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  • Simplifying Data Management

    Tap into this For Dummies e-book to understand why eliminating complexity is critical for business success and learn 10 tips for simplifying data management to unlock the full potential of your data.

  • Why HPE everything as a service is a game changer for your business

    75% of enterprises will recognize the benefits of as-a-service consumption in 2021, according to IDC research. Tap into this infographic to learn how you can leverage everything-as-a-service solutions from HPE to experience the simplicity, security and control of elastic IT with financial flexibility and unlock hidden business value.

  • Accelerate innovation with the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform

    Tap into this infographic to understand how you can leverage the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform to unlock the simplicity, agility and economics of public cloud, and the security, control and performance benefits of on-premises on your terms.

  • Modernize data analytics – HPE Ezmeral creates a digital advantage in the age of insight

    Every enterprise today has a board-level mandate to create digital advantage from their data—whether to create new customer experiences, cut operational costs, or build new adjacent businesses. Check out this data sheet to see how HPE is tackling these priorities, and how HPE Ezmeral is creating a digital advantage in the age of insight.

  • Simplify Compute Management from Edge to Cloud

    Complex server management is a distraction from modern enterprise, consuming IT resources and slowing innovation. With HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management, you can manage your entire environment with one simplified experience. Examine HPE's data sheet and discover how you can adopt a seamless server management experience.

  • Simplify and secure Server Management from Edge to Cloud

    It’s time to secure, automate, and unify compute management with HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management. Manage the full lifecycle of your entire compute environment with a single, as-a-service experience. Take a look at this infographic to find out how you can achieve greater agility, scale, and flexibility across your IT landscape.

  • 360-Degree Security where and when you need it solution guide

    Tap into this e-guide to learn how you can improve your security and combat increasingly advanced and persistent threats with a 360-degree view to security.

  • Data Innovators Guide - Taking Data to the Next Stage

    Data challenges aren’t just holding organizations back from everyday success; within this data lies the key differentiating factor of modern business—if you can access it. This CIO white paper takes a look at the strategies and solutions that organizations are using to accelerate data-driven transformation across the board. Access your copy today.

  • The AI journey – Going from practical to transformative interactive business white paper

    AI adoption is one of the highest priorities for the C-Suite, but the reality of AI today is less flashy than the “AI-first” hype. Explore this interactive white paper to learn how you can successfully navigate the evolving AI landscape by avoiding common pitfalls and developing a clear, aligned tech and data strategy.

  • Optimize Your Hybrid Cloud Operational Strategy Using Hpe Greenlake With Equinix Colocation

    This paper describes the top benefits of moving to HPE GreenLake using Equinix colocation facilities – including one contract, one point of contact, with cloud-adjacency and locations globally.

  • Cio’s Guide To Data & Application Modernization

    Today’s enterprise needs insights on demand, at any scale, and at any location, which means that data must be processed and analyzed from edge environments to multiple clouds. Read on to learn how you can meet these ambitious data goals in a safe and secure way.

  • Data Innovators Guide: Taking Data To The Next Stage

    Capitalizing on your data is more complicated than it seems. Access this CIO’s e-book from HPE to determine your position on the Data Innovator Scale – and discover how to bring your data innovation to the next level.


    Your business needs to collect, store and analyze data to keep your competitive edge. Discover how to harness the growing data boom with an intelligent edge infrastructure designed to help generate real-time insights on customers, inventory, security, and much more.

  • Fuel Edge-to-Cloud Digital Transformation

    HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric allows a digital transformation from edge to cloud. Here are some global enterprises who utilised Ezmeral to provide better analytics, detect anomalies and attacks, and support analytics as a service. Read on to discover more benefits these organisations saw from Ezmeral, including over $6 million in savings.

  • Your Edge, Your Future

    Read this paper to learn how the edge, bursting with useful data, is the future and Building the intelligent edge means making intelligent choices.

  • Take the intelligent route with consumption-based storage

    Read this paper to learn how Ai-driven HPE Storage and the consumption-based economics of HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity can provide the agility of cloud with the control of on-premises solutions.

  • How the Leading All-flash Array Vendors Meet Storage Demands

    Whether you're looking for an AFA to support a few servers, or an enterprise-grade cluster to support thousands of users, this e-guide is here to help. Read on as our consultants examine products from the eight leading all-flash array vendors, so you can create a system to match your needs.

  • Examining the Leading All-flash Array Vendors' Products

    Downloading this e-guide will reveal the keys to selecting the right AFA vendor and product for your workloads. Inside, Logan Harbaugh examines which products the leading AFA vendors offer, breaking down the nuances of selecting high-end enterprise AFAs, midrange SANs, and NAS appliances from these vendors.

  • Five Factors to Consider before Buying All-flash Storage Arrays

    Download this e-guide for access to the top five factors to consider before buying all-flash arrays. IT Consultant Logan Harbaugh will walk you through each, with help in answering, Should we use AFAs from the vendor that makes our existing storage?, and more.

  • Building a Business Case for All-flash Array Storage

    This vendor-neutral e-guide will assist you in first determining if your enterprise will benefit from AFA implementation, and, should you decide to do so, making the case for AFAs. Read on to hear from IT Consultant Logan Harbaugh on AFA advantages and applications, how SSDs compare to HDDs, and more.

  • How to Accelerate Predictive Analytics Software with Flash Technology

    In this guide from the editors at, John Edwards highlights the process of accelerating predictive analytics software with flash technology. Read on, as he explains how flash meets the storage requirements needed to support these demanding workloads.

  • What TCO Advantages Does All-flash Array Storage Have over HDDs?

    What TCO advantages does all-flash storage have over HDDs? Download this expert guide to find out. You'll also gain a vendor-neutral look at the pros and cons of implementing AFAs, as well as a snapshot of the movers and shakers in the AFA market.

  • Smarter Storage Starts with Analytics

    In this e-guide, Senior Analyst Mike Matchett walks you through how to use smarter storage infrastructure with embedded analytical intelligence to harvest the desired value from your data. Read on to learn the top 5 benefits of storage analytics, how to utilize storage-hosted lambda functionality, and more.

  • Making the Case for an All-Flash Data Center

    In this expert guide, learn about the costs, speed, and latency factors that are making an all-flash array your best bet for storage. Discover how the decline of RAID, growing application workloads, and more are pushing this trend forward.

  • Tier 0 Storage Moves to NVMe to Meet Demand for Speed

    In this expert-guide, learn how NVMes are letting storage pros do more with their Tier 0 storage. Discover how this new technology is closing the performance gap between Tier 0 and Tier 1, as well as how the next phase in NVMe innovation is taking place.

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