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  • Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management

    Security information and event management (SIEM) solutions allow security teams to monitor, detect, and remediate security risks, all from a single hub of unified visibility. This Magic Quadrant for SIEM provides a technical evaluation of the leading vendors from across the security monitoring market. Read on to learn more.

  • Single-Vendor SASE

    Modern workforces require modern network security. Enter Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). For an ultimate guide to single-vendor SASE, check out this e-book.

  • Zero Trust Access 2nd Edition

    Zero trust access is a key strategic philosophy favored by many organizations as the foundation for their network security. This 2nd edition of the Zero Trust Access for Dummies e-book provides a comprehensive overview of zero-trust security models. Read on to learn more.

  • Consolidate Purposefully with Fortinet FortiXDR

    Today’s organizations find themselves with bloated security stacks which are so cumbersome and slow that they have increased cyber risk. Automated detection and response tools, such as Fortinet FortiXDR, are seen as the key to helping security regain the speed and scope they need to fight modern threats. Download now to learn more.

  • Global Threat Landscape Report

    Along with digging into the state of the cyber landscape throughout the first half of 2023, this threat report by FortiGuard Labs provides three key recommendations for augmenting your business’s security stance. #1: Gain an understanding of attack flows in order to identify indicators of compromise. Keep reading to unlock the rest.

  • 2023 Work-from-Anywhere Global Study

    Hybrid work emerged as a response to global incidents, but years on organizations have adopted the practice full time. This report explores the findings of a global research study commissioned by Fortinet to gain a better understanding of companies’ current work-from-anywhere (WFA) policies and their cybersecurity issues. Read on to learn more.

  • The 2023 Global Ransomware Report

    Decades on from its first gaining attention, ransomware remains a leading threat for today’s organizations. Download this report on global ransomware to access key research that Fortinet has gathered and gain insight into the state of ransomware.

  • FortiSASE Customer Success Stories

    Secure access service edge (SASE) is designed to converge networking and security functionality into a single solution. FortiSASE is a comprehensive SASE product that provides a consistent security posture for users both on and off the network. Download this e-book to unlock 7 real-world FortiSASE success stories.

  • The Forrester Wave™: Zero Trust Edge Solutions, Q3 2023

    Zero Trust edge (ZTE) architecture merges networking and security and delivers the functionality of both as a service. In this Forrester Wave Report, analysts use 32 different criteria to evaluate and compare the leading 10 zero-trust edge solutions from across the market. Download now to learn more.

  • Securing Hybrid Work

    As cloud technology and remote work continue to gain traction, traditional security methods and parameters are no longer sufficient. This IDC Info Snapshot looks at security in the age of remote work, extolling the benefits of SASE and zero-trust solutions for organizations struggling to modernize their security. Read on to learn more.

  • Addressing the Imperative of a Secure Digital Business

    Cybersecurity can no longer be treated as a siloed off portion of your business, and the effects of security breaches and decisions are becoming farther reaching than ever before. This IDC InfoBrief explores the priorities of modern business’s cybersecurity strategies, as well as the challenges plaguing the market. Read on to learn more.

  • Solution Brief : Securing OT with Network Microsegmentation

    While VLAN solutions can provide segmentation with a greater degree of flexibility, it’s insufficient to secure OT networks from advanced threats. In this resource, learn the value of microsegmentation with Fortinet to implement a zero-trust security policy and inspect all network traffic within a VLAN via a next-generation firewall (NGFW).

  • Whitepaper: Advanced Threat Protection for Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technology

    As digital innovation initiatives dissolve the operational technology (OT) network boundaries, from IT networks, OT networks have become a target of a growing number of attacks. Download this resource to find out exactly what you need to keep your industrial operations secure.

  • Checklist: How to Protect an OT Network With a NGFW and Industrial Cybersecurity Service

    Network segmentation with a next-generation firewall (NGFW) is a critical first step in securing an operational technology (OT) network. Unique industrial (non-IT) networks, however, demand additional controls and tools. Download this checklist to discover 5 key considerations in choosing an industrial (OT) firewall.

  • White Paper: Secure Access for Operational Technology at Scale

    Industrial organizations provide critical services thanks to operational technology. Because of their value to the community, it is particularly important they have a business continuity plan. In this resource, discover how Fortinet offers easily deployable and configurable solutions to maintain end-to-end security, visibility, and control.

  • Whitepaper: Securely Enable Industrial Digital Transformation

    The benefits of digital transformation have driven organizations to adopt new technologies that take time to transition into the scope of security operations. So, while IT/OT convergence presents a wealth of benefits, security risks must be top of mind.

  • Solution Brief: Protecting OT Infrastructures With Real-time, Automated Endpoint Security

    For industrial control systems (ICS) organizations, ensuring the reliability and availability of their systems is cited as the number one concern. However, CISOs face a number of challenges in doing so, including securing OT endpoints. In this

  • Case Study: Fortinet Delivers a Comprehensive Suite of Proven Products for Pike Enterprises

    As one of the leading providers of utilities in the United States, 75-year-old Pike Corporation is responsible for keeping towns and cities connected. To ensure millions of residents’ lives and business operations would not be disrupted, discover why Pike turned to Fortinet for their protection in this case study.

  • 2023 State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity Report

    Although IT/OT convergence has many benefits, it is being hampered and handicapped by advanced and destructive cyberthreats. Download this year’s State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity Report and access a list of common best practices that top-tier organizations employ to keep their OT systems secure.

  • The Quantified Benefits of Fortinet Security Operations Solutions

    Historically, for each new threat organizations face, they have adopted a new tool, leading to complicated and inefficient security stacks. This Economic Validation from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group focuses on the benefits organizations can expect by adopting Fortinet Security Operations solutions. Read on to learn more.

  • Case Study: Fortinet Helps Alaska Airlines Evolve and Grow Security Infrastructure Amid New Threats and Shift to Remote Work

    An ever-changing threat environment prompted Alaska Airlines to bolster its information security capabilities, with ransomware attacks top of mind. Adding to the complexity the operation was a shift to remote work. Discover how Fortinet helped them evolve their cybersecurity without disrupting business operations in this case study.

  • The Total Economic Impact Of Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

    Organizations still running legacy network security solutions continually face challenges like stack friction, high costs, and inefficient workflows. However, there is an SD-WAN solution driven by ML and AI-powered security services that offers you a chance to not only save on costs but increase visibility and productivity. Read on to learn more.

  • Solution Brief: Operational Technology Cybersecurity Assurance With FortiDeceptor

    Industrial facility operational technology (OT) leaders reported a 20% increase in system intrusions from the previous year as network environments continue to transition away from closed to open systems. Discover how to protect your OT and IT environments with FortiDeceptor, a solution for simple-to-use, network-based early detection of threats.

  • Case Study: Global Leader in Cable Manufacturing and Solutions Rebuilds Network for Secure, Cloud-first, Digital Transformation

    With aggressive goals not only for revenue and profitability but also for environmental sustainability, global cable manufacturing leader Prysmian Group’s network needs to be both highly flexible and highly efficient. With a

  • 2023 Work-from-Anywhere Global Study

    In January 2023, 570 organizations from around the world were surveyed about their work-from-anywhere policy and accompanying cybersecurity challenges. This report breaks down the survey findings, illuminating the top obstacles blocking incident prevention. #1: Users lack training in cyber hygiene. Continue on to discover the rest.

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