace. Read on for important insights and recommendations on how to approach the real security risks that the cloud can present.

  • Oracle Value Realization: HCM Cloud Benchmark Report

    In this benchmark report, uncover the benefits of Oracle HCM Cloud. Explore evidence from real-world HCM Cloud customers, and glean insight into the value customers can expect to gain through the employment of an Oracle HCM Cloud platform.

  • 9 Steps to Gain and Retain Customers

    Download this e-book to unlock the 9 steps your growing company needs to elevate its customer experience and outmaneuver the competition. Learn how a strong CX can help put your SMB back on the map, and review your software options with Oracle CX Cloud.

  • 4 Signs it's Time to Embrace an Integrated ERP in the Cloud

    In this white paper, explore the 4 business process inefficiencies that your organization may experience when faced with high-growth, and learn why piece-by-piece ERP assembly may not be sufficient to meet your growing business's demands.

  • Oracle Value Realization: ERP Cloud Benchmark Paper

    Cloud technologies help companies redefine modernization, innovation, and competition - this holds true in ERP as well. Read this Oracle Value Realization to see ERP Cloud benchmarks from real customers and gauge if this might be the solution for you.

  • A Look At Procurement From A Strategic Perspective

    Streamlining the procurement process can yield significant results. Read this white paper for a strategic approach to procurement, and why it should be a top business priority for C-level execs.

  • Oracle Value Realization: Service Cloud Benchmark Paper

    Modern, superior customer service organizations are built around the empowered customer. They are designed to help companies focus on supporting customers with ease and focusing the service strategy on the areas of greatest impact. In this report, discover critical success factors for a successful Oracle Service Cloud transformation.

  • Five Minutes on Empowering Modern Procurement

    The average C-Suite is now turning towards procurement to deliver savings and mitigate supply chain risk - meaning deeper internal relationships and more robust analytics. Read this white paper to discover why transforming procurement into a modern business asset is critical, and why it should be a top priority for your business.

  • 12 Ways That Connected Finance And HR Support Growth

    It is common for fast-growing companies to address problems (as they arise) with a point solution. Immediate issue solved, but the stage may be set for future, more severe problems. Every time an HR policy is added or adjusted, finance is impacted. Download this white paper to learn 12 reasons finance and HR are better together.

  • Tips to Choose the Right CX Cloud

    In this e-book, explore how cutting-edge customer experience (CX) cloud platforms have drastically altered customer expectations with features such as personalization and data analytics, and explore your software options with a CX Cloud platform from Oracle.

  • The Cloud Conundrum: HR? Finance? Or Both?

    In this e-book, uncover the key questions every business leader should ask before making a manual system overhaul. Explore the benefits of a cloud investment for HR and finance, and decide what cloud-based system is right for your organization.

  • The Power of Six: The Six Must-Haves for an Intelligent Supply Chain

    An effective and innovative supply chain management (SCM) cloud platform is built around six core features and distinct functions – otherwise known as the "power of six." Learn more about the "power of six" and the importance of SCM cloud platforms inside this ebook.

  • When ERP and Spreadsheets Struggle

    In this white paper, uncover the key differences between an ERP and EPM software. Discover 4 planning and budgeting methods ERP spreadsheets struggle to support, and explore the benefits of an ERP Cloud and EPM Cloud partnership.

  • Curating the Production-Grade Cloud-Native Computing Stack

    For the IT pros responsible, curating cloud-native environments can be a dizzying task, especially given the ambiguous nature of most open-source platforms. Inside this article, discover why greater vendor involvement is often the key to a robust cloud-native platform – and why using tools beyond just Kubernetes may be essential.

  • Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment

    Open this whitepaper to learn how to adopt microservices across your architecture.

  • Pillars of Protection: A New View of Enterprise Security

    Organizations today need to be protected at every layer – in the data center and in the cloud. Read on to learn how you can defend your business with the 3 pillars of protection.

  • Why Are Your Peers Switching to Oracle Linux?

    Tune in to hear from your peers – including developers, admins, and engineers – and find out why they lean on Oracle Linux to support the needs of their enterprise.

  • Harnessing the Open Source Capabilities of Linux

    Click to learn how Linux, one of the most trusted open-source operating systems, can accelerate your cloud-native application development processes.

  • Anatomy of a Cyber Attack

    Security is everyone's job today, from consumers, to system administrators, to executives. Explore this resource to gain insight into the anatomy of a cyberattack, the lifecycle of a security breach and how to augment your current approach to protect your sensitive data.

  • Running Your Oracle Database on Oracle Linux

    If your core business applications all run on one Oracle Database, having an OS that can handle it is crucial. Access this report to learn why Oracle Linux continues to be the popular choice for running key Oracle Database environments.

  • TDWI Report - BI and Analytics in the Age of AI and Big Data

    It should come as no surprise that - in a survey with 295 respondents - a large majority of businesses are looking towards AI and big data technologies, but interestingly most of these companies are looking to either augment or replace current BI tools as well. Read this research paper for more information from this TDWI Best Practices survey.

  • Oracle for SAP Cloud Update: Why Move SAP Applications to Oracle Cloud

    Moving your SAP applications to Oracle Cloud can help your business reduce costs, improve agility, and prevent disruption. In this white paper, explore how Oracle Cloud stacks up against other cloud providers, and decide for yourself if Oracle Cloud is right for your SAP application migration.

  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP-Java on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    In this technical white paper, discover how to plan, implement, and deploy SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP/ Java on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Uncover suggested platform best practices, and explore how to develop a backup and high-availability plan for your SAP installation.

  • Top Rated Operating Systems for Business

    Compiled from crowd-sourced rankings, buyer intent data, and product reviews, this list will give you an accurate look at which operating systems businesses like yours are gravitating towards and why, including Oracle Linux, Ubuntu, and more.

  • Webcast: Accenture Performance Results

    A team of Accenture's Oracle data specialists ran a performance test on the beta version of the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADWC) on a real application, running real-world workloads. Watch this webinar to hear the results of their testing and decide if Oracle ADWC could be the competitive edge your business was looking for.

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