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  • Digital Twins — Transforming Supply Chains and Operations

    Creating a truly modern digital twin infrastructure requires a clear understanding of an organization’s current maturity. Access this analyst report to learn how you can abandon your siloed approach to dealing with IT, operations technology, customers, supply chain, and other forces to create operational efficiencies and build business resiliency.

  • API Management Solutions, Q3 2022

    Looking for a comprehensive API management solution for building, managing, socializing and securing APIs? This Forrester Wave report names IBM as a Leader and explains how IBM API Connect can help drive digital transformation.

  • Let’s rethink retail operations

    IBM’s series “Rethink & Automate” invites you to reimagine your critical business and IT processes by approaching them from a greenfield perspective and embracing automation.

  • Realize the full value of your hybrid cloud

    IBM's open hybrid cloud approach is designed to create a single platform on which to run your applications and manage your data. IT integrates and connects across your hybrid, multicloud and on-prem IT environments.

  • KuppingerCole Leadership Compass: SOAR 2023

    This report provides an overview of the SOAR market and a compass to help you find a solution that best meets your needs. QRadar SOAR was recognized as a leader in market segment, product/service functionality, relative market share, and innovative approaches.

  • Automating container elasticity

    Your competitive advantage depends on how quickly ideas become business transactions. Containers offer the speed, agility, elasticity and scale that's fundamentally changing how we build, deploy and run these applications. Access this white paper to learn more.

  • Achieving Software Health in the Microservices Age

    This eBook explores the emerging and existing methods for ensuring software health with Enterprise Observability and AIOps. Access it here.

  • 7 Reasons to Modernize Your Applications

    This eBook takes a look at application modernization, the benefits and how to use enterprise observability to make it successful.

  • The Business Value of IBM Maximo

    No matter the size of your technology infrastructure, it requires routine maintenance. For large organizations, this can present a serious challenge. With the power of a predictive maintenance platform that brings all information to a single platform, you can ensure issues are addressed before they happen. Read on to learn more about it.

  • Rethink Devops

    For organizations that are driven by application use, the performance of their app is their most critical measurement next to revenue. Current DevOps practices address this, but if one of the 8 steps slows down, the whole process does too. Read on to learn about a platform that changes that by evolving from monitoring to observability.

  • Maximo Product Tour

    IBM Maximo Application Suite is a single, integrated, hybrid cloud-based platform. This product tour on the Maximo application would guide users to follow a step-by-step approach to optimise performance, extend asset lifecycles and reduce downtime and defects. Take the tour to learn more.

  • IDC: Business Value of IBM Maximo

    IBM Maximo is an integrated application suite of asset monitoring, maintenance, and reliability applications designed to increase uptime, improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and enable more resilient operations across a variety of vertical markets. Download the white paper now.

  • A guide to ESG reporting frameworks

    In this publication, we set out to provide you with guidelines to assist with your approach to ESG reporting.

  • 4 steps to better business decisions

    With the amount of data and technology organizations have nowadays, it's no longer possible to simply use guesswork to predict and plan for future business needs.

  • Green Quadrant: Enterprise Carbon Management Software 2022

    Since the turn of last decade, sustainability crept back up the corporate agenda, and in the past two years catapulted to a headline issue, with monthly reports from international organizations about the ongoing urgency of climate change.

  • Sustainability at scale, accelerated by data

    How can your business optimize operations and cost whilst reducing waste and emissions? When one organization set out in pursuit of answers, it found that a methodical, data-driven approach is key. Learn how GPT delivered winning sustainability outcomes and better business resiliency.

  • 7 Reasons to Modernize Your Applications

    This eBook takes a look at application modernization, the benefits and how to use enterprise observability to make it successful.

  • Enterprise Observability in Pre-Production Testing

    This e-book explores the benefits of applying enterprise observability in pre-production testing. Read on to discover why enterprise observability can make people more productive, processes more efficient, and IT systems more proactive.

  • Achieving Software Health in the Microservices Age

    This eBook explores the emerging and existing methods for ensuring software health with Enterprise Observability and AIOps. Access it here.

  • ESG White Paper: Storage's Role in Addressing the Challenges of Ensuring Cyber Resilience

    Download this ESG paper to take a deeper look at the concept of cyber resilience, which puts in place recovery solutions to get back to normal as quickly as possible in the event of an attack.

  • Let’s rethink IT DevOps

    The faster you apply automation software to workloads, the more quickly and accurately any ops member can navigate from a problem to its root cause. IBM's series "Rethink & Automate" invites you to approach your critical business and IT processes from a greenfield perspective and embrace uses of application software. Read on to learn more.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM FlashSystem

    IBM recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to assess the Total Economic Impact of IBM FlashSystem. This paper shows the conclusions from that study. See what kind of economic impact Flash storage may have on your business by downloading the study today. Download the report.

  • The Definitive Guide to Practical AIOps

    IBM AIOps is the application of AI to IT operations. In this e-book, IBM introduce the current practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI) for IT operations (AIOps), provide guidance on how and why enterprises should be using AIOps today, and offer insight into how to make your Infrastructure more reliable and Cost-Effective.

  • KuppingerCole Leadership Compass: SOAR 2023

    KuppingerCole’s analysis of the SOAR (Security, Orchestration, Automation and Response) market segment examines product and service functionality, relative market share and innovative approaches to providing SOAR solutions. Download the report to learn why IBM Security QRadar SOAR is a market leader.

  • Automate Security Intelligence with IBM Security QRadar SIEM

    Organisations need robust SIEM functionality and tools for automated testing to dig through the massive amount of data and false positives without the resource-intensive deployment and upkeep of the SIEM application itself. Download the report to read ESG's evaluation of how IBM QRadar add-ons enhance the capabilities of your SIEM Solution.

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