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  • Extend your DevOps architecture and tools to be AI- and ModelOps-ready

    You can you adapt DevOps strategies, and extend the same tools, to AI model development and deployment with great success. Tune into this IBM webinar to learn how you can take a DevOps approach to AI and ML model development and accelerate your AI pipelines.

  • Complete Guide To Identity And Access Management

    As hackers and bad actors evolve their methods designed to gain access to restricted networks, enterprise access governance systems must evolve alongside. Upon completing a short survey, download this expert guide to look at current state of identity and access management (IAM) and the technologies that may define its future.

  • The IAM Trends That Matter Most 2021

    Identity and access management (IAM) technology is evolving, and understanding these evolutions is the key to achieving secuirty success today. In this e-guide, experts will walk you through the IAM market and explore trends, challenges and best practices. Take a quick survey to access the guide.

  • Ibm Cloud Pak For Business Automation Demo

    With the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, your organization can boost business performance with AI-powered automation. Explore how your team can leverage the IBM Cloud Pak here.

  • How the world’s most transformative companies are scaling intelligent automation

    Automation is the key to future, as it empowers businesses to create more positive business outcomes with less work and liberates your employees from menial, tedious tasks. Tune in to this webinar to learn why IBM considers AI-driven automation the key to scaling automation across your business and see how you can get started.

  • Automate IT to Deliver Greater Reliability with Less Risk

    Join Robin Hernandez, VP of Cloud Management and Watson AIOps, in this webcast to learn about how organizations can apply consistent, scalable AI-powered automation.

  • Privacy as a Strategic Imperative: Grow your business through trust and transparency

    Based on a recent study, cloud service adoption is becoming an increasingly important imperative for 2021. But how do organizations secure sensitive data? Watch the webinar to learn how a successful journey to cloud services puts ideologies transparency and accountability into action to gain customer trust.

  • Modernize and integrate with Cloud Pak for Security

    This IBM landing page provides access to exclusive content that dives deeper into the key capabilities of their cloud security platform, designed to integrate existing security tools and respond to threats faster all while leaving the data where it is. Dive in to explore the integrated security platform.

  • The Business Impact Of Automation

    What are the top benefits, use cases and challenges of business automation? More than 400 experts are ready to share their insights. Access this report to discover what really happens when organizations apply AI and machine learning to automate business processes.

  • 3 instant benefits data fabric delivers to your organisation for better business outcomes

    This webinar examines the intelligence and automation of a data fabric, resulting in an integrated and automated data management system. Join this session to hear Noel Yuhanna and Beate Porst discuss how a data fabric architecture helps enterprises to intelligently liberate their data to improve business outcomes.

  • Automate This, Not That

    According to a recent survey, 75% of organizations point to the customer experience as the area where their digital initiatives deliver the greatest value. Click into this resource center to uncover six automation projects that can help you build an improved experience for your customers.

  • AI(Work)Ops 2021: The State Of Aiops

    AIOps is extremely successful, “returning very high value relative to cost in 80% of the implementations and at least paying for itself in all cases” according to EMA research. Access this EMA report to learn how it is that AIOps projects have such successful adoption rates and how it delivers such comprehensive value for organizations.

  • The Projected TEI Of IBM Cloud Pak For Data

    IBM commissioned Forrester to conduct a study examining the ROI of Cloud Pak, and its benefit on multiple real businesses. Access the study here.

  • S4HANA Migration What You Need to Know

    In this 32-page guide to S/4HANA migration, explore 5 exclusive articles that detail your options—and the top recommendations—for starting your SAP migration journey. To access this guide, complete this quick survey here.

  • Your Guide to SAP Cloud Platform Integration

    SAP Cloud Platform has emerged as a promising iPaaS tool, as it extends applications, aids in application development, and transforms business models and processes. Save this exclusive guide to SAP cloud platform integration to learn which strategies best fit into your business strategy. Take the survey to access the guide here.

  • Your Complete Guide to SAP S4HANA

    There are a lot of misconceptions and missed opportunities surrounding SAP optimization and S/4HANA migration. Address these potential issues and maximize your SAP investments with this thorough, expert guide to SAP S/4HANA after answering a few quick questions about your SAP plans.

  • Best Practices for SAP S4HANA Migration and Implementation

    Migrating to SAP may be a no-brainer to some companies, but preparation is key. Before jumping in, make sure to read through this e-guide to learn all about the benefits and setbacks your organization may experience throughout the process. Complete this survey to access the full guide.

  • The 8 Best Cloud Security Certifications for IT Pros in 2021

    As cloud adoption has furthered the need for cloud security pros, it has also increased the number of cloud security certifications available. Want to grow your career? Complete a brief survey to download this e-guide detailing the 8 best cloud security certifications for IT pros in 2021.

  • Ultimate Guide to Cybersecurity Incident Response

    Security threats and vulnerabilities, and the subsequent incidents and breaches that they can lead to, affect all organizations, regardless of size or industry. In this e-guide, learn everything you need to know about Incident response and how to best secure your organization during a cyberattack.

  • Top Benefits of SOAR Tools, Plus Potential Pitfalls to Consider

    To keep pace with a constant and dynamic barrage of cyberthreats, organizations are embracing next-generation capabilities, like security operations, automation and response (SOAR) into their cybersecurity stack. Read this e-guide to review the top SOAR tools and compare the benefits and drawbacks of SOAR technologies.

  • Network Monitoring Market Converges with Security Analytics

    In this e-guide, discover the future of network management, and how it has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Threat Detection and Response Demands Proactive Stance

    In this e-guide, read about Threat Detection and Response and why the defenses we use to protect against cyberattacks must evolve.

  • How A Platform Approach To Security Monitoring Initiatives Adds Value: Integration, Orchestration, Analytics, Automation And The Need For Speed

    As security monitoring initiatives mature, a platform approach can reduce the time to detect, investigate, respond to, and recover from security related incidents. Check out this Aberdeen research paper to learn about the ROI and business outcomes a platform approach to security can have on your organization.

  • The Forrester Wave™: Multimodal Predictive Analytics And Machine Learning, Q3 2020

    Implementing the right multimodal predictive analytics and machine learning (PAML) solution might be the most important decision enterprises make on their journey to AI success. Read this Forrester Wave report to learn which PAML providers offer the market’s leading solutions, which uses cases each vendor excels in, and what drives PAML success.

  • An SRE journey to AIOp

    Powered by innovations from IBM Research, IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps empowers your SREs and IT operations teams to move from a reactive to proactive posture towards application-impacting incidents. Use AI across every aspect of your IT operations toolchain to improve resiliency and efficiency. Download the whitepaper now, let IBM guide you.

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