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  • Brochure: HPE 6-Nines Guarantee

    Download this sheet to learn how a flash architecture with integrated analytics can predict and prevent problems before your business is impacted. It analyzes millions of sensors every second, so your arrays become even more reliable.

  • HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays: Store More Guarantee

    Keep reading for detailed information on a suite of all-flash arrays that promise up to 20% more effective capacity by packing more production data per terabyte of raw flash storage with inline variable block deduplication and zero-pattern elimination.

  • Redefining the standard for system availability

    Access this whitepaper to learn about an availability solution that can help you achieve more than six nines availability across your entire base.

  • Product Overview: HPE Nimble Storage, Powered by Intel®

    With predictive analytics, customers report that HPE Nimble Storage can detect 9 of 10 support issues. To learn more about this system's issue detection and remediation capabilities, keep reading.

  • HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays Overview

    This overview highlights one such AFA, HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays. Download now for the technical details on its advanced analytics used to diagnose storage health, integrated data protection, and scale-out capabilities. Detailed inside are also the latest updates HPE has made to the suite.

  • HPE Nimble Storage Brochure

    This resource highlights a flash architecture that requires no forklift upgrades, provides all-inclusive software, and is cloud-ready. Read on for a simpler storage experience.

  • How Machine Learning Boosts Application Uptime

    Use this infographic to learn how applying machine learning to your storage system can simplify the identification and remediation of data delivery interruptions. Also included are 7 capabilities to look for when evaluating analytics-based storage solutions.

  • AFA Storage Tackles Big Data Analytics Challenges

    This expert guide breaks down the storage challenges associated with read-intensive big data analytics workloads, and how AFAs meet these workload demands. Claim your copy here for an additional look at the storage vendors targeting analytics workloads.

  • Bank Opts for AI-infused Data Storage Platform Over Cloud

    Read this expert guide to discover a flash platform that uses AI analytics to capture and analyze petabytes of data, with the aim of automating, at the hardware-level, many of the traditional management challenges associated with keeping servers running.

  • Storage Operational Analytics Tools Add Value

    Senior Strategist Randy Kerns breaks down Storage Resource Management (SRM) software in this expert guide, including what it is, key functions, and several vendors' SRM operational analytics offerings. Claim your copy here.

  • Cloud-based Predictive Analytics Seeing Wider Adoption

    If you want to address storage-related issues before they occur, check out this e-guide. Inside, you'll be privy to the benefits of applying predictive analytics, and cloud-based analytics, to enterprise storage offers in terms of forecasting trends, planning infrastructure and reducing overhead.

  • Artificial Intelligence vs. Big Data: Know the Difference

    Pitting artificial intelligence vs. big data is like comparing a pick to a shovel. Although the two complement each other in important ways, they are distinctively different in both nature and purpose. Read on for more information on the crucial differences.

  • Nvidia, Pure Storage FlashBlade Lift 'AIRI' Infrastructure

    Pure Storage recently teamed with high-performance GPU specialist Nvidia to unveil Pure Storage AIRI. So what is AIRI, and how is it anticipated to improve GPU performance? Read the following e-guide and all your questions will be answered.

  • Closing the IT Security Gap with Automation & AI in the Era of IoT: Global

    In the era of IOT, security gaps are on the rise. This Ponemon Institute's latest research report reveals how automation and AI are being put into play to secure these gaps and prevent breaches.

  • Making Timeless, Intelligent Storage That's Built for Cloud

    In this third installment of our "Evolution and Benefits of Intelligent Storage" series, 3 storage experts dig into how to architect intelligent storage for the cloud and why multicloud impacts how storage is architected. Jump to 5:23 for the essentials.

  • The Power of Predictive brings Intelligent Storage to Life

    In this webcast, TechTarget sits down with George Crump, President and Founder of Storage Switzerland, and Ivan Iannaccone, VP and GM of 3PAR Storage at HPE, to discuss how people are using predictive analytics in their storage architectures to drive intelligent decisions. Tune in here.

  • Why Enterprises Need Intelligent Storage

    Brought to you by TechTarget and HPE, the experts in this custom webcast will discuss at length the evolution of, and why enterprises need, intelligent storage. Tune into 6:04 to hear the concrete benefits of intelligent, self-managing storage that can anticipate challenges and self-adjust.

  • Report: Flash Storage Trends and Impacts

    This Hyperion Research Report spotlights important flash trends and their impact on the market. Read on for the rundown on the rise of NVMe, market projections, flash trends worth watching (including NVMe Over Fabric), and more.

  • Solution Overview: HPE 6-Nines Guarantee

    Download this sheet to learn how a flash architecture with integrated analytics can predict and prevent problems before your business is impacted. It analyzes millions of sensors every second, so your arrays become even more reliable.

  • The Software-Defined Data Center Comes Of Age

    Designed to keep operations professionals up to speed, this Forrester report explains the key industry trends surrounding SDDC, including how it's redefining contemporary data centers, presenting fresh opportunities for growth, and altering the vendor landscape.

  • Technical Evaluation: The All-flash HPE SimpliVity 380

    ESG conducted a technical validation of the all-flash HPE SimpliVity 380, which grants you both the manageability and cost benefits of an on-prem system, as well as the kind of flexibility normally limited to the cloud. Read on to see the SimpliVity 380's mixed workload performance, and more.

  • Hybrid Management Challenges: Insights & Strategy

    Download this insight and strategy report to learn how IT organizations can tackle hybrid management challenges head on to claim the development and cost rewards that a fluid and unified hybrid strategy delivers.

  • Best Practices for Hybrid IT: Tips for Midsized Businesses

    Over 57% of midsized businesses are either considering or already implementing a hybrid IT strategy to support escalating compute and storage demands. Jump into this survey report to learn how midsized businesses are responding to growing technological demands with hybrid IT and the challenges that are appearing along the way.

  • The Strategic CIO's Hybrid Playbook

    Amongst complex hybrid IT environments, scoring points for your business isn't always a straight run to the goal-line – there's several considerations that can stand in the way. Get a play-by-play guide into the fundamentals of hybrid IT, and how to create a roster of infrastructure components that lets your enterprise perform at its peak.

  • Hybrid Cloud Management for Dummies

    In today's IT industry, hybrid cloud has become one of the de-facto operational models. But what exactly does managing hybrid cloud environments entail for those involved? In this eBook you'll learn the basics of hybrid cloud, including what it is, how to define it, and most importantly, how to manage it.

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