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  • Advantages & Implementation of PoE Powered LED Lighting

    Sponsored by: Panduit  | Premiered: Jan 22, 2018

    As lighting goes digital, it provides strategic ceiling placement for advanced sensor technologies and other devices. In this webcast, discover the advantages of Power over Ethernet (PoE) powered LED lighting and how the implementation impacts the workplace.

  • Next Generation PoE Standards and Codes Update

    Sponsored by: Panduit  | Premiered: Jan 18, 2018

    This webcast details the impact of Power over Ethernet (PoE) on cabling performance and the new NFPA codes on cabling to help your organization with successful deployment.

  • Top Business Intelligence Trends for 2018

    Sponsored by: Tableau Software  | Premiered: Jan 18, 2018

    In this video, hear why machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can be assistive rather than destructive. Even with machine learning and AI, you'll still need humans to interpret the data.

  • Experimentation-Driven Product Development

    Sponsored by: Optimizely  | Premiered: Jan 8, 2018

    Find out how organizations like Google and Netflix have created continuous A/B testing and highly adaptive iteration for their key apps and services with experimentation-driven product development.

  • The Importance of Collaboration Within Organizations

    Sponsored by: BT  | Premiered: Jan 8, 2018

    Discover how your organization can utilize collaboration tools to determine a common ground for more efficient collaboration in the digital space.

  • Simplify SAP Data Integration between Apps without Writing Code

    Sponsored by: K2  | Premiered: Jan 2, 2018

    Access a demo of the K2 platform and find out how to simplify and support SAP data integration in multivendor environments without having to write a single line of code.

  • Enhance Your MS Flow Productivity with BPM

    Sponsored by: K2  | Premiered: Jan 2, 2018

    Watch this video to learn how to create a connector from MS Flow to a business process management and automation platform so you can easily integrate complex systems, build workflows, create forms, and more.

  • Involve Your Customers in Self-Service CRM Applications

    Sponsored by: K2  | Premiered: Jan 2, 2018

    In this webcast, find out how to create self-service CRM apps, facilitate data integration, customize customer portals, and more without having to write any code.

  • Demo: Build Forms, Workflows, and Views without Writing Any Code

    Sponsored by: K2  | Premiered: Jan 2, 2018

    Watch this demo on how to use K2's platform to build and modify forms, workflows, views, and smart user interfaces without writing any code, taking an insurance claim app that communicates customer input to the backend as an example.

  • 5 Quick Wins for Salesforce-Driven Processes

    Sponsored by: K2  | Premiered: Jan 2, 2018

    Find out how you can connect multivendor environments comprised of platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Office without having to write extensive code.

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