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  • IT Security and Risk: Intelligent Automation Eases the Burden

    To protect the enterprise and its assets effectively, the security team must be internal decision-makers and providers. This entails using intelligent automation to secure the assets wherever they are deployed. Download this article to learn more about the importance of automation in security today.

  • Secure and Manage Hybrid Clouds

    Learn how Oracle Cloud can make it easier for security teams to secure and manage evolving hybrid cloud environments with an intelligent, cloud-based platform that prevents, detects, and rapidly responds to performance issues and security threats.

  • Trusting Business with Data

    In this episode of the Tomorrow Talks series, IDC and Oracle discuss how data security and practices are no longer the remit of CIOs and CISOs alone. Tune in to learn more!

  • Effective Insights from Trustworthy Data

    In the latest episode of the Tomorrow Talks series, the conversation moves on from who's responsible for data security to making sure data delivers value. Tune in to learn more.

  • Building Trust in Your Information and Security

    Businesses that intend to continue thriving long into the future need to be trusted. This is easier said than done, however, at a time when customer data is driving the majority of business success. Read this white paper to learn how IT leaders are balancing data security and data management with an eye toward the future.

  • HOL: Extending Applications with Containers and Low Code Development (M2M)

    For many enterprises, monolithic applications have become too large to manage, which leaves businesses searching for a better way. Enter this hands-on workshop to learn how your business can leverage a microservices architecture in Oracle Cloud to create a simpler application lifecycle.

  • Orchestrating a Web App with Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes

    Watch this tutorial to learn how to deploy an Oracle Cloud web app to Kubernetes from beginning to end.

  • HOL: Container Native Application Development

    Between enhancement requests, bug fixes, and a need for faster cloud delivery, DevOps teams need a way to manage these issues. Watch this container development lab to understand the specifics behind container usage to help ease the burden on DevOps teams.

  • Big Data Startup Molecula Goes Cloud Native

    Becoming a versatile business has grown increasingly important in the age of digital innovation. View this webcast to understand how exactly an Oracle Cloud platform's tools allow businesses to become more versatile and prepared in an age of constant innovation.

  • HOL: Containerized Development with Docker

    The emergence of container development has provided IT teams a real solution to consolidate on-premise applications within virtual machines Follow this virtual workshop to understand how your business can realistically implement containers and improve application efficiencies.

  • HOL: OCI for Developers

    Daily issues like enhancement requests and new system bugs make meeting demands on a limited software budget challenging for DevOps teams. Watch this short 3-mintute workshop overview that gives a look into three major reasons business can look to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to mitigate daily IT concerns.

  • Why Moving to Autonomous Transaction Processing is a No-Brainer

    Save money on maintenance costs and free up your DBA from repetitive database infrastructure tasks with full database lifecycle automation—watch this webinar to learn how.

  • Migrating Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud Virtual Workshop

    When turning to the cloud, businesses must ensure e-business suite application can run optimally. Review this presentation to learn how Oracle Cloud is designed to simplify and optimize the migration of your e-business suite to Oracle Cloud.

  • Migrating Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud

    When migrating from Oracle E-business Suite to Oracle Cloud, there are three key considerations to understand to optimize this transition. View this digital presentation to learn what your business will need to consider when making the switch to Oracle Cloud, and the nuanced details of this process.

  • Migrating Oracle JD Edwards to Oracle Cloud Virtual Workshop

    Moving to the cloud comes with various benefits, but one of the biggest being that you can scale applications for better operating efficiency. Watch and listen to this workshop by Oracle Cloud, to understand how their solution has helped JD Edwards create scalable portfolios with the cloud.

  • Calculate Your Savings with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

    How much could your business possibly save with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse? Calculate your savings in 4 simple steps, and learn how Oracle's autonomous data management can help your company make quicker decisions and derive more value from your data.

  • The New Wave of Database Automation is Self-Driving

    In this featured Oracle webinar, learn about the business trends driving automation. Discuss what makes an autonomous database, and explore how an autonomous database can benefit your organization.

  • Migrating Oracle PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Virtual Workshop

    Open this webinar now to see first-hand how to migrate Oracle PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • IaaS for Dummies

    With the cloud taking the business world by storm, it's crucial that businesses using it or considering to implement it understand cloud from top to bottom. Download this Oracle Cloud whitepaper that overviews all you should know about cloud software, and the 10 key advantages their cloud solution provides.

  • Murad Case Study

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was able to exceed Murad's expectations during a multi-cloud switch from AWS, which resulted in 30% cost savings. View this short article which takes you through Murad's seamless transition to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and hear how their business stakeholders reacted to the switch.

  • Implement a Fully Managed Instance of Oracle Cloud Behind Your Firewall

    For many businesses, moving to cloud is an easy investment in their own future due to the potential for scalable growth, cost effective spending, and versatile business models. Review this whitepaper which outlines the various benefits of the Oracle Cloud and testimonials that give you confidence in turning to the cloud for your own business.

  • Cloud Threat Report 2019

    The Oracle and KMPG Cloud Threat Report 2019 examines emerging cybersecurity challenges and risks that businesses are facing as they embrace cloud services at an accelerating pace. Read on for important insights and recommendations on how to approach the real security risks that the cloud can present.

  • Autonomous Database for Dummies

    What if your database could install, manage, secure, and upgrade itself—with little or no manual administration required? Now it's possible, thanks to machine learning, artificial intelligence and the power of the cloud.

  • How to Build a Consistent Backup and DR Plan in the Cloud

    In this expert guide, learn how to build a public cloud disaster recovery plan, as well as some methods for testing it to ensure its availability. Then, read on to learn what preventative measures you can take to ensure consistent performance in a hybrid cloud backup environment.

  • What Will the Future of Disaster Recovery Look Like?

    In this expert guide, read some of our predictions on how the disaster recovery model will change over the next 5 years. Then, you'll find steps you can take to keep your DR plans relevant by instituting testing policies, periodic refreshes, and more.

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