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  • Incident Response: Prepare for the Unpredictable

    Nearly 80% of organizations are introducing innovations faster than they can secure them against cyberattacks. So you must understand the nature, scope and risks posed by incidents as well as the specialized tools, skills and repeatable processes for defending against them. Access this white paper by Fortinet to get schooled on incident response.

  • Effective AI-Driven Security Operations

    For organizations to achieve their digital innovation outcomes while effectively managing complexity and defending against advanced threats, teams need a broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity platform. Download this white paper to discover Fortinet Security Fabric, an AI-driven platform with APIs to help manage security in unison.

  • Top 5 Considerations for Deciding Whether to Outsource or Create Incident Response

    Incident response (IR) is a strategic imperative, but some organizations may not have the resources to build an in-house IR team. This checklist provides 5 considerations to keep in mind when deciding between outsourcing and building an in-house IR program – read on to get started.

  • Four Next-Generation Endpoint Security Enhancements

    Today’s endpoints are at their most vulnerable. IT infrastructure leaders need to integrate networking and security to protect endpoints, minimize the operational impact associated with the expanding attack surface and allow their teams to scale. Dive into this e-book to uncover 4 requirements for endpoint protection.

  • How to Achieve Secured Wired and Wireless Networks

    The LAN edge presents a broad and potentially vulnerable target for cyber criminals— especially at a time when businesses in every sector are depending on network connectivity to survive. And attacks are increasing. In this white paper, learn what you should consider when updating your wired and wireless LAN network

  • Seamlessly Scale Security on AWS with Fortinet

    While cloud is at the foundation of modern innovation, it has the potential to introduce a new array of risks and threats to organizations that aren’t prepared. Watch this webinar – which features security leaders at Fortinet and AWS – to unlock best practices, expert insights, and more.

  • JumpStart Guide to Application Security in AWS

    Deploying and securing critical business applications in cloud environments is becoming a standard practice for today’s IT and security driven organizations. In this webinar, join security experts from SANS, Fortinet and AWS as they discuss how to deploy and security applications in AWS environments – watch now for exclusive insight.

  • Helping Educators Defend their Web Applications with Amazon & Fortinet

    Today’s distributed organizations operate outside what would be traditionally considered a perimeter. As a result, web application and API security are increasingly becoming the first line of defense for critical business asset. Watch this webinar to unlock exclusive insight regarding web app and API security from leaders at AWS and Fortinet.

  • Consistent Security Posture, Firewalls in Minutes and Reduced Latency – Autodesk’s Cloud Transformation Story

    As part of a virtual data center project, Autodesk required that each of its Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) instances had its own firewall. That was a large task due to the hundreds of VPCs Autodesk has. In this webinar, learn how Fortinet’s Virtual Next-Gen Firewall consistently manages their security posture across all Amazon VPCs.

  • How to Implement a Software-Defined Network Security Fabric in AWS

    Software-defined networking (SDN) is revolutionizing the way businesses are implementing and managing network architecture. The security benefits of SDN are also well-spoken, and now, security teams can create a fabric using SDN to secure virtual private cloud environments. Jump into this SANs webcast to explore SDN security fabric in AWS.

  • Fortinet FortiGate: Bridging the cloud security gap

    Cloud adoption is on the rise, and organizations need to ensure they’re scaling without compromising efficiency, reliability, security or control. Watch this short video to see how Fortinet is helping organization bridge this gap.

  • Boosting Endpoint Security with Real-Time, Automated Incident Response

    When it comes to protecting from today’s advanced cyberthreats, first-generation endpoint detection and response (EDR) cannot keep pace. They require manual triage and responses that are too slow, generate too many alerts and drive up security operations costs. Peruse this solution brief to learn how to boost endpoint security with automation.

  • Hidden Costs of Legacy Endpoint Security

    First-generation endpoint detection & response (EDR) has officially reached its point of diminishing returns. Inadequate response times, production downtime due to endpoint quarantine and false positives all signal the need for advancements in endpoint security. Inspect this white paper to go fully in-depth on why it may be time for a change.

  • Which Endpoint Security Enhancements Are Required

    Cyberattackers love endpoints. Why? Well, a successfully compromised laptop, smartphone or IoT device can provide a foothold for attackers to move laterally, infect other endpoints within the organization and gain access to other critical assets. This paper outlines 4 requirements for avoiding these bad actors.

  • Beyond Endpoint Protection: Remote Work is the New Normal – Are Your Remote Endpoint Secure?

    It’s time to sit down and really think about your endpoint protection. 78% of people are now working remote, which means that endpoints are more vulnerable than ever – plus, remote breaches are harder to identify and contain. So, what can you do to keep threats away from remote endpoints? Let this infographic shed some light.

  • 5 Challenges with Hybrid and Hyperscale Data Center Security and How to Solve Them with Fortinet

    Enterprise organizations are taking advantage of data center evolution, but they face a number of security challenges as they transition to hybrid and hyperscale data center architectures. Study this white paper to clue in on 5 challenges of hybrid and hyperscale architectures and how Fortinet may help you overcome them.

  • The Importance of Self-Healing SD-WAN

    Secure SD-WAN consolidates advanced routing, NGFW capabilities, and intuitive orchestration into a single, integrated solution. But there’s an important aspect to secure SD-WAN that’s sometimes overlooked: self-healing. In this white paper, learn more about the importance of self-healing SD-WAN.

  • Ensuring Real-Time Endpoint Security on Point-Of-Sale Systems

    The increasing number of tools that bad actors have at their disposal puts connected point-of-sale (POS) systems in a vulnerable position. Protecting them requires a security approach with real-time endpoint response & detection. Check out this data sheet to see such a solution that uses AI & ML to orchestrate investigation & response.

  • Grow Business with Secure Hybrid and Hyperscale Data Centers

    As data center infrastructure evolves, more enterprises are embracing hybrid & hyperscale architectures to satisfy high demands for user experience, while delivering unparalleled performance, scale and capacity. But this trend also creates new network & security concerns. Glance at this data sheet to learn how to address these challenges.

  • Secure SD-WAN: A Comprehensive Guide

    With the rapid rise in SaaS and IaaS use, many network engineering and operations leaders are looking to replace their outdated WAN infrastructures with SD-WAN. While selecting the right SD-WAN for a particular use case may require a few compromises, security shouldn’t be one of them. Access this guide to learn about secure SD-WAN.

  • Security for Modern Data Centers

    Data centers are a magnet for cybercriminals – likely due to the amount of sensitive or confidential information they manage. This Ponemon Institute white paper provides an overview of the importance of data center security and how to protect modern data centers – read on to get started.

  • Critical Considerations for Securing Hybrid and Hyperscale Data Centers

    Modern hybrid and hyperscale data center architectures must include security that can keep pace. But in many of these data center environments today, traditional network security solutions underperform and underserve, forcing compromises on either security or performance. Read this checklist to learn how you can work around this issue.

  • Fortinet Delivers a Flexible SASE Solution

    Networks have been fundamentally transformed by digital innovation, cloud adoption, and the recent widespread shift to remote work. Increased reliance on cloud resources and environments has necessitated a new approach to secure network access. Jump into this white paper for an up-close look at SASE, which can support dynamic secure access needs.

  • It’s Time to Leave Branch Routers Behind

    More and more organizations are turning away from branch routers in favor of Secure SD-WAN to become cloud-ready and improve user experience. SD-WAN is simple to manage, and it simplifies WAN operations overall. Are you ready to take your WAN to the next level? Read this flyer to lean 4 advantages of secure SD-WAN.

  • The 5 Keys to Self-Healing, Secure SD-WAN

    The wrong SD-WAN solution can significantly inhibit an organization’s ability to quickly adapt to changing business demands, especially if it creates new security headaches. In this checklist, explore 5 requirements for a secure SD-WAN solution that’s flexible, scalable, and fit for the needs of today’s distributed enterprises.

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