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  • Using ORDs With Your Autonomous Database in the Cloud

    Finding a quality API to use with your cloud database can be tricky. Thankfully, Oracle has the right solution for you. Watch this webinar to learn how Oracle’s REST Data Services interfaces with HTTPS and your Oracle Autonomous Database, allowing you to develop simpler database operations and to leverage the cloud’s scalability.

  • Autonomous Databases Best Practice Webinar

    Cloud databases can be hard to manage, scale, and keep cost-efficient all at once. That’s why Oracle’s Autonomous Database helps you do all these things while reducing the amount of IT load your database creates. Watch this webinar to learn what database best practices Oracle uses to keep your database secure, easy to use, and performing well.

  • Migrating from AWS to OCI

    Cloud cost management matters at every scale. For many businesses, you don’t need to save thousands for a cloud migration to be worth the cost. For Todd Sharp, migrating his blog from AWS to OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) saved his small business $40 a month. In this webinar, listen as Sharp discusses his cloud migration strategy.

  • Low Code App Development with Oracle Autonomous Database

    Many people claim that enterprise-level development cannot be done using low code solutions—but that’s not necessarily true. Watch this webcast to learn how low code can be used to solve major enterprise problems, and how it interfaces with Oracle’s autonomous database.

  • On-premises WebLogic Server to Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE)

    This workshop from Oracle lets you practice the process of moving an existing on-premises WebLogic application into a Kubernetes cluster in the Oracle Public Cloud. Click here to see the elements involved in each step and to learn how to get started.

  • Introduction to Python Development with Autonomous Transaction Processing

    In this Introduction to Python Development with Autonomous Transaction Processing Workshop, you will experience a day in the life of a full-stack developer. Get started now to familiarize yourself and your team with Python development.

  • Containerized Development and Deployment with Docker

    In this Oracle Public Cloud Docker Development and Deployment workshop, learn the process of creating an infrastructure to support deployment of a multi-container Docker application. Open this page to get started.

  • Get the Most Out of SQL Developer in the Oracle Cloud

    Watch this webinar to learn how to query your data and create data model diagrams right in your browser using Oracle SQL Developer Web with Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Service.

  • Analyst Evaluation for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites

    The market for cloud core financial management suites is benefiting from the addition of new functionalities and the rise of digital capabilities. Download this Magic Quadrant to explore the top products on the market right now and their features.

  • Oracle ERP Cloud Benefits Calculator

    Download this benefits calculator to explore how Oracle’s ERP Cloud could save your company time and money while driving growth and innovation.

  • Leading the Social Enterprise: Reinvent FSIs with a Human Focus

    What do FSIs need to change to become a social enterprise? Find out in this research report, which explores 10 human capital trends that can help businesses understand where to make meaningful changes and ensure they lead social enterprises with a human focus.

  • Agile Finance Unleashed: The Key Traits of Digital Finance Leaders

    In this research report, meet 6 finance organizations who are using some of the cloud-based technologies like AI, advanced analytics and machine learning listed to drive business growth, improve efficiencies, and gain a competitive advantage.

  • HOL: APEX Development

    Low-code can help your development team build applications faster than ever before. Access this hands-on lab to walk through a low-code development tool with Oracle Autonomous Database.

  • Creating OCI Images using Packer - OCI for Developers

    Packer creates repeatable compute images to support a variety of DevOps and production use-cases. Open this demo to learn how to get started creating images with packer.

  • How to Build a Consistent Backup and DR Plan in the Cloud

    In this expert guide, learn how to build a public cloud disaster recovery plan, as well as some methods for testing it to ensure its availability. Then, read on to learn what preventative measures you can take to ensure consistent performance in a hybrid cloud backup environment.

  • What Will the Future of Disaster Recovery Look Like?

    In this expert guide, read some of our predictions on how the disaster recovery model will change over the next 5 years. Then, you'll find steps you can take to keep your DR plans relevant by instituting testing policies, periodic refreshes, and more.

  • Migrating Legacy Apps to the Cloud

    It is time to move your legacy applications to the cloud. Migrating the applications you rely on every day is going to be unique to your organization, but not as complicated as you may have been lead to believe. Use this e-guide to navigate your path to the cloud.

  • Cloud services in 2018

    Microservices, serverless computing, and function as a service may all have an impact on your day to day in 2018, if they have not already. Read this eGuide to learn use cases for these technologies, and how they will affect not only your organization, but your role individually.

  • Challenges and Benefits of Automated Testing

    DevOps is supposed to get your product to market as quickly as possible, while still maintaining a high level of quality and stability. The problem is that this requires automation, especially when it comes to testing. Read this e-guide to learn about the challenges to, and benefits of, automated testing in your DevOps environment.

  • Can Containers Save Your Legacy Applications?

    As container technology continues to mature, enterprises see the value in using them to modernize legacy apps. Others are realizing that the use cases are still somewhat limited. In this e-guide, learn how your organization can leverage containers and whether your needs align with the technology's capabilities.

  • Is DevOps our generation's assembly line?

    Read this E-guide to learn the future ramifications of this DevOps disruption, and what components are important for your organization to adopt immediately to compete.

  • 2 SMB Cloud Technology Trends Driving Competitive Advantage

    The cloud is making enterprise applications more accessible than ever for small businesses, while data technology is nourishing a new crop of startups. In this expert guide, dig deeper into how these 2 trends that are driving SMB innovation and competitive advantage.

  • Why Cloud ERP is the Best Choice for Manufacturing SMBs

    Small and medium-sized manufacturers pursue cloud ERP software for lower costs, easier maintenance and greater flexibility. In this expert guide, learn how some SMBs have benefited by moving to the cloud.

  • What Private Cloud Implementation Barriers Should I Plan For?

    With decades of IT experience under his belt, our Microsoft MVP Brian Posey will use this guide to outline the 2 major private cloud storage implementation barriers you should be ready to face.

  • Prepare Your Data Center Infrastructure for Private Cloud

    Private cloud offers increased flexibility and scalability without compromising control. The problem is that implementing a private cloud deployment can be frustrating. Access this e-guide now to ease the private cloud implementation process and ensure that your data center infrastructure is prepared.

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