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  • Automate And Optimize Logistics Processes

    Sponsored by: Zebra Technologies

    As e-commerce volumes soar, many warehouses are looking to automation to improve operational efficiency. From track and trace to packaging preparation, you'll see how to leverage smart cameras to improve processes and transform productivity.

  • Retail Finance Transformation

    Sponsored by: KPMG LLP

    Retail CFOs have to help their organizations handle rapid change—which isn't easy with legacy systems for accounting, analytics, and planning. Learn how cloud systems can help your organization achieve rapid ROI and streamline processes in this whitepaper from Workday and KPMG.

  • CW Europe - June-August 2021: Amsterdam reins back datacentre developments over environmental concerns

    Sponsored by:

    The construction of datacentres in the Netherlands' Amsterdam region has accelerated at such a pace that their demands for electricity are causing concern, prompting city authorities and datacentre operator to open a dialogue about sustainable datacentre industry expansion.

  • Kogan Achieves Hyper Growth And Increased Sales While Leveraging Insights From New Relic

    Sponsored by: New Relic

    Open up this case study to see how New Relic was able to help, an online retailer, automate their processes and better understand what was happening with their logs, statements, and flows, and learn how you can do the same in your organization.

  • Filling The Observability Gap

    Sponsored by: New Relic

    Open up this report to uncover research findings about monitoring and observability, as well as the key challenges to tool consolidation, and an outline of steps for approaching consolidation in your organization.


    Sponsored by: Liongard

    The changing business and IT landscape has led to the rise of managed services, and today’s providers are offering vCIO services to increase their value to current clients and close new business. Open up this eBook to learn more about vCIO.

  • Enterprise SRE: site service reliability

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    When SRE was first coined at Google in 2003, SRE teams were there to substitute automation for human labor wherever possible. As technology changed, however, so did SRE functions. It has evolved far past a once-limited notion into one that is more cost-effective, innovative, and resilient. Open up this eBook to learn more about SRE in 2021.

  • How to Choose Your Next Server

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    Which vendors are you considering for your next Server Hardware purchase? Are there key features that matter above all else when making a server hardware selection? We're looking for feedback from qualified IT pros like you on your top server hardware projects and investments you have planned in 2021. Share your thoughts now!

  • IT Priorities 2020: European IT budget share reflects home-working challenges brought by Covid

    Sponsored by:

    European organisations are being forced to redivert more limited budgets during the pandemic. This Eguide dives into the reasons as to how and why this shift is occurring in IT companies across the continent.

  • IT Priorities 2020: Covid-19 accelerates cloud investments by UK IT leaders

    Sponsored by:

    The updated 2020 IT Priorities Survey from Computer Weekly and TechTarget shines a light on how the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has reshaped IT leaders' technology investment plans.

  • IT Priorites 2020 - After Covid 19 security goes back to basics

    Sponsored by:

    This year's transition to remote working highlighted big gaps in the fundamentals of security, as updated TechTarget/Computer Weekly data reveals.

  • 2020 Media Consumption Series - Why

    Sponsored by:

    In this infographic based on the results of our 2020 Media Consumption Survey, find out why sales reps with data-driven intent get the best response and what subject line gets the open?

  • 2020 Media Consumption Series - What

    Sponsored by:

    In this inforgraphic, we show the results of our 2020 Media Consumption Survey. Find out what prospects' advice is for your content creation team and what data users are willing to share in exchange for quality content?

  • IT Priorities 2020 - Budgets rejigged to support 2021 recovery

    Sponsored by:

    IT has been essential in helping organisations remain operational. IT chiefs are now considering the IT to drive a sustained business recovery.

  • Guide to Digital Transformation Success

    Sponsored by: Red Hat and Intel

    COVID-19 may have accelerated digital transformation, but it shows no signs of slowing down. Organizations need to continue their digital transformation efforts to ensure the continuation of remote work and other initiatives brought on by the pandemic. Open up this E-Guide to get started on the path towards digital transformation success

  • 7 Secrets of IT Automation

    Sponsored by: CloudBolt Software

    IT automation holds the promise of making business processes quicker and more efficient, but it has always just been a pipe dream. Until now. Open up this resource to uncover 7 secrets of IT automation.

  • Deliver a CMDB with true business value: 6 essential steps

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    An unhealthy CMDB can be damaging to an organization. A healthy CMDB, however, can do just the opposite. However, a healthy CMDB doesn’t just happen. You need to identify clear objectives and develop a comprehensive strategy first. Open up this eBook to check out 6 essential steps towards creating and maintaining a healthy CMDB in your oranization.

  • Overcoming IT Audit Challenges With Enterprise Technology Orchestration

    Sponsored by: Oomnitza

    In this white paper, explore how to solve IT audit challenges – such as inaccurate or manual audit processes – with enterprise technology orchestration, or, ETO. Open now to learn more.

  • How Enterprise Technology Orchestration Is Transforming IT

    Sponsored by: Oomnitza

    The sudden acceleration of digital transformation has created a prevalent need for a new approach to technology orchestration for the enterprise. That’s where ETO steps in to help transform IT. Open up this white paper to learn more about ETO, including an in-depth definition, core and emergent uses cases, and more.

  • Combining the power of our proprietary platform with our consulting services to provide deep business insights

    Sponsored by: Ensono Limited

    According to a recent survey, 80% of organizations are either completely blind or have gaps in monitoring their cloud environments. Open up this white paper to see how to get the broad visibility and deep insights you need to gain control of your diverse IT environments, while saving both time and money for your organization.

  • Enterprise Technology Orchestration Solution Overview

    Sponsored by: Oomnitza

    Open up this overview of Enterprise Technology Orchestration (ETO) to explore challenges of ETO digital enterprises and how to circumvent them, how to orchestrate your technology portfolio, and much more.

  • Partnering For Software Asset Management Success

    Sponsored by: Livingstone Group

    There are many differences of opinion as to what good Software Asset Management (SAM) looks like, as well as a shortage in the availability of key SAM skills. Download this eBook to take a look at the different types of partners available and how to select the right one according to your organization’s needs.

  • Eight Digital Best Practices For IT Professionals

    Sponsored by: DocuSign, Inc.

    Open up this paper to see 8 iways that IT teams can make help make significant progress in their organization’s digital transformation.

  • Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company (PLM) Case Study

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Understand how PLM uses VMware Cloud on AWS for their DR needs and how it helped them optimize their DR costs.

  • The Business Value of Hybrid Cloud

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Discover how VMware customers were able to achieve strong business value and cost reductions.

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