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  • An Overview of the Modern Analytics Landscape

    It's no secret that big data has massive profit potential when used correctly, but many businesses struggle to make the most of their data. A factor to consider is whichever analytics solutions these companies are using just aren't as intuitive as they could be. For far more information regarding big data and analytics, check out this e-book.

  • Webcast: Accenture Performance Results

    A team of Accenture's Oracle data specialists ran a performance test on the beta version of the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADWC) on a real application, running real-world workloads. Watch this webinar to hear the results of their testing and decide if Oracle ADWC could be the competitive edge your business was looking for.

  • 2018 Next-Generation Data Deployment Strategies Report

    Up and coming data technologies are paving the wat to more innovative and real-time enterprises. Machine learning is already reached a point of serious prevalence. Organizations that aren't taking advantage of machine learning are at risk of being left behind. Read this research report for all the details and stats.

  • Measure Your Cloud-Confidence With This Tool

    Consult this brief assessment tool to find out how your company's cloud usage compares to others based on results from a recent research study.

  • Oracle Autonomous Database - Keep Data More Secure, Reduce the Chance of Costly Data Breaches

    A trustworthy cloud-based data storage solution will provide the perfect balance of accessibility for those who need it and protection from those who don't. This webcast discusses some of Oracle's solutions to this dilemma and why it makes sense to make a data storage transition in your organization. Watch now for more information.

  • The Future of Innovation: Machine Learning, The Cloud, and Your Database

    IDC partnered with Oracle to provide a truly analytical breakdown of what separates manual database management from autonomous databases. View this webcast to learn how you can better management your organization's data and resources.

  • Step-by-Step Guide to Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

    Oracle now offers a family of cloud-based autonomous database platforms; this includes Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) and Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP). View this webcast for an in-depth discussion on these two autonomous database platforms and what they can offer your organization.

  • Vlamis Software Solutions Shows Enterprise-Changing Results with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

    Watch this webcast to learn how 2 tech companies worked together to incorporate Oracle ADW into their model, making data and insightful analytics available for even the non-technical members of their teams.

  • Oracle Autonomous Cloud: Enabling a Path to Microservices Architecture

    Watch this brief webcast for a hands-on tutorial of setting up an Autonomous Transaction Processing database through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • Does Cloud Mean the End of the DBA?

    For DBAs, job security can become a serious concern as automation and autonomous scripting become more and more prevalent and drastically reduce the necessity for manual input or management. Watch this webcast to better understand how you can prepare yourself for the changes that the DBA role will face under coming waves of digital transformation.

  • Machine Learning in the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

    Oracle's Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADWC) can automatically sift through large amounts of data to find hidden patterns, which can then lead to new insights and profitable predictions, and it offers a wide variety of built-in ML algorithms to make use of.

  • Infographic: Benefits of moving SAP Applications to Oracle Cloud

    How can moving your SAP applications to the Oracle Cloud help your business? There are a few potential benefits to consider, from limiting disruptions to reducing costs. View this infographic for more potential benefits.

  • Why Move SAP Applications to Oracle Cloud

    Run your SAP applications and Oracle databases on bare metal and virtual machine instances; leverage high performance and network storage resources. Keep reading for all the benefits and challenges transitioning SAP applications to Oracle Cloud.

  • Deploying SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP/Java on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    In this technical white paper, learn how to deploy SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP/Java on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, following suggested platform best practices.

  • Tomorrow's ERP Today

    Having the right technology can determine if your competitors catch up or crawl behind. In this webcast, explore how a successful ERP software can help your business move forward in a dynamic market, and meet the challenges of changing regulations with new technological standards.

  • Vinomofo Case Study

    In this case study, explore how Oracle's cloud-based ERP is helping online wine retailer, Vinomofo, revolutionize their customer experience and drive success. Click to view this Oracle Cloud success story.

  • Case Study: DG Khan Cement Company

    Watch this webcast to learn why D.G. Khan Cement Company Limited chose to implement Oracle ERP Cloud when they needed to modernize their financial processes, and explore the benefits they've experienced since moving to the cloud.

  • Oracle ERP Cloud Overview

    Watch this webcast to learn about Oracle ERP cloud, an intelligent financial management system that delivers a suite of comprehensive and integrated products designed to automate an organization's financial management processes end-to-end.

  • How 1 Department Store Moved Their Financial Processes to the Cloud

    Popular Australian department store David Jones was using an on-prem system to manage their finances, and was in need of an update. Watch this webcast to learn why David Jones chose to implement Oracle's ERP Cloud to help them update their finance processes.

  • How RHT Health Improved Finance Processes with an ERP Cloud

    Healthcare company RHT Health Trust was managing their financials manually, and needed a more efficient way to track their finances. Watch this webcast to learn why RHT Health Trust chose to implement Oracle's ERP Cloud, and explore how the new tech has helped them simplify their finance processes to save time and money.

  • Which Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Suite is Right For You?

    Explore Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions to help you identify platforms that are a good match for your business needs.

  • Agile Finance Revealed: The New Operating Model For Modern Finance

    Access this research report to learn about a new operating model for modern finance, and what you can expect from after implementing this fast-evolving model.

  • Cloud Now Delivers 3.2 Times More ROI

    Should your organization use cloud deployments, or on-premise deployments? Read this white paper to discover all of the benefits of cloud deployments for both customers and vendors and decide if a cloud deployment strategy is right for your organization.

  • Winning with Insights, Driven by Analytics

    According to Forrester Research, customer obsessed companies outperform others by a margin of 93% to 65% when it comes to customer satisfaction. In addition, employees are 40% more likely to be happy at work. In this webinar, see how customer obsessed firms win with insights and quality analytics.

  • Data Deployment Strategy Report

    203 IT decision-makers, representing a broad range of company types and sizes, were asked about their views and experiences with new technology initiatives for data management. Download the analysis of this project to discover key trends in data management.

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