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    This white paper provides an in-depth look at HPE Alletra including its key benefits.Access it here to learn how you can guarantee data uptime using HPE Alletra and so much more.

  • HPE Alletra: Power your data from edge to cloud

    Watch this clip to learn about HPE Alletra an AI driven infrastructure that can power your data from edge to cloud.

  • HPE ALLETRA: Power your data from edge to cloud

    Check out this infographic to learn how HPE Alletra can help you unleash the true potential of your hybrid cloud by mobilizing data across every cloud.

  • Unleashing the Power of Your Data For Dummies

    Explore this e-book to look at the criticality of data, the challenges facing business and IT when unlocking data value, and how you can be transformed with an intelligent data platform at the heart of this strategy.

  • 3 Tips to Address Your Data Management Challenges

    Download a copy of this infographic to discover 3 ways you can overcome data management and infrastructure complexity.

  • Data Services Cloud Console

    Check out this video for an overview of Data Services Cloud Console, a solution that accelerates data-driven transformation by delivering cloud operational agility for infrastructure and simplified data management across clouds.


    HPE Nimble Storage dHCI radically simplifies storage for applications by reimagining HCI without limitations. Built for business-critical apps and mixed workloads, it unlocks IT agility while ensuring apps are always-on and always fast. But that’s just the beginning. Explore this infographic to learn 5 reasons to consider HPE Nimble Storage dHCI.

  • HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems

    By 2022, 50% of data will be created and processed at the edge, which is why HPE is calling edge computing the next major wave in IT infrastructure. Explore this e-book to learn about converged computing at the distributed edge with HPE including common uses cases, solution portfolios, and more.

  • TheCUBE Video: HPE SimpliVity Powers Red Bull Racing

    Explore this webcast to watch a discussion about data at the edge and learn how HPE SimpliVity supports the edge activities of organisations like Red Bull Racing Honda.

  • Hands-on with HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

    Check out this article for a deep dive into the storage aspect of dHCI and see how it can be managed efficiently from the same pane as compute with the ability to scale independently .

  • Bringing AI and ML to the Enterprise

    This webcast will discuss the obstacles, enablers, and best practices that lie along the path between AI experimentation and operational mastery of AI as a critical business substrate and a key source of market differentiation. Tune in to hear key insights from industry experts.

  • AI Plus HPC: The Future Of Advanced Analytics

    Combining artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) will unlock the potential of each of these powerful analytics disciplines, leading to increased business agility, innovation, and competitive differentiation. Read this Forrester paper to learn how synergies between AI and HPC can enhance both.

  • Operationalizing Enterprise AI

    HPE believes in a comprehensive approach to AI deployment, and offers definitive solutions for enterprise AI to guide you through each stage of your journey—from planning, troubleshooting, and financing to deployment and ongoing management. Access this white paper to learn more about HPE’s enterprise AI solutions.

  • The Pulse Of Storage And Compute Consumption in 2020

    To learn more about storage and compute consumption, Futurum surveyed over 200 business leaders who had a high level of involvement in the many stages of procuring storage and compute services. Open up this report to find five key insights from the study.

  • Back to the Workplace: For corporate and industries

    The world has changed and so has peoples’ views on public health and safety.This paper shows how video analytics can help you secure your health facility to improve the care of employees, clients, and visitors. Open now to learn more.


    When it comes to time-sensitive projects, no one can plan around technical issues and infrastructural hurdles stalling resources and pushing deadlines. Many companies right now are motivated by the need for a highly scalable, on-premises solution. In this guide, learn how the HPE GreenLake Solution can help.

  • Back to the Workplace: For hospitals and healthcare

    Open this paper to see how video analytics can help you secure your health facility to improve the care of employees, patients, and visitors, covering benefits, capabilities and more.


    Hong Kong-based YF Life Insurance International wanted to support ever-changing business demands for continuous FinTech innovation. Open up this case study to see how HPE was able to help the organization adopt a flexible IT infrastructure to meet those business goals and learn how you can do the same in your organization.


    Open up this case study to see how HPE was able to help EPS put in place a highly scalable, available, and secure deployment to help achieve business objectives, and learn how you can do the same in your organization.


    One of India’s data center providers ramped up their infrastructure resources and was able to grow their business by expanding to new geographies, all while keeping storage and energy costs low. Open up this case study to see how they were able to accomplish this with help from HPE, and learn how you can do the same in your organization.


    Video analytics are evolving past simple threat management and safety use cases and becoming key parts in autonomous driving, real-time warehouse optimization, personalization strategies, and more. Read this short white paper to discover how and why industry leaders are focusing on video analytics in the short- and long-term.

  • A Look at How a Next Gen IT Support Experience Can Deliver Significant Business Value

    This brief explores the changing consumer behaviors and consumption models that are forcing a rethinking of how technologies will be implemented and supported moving forward.

  • Driving Digital Transformation With a Hybrid Cloud Experience

    As more and more business interactions are conducted digitally or remotely, IT is placing greater emphasis on digital transformation and digital experiences. In this guide, explore how businesses can navigate the path to digital transformation quickly—but not hastily—with a hybrid cloud experience. Read the guide now.

  • Unlock the Value Of Your Data To Harness Intelligence and Innovation

    Read this white paper to learn how data fabrics are helping companies curate, analyze, and integrate data across ecosystems with disparate data silos and different use cases.

  • Cybersecurity in the Cloud: Eliminating Confusion and Closing Gaps in Protection

    According to a study by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 43% of respondents said public cloud increases risk because the company is primarily responsible for securing data in the cloud. There are many gaps to close in securing cloud environments, but how? View this white paper to learn how to take the next step in cloud security.

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