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  • How Data Will Shape Our Digital Future

    View this article to learn how infrastructure plays a critical role in effective data management. Review how data is set to shape our digital future, and learn how a significant infrastructure investment can help your organization make use of data influx, and improve every aspect of your business.

  • Change the Economics of Server Virtualization

    Download this white paper to learn about the HPE ProLiant server series, designed to offer the most efficient option to ensure the maximum number of virtual machines per server, offering up to processor 32 cores, two TB of memory, and more.

  • Using Hyperconverged Infrastructure to Improve Data Protection and Recovery

    Organizations looking to unbind themselves from the limitations of client/server era technologies should read this IDC white paper. It documents 4 critical considerations for evolving your VM backup strategies and explains how hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) can improve and simplify data protection and disaster resiliency.

  • End-to-End NVMe Storage: Is your enterprise ready?

    Download this NVMe market report to view 5 key questions to ask a potential vendor about their NVMe offerings, and to learn more about NVMe's impact on external storage arrays.

  • HPE Primera Resets Expectations for High-End Storage

    This IDC white paper explains how market dynamics in the era of DX are driving new high-end storage platform requirements and how enterprises can harness technologies such as NVMe, AI/ML, and analytics to fulfill evolving workload and business needs.

  • Refresh Servers, Consolidate Workloads and Cut Data Center Costs

    Planning ahead has always been good business sense. Open this white paper to learn how to proactively identify modernization opportunities within your existing server infrastructure, rather than waiting for servers to suddenly break down.

  • Intelligence Changes Everything: Reimagine How Data is Delivered, Managed, and Analyzed

    Storage devices, servers, software, and networks contain clues that point to impending failures, degradation, or inefficiencies—yet, without the right tool, this info largely sits untapped. Read this white paper to discover one such tool, the HPE Intelligent Data Platform.

  • HPE Small Business Solutions for Virtualization, Hybrid Virtualization, and Hybrid Database

    Download this small business use-case for hybrid cloud and hybrid virtualization, to see how smaller companies can use hybrid cloud in cost effective ways for better flexibility.

  • 5 lessons for IT leaders from sitcom writers

    Download this blog article to learn some of the most important lessons learned from the writers of Saturday Night Live, Night Court, ALF, and more, on collaboration and teamwork and how they can be applied to the way you and your team dynamic.

  • How to Get Started with DataOps

    The goal of DataOps is to build aerodynamic data pipelines that lead to improved data operations and, ultimately, more confident data analytics that drive your organization's decision-making. Start with the basics—read this white paper to learn how you can add agility and accuracy to your data operations with a DataOps rollout.

  • Your First IT Security Job: 3 Things That Might Surprise You

    How do you make sure you're ready for what your IT security job entails? What do your colleagues know now that they wish they knew then? Check out this blog for 3 things that might surprise you about working in IT security and what security professionals –with a few years under their belts— have to say about it.

  • Future-Proof Your Career with AI

    AI job listings have become the fastest growing category on LinkedIn, and Indeed is jam-packed with listings, as well. Read this blog post to learn how to future-proof your career by embracing machine learning and AI, and learning to work with it—rather than against it.

  • Blockchain Ecosystem Business Models: Adapt or Get out of the Way

    In this article, explore how blockchain technology is influencing new business models across various industries. Discover why the supply chain is the most popular blockchain use case, and learn how your organization's ecosystem can benefit from blockchain.

  • 5 ways to secure your containers

    Containers are a major pillar of current DevOps models, yet many organizations neglect to address the security risks that threaten their container environments. Read this brief article to learn 5 ways to secure your containers, making them more functional in the long-term.

  • How to Find the Right Data Scientists

    Unfortunately, there aren't yet universally agreed-upon data scientist categories, so matching a particular type of professional to a specific need can be a challenge. Read this white paper to better understand the differences among data scientists, and how to find the right ones for your needs.

  • 5 Lessons for IT Leaders From Baseball Execs

    Whether through the integration of analytics, cross-team collaboration, or superstar recruitment and management—digital disruption has even reared its head in the classic American pastime of baseball, and for the better. Read this resource for 5 lessons that IT leaders can learn from modern baseball execs.

  • 9 tips for moving code to microservices

    Many organizations want to move their monolithic applications into containerized microservices, but fear losing old code in the process. Read this article to get 9 key tips a business should know before they make the move to containerized microservices.

  • Special Report: HPE Cloud Volumes

    To resolve this issue, the following essential guide highlights a cloud storage service that supplies enterprise-grade features, reliability, and security for apps running on AWS and Azure. How does it work and how can your enterprise take advantage of it? Read the guide to find out.

  • Datacenters Leverage HCI to Drive Operational Simplicity & Improved Performance

    In this white paper uncover the results of in-depth interviews of customers who have experienced considerable operational efficiency gains from the use of HCI, and find out how your organization also stands to benefit.

  • Intelligent Storage is the Future of the Modern Data Center

    AI-driven intelligent storage offers one means of unlocking the full value of your data. Access this custom site now to learn more about intelligent storage solutions and to ensure your storage infrastructure maximizes your data's potential.

  • Take the intelligent route with consumption-based storage

    Read this paper to learn how Ai-driven HPE Storage and the consumption-based economics of HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity can provide the agility of cloud with the control of on-premises solutions.

  • How the Leading All-flash Array Vendors Meet Storage Demands

    Whether you're looking for an AFA to support a few servers, or an enterprise-grade cluster to support thousands of users, this e-guide is here to help. Read on as our consultants examine products from the eight leading all-flash array vendors, so you can create a system to match your needs.

  • Examining the Leading All-flash Array Vendors' Products

    Downloading this e-guide will reveal the keys to selecting the right AFA vendor and product for your workloads. Inside, Logan Harbaugh examines which products the leading AFA vendors offer, breaking down the nuances of selecting high-end enterprise AFAs, midrange SANs, and NAS appliances from these vendors.

  • Five Factors to Consider before Buying All-flash Storage Arrays

    Download this e-guide for access to the top five factors to consider before buying all-flash arrays. IT Consultant Logan Harbaugh will walk you through each, with help in answering, Should we use AFAs from the vendor that makes our existing storage?, and more.

  • Building a Business Case for All-flash Array Storage

    This vendor-neutral e-guide will assist you in first determining if your enterprise will benefit from AFA implementation, and, should you decide to do so, making the case for AFAs. Read on to hear from IT Consultant Logan Harbaugh on AFA advantages and applications, how SSDs compare to HDDs, and more.

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