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  • Cloud Automation Services : Learn Where and How

    Sponsored by: IBM  | Premiered: Jun 19, 2018

    Identifying where to implement automation is half the battle for IT, and can be especially tricky for companies new to the technology. Tune into this 12-minute webcast to learn how companies like yours are leveraging automation to improve service capabilities, achieve faster time-to-market, and more.

  • Artificial Intelligence: A Silver Bullet in Cyber Security

    Sponsored by: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.  | Premiered: Jun 14, 2018

    AI is revolutionizing cybersecurity. Learn more in this webcast as speaker, Orli Gan uncovers some important information to know about making security practical with intelligent use of AI.

  • How to Hack a Cell Phone

    Sponsored by: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.  | Premiered: Jun 14, 2018

    It's predicted by 2019, mobile malware will amount to one-third of total malware. Listen in on this webcast to learn how to better protect your mobile devices and the motive behind today's hackers.

  • Going Mobile: The Emerging Threat Landscape

    Sponsored by: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.  | Premiered: Jun 14, 2018

    For hackers set on stealing sensitive business data, mobile devices are the new back door to the enterprise network. Listen in on this webcast to learn about the latest modes of attack used by hackers to breach mobile devices and how businesses are staying protected against these 5th generation attacks.

  • Case Study: How IBM Watson Delivers to Food Supplier Operations

    Sponsored by: IBM  | Premiered: Jun 11, 2018

    Automation and machine learning can have a tremendous impact on operations that are reliant on precision and repetition. Tune in to hear from the CTO of one of the largest food suppliers in the United States about how automation streamlined their operations.

  • WAN Management & Configuration Made Easy

    Sponsored by: Talari Networks  | Premiered: Jun 8, 2018

    Watch this brief 3-minute video to see how a WAN management platform can help you provision, assess and adjust your network on the fly—to get the SLAs you're paying for and deliver the SLAs your applications need.

  • Deploy Distributed Deep Learning at Scale

    Sponsored by: IBM  | Premiered: Jun 8, 2018

    Tune into this webcast to learn about AI processing hardware and high performance software library technology, and how these high performance tools can enable deep learning software distributions at an enormous scale.

  • Intel and VMware Collaborating on Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: VMware & Intel  | Premiered: Jun 7, 2018

    How can software-defined storage improve the responsiveness of your on-premises environment? Tune into this multimedia resource to find out. Additionally, Lee Caswell will introduce you to an HCI system with vSAN and Intel Optane Flash to achieve the above, complete with 3D NAND low latency caching.

  • Tracking and Management Tools to Support 500 Million Users

    Sponsored by: Atlassian  | Premiered: Jun 4, 2018

    When you're dealing with hundreds or half a billion users across the world, resolving performance issues as efficiently as possible remains a high priority. With a user base numbering at the latter, learn how LinkedIn got the issue tracking and project management capabilities it needed to provide the best user experience possible, all the time.

  • Scaling Agile From the Data Center to Project Management

    Sponsored by: Atlassian  | Premiered: Jun 4, 2018

    The symptoms of an inefficient project management strategy can include inflexible budget requirements, feedback that's too late in the process, and more. Discover how one global company reimagined their project management to avoid these pitfalls after integrating wide-scale Agile methodology into their PPM strategy.

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