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  • Connected Field Service with Microsoft: Transforming the Customer Experience

    In this e-book, learn about connected field service tools and find out how manufacturers can transform their products and services, while improving customer satisfaction. Explore how 5 organizations are transforming their field service and deepening customer loyalty with end-to-end field connected field service tools.

  • AI Business Basics: What AI Can Do for Your Business

    The opportunity for artificial intelligence to change your business is right now. AI can help create powerful customer experiences, optimize operations and everything in-between. Perhaps it's time to get started with AI at your business. Download this brief guide to better understand AI and how it can help your business.

  • Global Autonomous Driving Market Outlook

    AI will impact the automobile industry in a remarkable number of ways. For a comprehensive global market analysis of AI, automation and automobiles, download this 82-page Frost & Sullivan automobile and automation market outlook report.

  • Reimagining Retail in the Digital Age

    Retailers are facing challenges coming from a myriad of directions. In this white paper, explore the opportunities derived by digital transformation, and how retailers can reimagine their businesses and survey and thrive in today's competitive environment.

  • The Future of Manufacturing Report: Blueprints For a Connected Supply Chain

    In today's digital world, manufacturers need to output goods faster and more efficiently to meet elevated demands. Download this white paper to learn about 5 leading technologies that can help guide manufacturers into digital supply chain transformation.

  • AI in Retail Transforms the Marketplace

    In industries that provide a service, customer satisfaction is everything. In this resource, see how the retail industry is using data alongside AI technologies (intelligent agents, machine learning, and cognitive services) to transform processes and develop a competitive edge.

  • Enrich Client Relationships at Scale with Intelligent Sales Advisor

    In this case study, explore an example of how personalized engagement, powered by cutting-edge technology, helped to rebuild customer trust, loyalty, and satisfaction. Learn how you can deliver differentiated experiences with AI and relationship-based selling to better engage customers with personalized interactions.

  • Breaking Down AI: 10 Real Applications in Healthcare

    In this e-book, learn how healthcare leaders can take advantage of AI tools to empower care teams, engage patients, optimize clinical and operational effectiveness, and ultimately transform health. Discover some scenarios in which AI is already delivering value in healthcare.

  • Digital Banking Playbook: Transformation Strategies for a Connected Marketplace

    Jump into this business intelligence playbook, which highlights the opportunities that intelligent cloud and digital transformation unlocks for the organization. Plus, get insight into the state of the finance industry in the wake of disruptive technology and learn how your company can capitalize.

  • Where You Should Use Artificial Intelligence — and Why

    AI is trendy and cool — but do you actually know how to use it to drive business value? Download this Gartner research report to gain insights into various horizontal and vertical uses cases before commencing your own AI projects.

  • A Developer's Guide to Building AI Applications

    As a developer, you probably don't need much convincing on the value of AI – you want to know where to get started. Download this guide to get an introductory roadmap to building AI applications, from integrating AI within your development process, extracting bot-powered insights, setting up an intelligent chatbot, and more.

  • How to Migrate Virtual Machines, Apps, and Data to the Cloud With Confidence

    Gartner predicts that over 80% of CIOs will feel pressure from business leaders to migrate datacenter components onto IaaS. But what are the driving factors behind this massive push? Tune in to get a closer look at the impact of IaaS and how workload migrations are being dictated to the cloud.

  • Introduction to Azure Infrastructure Services

    Tune in to get introduced to Azure IaaS. Whether you're well-acquainted with Azure or have never met, you'll get a glimpse at a collection of scenarios within an enterprise where an IaaS platform can shine, such as deploying virtual machines, monitoring and security, disaster recovery, and more.

  • The Developer's Guide to Azure eBook

    Written by developer for developers, this guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to dive headfirst into Azure. Continue reading to learn how use Azure to run applications, store data, incorporate intelligent technology, build IoT apps, and more.

  • How to Containerize Your Go Code

    To create a container, you need to start with a container image, which bundles up everything that the application needs to run, including all of its dependencies. Check out this tutorial from Azure to see the detailed steps necessary for creating these container images and running containers in your environment.

  • Digital Transformation Starts with Security

    Too many organizations don't realize how sophisticated cyberattacks have become. In the face of compliance challenges, healthcare organizations may struggle to determine where to begin their digital transformation journey. Keep reading to learn about making security end-to-end and creating a defense-in-depth plan.

  • Advanced Analytics Algorithms in Healthcare

    Most clinicians today are drowning in the data they already have, and it doesn't help that that data is growing. Learn how advanced analytics algorithms are helping the healthcare industry with self-service analytics, AI, predictive capabilities and more.

  • Transforming Retail for the Digital Age

    In this white paper, uncover the opportunities for the retail industry to grow, adapt and evolve to address the changing needs of customers and capture new business potential.

  • Five Steps To Modernizing Your Data

    As more and more software buyers are turning towards SaaS platforms rather than on-premise, is your business ready to make the shift? In this guide, learn how to navigate the transition to a SaaS app platform and discover the 5 common issues you'll likely meet along the way.

  • Empowering the Modern Seller: A New Definition of Engagement

    Explore how sales organizations can use fundamental sales strategies and data-driven insights to reach buyers in a seamless sales experience.

  • Enable Smarter Selling and Boost Customer Relationships

    Find out how the power of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM tool with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Office 365 empowers sellers to turn relationships into revenue to grow your business.

  • Architecture de solution : SAP sur Azure

    Accédez à cette architecture de solution SAP sur Azure et découvrez un système SAP distribué sur 3 niveaux qui s'exécute sur SQL Server au coeur de la plateforme en Cloud Microsoft Azure. Poursuivez la lecture pour en savoir plus.

  • Utilisation d'Azure pour l'hébergement et l'exécution de scénarios de charge de travail SAP

    Découvrez comment SAP sur Azure va vous permettre d'exécuter en toute sécurité des scénarios et workloads SAP stratégiques sur une plateforme évolutive et conforme qui a été éprouvée en entreprise.

  • Événements Azure près de chez vous

    Check out this page to see what Azure events are happening in your area.

  • Lösungsarchitektur: SAP in Azure

    Mit dieser Lösungsarchitektur von SAP on Azure erhalten Sie ein verteiltes 3-schichtiges SAP-System, das auf einem SQL-Server auf der Microsoft Azure-Cloudplattform betrieben wird. Lesen Sie weiter, um mehr zu erfahren.

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