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  • Verizon Risk Report

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    Find out how you can measure your risk and security posture with comprehensive visibility and daily updates that address gaps and maximize ROI through actionable data.

  • The Cost of Third-Party Cybersecurity Risk Management

    Sponsored by: CyberGRX

    Third-party breaches remain a dominant security challenge for organizations, with over 63% of breaches linked to a third party, according to the Ponemon Institute. In this report, find out more about the cost and efficacy of the tools and processes used to conduct third-party cyber risk management today.

  • Conversational Office 365 Risk Mitigation

    Sponsored by: Mimecast

    Although Microsoft has more control over Office 365 because it's hosted in their cloud, there are still gaps. There are risks. And these reside primarily in the areas of security, data assurance, continuity and backup/recovery. In this e-book, learn more about these risks and discover ways to mitigate them.

  • Introducing the Verizon Risk Report

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    This Verizon Risk Report uses daily threat cyber-risk intelligence from multiple sources allowing businesses to make data-driven security decisions and focus their security spending on where it will have the most impact.

  • Why Enterprise Anti-Virus Isn't Working

    Sponsored by: Ziften

    The name itself, anti-virus, betrays the inadequacy of the enterprise AV threat model. In this blog, learn more a new and improved next generation anti-virus (NGAV) which generally incorporates behavior analytics, cloud-based delivery, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and more automated response.

  • The Practical Executive's Guide to Data Loss Prevention

    Sponsored by: Forcepoint

    When it comes to data loss prevention (DLP), the important thing to realize is that it's the methodology and execution strategy of your vendor that governs your experience and results. In this white paper, find a 9 step process for implementing and executing a data protection strategy.

  • Strengthen Your Defenses Against Cybercrime

    Sponsored by: Mimecast

    Email attacks are preventable – if you have the right strategy in place to protect your organization. But, the only way to protect every facet of your organization from email-borne threats is to have a holistic plan. In this white paper, explore 4 tips to help you get started on a cyber-resilience plan for email.

  • A Framework for Data Privacy Survival

    Sponsored by: ASG Technologies Group Inc

    Protecting customer data has become increasing difficult due the cyberattack explosion, increasing hacker creativity and the growing amounts of data. In this webcast, listen as Ian Rowlands from ASG Technologies and Kevin Moos from Primitive Logic discuss an integrated framework for customer privacy.

  • GDPR: 5 Tips For Organizations To Remain Compliant

    Sponsored by: ASG Technologies Group Inc

    A huge amount of time and resource was invested to become GDPR compliant in time for the May 2018 deadline. But, the work to remain GDPR compliant is far from over. It is becoming increasingly clear that GDPR wasn't a one-time investment. In this white paper, discover 5 tips to remain compliant in the future.

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Balancing Risk and Corporate Reputation

    Sponsored by: HID Global

    As the amount of breaches rise and the consequences for breaches get more expensive, it's imperative to keep anyone with malicious intent out of your company's networks and systems. In this white paper, learn how identity and access management technologies can keep your data secure and help your organization comply with the GDPR.

  • A Definitive Guide to Understanding and Meeting the CIS Critical Security Controls

    Sponsored by: Rapid7

    The CIS controls supplement almost every other security framework and are a useful base for developing or assessing your security. However, with many methods out there for meeting them, implementing these controls can be a daunting project. This white paper will help you better understand how to approach and implement each of the key controls.

  • The Truths and Lies of IoT Security: Monitoring Connected Devices

    Sponsored by: MASERGY

    As the Internet of Things (IoT) accelerates the pace of the enterprise with data-driven decision making, CEOs, CIOs, and CISOs are making the dash for the IoT playing field. But how do they get in the game while not jeopardizing security? In this white paper, learn about key security considerations for IoT.

  • Shipping Fast

    Sponsored by: Trend Micro, Inc.

    In the security world, you don't normally hear people talking about moving fast. However, a modern and resilient security strategy is just as fast as the rest of your business. In this webcast, listen as Mark Nunnikhoven, VP of Cloud Research at Trend Micro discusses the benefits of reducing the number of security tools your team uses.

  • Anatomy of a Cyber Attack

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Security is everyone's job today, from consumers, to system administrators, to executives. Explore this resource to gain insight into the anatomy of a cyberattack, the lifecycle of a security breach and how to augment your current approach to protect your sensitive data.

  • Industry Cyber Exposure Report

    Sponsored by: Rapid7

    Measuring the cost and concentration of weaknesses in the public-facing configuration of internet-connected services is increasingly important in the face of growing cybersecurity threats. In this research report, explore Rapid7 Lab's key findings as they measured the current levels of exposure and resiliency in 453 of the 2017 Fortune 500 list.

  • How to Get Started with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

    Sponsored by: Expel

    The NIST Cybersecurity Framework can be very useful to help companies understand where they are and where they are going as they grow their broader cyber risk management program. In this white paper, Expel shares how using their Expel service has helped their CSF scores. Also learn how Expel can help you on the road to CSF nirvana.

  • A Common Sense Approach for Assessing Third-Party Risk

    Sponsored by: Expel

    Supply chain partners can be a weak link when it comes to security. Third-party assessments are a great way to manage that risk. But they can quickly become burdensome and create mountains of paperwork without necessarily improving security. In this white paper, explore Expel's 6-step third-party assessment process.

  • How Mobile Devices Simplify Manufacturing Compliance and Risk Management

    Sponsored by: Samsung Electronics

    The global footprint of many manufacturing companies makes compliance with mandatory regulations particularly challenging. In this article, explore some potential bottlenecks in production processes that present challenges for manufacturing compliance and how mobile devices can deliver efficiencies.

  • Rethinking Data Security With a Risk-Adaptive Approach

    Sponsored by: Forcepoint

    In this white paper, learn how by using dynamic data protection, organizations can solve the fundamental challenges of traditional data loss prevention deployments and more effectively protect sensitive information, including regulated data sources and PII.

  • AXCESS Financial Finds & Stops Fraud with Interaction Analytics

    Sponsored by: CallMiner

    AXCESS Financial needed a way to solve their fraud problem. In order to do this they deployed CallMiner Eureka Interaction Analytics which helped them to identify fraudsters. In this case study, learn more about how AXCESS Financial turned insight into prevention using CallMiner Eureka.

  • Don't Let Security Concerns Stop You From Embracing Mobility

    Sponsored by: Samsung Electronics

    How can organizations defend themselves against growing mobile security concerns? In this article, discover how to combat mobile threats, and explore how a three-pronged approach to mobile security can help your organization protect valuable company information and prevent phishing attacks.

  • Enterprise Tokenization with SecurDPS

    Sponsored by: comForte AG

    Organizations are investing more than ever to protect their sensitive data, to meet compliance demands and to manage risk that is associated with cyberattacks. In this white paper, learn about comforte's data protection suite which is a scalable and fault-tolerant enterprise tokenization and encryption solution enabling successful data protection.

  • Leading Canadian Bank Achieves Compliance for Themselves and their Customers

    Sponsored by: comForte AG

    To achieve PCI compliance while reducing the risk of data breaches and potential fraud, a Canadian bank implemented comforte's platform which replaced sensitive data with tokens to render it unreadable anywhere stored. In this case study, explore the benefits the bank saw after implementing comforte.

  • What Worries Enterprise CISOs When Migrating to the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Ziften

    Migrating to the cloud offers a number of advantages to enterprise organizations that CISOs really like, but there are real security issues that make switching over to a cloud environment worrisome. In this article, learn why it is essential to have security and visibility within your cloud environment.

  • MFP Security Guide

    Sponsored by: Kyocera Document Solutions UK

    Multi-function printers (MFPs) have become a cybersecurity blind spot within many organizations. This white paper offers practical guidance for IT professionals to harness the built-in security features of leading MFPs and adopt further, enhanced data protection capabilities. Read on to learn more.

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