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  • Get started with Red Hat Learning Subscription

    In this info brief, learn how to get started with Red Hat Learning Subscription, including how to decide on and add to your Open-Source Skills Path, so you can start learning today. Read the info brief here.

  • Skilled teams succeed

    It’s time to close the open source skills gap once and for all. In this guide, learn how the Red Hat Learning Subscription can help by providing a flexible training platform for everyone on your team—from beginners to advanced professionals. Find the details here.

  • Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium

    In this guide, find out if Red Hat Learning Subscription, which provides a customizable learning experience with self-paced and live training options, can help your company address the skills gap. Explore the key features and options available for your team in this Red Hat Learning Subscription data sheet.

  • Databases and Data Analytics workloads on Red Hat OpenShift

    You can accelerate data ingestion, storage, processing, and analytics with containers and Kubernetes. Watch this short video to learn how Red Hat OpenShift function as your trusted platform for containerized cloud workloads with the help of Kubernetes and ISV partnerships.

  • Tom Deane Cloudera and Abhinav Joshi Red Hat KubeCon CloudNativeCon NA 2020

    Tune into this webinar to hear how Red Hat and Cloudera are bringing big data up to post-COVID speed, with Red Hat’s containerized applications and ML model development accelerating business as Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud brings the power of cloud to on-prem data centers and unifies data security and governance.

  • Preview demo of Red Hat OpenShift Data Science

    Red Hat OpenShift Data Science managed cloud service allows data scientists to quickly develop, train, test and deploy machine learning models. Tune in to hear Chris Chase run through a tutorial demonstrating how easy it is to launch Jupyter notebooks to build a model in a TensorFlow framework and deploy the model in a container-ready format.

  • AI ML at the edge with Red Hat OpenShift

    Watch this video to discover how Red Hat OpenShift simplifies the deployment and life-cycle management of AI-powered intelligent applications at the edge and in the cloud, allowing businesses to train, test, and deploy ML models across your edge environment.

  • Why deploy AI ML Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning workloads on OpenShift

    Tune in to this short video to learn how you can build machine learning models with speed and agility on Red Hat OpenShift, as your data scientists are freed from the dependency on IT to provision infrastructure.

  • NVIDIA and Red Hat enabling faster delivery of AI powered intelligent applications

    Watch this short video to learn how Red Hat’s OpenShift hybrid cloud platform and NVIDIA’s innovative GPUs, CUDA-X libraries, GPU Operator and AI software are combining to help deploy and scale AI applications with speed and ease across the hybrid cloud.

  • An architect s guide to multicloud infrastructure

    As the hybrid mix of applications and infrastructures grow, complexity increases to un-manageable levels. Learn how to get back in control with The Architect’s Guide to Multi-Cloud Infrastructure. Download the guide here.

  • Kubernetes native security

    In this guide, explore the 6 key criteria a security solution must meet to be considered Kubernetes-native—and why Kubernetes-native security matters for every organization.

  • Powering digital transformation at Royal Bank of Canada with Red Hat platforms

    When deploying AI and ML to production, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) chose OpenShift as its container orchestration system for workloads that require both CPU and GPU resources. Read on to discover how Red Hat, in conjunction with NVIDIA, helped RBC build an AI infrastructure designed for excellence.

  • 8 reasons to adopt containers in the cloud

    An enterprise-ready container platform allows your business to develop cloud-native applications while managing multicloud deployments. Explore 8 reasons to adopt containers in the cloud—with the help of Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift—here.

  • Becoming a Data-Driven Organization

    Organizations need to focus on aligning their data strategies with core business goals if they want to begin generating immediate and long-term value. Tune in to this webinar, hosted by Cloudera and Red Hat, to learn how you can use your organization’s data to fuel everything from AI and ML projects to cloud analytics.

  • Hybrid cloud and Kubernetes A guide to successful architecture

    In “Hybrid cloud and Kubernetes: A guide to successful architecture,” explore FAQ for both hybrid cloud and Kubernetes, the 3 pillars that determine hybrid cloud success for organizations, and much more. Open the guide here.

  • A layered approach to container and Kubernetes security

    With many organizations now running essential services on containers, implementing container security has never been more critical. This whitepaper describes the key elements of security for containerized applications managed with Kubernetes. Read it here.

  • Infrastructure modernization challenges and opportunities

    Access this IDC InfoBrief to discover how Red Hat’s data services portfolio helps organizations overcome common container challenges including security, data management, and hybrid cloud support.

  • ML Workflows on RH OpenShift

    Check out this demo of machine learning workflows on Red Hat OpenShift to learn how data scientists can use this platform for data science from concept to production, leveraging traditional methodologies to accelerate ML workflows.

  • An Executive s Guide to Real World AI

    Access this Harvard Business Review white paper to determine the best set of AI strategies, solutions, and approaches for your business use case—whether you’re a bank looking to automate customer services or a manufacturer looking to optimize maintenance.

  • Building an open secure and flexible edge infrastructure

    At the foundation of any edge infrastructure is the operating system—which must be consistent, secure, and flexible to handle processing data for real-time decisions. Red Hat Enterprise Linux has features specifically designed for edge deployments. Download this white paper to learn the value of Red Hat Enterprise Linux at the edge.

  • Scalable storage performance for cloud native applications

    This Evaluator Group report, commissioned by Red Hat, compares 3 leading software defined storage offerings for cloud native applications and evaluates their performance, scalability, manageability, and ease of use. Access it here to learn their findings.

  • Why your operating system matters

    Download this infographic to explore key datapoints covering how users experience the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux when compared to unpaid alternatives – and find out why your choice of operating systems matter.

  • Senegal s top telecommunications provider adds services faster with cloud

    Orange Sonatel, a leading telecommunications service provider in Senegal, chose Red Hat OpenShift and Ansible Automation Platform to improve application development, deployment, and migration. Access this case study to learn how this move cut application deployment time from weeks to minutes and reduced compute resource requirements by two-thirds.

  • Cloud essential to accelerating smarter digital strategies

    According to Frost & Sullivan research, several digital transformation trends, including platform centralization, are increasingly driving value. Central to making use of these developments is cloud adoption. Access this Frost & Sullivan white paper to learn how you can take advantage of flexible, secure, and powerful cloud environments.

  • 4 ways to improve access to innovation

    In this quick report, discover 4 ways to improve innovation using Red Hat OpenShift and preapproved software.

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