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  • How to Enable Effective Remote Working with Microsoft Teams

    In times of business uncertainty, you need to keep your business moving, and—in order in accomplish that—you need to introduce remote working smoothly and efficiently. Download this resource guide to learn how you can enable effective remote working with Microsoft Teams and Avanade

  • Elastic Digital Workplace for the Microsoft Platform

    Uncover practical steps for harnessing Microsoft 365 to meet the demands of your newly remote workforce – and how to ensure they’re protected and productive from wherever they are.

  • Remote Working Challenges: FAQs Answered

    Discover the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from business and IT leaders across the world about remote working, from the key cultural considerations to advice for effectively securing the workplace.

  • 3 Ways to Speed Up Success with CX Personalization

    Download this strategic marketing guide to explore 3 ways you can speed up success with CX personalization.

  • Your Guide to Remote Working for the Employer and Employee

    Dive into this guide to learn how to address the many challenges facing employees, business leaders, and IT leaders during this period of surging remote work. Inside, you’ll learn tips for maximizing your productivity while working from home, as well as creative solutions to keep you and your business engaged.

  • How to Migrate Your ERP to a Future-Ready Place

    When it comes to ERP migration, the challenge for most organizations is that migrating from their existing system or to a new platform can seem complex, costly and daunting. Download this white paper to explore considerations that you should review when planning your path to a future-ready ERP.

  • Retail Bank Transformation: Are Your Future Ready?

    Every retail bank has a digital transformation strategy. But with increasing competitive threats and market disruption, it’s hard to truly transform your business. Download this eBook for tips and advice from experts on how to craft a successful strategy.

  • Oil and Gas Companies are Becoming Future Ready Now - Utilities

    Virtually all oil and gas companies are accelerating the rate of their digital transformation as they seek to remain on the cutting edge of a highly competitive industry. Yet the same companies report problems putting this innovation into action. Read on to learn how your company can plan and execute the right digital transformation.

  • Are You a Future-Ready Retailer?

    Global retailers are making a notable effort to complete their digital transformation goals in record time. Inside this research report, explore how global retailers are tackling digital transformation initiatives, including a firsthand glimpse into the business benefits these organizations are striving to obtain from DX.

  • The CIO's guide to Workplace Experience

    Save a copy of this CIO’s guide to workplace experience to learn how to transform the way your employees work – an initiative that, in turn, increases the quality of your customer’s experience and can quickly drive new revenue streams.

  • The six elements of cloud success

    Conventional IT systems aren’t cutting it anymore. Today, organizations need cloud solutions to meet the new requirements digital businesses present. In this guide, learn about the six elements of cloud success that can set up your business for digital success. Download the guide here.

  • The CIO guide to cloud native applications

    Shifting to a cloud-native environment may seem like solely IT’s responsibility, but in reality, the move transforms the entire organization. This CIO’s guide to cloud-native applications provides an overview of the top approaches to the cloud, from refactoring applications to rearchitecting AI into your IT. Download the guide here to learn more.

  • Ready by Design

    Agility, flexibility, and responsiveness are now the necessary characteristics of a successful business. Organizations that can adapt and evolve to rapidly changing markets are Ready by Design—and they’re already profiting. This guide discusses the ins and outs to making your business Ready by Design. Download the guide here to get started.

  • Research Identifies Key Digital Transformation Ingredients

    Digital transformation is omnipresent within modern business goals, but not all organizations are focusing on the dimensions of digital transformation that they should be. Save a copy of this research report to read through data and recommendations on how to embrace digital transformation goals with tactical and future-ready strategy.

  • The New Driver of Sustainable Business Value

    Workplace experience – also known as WX – is a new approach to workplace modernization. Dive inside this guide to learn more about new, innovative WX strategies, and find out why this new workplace discipline is earning the attention of business and IT leaders alike.

  • Time for Teams: Simplify Microsoft Teams Implementation with Avanade

    Microsoft Teams can open a world of possibilities for your business and help you transform the workplace experience—if you deploy it correctly. Download this white paper to learn how Avanade can help ensure your Teams implementation is successful.

  • CIO Guide: Five Essentials of a Secure Modern Workplace

    Modern digitally connected workplaces usher in a slew of new security challenges. There is some good news, however. Jump into this guide to learn the 5 tips that will help your security policies keep up to speed with expanding and evolving workplace IT environments.

  • Workplace Experience Research: Executive Summary

    Optimizing the experience of your employees through technology, operations, and culture – collectively known as the workplace experience – is the key to creating a sustainable competitive advantage. Dive inside this report to go beyond the numbers of employee experience and learn where to start optimizing.

  • Ready by Design

    Read findings from a recent survey of 1,650 global IT decision makers to find what it means to be ready by design and how executives around the world are using custom applications, cloud, and modern working practices to transform.

  • A Practical Guide to Cloud Computing Security

    Typically, the level of security you get will be designed to meet the needs of the most risky client in the cloud. And, if you use the tools identified in this paper as a starting point, you will have a good idea of how comparable your cloud security versus internal security will be.

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