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  • Market Guide for Single-Vendor SASE

    To secure your distributed users and devices, is your organization considering utilizing a single-vendor SASE offering? Understand the single-vendor SASE options on the market by checking out this Gartner guide, which provides representative vendors like Cato Networks, Fortinet and more.

  • Secure your Retail Cloud Environments with Fortinet for Google Cloud

    Retail is the #1 target for cyber criminals, with more breaches than any other business sector. This infographic offers a roadmap for securing retail operations in the cloud.

  • Securing the New World of Retail

    Consumer demand has shaped the way retail organizations have adopted cloud strategies and digital transformation initiatives. To reach customers around the world, IT teams need an infrastructure that is agile, secure, and able to run in a multi-cloud environment. Read on to learn more about securing and maximizing your cloud investment.

  • The Benefits of Cloud Security Services for Retailers Competing in a Cloud-first World

    To stay competitive in a cloud-first retail industry, organizations must turn to the cloud to increase customer loyalty, improve supply chain visibility, and secure their POS data. With so many necessary parts, retailers need to consider adopting cloud security services to keep up. Read on to learn more about the need for cloud solutions in retail.

  • Protect the New Retail Landscape

    In today’s landscape, retailers must be able to reach their customers in more ways than ever before. But the challenge has become maintaining consistent visibility and security controls across hybrid environments to keep workloads and data secure. Explore Fortinet’s solutions to protect your Google Cloud environments in this white paper.

  • Verizon and Fortinet Securely Connect the Distributed Enterprise

    The management systems, people and processes that IT departments use to operate and build their networks were never designed to support a hybrid model and the increased level of risk. Discover how Verizon and Fortinet have partnered to address this concern with integrated managed NetSec solutions in this white paper.

  • Protecting Google Application with Fortinet's Web and API Security

    With cyber threats—growing in number and sophistication—targeting Google Cloud, many security teams are searching for services to protect their businesses. One such service is Fortinet’s FortiWeb. Watch this webinar to learn 5 use cases for FortiWeb, including web application security, bot defense and regulatory compliance.

  • FortiCNP Manages Risk Through Actionable Insights

    Access this white paper to find out how you can best utilize cloud-native security by leveraging services that offer broad and effective security coverage to address risk, vulnerabilities, and threats for compute, storage, and database resources.

  • Top Four Considerations to Successfully and Securely Run Critical Applications in the Cloud

    40% of enterprises are running more than half of their workloads in the cloud and that is expected to rise to 60% by 2024. Because of this, organizations need to evolve their security strategy and focus on improving operational efficiencies to manage cloud risks proactively, but many struggle to do so. Access this checklist to learn more.

  • Addressing Multiple Concerns with a Single Solution

    If new technology and platforms introduced during the digital transformation are not properly secured, an organization’s vulnerability to a successful cyberattack can be increased. Access this white paper to learn how your organization can best prepare for future threats.

  • Scaling Enterprise Security With Cloudnative Protection on AWS

    As organizations continue moving workloads to the cloud, they are responsible for managing and minimizing security risk. This ESG analyst report looks at the demands of public cloud workload migration and how it affects the way organizations deploy their cloud security. Download the full report to unlock the full analysis.

  • The Threat That Never Goes Away

    The need for new software to support digital acceleration efforts has contributed to the growing vulnerabilities being targeted by cyber threats. However, the number of devices and applications accessed through the cloud on personal networks have made this difficult. Access this e-book to learn how your team can combat these challenges.

  • A Guide to Managing Security Risks and Protecting Workloads in AWS

    ESG research shows that public cloud usage is already ubiquitous, with 95% of organizations currently using public cloud services and a desire to move many more applications and workloads to the public cloud in the future. Access this e-book to learn how you can overcome cybersecurity challenges in the cloud.

  • Time to Reinvest in Cybersecurity? 5 Things NOT To Do

    Access this e-book to find solutions that can help your company reduce security and network risks across your entire digital attack surface, making sure that gaps are closed, as well as automate processes to increase efficiency and expedite response times.

  • Top Four Steps to Reduce Ransomware Risk

    With ransomware volume exploding 15x over the past 18 months, it’s no surprise that 85% of organizations view this as the top cyberthreat facing their organization. Open this checklist for the top 4 steps to take to reduce your cyber risk.

  • Securely Work From Anywhere With the Fortinet Security Fabric

    The Fortinet Security Fabric platform helps deliver endpoint, network, and remote access security that is required for employees to work from anywhere. Read on to learn how it can help you securely work from anywhere.

  • Stop Email-based Ransomware Attacks with FortiMail

    Because email is involved in more than 1 out of every 3 ransomware attacks, Fortinet FortiMail can help with protecting organizations from ransomware. Tap into this solution brief to learn more.

  • Real-world Peer Insights on Ransomware

    Ransomware does not discriminate against the type of business; it is a threat that everyone must prepare for. Access this brief to uncover the results of a recently commissioned, global survey of IT leaders about their experiences and thoughts on the potential recurrence of ransomware.

  • Ransomware Risks and Recommendations

    Threat actors continue to pound away at organizations with a variety of new and previously seen ransomware strains, often leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Open this infographic to understand today’s risks so you can take action.

  • Thwart Ransomware with Modern Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response

    Access this blog to fully understand why it is essential to step up to a modern endpoint security approach founded on analyzing dynamic behavior analysis.

  • Boost Endpoint Security With Real-time, Automated Incident Response

    Open this solution brief to learn how FortiEDR can help stop breaches and ransomware damage automatically and efficiently, streamlining security operations, and keeping users and production equipment online and working.

  • What To Do If You’re in the Midst of a Ransomware Attack

    Tap into this white paper for a quick overview of the steps your organization will need to take to deal with an active ransomware attack.

  • Cybersecurity and the Big Data Problem

    Even the most expert security analysts face an often-insurmountable task of identifying multi-stage cybercampaigns. It is no wonder that cyberthreats like ransomware are arguably more successful than ever, through no fault of security pros. Access this white paper to learn more.

  • Checklist: Top Three Considerations to Build, Deploy, and Run Your Application Journey

    This checklist is here to help you wade through the murky waters of securing your application journeys. Read on for the top 3 considerations to think about when developing a strategic roadmap.

  • Setting Up Endpoint Strategies, Processes, and Technology To Address Ransomware

    Ransomware is a growing threat to organizations everywhere. Along with sky-high penalties and service disruptions, companies also have to deal with a damaged reputation. This e-book shows how to keep your infrastructure protected against ransomware and how to address it effectively if an attack does happen.

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