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  • Top 10 information management stories of 2019

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    Consolidation and acquisition marked the supplier side of the IT industry in respect of information management in 2019. The question of how modern BI and analytics software shapes up to nonrelational big data is addressed. Here are Computer Weekly's top 10 information management stories of 2019.

  • Why More High-Performance Companies Are Depending on Intent Data

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    What is B2B intent data and how can it help your organization? Inside, get a crash course on B2B intent data. Learn how B2B intent data can help your organization glean actionable insights, and uncover top intent use cases today.

  • The Rise of Unified Data and Analytic Platforms

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    Unified data and analytics platforms have emerged on the scene after trending towards each other for decades. While these solutions may promise everything you want, they might not always deliver what your company needs. Read this Eckerson Group report to learn how to navigate this market and circumvent any potential challenges.

  • Building Blocks of a Modern Analytics Platform

    Sponsored by: Tableau Software

    Read this white paper to explore the fundamental building blocks of integrating a modern analytics platform into your business structure to tackle any data challenges at hand.

  • 5 Reasons Why Adopting an API-First CMS is Critical for Your Business

    Sponsored by: Contentstack

    In this article, explore how today's leading CMS technology differs from traditional CMS tools. Review the product features and benefits of an API-first CMS, and discover 5 reasons why your organization should make the switch.

  • Digital Transformation: Whose Job Is It, Anyway?

    Sponsored by: Contentstack

    When it comes to digital transformation, no one gets to say, "That's not my job." But whose job is it? Inside, discover who's responsible for your organization's digital transformation. Review the pros and cons of a digital transformation project, and learn how a headless CMS can help streamline your organization's transformation initiatives.

  • Self-Service Business Intelligence Market Study

    Sponsored by: Domo Technologies

    Business intelligence platforms are now more complex than ever, often providing integration, collaboration, and data management tools alongside more traditional analytics and BI offerings. Yet not all these tools have proven to be successful. Check out this report examining the self-service BI market to see which ones are right for you.

  • FORBES Insights: The Business Analyst Role has evolved

    Sponsored by: Teradata

    Here Forbes and Teradata examine the ways the business analyst position has evolved, and what skills analysts need to succeed today and going forward.

  • Think Big with Smart OLAP

    Sponsored by: Kyvos Insights, Inc

    While developments in the cloud and analytics have led to a golden age of data and business insight, the ever-increasing amount of data has already started to weigh down these systems and lead to unsatisfactory BI query times. Access this white paper to learn how Kyvos’s OLAP innovations can help you run your data faster, and at greater scales.

  • Gartner Peer Insights: Web Content Management

    Sponsored by: Contentstack

    In this article from Gartner, explore the key features of a successful WCM platform. Review what your peers have to say on various WCM vendors, and decide what WCM vendor is right for your organization by reviewing peer insights on Adobe, Contentstack, IBM, Oracle, and more.

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