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  • 2019 Report: State of the Phish

    Sponsored by: Proofpoint

    Proofpoint complied and analyzed data from tens of millions of simulated phishing emails sent to end users. They also ran surveys with end-users and infosec professionals. Download the report to discover key findings form their research and recommendations to better protect your organizations from phishing attacks.

  • Cybersecurity for Digital Twins

    Sponsored by: Irdeto

    There has been an increasing amount of interest in digital twins even though they have been around for decades. Twinning was traditionally used by companies to manage very large and complex assets. As with many new technology trends, security hasn't been front of mind. In this eBook, learn about all things digital twins.

  • File Sharing and Collaboration Leads to Security Gaps in Financial Services Firms

    Sponsored by: BlackBerry

    This research brief focuses on unstructured data, and the security risks present in many of the internal business processes that use it. A common misstep in financial institutions is the accidental sharing of sensitive files. In this research brief, explore how BlackBerry Workspace can help reduce the risk of sharing information.

  • Security Investigation, Detection & Rapid Response with Splunk Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Splunk Services UK Ltd

    Investigation and rapid response is critical for day-to-day alert handling. The faster a threat and its impact can be detected and investigated, the faster an organization can take action. In this white paper, learn about how the Splunk platform enables organizations to understand their potential security threats and take the necessary actions.

  • Operationalizing Threat Intelligence Using Splunk® Enterprise Security

    Sponsored by: Splunk Services UK Ltd

    Threat intelligence can provide critical security perspectives needed to inform an organization about current threats and to help develop a strategy against future threats. In this white paper, learn about the challenges and requirements of implementing high-coverage threat intelligence.

  • The Seven Essential Capabilities of an Analytics-Driven SIEM

    Sponsored by: Splunk Services UK Ltd

    There is no shortage of options for storing data. Collecting all security relevant data and turning all that data into actionable intelligence, however, is a whole other matter. An analytics-driven SIEM allows IT to monitor threats and respond quickly to incidents. In this white paper, discover 7 essential capabilities of an analytics-driven SIEM.

  • LogRhythm SOMM White Paper 2019

    Sponsored by: LogRhythm, Inc.

    The traditional approach to the cybersecurity challenge has been prevention-centric. While this approach is necessary, organizations are increasingly shifting their focus to strategies centered on rapid threat detection and response. In this white paper, learn how LogRhythm can help organizations assess and improve their security operations.

  • How to Detect the 7 Types of Document and Identity Fraud

    Sponsored by: Onfido

    Forgeries. Imposters. Counterfeit documents. You can't afford to let fake identities slip through the cracks and put your company—and your customers—at risk. Learn how to detect the 7 most common types of ID fraud, and how advanced identity verification technology can turn things around.

  • A Guide to Digital Identity Verification: The Technology and Trends

    Sponsored by: Onfido

    An all-digital world amplifies the classic threats of service misuse, identity impersonation and money laundering. Thankfully, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques have finally matured—and with them, we can improve online identity management. Download this white paper to learn more.

  • What it Takes to be GDPR Compliant

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    On May 25, 2018, GDPR compliance became mandatory. So, what impact does this regulation have on your business? How does it change the way you collect and store – and even define – personal data? In this e-book, ServiceNow offers insights they've gathered from working with their customers on GDPR compliance.

  • A Guide to Digital Identity Verification

    Sponsored by: Onfido

    An all-digital world amplifies the classic threats of service misuse, identity impersonation and money laundering. Thankfully, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques have finally matured—and with them, we can improve online identity management. Download this white paper to learn more.

  • How to Combat Fraud in 3 Easy Steps

    Sponsored by: Onfido

    Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the US and accounts for half of all reported fraud in the UK, with 1 in 60 online transactions attempted globally being fraudulent. This white paper looks at 7 ways fraudsters are slipping through the net, what to watch out for and how to combat fraud in 3 simple steps.

  • Seamless Security Integration During a Merger or Acquisition Process

    Sponsored by: Dell SecureWorks

    In addition to the challenges of brokering and completing a merger or acquisition, the logistics of integrating two or more businesses and closing potential risk gaps can be staggering. In this white paper, learn how a cybersecurity firm can deliver crucial expertise to facilitate a seamless integration of each company's cybersecurity program.

  • Accelerating Security Response

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Financial institutions have long been leaders in information security, spending a significant amount of their IT budgets on safeguarding their companies. While they have always been working on reducing threats, new challenges continue to emerge. In this white paper, learn about some of the new challenges financial institutions are facing.

  • 3 Keys to Managing Vendor Risk in Financial Services

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    With near-daily security breaches, every business should have risk management at the top of its to-do list. Many financial institutions don't recognize the need to look beyond their own systems. The solution to this is a vendor risk management process that allows organizations to prioritize each vendor based on the risk they pose to the business.

  • Four Steps to Developing a World-Class Security Program

    Sponsored by: Dell SecureWorks

    A reactive security approach is all too common, even though the question is not if a company will suffer an incident but when. By adopting a proactive stance, organizations minimize the likelihood of suffering a breach. In this white paper, discover 4 steps to developing a world-class security program.

  • Evolving Your Security Architecture to Meet Current and Future Needs

    Sponsored by: Dell SecureWorks

    The security of an organization is dependent on the quality of its enterprise information security architecture. A security architecture should be designed for the specific organization it's going to protect. In this white paper, learn how to define your security needs and reassess your security architecture as new threats develop.

  • Understanding Security Ratings

    Sponsored by: Security Scorecard

    Security ratings grade your organization on how well it protects information. In a digital world, the importance of data and your company's protection of that data parallels your income and protection of financial assets. In this white paper, learn all things security ratings including what they are and why they are useful.

  • The Forrester New Wave™: Cybersecurity Risk Rating Solutions, Q4 2018

    Sponsored by: Security Scorecard

    According to Forrester's survey, only 14% of respondents are confident that they effectively track all of their third parties. Cybersecurity risk rating solutions can help by automating the collection and analysis of third-party risk data. In this report, Forrester identifies the 9 most significant cybersecurity risk rating solution providers.

  • Public Cloud Goes Rogue: How to Reduce Your Shadow IT Risks

    Sponsored by: Freudenberg IT

    In this guide, find 4 examples of what can happen when shadow IT goes unchecked and the 3 steps you can take to reduce your company's rogue public cloud risks.

  • 2018 Incident Response Insights Report

    Sponsored by: Dell SecureWorks

    In Secureworks 2018 Security Leaders Survey, 43% of respondents said that regular threat hunting activities were part of their incident response program. Access this 29-page research report to uncover best practices and valuable lessons learned over the past year from real-world incidents.

  • Security Maturity: Mapping the Road to Resilience

    Sponsored by: Dell SecureWorks

    Download this e-book for a deep dive into risk and cybersecurity actions all organizations should consider as they think through their security strategy.

  • State and Local Governments Chart Their Path Toward Improved Digital Security

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC

    State and local governments are under attack from cyberespionage and malware, and they are exposed to a broad variety of security risks. New approaches are needed to make government IT less vulnerable. In this infographic, learn 7 best practices for cybersecurity in state and local governments.

  • The Complete Guide to Building Your Vendor Risk Management Program

    Sponsored by: Security Scorecard

    Tackling the problem of vendor risk isn't made any easier by the fact that with technology solutions being added by the day, current vendor risk management (VRM) processes are not equipped to handle the growing demand of security risk assessments for new and existing third-parties. In this guide, learn how to improve your VRM program.

  • How Security Ratings Improve Risk Awareness While Delivering a Solid ROI

    Sponsored by: Security Scorecard

    Combatting cybersecurity risk is a difficult challenge. Without visibility into internal and external risk, this battle becomes even harder. In this white paper, learn how security ratings offer critical insight into vulnerabilities presented both in your environment and the environment of third-parties.

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