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  • How DreamWorks Animation Future-Proofed Their IT Environment

    DreamWorks Animation is home to some of the most talented storytellers, animators, and filmmakers in the world. Discover how the studio revisited its IT infrastructure to increase operational efficiency and support the technology that their teams of creators rely on to make their visions a reality.

  • Artificial Intelligence for an Autonomous Data Center

    As infrastructure expands to accommodate an increasing number of applications, so do the number of IT headaches. Click to learn more about how artificial intelligence can reshape the way you manage your data center, and how it can save IT time and resources that can be better spent on projects that put value back into the business.

  • Three Things You Can't Afford to Miss When Buying Flash Storage

    This e-book illustrates a new class of flash—one that provides predictive analytics, supports multi-cloud deployments, and preserves investment as business and IT needs change. Read on to see the concrete business value of implementing flash arrays that are predictive and cloud-ready.

  • The Cloud Cliff and How to Climb It

    As hybrid environments become the norm, some companies are beginning to encounter cloud cliffs – where public cloud IaaS is no longer feasible. Click to read about how IT execs are addressing these new obstacles in their cloud strategy, and get an in-depth look into the forms these cliffs can take.

  • General-Purpose Disk Array Vendor Evaluation

    This Gartner report evaluates 19 disk array solutions. Read on as each solution is ranked, with vendor strengths and cautions. The report also includes a holistic look at the future of disk arrays, and how vendors are expanding into tangential markets like HCIS and hybrid cloud.

  • Don't Settle for Two-Tiered IT: Know Where to Draw the Line

    Not all applications and workloads are suitable for the cloud, especially those that are business-critical. The trick to maximizing hybrid infrastructure value is to understand where to draw the line. Read more to learn about the steps IT leaders are taking to optimize their workload distributions and the tactical drivers behind their decisions.

  • Hybrid Cloud Management and Maturity Strategies

    Are your organization's hybrid management strategies keeping pace with its evolving, blended IT infrastructure? Read more to learn about the current state of hybrid cloud management processes, and how your enterprise can adapt its strategy to best suit its hybrid maturity level.

  • Proven HFA Vendor Nimble Storage Achieving Rapid Success in the AFA Market

    This IDC paper explains how you can achieve the optimal all-flash and hybrid flash ratio to comprehensively handle both primary and secondary storage workloads. Read on to also view Nimble Storage's AFAs and HFAs that can help you achieve the above.

  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Hear from the Customers

    Hyperconverged infrastructure is viewed as the end-all solution to keeping data centers up to speed with modern demands, without breaking the bank. In this comprehensive report, learn about hyperconverged infrastructure and why it's one of the fastest-growing and increasingly-competitive IT products in today's market.

  • Rethinking Application Performance in a Hybrid IT Environment

    In a hybrid IT environment, infrastructure technicians assess new and existing applications to determine their optimal deployment model and environment based on several important factors. Read this guide to learn how to reassess your application deployment models based on application performance.

  • Simplify Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Cost Management

    With the increasing complexity of modern, multi-faceted hybrid infrastructures, traditional independently-contained management and monitoring strategies can fall flat. Discover how a unified hybrid cloud management platform can deliver cost benefits and more to your IT infrastructure.

  • Put Your Backup Data to Work With Flash-Optimized Architecture

    It's time to start putting your backup data to work. In this technical white paper, learn about a new storage system that combines high-performance flash storage with capacity-optimized backup architecture to allow you to leverage backup for more than just operational recovery.

  • "As a Service" IT Consumption Model for Digital Business Innovation

    Approximately 80% of IT's time is spent on general IT operational tasks, rather than on enabling innovation within their enterprise – something that companies are relying on to gain a competitive advantage. Learn more about how as-a-service IT platforms and how they can help solve this problem.

  • The Eight Essentials to Look for in Hybrid IT

    The true value of a hybrid IT strategy lies in the ability to bring its different pieces together– harnessing the advantages of each under a single, common view. Click to learn the eight essential elements of hybrid IT implementation, and how they can help your enterprise access increased workload capacities, cost savings, and more.

  • The Future of Hybrid IT Made Simple

    In a business environment with constant, exponential change, success is determined by an organization's ability to embrace new challenges and adapt accordingly. Learn about how hybrid IT can offer a solution, and how it can be the gatekeeper for your business's digital transformation.

  • Using Hybrid IT to Improve Government Services

    Even governments are starting to rely on hybrid IT environments to align their cloud utilization with the demands of their organization. In this interview, learn from a government research director about how they're harnessing a hybrid cloud strategy to increase their service capabilities, user experience, and data privacy management tools.

  • The Basics of Hybrid: Assembling Your IT Environment

    Creating a hybrid IT environment is similar to building a jigsaw puzzle – as the pieces assemble, it might not be easy to visualize what the end product will look like. In this report, learn the basics of hybrid IT environments, and how to make the most out of your enterprise's hybrid puzzle picture while it comes together.

  • Federally-Validated Network Security for Wireless Communications

    Find out how to take a highly secure, mobile-first approach to wireless networking with technology designed to protect highly sensitive networks like those used by the U.S. government and armed forces.

  • Fast-Forward to Cloud with All-Flash Arrays

    Spiceworks recently surveyed IT decision-makers to see what they think about using all-flash arrays as the storage foundation for cloud deployments. Download now to hear what they had to say, including why these pros think all-flash is important to future cloud planning.

  • Multicloud Storage: What is it and Why do You Need it?

    In this infographic, explore the common challenges associated to multicloud deployment and management, and learn how you can overcome them as smoothly as possible.

  • The Biggest Flash Storage Myths—Busted

    Download this graphic resource to see the industry's biggest flash myths debunked. You'll also get the details on how flash can drive innovation across your business.

  • Why Flash Storage for Hybrid IT?

    This ESG white paper outlines several critical considerations for investigating flash to support hybrid IT initiatives, including how to strategically use multiple flash types in your environment. Read on to learn how to use flash for cloud integration, backup and secondary workloads, and more.

  • 7 Businesses Report on the Real Value of HCI

    Can hyperconverged infrastructure live up to its lofty expectations? Find out for yourself, by reading this Forrester Research report, which outlines the quantifiable and unquantifiable benefits 7 organizations gained by adopting one HCI platform: HPE SimpliVity.

  • Assessing the Impact of Predictive Analytics

    Predictive analytics promise you the ability to forecast problems in your storage array before they occur, but do they deliver? Click inside to learn the results of an ESG survey which explored the capabilities of one analytics array.

  • How the Leading All-flash Array Vendors Meet Storage Demands

    Whether you're looking for an AFA to support a few servers, or an enterprise-grade cluster to support thousands of users, this e-guide is here to help. Read on as our consultants examine products from the eight leading all-flash array vendors, so you can create a system to match your needs.

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