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  • Dell EMC Isilon Makes Its Efficiency Story Even Stronger

    According to ESG research, 30% of senior business decision makers cite difficulty accessing data they need for business operations and analysis. Access this ESG white paper to learn if Dell EMC Isilon’s all-flash platform can address this issue and many more.

  • Dell EMC PowerScale OneFS Powered Systems: A closer look

    Access this white paper to learn the results of Dell EMC’s Forrester Total Impact Study on their PowerScale OneFS scale-out NAS systems, which include a costs analysis, key results, and 4 quantified benefits.

  • A Principled Technologies Report: Hands-on Testing. Real-world Results.

    Access this white paper to see how Dell EMC Isilon F800 All-Flash Storage compares to a similar all-flash competitor in areas like storage capacity, performance, and more.

  • Dell EMC PowerScale

    Access this white paper to learn how Dell EMC PowerScale provides the efficiency, flexibility, scalability, security, and protection for you to store massive amounts of unstructured data within a cluster.

  • Top Reasons to Choose Dell EMC PowerScale

    For those folks researching flexible, scale-out storage solutions that are simple to install, manage, and scale to accommodate expanding data volumes, you’ve come to the right place. Download the following datasheet to view the top 5 benefits of one such solution— Dell EMC PowerScale.

  • Dell EMC PowerScale: Unlocking the Potential within Your Data

    Read this data sheet to discover the capabilities of Dell EMC’s PowerScale and to learn how it seamlessly scales performance and capacity to handle unstructured data workloads.

  • Support modern applications with Dell Technologies Cloud

    The time of virtualized infrastructure is coming to an end. Now, IT teams are witnessing the next evolution in application architecture: cloud-native, containerized infrastructures. This guide outlines the key requirements your IT team needs to deploy and develop modern applications.

  • Dell Technologies Cloud Platform with Subscription

    The concept of applying the cloud consumption model to data center infrastructure is gaining traction. The main pull is a shift from traditional capital expenditure and toward ongoing operating expenses. Dell Technologies Cloud Platform leads with subscription pricing, which allows for that elusive flexibility. Learn more in this data sheet.

  • Gain flexibility and simplified manageability with the right hybrid cloud

    In this solution brief, learn how hybrid cloud can get your business one step closer to your digital transformation goals, starting with Dell EMC PowerEdge MX and VMware Cloud Foundation solutions.

  • Purpose-Built Backup Appliances: Market Results

    To assist you on your PBBA journey, IDC has done market research on PBBA’s distinguishing characteristics, top benefits, trends, considerations, and more. Access this IDC white paper to learn if it’s time to implement a PBBA in your organization.

  • Data Protection for Kubernetes on VMware

    Containers were originally developed as a method to package, deploy and isolate applications from each other to improve density. But as cloud native applications have matured, so too has the orchestration capabilities of containers. Download this white paper to learn more about data protection for containerized apps.

  • Dell EMC Integrated Appliances

    If you’re going to send data to the cloud, you need to be smart about how you protect your investments and data in the cloud. Data protection that you can trust is critical to deploying multiple clouds that drive digital transformation. Download this white paper to learn more about why organizations are turning to Dell as a trusted partner.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Achieving Deeper Insights

    While AI has become a magical buzz word for many salespeople, the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of AI deployments are most successful when targeted as specific solutions for specific problems. Check out this short white paper by Dell EMC to learn more about the current state of AI, as well as where adoption will be heading soon.

  • 4 Criteria for Selecting the Best Hyperconverged Infrastructure Provider

    In a recent study by the Edison Group, the Dell EMC HCI portfolio stood out from the competition in for 4 key areas. Access this data sheet to view these 4 areas to help guide your HCI implementation journey.

  • Data Security: An Organizational Issue for Everyone

    Experts say businesses can use the GDPR to their advantage to provide data-driven digital services. Read this paper to find out how and to examine several methods with which your company can establish resilient data protection and security across the board.

  • Digital Controllers Optimize, Digital Transformers Innovate

    Every IT organization can either be described as a "digital controller" or a "digital transformer". Where does your team fall, and how should that impact the way you think about desktop management and PC lifecycle? Take a look at this Forrester Report to find out the optimal PC lifecycle plan for you.

  • Manufacturing success within the cloud

    Download this case study to see the measurable increase in Plex's cloud and warehouse productivity using NVMe flash and learn how you could leverage this flash system for your own benefit.

  • A Data-Powered Mindset Drives Business Results

    How are organizations evolving their storage systems to ensure they can unlock the full value of their data capital? Download this paper to find out and to learn how you can take advantage of the strategies herein.

  • 5 Steps to Unlock Your Data's Value for Higher KPIs and Improved Protection

    Forrester Research recently studied 500+ companies in an effort to help IT decision-makers understand their data capital maturity. Read this resource to view the results of that study and to discover Forrester's 5 recommendations to boost your performance metrics and to fully unlock your data's hidden value.

  • 4 Ways To Unlock Value From Your Data with Modern Storage

    IDC recently conducted a study to determine how to simplify the data landscape and help organizations achieve effective data capital creation. Download this resource to view the results of that study and to discover 4 ways to unlock more value from your data with modern storage.

  • Protecting Virtual Environments with Integrated Data Protection Appliances from Dell EMC

    To improve the protection and recovery of virtual environments, this ESG lab review divulges the results of extensive performance testing conducted on the Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA)—which aims to efficiently protect virtual environments at scale.

  • 5 Tips to Keep On-Site Workers Productive

    Employees are only as productive as their workspaces allow them to be. Download this resource for 5 tips on how to keep your employees as productive as possible.

  • 4 Tips to Keep Off-Site Workers Productive

    In this infographic uncover 4 tips on how to keep remote workers up and running as efficiently as possible – from connectivity to security and more.

  • 3 Tips to Keep Field Workers Productive

    Check out this infographic to learn 3 ways you can provide field workers with the tools they need to be most productive in any environment.

  • Data is on the Move

    Download this infographic for statistics on data security and employee efficiency from Forrester.

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