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  • Real-time Insider Threat Detection using Machine Learning

    Sponsored by: StreamAnalytix

    Banks are facing numerous internal threats these days, as phishing becomes more complex, regulatory requirements become more stringent, and data becomes easier to mishandle. Check out this case study to learn how StreamAnalytix helped identify and prevent these insider threats using predictive analytics, machine learning, and big data tools.

  • Top 10 Ways Vantage is a Game Changer: The Complete Guide White Paper

    Sponsored by: Teradata

    Teradata Vantage, the platform for Pervasive Data Intelligence, offers capabilities that go beyond what other analytic platforms offer to deliver new answers from all your data. Download now to get your copy of the "Top 10 Ways Vantage is a Game Changer: The Complete Guide” to learn the benefits Vantage delivers to its users.

  • Build a High-Performing Data Ecosystem

    Sponsored by: StreamAnalytix

    As companies seek to capture and utilize as much data as possible, they’re beginning to realize that their data architectures can’t handle the weight of all their analytics, ML, and integration initiatives. Read this white paper to learn how you can ensure your company is generating insights at the speed you need to stay competitive.

  • Turning data into actionable insights

    Sponsored by:

    In this e-guide, read more about how companies across Asia-Pacific are turning data into critical assets and overcoming their data management woes. Plus, find out how modern business intelligence shapes up to big data and the value of DataOps in decision-making.

  • Why More High-Performance Companies Are Depending on Intent Data

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    What is B2B intent data and how can it help your organization? Inside, get a crash course on B2B intent data. Learn how B2B intent data can help your organization glean actionable insights, and uncover top intent use cases today.

  • 5 Reasons Why Adopting an API-First CMS is Critical for Your Business

    Sponsored by: Contentstack

    In this article, explore how today's leading CMS technology differs from traditional CMS tools. Review the product features and benefits of an API-first CMS, and discover 5 reasons why your organization should make the switch.

  • 8 Must-Know Content Marketing Trends

    Sponsored by: Contentstack

    View this article to discover 8 must-know content marketing trends turning the marketing world upside-down, and learn how these fresh new trends are expected to change the way marketers interact with consumers forever.

  • Top 10 Business Goals for Small and Midsize Companies

    Sponsored by: Sapphire

    While small and midsize companies have the same long-term business goals as they did a decade ago, the way these companies are working to achieve these goals has shifted. Read on to learn how the top 10 business goals are being achieved in the era of digital connection and data-driven decision making.

  • 6 Reasons Customer Experience Management is the New Enterprise Marketing

    Sponsored by: Contentstack

    In this article, explore 6 reasons why customer experience management (CEM) should take precedence in your enterprise marketing strategy. Discover how a great CX adds value to your brand, and uncover how CEM makes powerful enterprise marketing affordable and attainable.

  • THE 4 Do´s and Donts of Business Analytics

    Sponsored by: Teradata

    In the past few years, business analytics has taken on a new role as a decision-making function. Enterprise leaders can take advantage of this shift by providing their analysts with the right tools to uncover insights. Learn more about the top do's and don'ts of business analytics to help your organization transform data into tangible outcomes.

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