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  • Regenerative retail AI

    What opportunities does generative AI pose to retail organizations? Along with exploring use cases for retail leaders, this white paper digs into the general state of AI readiness among retailers. Tap into the paper to unlock these insights in full.

  • Be more with Copilot at your side

    How can generative AI tools benefit banks? In this white paper, find out how one such tool – Microsoft Copilot – can boost employee experiences, augment security and more.

  • ICA-Roslagstull Makes In-Store Shopping Easy, Smart And Enjoyable

    To find out how Swedish grocery retailer ICA-Roslagstull elevated customer and employee experiences by leveraging intelligent technologies, read this case study.

  • It’s Time for Value How To Build Your Business Case For Smart Digital Manufacturing

    72% of manufacturers, according to Microsoft’s research, are advancing their efforts for building smart factories. So, what do smart factories look like, and what results can they drive? Access answers in this 10-page white paper.

  • Sea Change: Data And AI Are Setting A New High-Water Mark For Governments Responding To Sustainability.

    Not only are government and public agencies pursuing their sustainability objectives – they’re often also responding to and predicting climate events. To find out how data and AI can support agencies’ sustainability work, check out this white paper.

  • We Need to Talk

    To harness the power of AI, government and public service agencies need a strong data foundation. Read this white paper to find out how you can establish such a foundation at your agency.

  • Flip the Switch on Cybersecurity

    “91% of all respondents believe that a far-reaching, catastrophic cyber event is at least somewhat likely in the next two years,” reveals the “Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023 Insight Report.” So, how can public sector organizations prepare for such an event? Access guidance in this white paper.

  • Human Intuition Or Digital Interaction

    “Banks recognize that to remain competitive, they must marry empathetic, human interaction with digital advancement,” argues Avanade in this white paper. So, how can banks achieve that goal? Read on for guidance.

  • How will Generative AI impact Financial Services?

    Organizations from all industries are tapping into the power of generative AI, including financial services businesses. So, in what ways can generative AI revolutionize financial services? Discover 8 transformative strategies in this white paper.

  • Avanade Intelligent Digital Twin solutions

    Why, and how, are manufacturers leveraging digital twins? In this 10-page guide, discover use cases for digital twins and find out the value that the technology can drive for your manufacturer.

  • Reignite Physical Retail To Elevate Experiences And Power Profitability

    To discover how a data-driven approach can revolutionize physical retail experiences, for customers and employees alike, explore this 10-page white paper.

  • Industry X Changes Everything for Manufacturing

    Manufacturers, are you familiar with Industry X? For a comprehensive introduction to the digital-transformation strategy that can supercharge how products and services are manufactured, tap into this white paper.

  • Banks: are you AI Ready?

    As they set out to harness the power of AI, many banks are wondering where to begin. Enter “Banks: Are You AI Ready?,” a 15-page guide that maps out 4 key areas for banks to focus on. To unlock those insights, and to review findings from Avanade’s 2023 global AI research, continue on.

  • Balancing Human And Digital: Are Banks Losing Touch With Customers?

    Today, banks are challenged to balance human engagement and digital interactions – a high-wire act, Avanade explains in this research report. To find out why the pursuit is a challenging one, and to access guidance for approaching it, dive into the 18-page report.

  • From Laggard To Leader: Generative AI Can Put Government In Front Of The Change Curve

    Generative AI presents possibilities and risks to businesses in every industry, including government and public agencies. So, how can those agencies embark on gen AI journeys while maintaining public trust and protecting citizens’ data? Review this 7-page white paper for insights.

  • Be The Agency Of Change In Public Services

    In the face of tight budgets, many public service agencies are striving to reduce their cloud costs. To unlock guidance for accomplishing that mission, explore this 59-page leader’s guide.

  • Taking Sustainability Seriously: Are Banks Ready?

    Are banks ready to take sustainability seriously? To find out, Avanade interviewed sustainability leaders from financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank and Standard Chartered Bank. To explore the leaders’ insights, and to unlock 5 recommendations for banks’ sustainability journeys, read this 20-page report.

  • A Practical Guide to Cloud Computing Security

    Typically, the level of security you get will be designed to meet the needs of the most risky client in the cloud. And, if you use the tools identified in this paper as a starting point, you will have a good idea of how comparable your cloud security versus internal security will be.

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