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  • 2020 Global CIO Report

    Sponsored by: Dynatrace

    Dynamic multiclouds, limited resources, and the need to scale can create the perfect storm of disruption in your IT operations. Luckily, this 2020 Global CIO Report can help you make sense of digital business success. Learn how to get back in control of IT here.

  • Technical Managing Commercial and Custom Applications in a Hybrid Environment

    Sponsored by: SolarWinds, Inc.

    Access this white paper to learn the 6 key challenges facing application monitoring, discover the SolarWinds solutions designed to help, and watch demos that show them in action.

  • Raise the bar for operational resilience

    Sponsored by: Cutover

    Unfortunately, the mixing of old and new has a high cost: service outages, compromised data, and other operational disruptions are far more likely. This white paper evaluates key trends for operational resilience so that businesses can benefit from their mix of solutions without the risk.

  • The Future of Work: Preparing for the Improbable

    Sponsored by: Cutover

    The future of work environments takes a tone of uncertainty in a post-COVID world. Dive inside this white paper to explore the most common questions and considerations surrounding the “future of work” as we know it in a post-COVID-19 world.

  • Simplify Your IT Infrastructure Management with SolarWinds

    Sponsored by: SolarWinds, Inc.

    In today’s rapidly changing IT software landscape, 29% of IT teams’ digital bandwidth is spent dealing with digital performance issues—to the tune of $2.5 million annually. Watch this video to learn how SolarWinds’ IT Operations Management can help you reduce this wasted time and money with better monitoring, security, management, and more.

  • Work Orchestration And Observability Become Critical For Operational Resilience

    Sponsored by: Cutover

    Access this white paper to discover why the industry is facing more IT failures and learn how a work orchestration and observability platform eliminates disruptive failures and ensure operational resilience

  • Consumption-Based Infrastructure on Your Terms

    Sponsored by: Datacentrix and HPE

    Inside this white paper, learn how as-a-service capacity offerings can provide your enterprise the agility and economics of public cloud alongside the security of on-prem IT deployments—and with increased control over the entire environment.

  • Techflix: Empowering Developers

    Sponsored by: Sogeti

    DevOps is a crucial part of digital transformation; but many businesses don’t understand the differences between DevOps and Enterprise DevOps. Watch this webinar to see how DevOps at scale presents new challenges to companies and learn how you can navigate these challenges with the right tools and strategies.

  • Digital Transformation – Simplified

    Sponsored by: SolarWinds, Inc.

    Access this resource to get to the bottom of what IT vendors mean by digital transformation, learn 5 key use cases and 3 hurdles to jump, and discover how SolarWinds is bringing simplicity to it all with a consolidated, simple approach to IT environments.

  • Do You Have a Complete Picture of Your IT Spend?

    Sponsored by: NVIDIA and Dell Technologies

    On average, it’s estimated that over 80% your organization’s annual IT spend is already committed—but not to anything exciting. Instead, it’s locked into depreciation and maintenance costs. Dive into this brief paper to learn how to identify your committed IT costs over the next three to five years and formulate a plan to reduce them.

  • VMware Your Way with Kubernetes

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies and VMware

    While containers and virtual machines are useful in production, their use can complicate an already overwhelming situation for IT. Read this custom white paper to learn how, with the right solutions from Dell Technologies and VMware, IT can run a flexible, scalable single architecture that supports VMs side by side with containers.

  • Data Storage Cost Containment Strategies

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    Check out this webcast to hear a discussion about storage cost containment strategies, how to better manage growing data volumes while maximizing IT budgets, the challenges facing legacy data’s role on the journey to cloud modernization, and more.

  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance Book of Knowledge

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) is becoming a staple when it comes to risk management and meeting regulatory requirements. Read on to unlock the Governance, Risk, and Compliance Book of Knowledge and discover why organizations are opting for GRC tools and the benefits they’re realizing.

  • IT-GRC Tools

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    IT GRC tools are emerging as one of the most effective ways for organizations to create, organize and manage GRC policies. This KuppingerCole Market Compass report covers the top IT GRC vendors and tools that can assist organizations in reducing the risk of non-compliance – read on to unlock the full report.

  • Modernize IT For Business Resilience

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies and VMware

    Access this custom resource to learn 3 key factors in modernizing IT for business resilience and discover 2 business resilience success stories.

  • Digital Transformation for CIOs

    Sponsored by: SocialChorus

    If employees are left in the dark, that can put your entire digital initiative at risk. Using an internal communications tool can help ensure your workers are aware, and ready, to embrace change. Read this eBook to explore the 7 steps of using a workforce communication platform to drive transformational change.

  • Learning from COVID-19: Security and Continuity Planning

    Sponsored by: Panda Security

    As organizations search for ways to improve network performance in the wake of almost-ubiquitous remote work, security threats loom larger and larger. But IT professionals cannot face this challenge alone – they need a set of guidelines to manage security and continuity planning. Read this in-depth e-book to learn some of these guidelines.

  • IT Service Management Book of Knowledge

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Dive into this eBook for a firsthand recap of what was covered during ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2020 digital event, including thought-leadership presentations, breakout sessions from customers and experts, and more.

  • IT Consolidation - What’s Next for Government and Education Modernization Initiatives?

    Sponsored by: SolarWinds, Inc.

    In order to realize the full value of IT consolidation, organizations must also consolidate their IT operations management (ITOM) tools. Access this white paper to learn the 5 steps to enhance your organization’s IT consolidation with tool consolidation and the 8 benefits it can bring.

  • Benefits of Migrating from Web Access Management (WAM)

    Sponsored by: Okta

    For organizations favoring hybrid IT environments, web access management (WAM) tools have historically offered effective security. However, as these organizations grew, WAM began to show signs of cracking. Read this white paper to learn more about the disadvantages of WAM and how to secure hybrid IT environments.

  • The Automated Enterprise: Unify People and Processes

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Access this ebook to learn how IT automation and Ansible work at the enterprise level to transform network, infrastructure, security, DevOps, and other IT services.

  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    In this comprehensive guide, find the answers to all your questions about Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes, including: What are some key use cases of the management platform? How does this solution extend the value of the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform? How is Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management deployed?

  • Achieve Operational Efficiencies To Drive Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies and VMware

    Regardless of industry, improving operational efficiencies in IT is one of the most important factors in driving a successful digital transformation. In this TechTarget article, learn how improving operational efficiency has helped the Miami Dolphins, the City of Monroe, and Frost Science.

  • Convince Your Boss: How to Get Buy-In for the Tools You Love

    Sponsored by: Atlassian

    Access this e-book to learn 5 steps to prepare you for a pitch to achieve buy-in with decision makers for useful team based or even company wide tools.

  • Don't be Afraid of Cloud Security

    Sponsored by: Apcela

    The push to move applications and services to the cloud often opens security vulnerabilities that you read about as headlines. Conversely, the fear of these security events results in network policy that inhibits the speed and performance of business. Watch this webcast for a discussion on balancing speed and security from a CIO’s perspective.

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