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  • SecOps Success Blueprint: Transforming Cybersecurity with Automation and AI

    58% of surveyed enterprises experience 100+ security alerts each day, according to recent research by IDC. So, how can organizations better manage these alerts and transform their SecOps strategies? This 2024 IDC report explores how AI and automation can help. Read on to unlock 17 pages of security insights.

  • Hybrid Mesh Firewall Solution Toolkit

    By 2026, Gartner predicts, over 60% of organizations will have more than 1 type of firewall deployment, which will prompt adoption of hybrid mesh firewalls. So, what should you know about hybrid mesh firewalls? Unlock insights in this 17-page guide.

  • Mastering the Essential Eight Framework

    To help organizations prevent and defend against evolving cyberthreats, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) developed the Essential Eight framework. In this e-book, access an introduction to the framework and guidance for implementing it.

  • Unifying Hybrid Workforce Cybersecurity with SASE

    In this brief guide, discover how secure access service edge (SASE) can help you unify cybersecurity for your hybrid workforce.

  • Why CISOs Need an OT Security Platform

    As they evolve, security teams take on new responsibilities, such as the ownership of operational technology (OT) security. So, how can CISOs level up their approach to OT security? Browse this white paper to find out how an OT security platform can help.

  • Buyer’s Guide to Unified SASE

    When selecting a unified SASE solution, what requirements should you keep in mind? Along with answering that question, this 20-page buyer’s guide for unified SASE maps out key SASE use cases and questions to pose to vendors. Keep reading to unlock the insights in full.

  • Three Ways Fortinet Hybrid Mesh Firewalls Secure Edge Networks

    To secure their edge networks, many organizations have leveraged a hybrid mesh firewall. In this overview, discover how such a firewall can protect your network in 3 key ways.

  • Top 5 Critical Capabilities of a Detection and Response Platform

    Which capabilities should you prioritize in a security detection and response platform? Discover 5 key functions in this white paper.

  • Outbreak Alerts Annual Report 2023

    What can security outbreak alerts from 2023 teach you about the cyberthreat landscape in 2024? To answer that question, this research report explores 38 security outbreak alerts that FortiGuard Labs released in 2023. Dig into the report and deepen your understanding of the threat landscape.

  • Choosing the Best SASE Solution for Your Hybrid Workforce

    Many organizations are turning to secure access service edge (SASE) to protect their networks, data and hybrid workforce. Unfortunately, not all SASE solutions are effective. Application-specific access, security features and security efficacy can vary widely. In this e-book, learn how to select the right SASE solution for your business.

  • Understanding Today’s Threat Actors

    Latest research reveals threat actors often use valid credentials for initial access. Read now for tips on boosting detection, response and security to protect your organization from discovery, lateral movement, data theft and disruption.

  • Massively Accelerate Time to Detect and Disrupt, Investigate and Remediate with the Fortinet Security Operations Solution

    From an always-expanding attack surface to a significant shortage of skilled professionals, security teams have many challenges to contend with daily. But there are proven ways to reduce this burden and achieve even better results.In this white paper, learn all about the Fortinet Security Operations solution and its benefits.

  • The Quantified Benefits of Fortinet Security Operations Solutions

    TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research found that 52% of organizations felt that security operations are more difficult today than they were two years ago.

  • Critical Guidance for Evaluating SASE Solutions

    IT teams today must have a SASE solution but not all are equally effective. Key elements like application performance, access, and security can vary widely. Therefore, organizations need to take into account the issues and understand fully their use cases before making a SASE solution purchasing decision.

  • Massively Accelerate Time to Detect and Disrupt, Investigate and Remediate with the Fortinet Security Operations Solution

    The Fortinet Security Operations Solution uses AI and advanced analytics to monitor activity across users, devices, networks, emails, applications, files, and logs and detect anomalous or malicious actions that humans may easily overlook. Read on to learn more.

  • Top 5 Critical Capabilities of a Detection and Response Platform

    The sophistication of today’s cybercriminals and their campaigns presents a critical challenge and opportunity for security operations teams. When evaluating detection and response platforms, you should consider several critical questions before purchasing. Read on to learn the key capabilities you should seek out in a solution.

  • Understanding Today’s Threat Actors

    While attackers’ increasingly sophisticated activities should sound alarm bells, that same sophistication gives organizations ample opportunity to stop these attacks before a threat actor can achieve their objectives. For more insights on attacker activities and recommendations for effectively protecting your organization, download the full report.

  • Top 5 Critical Capabilities of a Detection and Response Platform

    This interactive eBook outlines the 5 critical capabilities to consider when evaluating threat detection and response platforms. It focuses on threat actor sophistication and attack complexity. Read now to inform your investment in new platforms.

  • FortiSASE Customer Success Stories

    Within this ebook are the details of FortiSASE use cases, along with seven real-world customer success stories. These Fortinet case studies come from organizations that do business in a broad spectrum of industries, including high-tech, software, healthcare, finance, education, and more.

  • The Quantified Benefits of Fortinet Security Operations Solutions

    Enterprise Strategy Group research found that 52% of organizations felt that security operations are more difficult today than they were two years ago. Read this ESG Validation Report to access the quantified benefits of Fortinet Security Operations Solutions.

  • Pioneering Texas School District Improves Its Cybersecurity Posture with the Fortinet Security Fabric

    Athens ISD in Texas enhanced its cybersecurity using Fortinet's Security Fabric. They selected Fortinet for easier firewall management, better network visibility, and integrated endpoint protection. Discover how Fortinet benefited Athens ISD in our case study.

  • Automate Security Operations with the Multilayered Fortinet Automated SOC Solution

    Comprehensive report on automating security to tackle complex threats. Highlights Fortinet's automated solutions and urges leaders to use AI, centralized platforms, and services to ease SOC team burdens. Advocates for adaptable automation to bridge capability gaps, enhance detection, quicken response, and prevent alert fatigue.

  • Improve Security Operations with Fortinet’s AI-Driven SOC Automation Platform

    In response to recent threat actors, security teams are turning to point products to “patch” security gaps, but they’re inadvertently creating vulnerabilities that are easily exploited. Security teams must therefore improve their SOCs. Discover how Fortinet's SOC automation aids teams in enhancing security operations in this product overview.

  • Accelerate Cyberattack Detection and Response

    Fortinet security operations solutions accelerate cyberattack detection & response. This infographic summarizes time & effort savings from leveraging their SOC analytics, SIEM, SOAR, advanced threat detection/protection. Read the full overview to learn capabilities & benefits.

  • Single-Vendor SASE: FortiSASE Video

    As organizations continue to recruit and accrue digital resources, their attack surfaces have expanded beyond the limitations of legacy security systems. Watch this video to learn how Fortinet’s FortiSASE solution delivers full SASE capabilities in a single solution.

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