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  • How Medibank Upgraded and Migrated MicroStrategy to the Cloud Rapidly

    Watch this video to learn how major insurance provider Medibank migrated to MicroStrategy Cloud rapidly to embrace the flexibility, performance, and extensibility of the cloud and take advantage of MicroStrategy’s intelligence analytics and accessibility to reduce churn, cut costs, and improve the customer experience.

  • Pfizer Success Story

    When Pfizer’s Global Business Intelligence group struggled with speed and consistency while evolving their BI roadmap, they knew it was time for a change. Explore this customer success story to learn about MicroStrategy, the solution Pfizer selected, and see the results of the partnership.

  • BARC Score Enterprise BI & Analytics Platforms

    This BARC Score report will evaluate BI & analytics platforms on a range of features, from data visualization capabilities to semantic modeling abilities, performance and speed to automation capabilities. Download the report here to see the vendor stack-up.


    If you’ve invested in analytics, collected and analyzed data, and still aren’t seeing the value you expect, you aren’t alone. Inside, explore how MicroStrategy provides you with the playbook and tools you need to pull value from data and democratize this ability across your organization.

  • The smart data challenge: How are financial services firms using data to drive innovation and keep up with the digital disruptors?

    Financial service organizations are using AI and advanced analytics to deliver seamless, personalized customer experiences across channels. Access this e-book to learn how various data-driven technologies are improving application time to market, meeting regulatory requirements, answering customer demands for digital products, and much more.

  • Analytics and Data Value Index: 2021 Vendor and Product Assessment

    In this Ventana Research report, you’ll learn how data and analytics tools stack up when it comes to delivering timely, accurate, and accessible insight across your organization. Read on to discover why vendors like MicroStrategy have been rated as “exemplary,” with this solution standing out for its usability, reliability, and cloud optimization.

  • Data, BI & Analytics Trend Monitor 2021 The world's largest survey of data, BI and analytics trends

    In this BARC research study, Data, BI & Analytics Trend Monitor 2021, you’ll see the results of one of the world’s largest surveys of data, BI, and analytics trends, examining the effects of COVID disruption in fields like AI and ML and the overall stability of preexisting trends. Access it today to learn more.

  • Checklist For Achieving BI Agility: How To Create An Agile BI Environment

    The following white paper explores the importance of having an agile business intelligence solution for survival in today's market. Learn how to facilitate a more agile BI environment and gain access to the Agile BI checklist—a helpful tool to use on the road to BI success.

  • In-Memory Analytics: Solutions for the Modern World

    Tune into the following webcast to get a firsthand look at how in-memory analytics are opening up new pathways to faster insights and better business performance. Learn what differentiates in-memory analytics from past business intelligence models.

  • Top 5 Analytics Applications in Financial Services

    The following white paper explores the top 5 analytics applications for financial service institutions. Learn how you can better manage your bottom line, analyze risk, and glean deeper insights than ever before.

  • High Performance Analytics Benchmark Results

    The following white paper explores the current market need for higher performance analytics and introduces an all-inclusive analytics solution that can handle complex environments, big data growth, and scalability. Read on to learn how you can gain better actionable insights, save capital, and more.

  • MicroStrategy Analytics Platform: Fueling Better Business Decisions

    Learn about an analytics platform capable of providing a full range of analytic functionalities, and will give you the flexibility you need for future growth.

  • Information-Driven Apps: The Evolution of the Dashboard

    The following white paper explores a dashboard engine that allows organizations to create exception information-driven applications in a code-free, replicable, and maintainable manner. Read on to learn more.

  • Cloud 2.0: Delivering Value to the Enterprise

    The following white paper explores the current state of cloud within the business environment with particular attention to cloud 2.0. Learn what's new with cloud 2.0, what factors are driving this shift, and most importantly, uncover which best practices will ensure success in a cloud 2.0 world.

  • Revolutionizing How Business Intelligence is Delivered

    The following white paper explores a cloud-based business intelligence solution that provides high-performance analytics to fortune 50 as well as SMBs. Learn how this solution can allow you to focus on core business processes while delivering scalable analytics that are both cost efficient and low risk.

  • MicroStrategy Mobile QuickStrike

    The following white paper introduces a mobile application development solution that can allow you to build, deploy, utilize, and capitalize on mobile applications without having to rely on IT for help.

  • MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop Quick Start Guide

    The following white paper explores an analytics desktop solution that enables the exploration, allocation, and presentation of insights simply, and without needing direct support from your IT department. Learn how you can get started quickly and without typical implementation hiccups.

  • Mobile BI: A Must Have in the New Mobile-First World

    "Anyone that uses BI has the need for mobile BI," said BI analyst Howard Dresner, president at Dresner Advisory Services. In this exclusive e-guide, learn more from Dresner and other mobile experts about why mobile BI is a must-have for forward-thinking businesses, and get advice on best practices for developing a mobile plan.

  • Effectively Leveraging CRM Analytics

    This expert e-guide discusses how to measure success with mobile, social, and analytics with a new set of metrics. Also, discover Forrester Research Inc. analyst Mike Gualtieri's four steps to developing a customer data management strategy that allows you to successfully leverage analytics.

  • MicroStrategy Customer Success Story: Ceva Santé Animale

    The CIO of Ceva Santé Animale, a global veterinary health company, wanted to "have everything on all devices without VPN (PC, Mac, iPad, Android and Blackberry." View this brief case study to learn how CSA built a sales enablement application on a mobile platform that aggregates CRM, ERP and sales data.

  • MicroStrategy Customer Success Story:

    In this brief case study, find out how AutoTrader developed a mobile application that enabled advertising consultants to easily access reports and other business-critical information on-the-go, in a meeting, or wherever they might be.

  • Data Discovery and Visualization

    The ability to start with any data, select a visualization, and begin understanding that data immediately with simple drag and drop actions for making dashboards can give your business a serious upper hand on competitors. Check out this short video to see a demonstration of data visualization analytics and try it now with a free download!


    Following nine other surveys, the BI Survey 10 analyzed the platforms of six of the largest BI vendors and asked 2,961 organizations across 80 countries many of the same questions as previous years. Read this now and learn how organizations view certain aspects of their BI tools, such as response time, performance, business benefits and more.

  • Mobile Business Intelligence: When Mobility Matters

    Mobile business intelligence is a process, not a project, and a journey rather than a destination. The case studies included represent two forms that mobile BI can take to empower the mobile worker and port existing applications. This paper discusses two different companies, their environments, reasons for going mobile and key success factors.

  • How CFOs Use Business Intelligence to Turn Finance from Record Keepers to Strategic Advisors

    This TDWI Best Practices report identifies how business intelligence (BI) enables finance and accounting executives, managers and analysts to be powerful agents of organizational change. The paper includes practical advice and best practices for finance departments to partner with IT to leverage financial and non-financial data strategically.

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