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  • Hybrid IT Is the New Normal for IT Infrastructure

    Click inside to explore the challenges that businesses like yours are facing around building and managing modern IT infrastructures – and how hybrid cloud can bring out the best of both worlds.

  • Hybrid IT Is the New Normal for IT Infrastructure

    Click inside to explore the challenges that businesses like yours are facing around building and managing modern IT infrastructures – and how hybrid cloud can bring out the best of both worlds.

  • Workstream Collaboration with the Power of Watson

    How can artificial intelligence improve your collaboration software? View this resource for more information on how IBM Watson Workspace can be useful to your organization.

  • Competencies in the AI Era: Properly Leveraging AI with HR

    If you want to leverage AI with HR, there is 1 essential activity you should start now: audit the quality of your organization's competency frameworks. Download this white paper to learn the importance of competencies to AI in HR, and review how using AI could help simplify recruitment, career coaching and learning.

  • Modern Data Science: Best Practices for Predictive Analytics

    Data science and machine learning provide the basis for business growth, cost and risk reduction. IBM SPSS is a data science tool that many people use for all of those purposes. Read this white paper for 10 tips on how to use IBM SPSS Modeler effectively within your organization.

  • How This Content Management Suite Can Save You Time and Money

    Forrester's Total Economic Impact Report found that implementing comprehensive content management suite, IBM Connections, increased employee productivity by 20% over 3 years. Download this research report to review more findings on the economic impact of IBM Connections.

  • Optimize Machine Learning Decisions

    Prescriptive analytics provide companies with a tremendous advantage. Companies such as Amazon, UPS, and McDonald's used prescriptive analytics to streamline their business decisions to drive their competition out of business. Learn more about prescriptive analytics and machine learning in this webcast.

  • Choosing An AI-Based Text Analytics Platforms

    How are you going to choose your AI-based text analytics platform? Forrester Research released a report comparing 8 of the top AI-based text analytics platforms on several qualities. Read this white paper to learn what those qualities and platforms are and how to choose the right text analytics platform for your organization.

  • Simplify Complex business Decisions with Data Science

    Download this resource to discover how decision-optimization technology can help data scientists and decision-makers build optimization models, optimize engines, and increase ROI.

  • Open Source and IBM SPSS Modeler

    Many businesses are turning to open source platforms for data analytics, but they can be intimidating for business users. Explore how you can use IBM SPSS Modeler to help your business users analyze data more easily and efficiently.

  • Unified Governance and Integration

    Growth in data has raised the stakes for compliance as failure to rein in a unified strategy for governance and integration could lead to overwhelming penalties. Download this white paper to discover the 7 building blocks details for establishing unified governance and integration at your organization.

  • Big Data Fabric Vendors of 2018/19

    Here in Forrester's Wave report, Forrester identifies the 15 most significant big data fabric vendors. Download now to get an analysis of 26 criteria for each vendor, including IBM, Cloudera, TIBCO Software, and more.

  • Governed Data Lakes for Business Insights

    Secure data sharing is crucial when multiple teams require access to enterprise data, and to help manage this data organizations can turn to a governed data lake. In this white paper discover the architecture of a governed data lake, 4 types of data consumers, and more.

  • Don't Let Bad Data Compromise Your Intelligence

    Can you trust that data? While businesses continuously collect data for improving their insights, many underestimate the potential pitfalls of poor data governance. In this white paper, learn to use data governance for a competitive advantage, including 3 keys to an ideal data governance strategy.

  • Evaluation: Multimodal Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning Tools

    There is a gaggle of providers promising predictive analytics and machine learning technologies and each expresses never-ending buzz about their product. Download this Forrester Wave report to get a 24-criteria evaluation of the 13 most prominent providers in predictive analytics and machine learning technology.

  • Why the Cloud is Now a Boardroom Issue

    Tune in to hear from IBM's leading cloud experts on why the cloud is a boardroom issue – and why the consequences of waiting too long can spell disaster.

  • How To Leapfrog The Competition

    Find out how IBM is bringing its clientele in the financial services market a competitive edge through thought leadership, and how they can help your business reach its transformation goals – whether you're in the finance industry or not.

  • Cloud for Financial Markets

    In this report, find out how banking and financial service leaders are integrating the cloud into their business models, leveraging it for improved data analytic capabilities, operational innovation opportunities, and more.

  • The CEO's Paradox

    The primary goal of today's C-suite execs may seem paradoxical – cutting costs while still investing in the future. Tune in to hear from a group of leading cloud experts from IBM and discover how they're using their expertise to bring clients an expedited pathway to the cloud – aligning the goals of both the board room and IT.

  • Moving Beyond Basic BI

    Aberdeen Group compiled this report to highlight how the best companies are adopting BI tools that are capable of aggregating, analyzing and interpreting the massive amounts of data moving through organizations today.

  • The Augmented Analytics Approach by IBM

    The companies that thrive in the world of data share a common trait: They are fast. Specifically, they are fast at making data-driven decisions. Discover how wider adoption of augmented analytics can help your organization hit the mark for fast and accurate decisions, making way for smarter self-service, modeling and reporting.

  • BARC Score: Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms

    In the digital world, having a modern enterprise BI platform is vital. But with all of the available platforms, which one is right for you? This report provides an overview of the leading vendors and their products that provide BI functionality and supply four out of six technologies from a functional portfolio.

  • A Look Inside the IBM FlashSystem 9100 Storage Family

    This Silverton Consulting brief will introduce you to a new member of the flash family that includes an NVMe drive interface: IBM FlashSystem 9100. Access your copy for the specifics on how this architecture increases raw capacity, reduces latency, and provides high IOPS performance for your systems.

  • Brief on IBM Spectrum NAS, Spectrum Scale, and Cloud Object Storage

    This brief covers the features and use cases of IBM Spectrum NAS, as well as two other systems in the IBM family: Spectrum Scale and Cloud Object Storage. Read on to learn when and where to use each system, with a detailed chart breaking down their use cases.

  • What the Feds Think About AI and Cybersecurity

    AI has a clear value for cybersecurity, but why does the government fear its use? Download this resource and explore the government's opinions of AI and cybersecruity.

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