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  • Enterprise Endpoint Protection Buyer's Guide

    Sponsored by: Tech Data - MalwareBytes

    Cybercriminals have moved to a multi-vector attack approach, making it difficult to defend against attacks. This guide offers core requirements to help navigate enterprise endpoint protection analysis as well as a questionnaire to help evaluate the process.

  • Anatomy of a Cyber Attack The Lifecycle of a Security Breach

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Security is everyone's job today, from consumers, to system administrators, to executives. Explore this resource to gain insight into the anatomy of a cyberattack, the lifecycle of a security breach and how to augment your current approach to protect your sensitive data.

  • Ransomware Protection: A Best Practices Approach to Securing Your Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Tech Data - MalwareBytes

    The primary goal of all ransomware is to gain access and to encrypt the endpoint. Explore this resource to uncover a best practices approach to securing your enterprise against malware.

  • Regulatory Change Made Simple Through GRC Software

    Sponsored by: BWise B.V.

    The burden of compliance has forced organizations to invest heavily. Take a look at this resource to uncover a GRC software strategy that will ensure simplicity in your compliance journey.

  • A Look Into the Global "Drive-by Cryptocurrency Mining" Phenomenon

    Sponsored by: Tech Data - MalwareBytes

    Cryptocurrencies were bound to trigger the interest of criminals and it wasn't long before coin mining malware made an appearance. Explore this resource to gain insight into the phenomenon known as "drive-by cryptocurrency mining".

  • The Year of Internal Threats and Accidental Data Breaches

    Sponsored by: Gemalto

    According to the Breach Level Index report, there were 2,600,968,280 records breached in 2017 making it a record year for stolen data. Explore the report to gain insight into why 2017 is being referred to as the year of internal threats and accidental data breaches.

  • The 2018 Global Cloud Data Security Study

    Sponsored by: Gemalto

    According to a Ponemon Institute Study, 53% of respondents believe their organization does not have a proactive approach to managing compliance with privacy and data protection regulations in the cloud. Explore the report to gain insight into enterprises' cloud data security measures and how they plan to protect sensitive data within the cloud.

  • Zero Trust Identity and Access Management Webinar

    Sponsored by: Centrify Corporation

    How does your enterprise plan to improve identity security? Tune into this on-demand webinar to uncover how a zero trust concepts can be applied to enhance IAM.

  • Security's Privilege Crisis

    Sponsored by: Centrify Corporation

    With compromised credentials as today's #1 threat vector, and the premium hackers place on privileged access, status quo is a treacherous security path to remain on. This ebook looks at what's behind the privilege crisis, helps you assess how your privileged access management strategy stacks up and proposes a rethink in your approach.

  • CEO Disconnect Is Weakening Cybersecurity

    Sponsored by: Centrify Corporation

    As business models have become increasingly digital, high-profile, reputation-damaging security breaches are grabbing more news media headlines. This resource offers insights into senior-level thinking on the issue of cybersecurity, including current security priorities and the perceived degree of alignment between threats and solutions.

  • Operationalize Security To Secure Your Data Perimeter

    Sponsored by: IBM

    According to a Forrester report, 46% of organizations encrypt little to none of their data. Take a look at this report to gain insight into how organizations are attempting to operationalize security in order to protect their vast stores of data.

  • Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impactâ„¢ of AlienVault USM

    Sponsored by: AlienVault

    Based on a 2017 study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, the probability that an organization will experience a breach greater than 1,000 records is 14%. Take a look at this Forester report to gain insight into the impact of unified security management.

  • Security Event Monitoring Report

    Sponsored by: Arctic Wolf Networks, Inc.

    Organizations are facing increasing pressure to implement security event monitoring to improve threat detection capabilities and address regulatory compliance requirements. Inside this Gartner report uncover key challenges and recommendations for improving SIEM strategies.

  • Malware Quiz

    Sponsored by: Cisco Umbrella

    Every good story needs a villain, and the world of network security has plenty. Explore this resource to test your malware IQ (and your knowledge of fairy tales) by taking our quick quiz on famous villains.

  • Tips and Tricks for Deploying Next-Generation Cybersecurity Using Micro-Segmentation

    Sponsored by: VMware

    According to the Ponemon Institute, 89% of organizations have experienced a data breach. Take a look at this resource to uncover a strategy for rethinking your security strategy to meet next-generation security challenges by utilizing micro-segmentation.

  • 4 Opportunities to Create a Strategic Cybersecurity Advantage

    Sponsored by: Nuix

    Cybersecurity breaches are a pandemic weakness exposing the whole world. Let's face it, they're going to happen. Take a look at this resource to uncover 4 opportunities to create a strategic cybersecurity advantage.

  • Manufacturing Solution Brief

    Sponsored by: enSilo

    According to enSilo, cyberattacks increased 24% globally, during the second quarter of 2017, compared to the first 3 months of the year. Take a look at this resource to uncover an endpoint protection platform that provides pre and post infection security and is able to uniquely meet operational needs of the manufacturing industry.

  • The Black Report 2018 - Decoding the Minds of Hackers

    Sponsored by: Nuix

    According to the 2018 Black Report, 34% of respondents have been hacking for more than 10 years. Take a look at this report to learn more about the hackers targeting your enterprise.

  • Driving Innovation with GDPR

    Sponsored by: DXC

    GDPR is a compliance challenge. Given the digital, complex and fast-evolving nature of its subject, it's also inherently a technology challenge. Explore this resource to learn about driving innovation with GDPR.

  • GDPR and the Future

    Sponsored by: DXC

    GDPR will give businesses across sectors and geographies plenty to think about, but at heart it comes down to trust. Take a look at this resource to learn about how GDPR is impacting the future of organization's security strategies.

  • How to Respond to the 2018 Threat Landscape

    Sponsored by: VMware

    By 2020, 1/3 of successful attacks experienced by enterprises will be on data located in shadow IT resources, including shadow IoT. Explore this Gartner report to gain insight into responding to the 2018 threat landscape.

  • Defining the Data Protection Officer

    Sponsored by: DXC

    The International Association of Privacy Professionals estimates that GDPR will mean the advent of 75,000 new Data Protection Officers (DPOs). Explore this resource to gain insight into defining the DPO and their role.

  • Breach Reporting – A Technology Challenge

    Sponsored by: DXC

    There was more data lost or stolen in the first half of 2017 than the whole of 2016, according to Gemalto's Breach Level Index. Take a look at this resource to learn about the challenge of data breach reporting and how GDPR is going to impact this.

  • Modern-Day Security Tales

    Sponsored by: Cisco Umbrella

    How quickly is your organization able to combat security challenges? Explore this resource to uncover how to cut through your security challenges and implement effective protection in minutes, rather than months.

  • Individual's Rights Under GDPR

    Sponsored by: DXC

    Some of the rights as stated in the GDPR are updates or extensions to legislation that already exists, while some are brand new. Take a look at this resource to uncover the 8 data protection rights for individuals as stipulated in GDPR.

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