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  • Report: Flash Storage Trends and Impacts

    This Hyperion Research Report spotlights important flash trends and their impact on the market. Read on for the rundown on the rise of NVMe, market projections, flash trends worth watching (including NVMe Over Fabric), and more.

  • Solution Overview: HPE 6-Nines Guarantee

    Download this sheet to learn how a flash architecture with integrated analytics can predict and prevent problems before your business is impacted. It analyzes millions of sensors every second, so your arrays become even more reliable.

  • The Software-Defined Data Center Comes Of Age

    Designed to keep operations professionals up to speed, this Forrester report explains the key industry trends surrounding SDDC, including how it's redefining contemporary data centers, presenting fresh opportunities for growth, and altering the vendor landscape.

  • Technical Evaluation: The All-flash HPE SimpliVity 380

    ESG conducted a technical validation of the all-flash HPE SimpliVity 380, which grants you both the manageability and cost benefits of an on-prem system, as well as the kind of flexibility normally limited to the cloud. Read on to see the SimpliVity 380's mixed workload performance, and more.

  • Hybrid Management Challenges: Insights & Strategy

    Download this insight and strategy report to learn how IT organizations can tackle hybrid management challenges head on to claim the development and cost rewards that a fluid and unified hybrid strategy delivers.

  • Best Practices for Hybrid IT: Tips for Midsized Businesses

    Over 57% of midsized businesses are either considering or already implementing a hybrid IT strategy to support escalating compute and storage demands. Jump into this survey report to learn how midsized businesses are responding to growing technological demands with hybrid IT and the challenges that are appearing along the way.

  • The Strategic CIO's Hybrid Playbook

    Amongst complex hybrid IT environments, scoring points for your business isn't always a straight run to the goal-line – there's several considerations that can stand in the way. Get a play-by-play guide into the fundamentals of hybrid IT, and how to create a roster of infrastructure components that lets your enterprise perform at its peak.

  • Hybrid Cloud Management for Dummies

    In today's IT industry, hybrid cloud has become one of the de-facto operational models. But what exactly does managing hybrid cloud environments entail for those involved? In this eBook you'll learn the basics of hybrid cloud, including what it is, how to define it, and most importantly, how to manage it.

  • Four Must-Have Flash Storage Capabilities

    Can your storage accommodate multiple apps and file formats; always-on reliability; data analytics and intelligence; and longer storage periods for regulatory compliance? Read on to see how flash fulfills these new requirements.

  • Five Critical Organization Requirements for Flash Storage

    Since flash offers several advantages that eclipse what hard-disk drive technology can deliver, read on here to learn how to use these advantages to drive innovation across your entire business.

  • IT On the Fly: The Future of Composable Infrastructure

    When faced with today's rapidly shifting markets, speed is everything -- and failing to compose resources fast enough translates to lost revenue. Check out this blog post from Mohammed Safder, a leading IT strategist, to learn how composable infrastructure can be a valid avenue for companies concerned about keeping up.

  • How to Modernize your Storage Infrastructure for IoT Data

    Click inside to learn why modernizing your storage infrastructure to provide comprehensive data management for the oncoming wave of IoT data, as well as where to start. Explore the benefits of automation, how software-defined-storage can help, and more.

  • Three Things You Can't Afford to Miss When Buying Flash Storage

    This e-book illustrates a new class of flash—one that provides predictive analytics, supports multi-cloud deployments, and preserves investment as business and IT needs change. Read on to see the concrete business value of implementing flash arrays that are predictive and cloud-ready.

  • ChalkTalk: HPE Nimble Storage Overview

    In this ChalkTalk, HPEStorageGuy Calvin Zito gives an overview of an architecture type with integrated predictive analytics: HPE Nimble Storage's portfolio of flash arrays. Tune in now for the specifications, which will assist you in your flash purchasing decision.

  • Conversations with an Analyst: All-Flash Arrays Power Digital Transformation

    This paper documents an AFA Q&A designed for enterprise users, in which Rajnish Arora, VP of Enterprise Computing Research at IDC Asia/Pacific, answers key questions like, what are the key selection criteria that customers should use for evaluating AFA systems? Download now for the answers.

  • Timeless Storage Brochure: HPE Nimble Storage

    This resource highlights a flash architecture that requires no forklift upgrades, provides all-inclusive software, and is cloud ready. Read on for a simpler storage experience.

  • Case Study: Unflagging Storage Performance for Graniterock

    Download this case study to learn how Graniterock improved real-time access to SAN-based data and improved overall storage performance while running almost 100 VMs, with a flash-based architecture.

  • Assessing the Financial Impact of HPE InfoSight Predictive Analytics

    This ESG Research report evaluates a storage array designed to use predictive analytics to collect data from thousands of sensors across all deployed arrays to give you comprehensive diagnostics on storage performance and health.

  • HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays: Disk Storage Systems

    Struggling to find the perfect combination of flash storage and predictive analytics? Look no further than this digital data sheet, which illustrates the technical specifications of a flash architecture with predictive analytics that will help you achieve fast, reliable access to data.

  • HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays Overview

    This technology overview highlights HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays. Download now for the technical details on its advanced analytics used to diagnose storage health, integrated data protection, scale-out capabilities, and more.

  • Multicloud Storage for Dummies

    Read this e-book to explore the capabilities of multicloud storage, which includes "how to" instructions for building and managing your own multicloud environment, as well as how preexisting storage services can help with this.

  • Artificial Intelligence for an Autonomous Data Center

    Whether its holidays, weekends, or the middle of the night, no time is off limits for infrastructure disruptions – and IT has to be ready to manually respond. Click to discover how an AI-based, self-repairing system is freeing up IT's on-call obligations through deep learning and cognitive automation.

  • How to Manage Nimble storage Snapshots, Replication, and Backup

    Read this white paper to explore the partnership between HPE StoreOnce and Veeam. This system uses a forward incremental backup scheme, combined with Nimble Storage snapshots to offer a complete DR system.

  • Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Achieves IT Excellence with All-flash Cloud

    Previously beleaguered by the sluggish performance of their critical apps, read this study to learn how implementing an all-flash cloud platform vastly improved app performance and operational visibility for Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.

  • How Flash is Redefining the Standard for System Availability

    This white paper presents a flash architecture with advanced analytics that helps you achieve more than six nines availability across your entire install base. By reading on, you'll see how this alternative method uses diagnostic sensors embedded into every module of code to achieve this, and more.

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