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  • The Doppler: The Data Issue

    In this edition of The Doppler, you’ll delve into the intricacies of data within the enterprise in articles including: “Getting the most from your data-driven transformation: 10 key principles” and “4 steps to data-first modernization.” Access your copy to learn more about data-driven transformations and the processes that drive them.

  • The Doppler: The State of Enterprise Cloud Adoption

    Over the next two years, over half of the world’s data is predicted to be created and managed at the edge. As such, your organization's ability to act on all your data — wherever it is — will be the key to your success. Dive into this e-book for The Doppler's insights on where your enterprise should stand in this era of edge adaptation.

  • Leveraging IT Modernization to Drive Business Transformation

    This article examines three examples of innovative organizations that have modernized their IT environments to digitalize and improve their ways of doing business – while improving customer relationships and powering workplace transformation during the pandemic. Click in now to learn more.

  • COVID-19 Triggers Emphasis on Remote Work, Highlights IT Budget Inefficiencies

    This article covers four use cases of organizations using IT creatively and innovatively to achieve business transformation during COVID-19. Click in now to learn more.

  • Meet the Needs of the New Remote Workforce: Scale, Security, Productivity and Collaboration

    Organizations with VDI empowered by HCI have been able to achieve great success in rapidly scaling their remote workforces, with a focus on security, productivity, and collaboration. Download this blog post to read up on key examples of organization that have succeeded with VDI and learn how you can do the same in your organization.

  • Delivering Innovation With IoT and Edge Computing Texmark: Where Digital Transformation Never Stops

    For Texmark, a US-based chemical processor, digital transformation is critical for building a foundation for current and future innovation – enabling them to get ahead of the competition.

  • Driving Digital Transformation With a Hybrid Cloud Experience

    Hybrid cloud has quickly become the go-to path for IT teams in recent years, with more than 90% of enterprises relying on a mix of on-prem, private cloud, and multiple public clouds to meet infrastructure needs, according to IDC. Read this SearchCIO article to explore how hybrid cloud helps businesses drive digital innovation.

  • Transforming Business Continuity for the Hybrid Workplace

    According to a recent survey, 92% percent of employees want flexibility around where they work. Now, it’s up to IT to make that possible. But where to start? This article covers key tips and tricks for transforming business continuity for the hybrid workplace, starting with adaptability, connectivity, and more. Access it here.

  • Unlock the Value Of Your Data To Harness Intelligence and Innovation

    Not every organization will need bleeding-edge power, capacity and speed. But virtually every organization will need to have a plan and strategy to use their data intelligently. To outline the best data strategy for your enterprise, check out this resource and learn the tactics of some of the world leaders in data volume processing.

  • High-Performance Computing as a Service: Powering Autonomous Driving at Zenseact

    Zenseact, a startup owned by Volvo, is innovating the design and development of autonomous cars. Each test car generates more than 50 terabytes of data a day, and the company needed a solution to process all that information. Access this SearchCIO article to learn how they leveraged the HPC capabilities of HPE GreenLake to solve this challenge.

  • A New Vision for Storage and Data Management: DataOps

    The combination of cloud computing, exponential data growth and AI is forcing organizations to fundamentally change how they manage data and infrastructure. Read how Unified DataOps eliminates storage and data management silos through data-centric policies and automation, cloud-native control and operations, and AI-driven insights.

  • Cybersecurity in the Cloud: Eliminating Confusion and Closing Gaps in Protection

    When it comes to cloud security, what you don’t know can hurt you. Access this blog to walk through eliminating confusion and closing gaps within your cloud journey.

  • Three Ways to Beat the Complexity of Storage and Data Management to Spark Innovation

    Unified DataOps is a vision for a new data experience that eliminates silos and complexity through data-centric policies and automation, cloud-native control and operations, and AI-driven insights and intelligence. Check out this page to learn how Unified DataOps can simplify the storage infrastructure of your enterprise.

  • 4 Things You Need to Know Now about Edge Computing

    By 2023, more than half of new enterprise IT infrastructure will be at the edge, according to IDC. To help you move forward in your edge journey, this article explores 4 important factors to keep in mind. Read on to gain a competitive edge on your edge computing journey.

  • 3 Key Benefits of Hybrid Cloud as a Service

    Organizations continue to leverage hybrid cloud as the top cloud strategy. This searchCIO article explores 3 benefits of using an as-a-service hybrid cloud model and how enterprises have been using this model to achieve business transformation. Access it here.

  • Deploying a Cyber-Resilient Framework to Reduce Risk and Enable Digital Transformation

    It is critical to implement a modern cyber-resilient security framework and invest in solutions with partners that can help reduce risk and adapt as the threat environment continues to evolve. Access this blog to unlock some of the key steps organizations can take to focus on cyber-resiliency.

  • Hybrid Cloud, Consumption-Based IT: Empowering Transformation in Healthcare and the Public Sector

    The healthcare sector needs to deliver modern IT services without breaking their budgets. This article details 4 companies on how hybrid cloud and consumption-based IT enabled them to have to have cost efficiency and control of the environment through a pay-per-use IT model. Access it here to learn more about an as-a-service hybrid cloud model.

  • Driving IT Success From Edge to Cloud to the Bottom Line

    Edge computing is enabling IT to access new revenue streams and enhance user experience, ushering a new era of innovation. Read this article to look at 4 digital game changers that are leveraging insights, actions and intelligence from edge to deliver unprecedented value at the bottom line.

  • The Shared Responsibility Security Model for a Hybrid World

    Most organizations are familiar with the shared responsibility model, in which cloud providers and customers split responsibility for security efforts. But how do you keep track of who's responsible for which components? Watch this webinar to learn what to expect from your cloud provider in a shared responsibility model.


    AI use cases, including predictive maintenance and advanced analytics, are driving today’s successful manufacturers. Access this white paper to learn how AI can be implemented across manufacturing organizations with HPE’ strong portfolio of edge technology, AI infrastructure, data expertise, and much more.

  • Transparent, Dynamic,and Democratic AI - Universtiy of Waterloo

    Researchers at the University of Waterloo are working to release open-source AI models that will help medical teams improve diagnosis, ICU planning, and risk planning. HPE provides the university’s research teams with the power, agility, and infrastructure they need to complete their lifesaving work at pace. Access this white paper to learn more.

  • The AI journey – Going from practical to transformative interactive business white paper

    AI adoption is one of the highest priorities for the C-Suite, but the reality of AI today is less flashy than the “AI-first” hype. Explore this interactive white paper to learn how you can successfully navigate the evolving AI landscape by avoiding common pitfalls and developing a clear, aligned tech and data strategy.

  • Detecting breast cancer faster with AI – FathomX case study

    Download this case study to learn how AI is improving the level of patient care delivered for breast cancer patients while improving the day-to-day lives of doctors and healthcare professionals.

  • Unlocking hidden signs of mental illness – Taylor’s University case study

    Taylor’s University is using artificial intelligence (AI) to observe and interpret the emotions of people with mental illness and special needs. Access this case study to discover how AI infrastructures and platforms are being deployed around the world to accelerate medical breakthroughs and improve healthcare outcomes.

  • Empowering the Future of Banking with AI

    HPE can transform your banking operations, enabling exceptional intelligence and performance with your choice of deployment model. Read on to learn how HPE’s comprehensive AI platform is helping organizations overcome key challenges to AI adoption and optimizing the complex, valuable world of digital banking.

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