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  • Analyst Report: ROI of Looker

    Looker, Google Cloud's BI platform, offers the possibility of deeper data analysis for many businesses, but organizations looking for business intelligence solutions may be hesitant to commit without understanding the system. Read through this analysis report for expert insight on whether Looker's BI solutions are right for your organization.

  • 2022 Data Cloud Forrester Webinar - Turn Data Into Value with Google Cloud

    When it comes to turning data into business value, almost 70% of companies say they are unable to realize tangible value. Watch this webinar to hear from Google Cloud, Forrester, and WPP experts, as they explore Google’s Data Cloud framework for deploying intelligent apps at scale and discuss top data trends to prepare your business for 2022.

  • HSBC: Embracing the cloud to lower risk exposure through rapid insight and analysis capabilities

    One of the world’s largest banking institutions, HSBC, needed to extract meaningful insight from billions of data points for risk simulations on a regular basis. In collaboration with Google Cloud, HSBC developed its Risk Advisory Tool with results including 16x faster risk modeling. To learn more about how HSBC did it, read the full case study.

  • Taking Action To Build A More Sustainable Future

    From moral obligation to business viability, there are plenty of strong reasons to embrace sustainable business practices. The real question, then, is how to get started. Access your copy of this ESG white paper to learn how innovative, data-driven solutions built on Google Cloud can help accelerate your efforts to become resilient and sustainable.

  • 5 steps for US CIOs to build a winning digital transformation strategy

    Discover what’s top of mind for C-suite executives across different countries with these regional trends and insights from the latest BCG research. Access the report here.

  • The Keys to Scaling Digital Value

    How does your digital transformation strategy stack up against leaders around the world? Explore insights from this global report.

  • The Power of Database for the Cloud

    Software-as-a-service companies have created a number of ways to make things more affordable and productive for their end users, but they often struggle with finding the right cloud service provider to meet their requirements. Tune into this webinar to learn how the cloud database market is shifting to meet the data demands of these companies.

  • Unified Data Cloud for Simplicity and Intelligence at Scale

    A new decision point in data architecture has led some industry leaders to choose Google's data cloud to accelerate digital transformation. Dig into this IDC White Paper to see how leading organizations are grappling with their data challenges, and learn about the findings and recommendations from a global survey of more than 800 data leaders.

  • State Of Public Cloud Migration, 2022

    According to the following Forrester report, 41% of organizations said their biggest challenge was optimizing apps in cloud post-migration. Access it here to learn about the current state of public cloud migration.

  • Magic Quadrant For Cloud Infrastructure And Platform Services

    Selecting the right cloud infrastructure and platform service provider (CIPS) is an essential aspect of your business success. Access this Magic Quadrant report from Gartner to explore which CIPS is the right one for your enterprise.

  • 5 Ways Google Can Help You Succeed In The Multicloud World

    Access this white paper to learn how Google Cloud is built to help you succeed in your hybrid and multi-cloud journey, including its commitment to open source, the ability to build and scale, a run-anywhere Kubernetes platform, data analytics, and security.

  • State of DevOps

    What separates the highest and lowest-performing software teams? In this 2021 report, Google examined the practices that drive successful software delivery and operational performance so you can compare your organization to elite performers. Access the report here.

  • The Future Of Infrastructure Will Be Containerized

    While most tech companies and startups today run in the cloud, many have yet to realize the benefits of leveraging Kubernetes. Access this white paper to learn how containerized applications can vastly improve app development, delivery, observability, and how Google’s Kubernetes Engine can help you maximize your containers’ potential value.

  • Better Together: Using Service Mesh And Api Management As Complementary Components For Successful Application Modernization

    More than ever, businesses need to constantly innovate to stay ahead of rapidly changing customer expectations. To achieve this, many organizations are using service mesh and APIs. Access this white paper to explore how APIs and service mesh technology work together to provide solutions for application modernization.

  • The Future Of Data Will Be Unified, Flexible, And Accessible

    Learn what to look for in a data platform and plan your journey to unlocking competitive advantage.

  • Strategies For Successful Migration To Public Clouds

    Simplify infrastructure and supercharge solutions when you run VMware on Google Cloud.

  • Harvard Business Review: Turning Data into Unmatched Business Value

    Your data is capable of so much more than you think. Start unlocking what’s possible by reading this report and learning from industry leaders about their data-driven transformations.

  • Google's Guide To Building A Data-Driven Culture

    With a comprehensive platform that works across your entire data lifecycle and organization, you can break down silos, increase agility, innovate faster, and securely support business transformation. Take this 2-minute assessment to see where you're at on the data intelligence journey—and get a free guide to help you take the next step.

  • The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Data Warehouse, Q1 2021

    Google is honored to have been named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™ Cloud Data Warehouse, Q1 2021 report. Forrester gave BigQuery a 5 out of 5 score across 19 different criteria. Download a copy of this report to explore BigQuery.

  • Delivering Software Securely

    Many of the existing security practices are unable to keep up with the increase in software development velocity, leading to production delays or security threats. Access this white paper to learn how to build and deploy software at speed, while adopting security standards and best practices to protect your organization.

  • Migrating Your Databases To Managed Services On Google Cloud

    This white paper will explore why you should consider modernizing underlying operational databases with easy-to-use managed services from Google Cloud. Access this e-book to learn why managed databases services on Google Cloud are increasingly popular options for enterprise cloud DB services.

  • Migrate Workloads To The Public Cloud: An Essential Guide & Checklist

    While cloud migration is commonly viewed as complex and time consuming, with the right planning, enterprises can accelerate the process while keeping risk low. Access this essential guide to learn about how to execute the 4 key parts of the migration process: Assess, plan, migrate and optimize.

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