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  • Deception Matters: Slowing Down the Adversary

    Sponsored by: Illusive Networks

    Access this SANS review to learn about the key benefits of deception technology and how to successfully deploy it in your network security strategy.

  • 2018 Data Governance Implementation Survey

    Sponsored by: Red Gate Software

    77% of respondents have either already implemented a data governance program or plan to within the next two years, according to the 2018 Data Governance Implementation Survey. This resource reveals notable components of the 2018 Data Governance Implementation Survey, including insights on the GDPR.

  • The 5 News Headlines You Don't Want to Be About Your Organization

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks

    1/4 of major organizations experience at least one network breach each month, according to The Cyber Security Breaches Survey. This resource provides 5 security worse case scenarios and advice on how to prevent your organization from appearing in cyberattack news headlines.

  • Cyberespionage Campaign Hits Energy Companies

    Sponsored by: SecurityMatters

    What will your company do if the next Dragonfly-type attack targets you? Discover why the implementation of a defense-in-depth strategy is key to successfully mitigate cyberthreats like Dragonfly.

  • The Voice of the Enterprise CISO

    Sponsored by: NSS Labs

    According to the 2017 Verizon DBIR, approximately 90% of all security incidents and breaches involve some form of phishing attack. This white paper uncovers the biggest challenges for security leaders and offers strategies for combatting such challenges.

  • The Pitfalls of Spreadsheet-Based GRC

    Sponsored by: Lynx Technology Partners

    GRC requirements for organizations have increased, and GRC efforts have grown and expanded through almost every department. This resource offers insight into the complexity, risks and costs of spreadsheet-based GRC.

  • 5 Steps to Mitigate the Risks of Privileged Accounts

    Sponsored by: One Identity

    Granting privileged access increases the risk of a security breach, no matter what industry your organization represents. This resource provides strategies for preventing security breaches and offers 5 steps to mitigate the risks of privileged accounts

  • Preparing for Compliance with the GDPR

    Sponsored by: Skybox Security

    The GDPR came about to help organizations prevent harmful data breaches. This whitepaper offers an overview of the GDPR and provides recommendations for technical compliance with 11 tangible steps.

  • Demystifying IT Risk to Achieve Greater Security & Compliance

    Sponsored by: Lynx Technology Partners

    Discover 4 steps to help you create effective risk management so that you can get a better picture of the threats facing your organization and improve your defense against them.

  • Why Externalize?

    Sponsored by: Axiomatics

    This resource provides insight into the attribute based access control (ABAC) model, explores how it impacts authentication and application security, and reveals 4 common misconceptions.

  • It's Time for a Smarter Approach: Threat-centric Vulnerability Management

    Sponsored by: Skybox Security

    Access this white paper to learn how threat-centric vulnerability management (TCVM) offers a smarter approach for your organization as the threat landscape continues to evolve.

  • GDPR and Vendor Risk Management

    Sponsored by: BitSight

    As many as 61% of global companies are not yet GDPR compliant, says BitSight's Elizabeth Fischer. Key into this Q&A interview regarding GDPR compliance and vendor risk management.

  • Spreadsheet-Based GRC: A Self-Assessment to Gauge the Effectiveness of Your Program

    Sponsored by: Lynx Technology Partners

    This resource offers a self-assessment to gauge the effectiveness of your spreadsheet-based governance, risk and compliance program.

  • 5 Fast Facts for API Access Control

    Sponsored by: Axiomatics

    With user access oftentimes being instantaneous, it is difficult for administrators to control sensitive data. This resource outlines 5 key API access control facts as well as insight into how to address the challenges.

  • Third-Party Risk Management for Financial Services

    Sponsored by: BitSight

    Financial institutions are facing new, sophisticated, and highly dangerous threats from cybercriminals, including ransomware, DDoS attacks, fraud, and identity theft. This resource reveals helpful strategies for third-party risk management to help you protect sensitive data.

  • Making Risk Management More Effective With Security Ratings

    Sponsored by: BitSight

    With the growth and sophistication of cyber threats and daily reports of security breaches, cyber risk is high on the list of most significant risks that organizations face. This resource offers 3 risk management approaches organizations have taken to effectively improve their security.

  • Fortune 500 Transportation Company Simplifies Access Control for 175,000 Users

    Sponsored by: Axiomatics

    Explore this case study to gain insight into how a Fortune 500 freight transportation company overcame the challenge of managing access controls for a large group of users.

  • Building a Secure Foundation to Reduce Cyber Risk

    Sponsored by: Tenable, Inc.

    According to the Dimensional Research survey "Trends in Cybersecurity Frameworks and Foundational Controls", 52% of respondents said their cybersecurity program has major gaps or weaknesses, or many minor ones. This resource offers a strategy for building a secure foundation to reduce cyber risks within your organization.

  • 3 Reasons: Why DevOps is a Game-Changer for Security

    Sponsored by: Tenable, Inc.

    Oftentimes, security teams have struggled with keeping pace with DevOps. This resource explores the intersection of DevOps and InfoSec and offers 3 reasons why security organizations will benefit by combining these 2 practices.

  • Reducing Cyber Exposure from Cloud to Containers

    Sponsored by: Tenable, Inc.

    This resource offers insight from 29 cybersecurity professionals regarding how they are beginning their cyber exposure journey to protect expanding attack surfaces.

  • 13 Essential Steps to Meeting the Security Challenges of the EU GDPR

    Sponsored by: Tenable, Inc.

    This resource offers assistance to information security professionals in prioritizing changes and additions to their information security programs in preparation for GDPR.

  • Attack Your Attack Surface: How to Reduce Your Exposure to Cyberattacks

    Sponsored by: Skybox Security

    The average enterprise today must defend against exploitation of an attack surface composed of tens of thousands of potentially exploitable attack vectors on its networks and system. This resource offers insight into reducing exposure to cyberattacks with an attack surface visualization strategy.

  • GDPR and the Regulatory Impact on Vendor Risk

    Sponsored by: BitSight

    Take a glimpse into this Q&A conversation to hear from security pros discussing the GDPR and the regulatory impact on vendor risk.

  • Five Milestones to GDPR Success

    Sponsored by: Proofpoint, Inc.

    The GDPR has been put into place because of the constant data breaches hurting organizations today. Access this webcast to uncover steps to take to become GDPR compliant.

  • Mobile Fintech Fraud

    Sponsored by: Simility

    The world is becoming increasingly mobile centric and financial services are no exception. This resource addresses fraud challenges faced by mobile financial services, which can impact profit, reputation and customer loyalty.

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