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  • Eight Steps to Cloud-Native Application Development

    Jump inside this brief to learn about the eight steps your development team should follow to ensure a successful transition into cloud-native, from DevOps best practices to develop-centric infrastructure considerations.

  • Infrastructure and VMware Solutions Survey

    As the year is coming to an end, we would like to find some things out about our readers to make sure we continue to write the most relevant content in 2019.For this reason we would like to learn a little more about your infrastructure and use of VMware solutions.Can you spare two minutes?

  • Application Modernization Survey

    Application modernization is a huge topic in almost every company at the moment. We would like to learn a little more about your company’s potential plans to modernize/migrate your applications - can you spare three minutes?

  • Red Hat Storage One: Quick Install Utility Demo

    Join this 3-minute video to see how easy it is to get software-defined storage (SDS) configured and installed with a demo of the Red Hat Storage One quick-install utility powered by Ansible.

  • Red Hat Storage One by Supermicro

    This resource outlines a pre-configured SDS solution that is easier to evaluate, procure, deploy, and support for workloads like general purpose NAS and content repositories. Read on to see how this SDS provides an alternative to previously complex deployments.

  • Making Software-defined Storage Easy

    Join this video to learn how to get the benefits of SDS—elastic and flexible as it is—in a pre-configured system that is simple to purchase, cost-effective, and easy to deploy (usable storage can be up and running in less than 30 minutes).

  • Executive Checklist: Cloud-Native Platform

    Learn 8 steps to guide your journey to cloud-native application development, including Red Hat® customer success stories.

  • The Path to Cloud-Native Applications

    Learn 8 steps to guide your journey to cloud-native application development, including Red Hat® customer success stories.

  • Modernize Your Network with Red Hat Ansible Network Automation

    Even as underlying technologies have evolved, network management has remained largely unchanged for years. Networks are typically built, operated, and maintained manually. Find out how to automate your network with a simple but powerful IT automation platform so that you can provide a high level of service, improve compliance, and more.

  • Automating Security and Compliance for Hybrid Cloud Environments

    Why automate security and compliance? Tune into this webinar to learn about an automated approach that can help you perform audit scans on your systems, ensure governance and control, easily provide security-compliant hosts, and more.

  • IT Transformation with Containers and DevOps

    Discover how container technology is impacting not only IT, but the greater business – and why DevOps is turning out to be the key.

  • A Java Developer's Journey to Kubernetes and Openshift

    Jump into this webinar to learn tips, techniques, and best practices designed to get you up to speed with the capabilities of containers and microservices – and ultimately increase the velocity of your development and delivery.

  • Digital Transformation from the Eyes of Industry Leaders

    Digital transformation isn't an easy phrase to quantify, but according to a recent Harvard Business Review report, its implications are all too real. Tune in to dive deeper into this report's findings.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC Case Study

    Tune into this webinar to hear from Adam Hoover, Director of Digital Solutions at Blue Cross NC, as he walks through the steps his organization took to align IT teams with the business.

  • Delivering Business Value with Microservices

    Tune in to hear how Elsevier shifted from a monolithic service strategy to microservices, earning them a shortened development cycle, cost savings, and more – and learn how they ensured a smooth transition along the way.

  • Optimize Existing Applications for Modern Demands

    Tune in to hear from Tobias Hartwig of Red Hat as he discusses best practices from IT optimization and migration projects of the past and present. Plus, find out how – and where – to begin your enterprise's optimization journey.

  • UNIX to Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Is Now the Time?

    This informative brochure discusses the current state of UNIX systems and why organizations are migrating their legacy UNIX systems to Linux platforms. Read on to discover the benefits of this migration and how you can help prepare your business for the future.

  • Data Management Platform Consolidation with Enterprise Linux

    All applications' abilities are driven by data, and their ability to scale and adapt to changing business requirements is dependent on the database management system. Read this report and decide if Linux is the right OS for your organization's database.

  • The Forrester New Wave™: Enterprise Container Platform Software Suites, Q4 2018

    Open this Forrester New WaveTM Report to learn what specifications are important to look for in an Enterprise Container Platform, and whether Docker, Red Hat, IBM, or another vendor may have the best option for you.

  • An Immersive Residency in the Art of Modern Application Development

    In Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, your engineers and project owners can work side-by-side with Red Hat mentors, learning the infrastructure and software tools you need for rapid experimentation, prototyping, and production. Open this whitepaper to learn more about Red Hat Innovation Labs, and the success that past customers have been able to see.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Red Hat Consulting's Container Adoption Program And Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

    Adopting containers and discontinuing the use of legacy systems is almost always complicated, which has led Red Hat to create their container adoption program. In this Total Economic ImpactTM report from Forrester Consulting, learn how its users have been able to see a total ROI of 120%.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Red Hat Ansible Tower

    In this Total Economic ImpactTM by Forrester Consulting, learn how one Red Hat Ansible customer has been able to save over $1.6 million in operational and infrastructure appliance costs, and automated reconfiguration and security update efforts, reducing man hours by 94% and 80% in each.

  • Accelerating Cloud-Native Application Development with Java Microservices

    The pace of innovation has changed, and you need to implement a digital strategy that will enable you to take new products and services to market faster and more efficiently than ever. Open this whitepaper to learn how you can use Java to develop microservices that can deliver the speed, efficiency, and security your applications need.

  • NetOps Meets DevOps: The State of Network Automation

    To see if network operations have the reusable, scalable, and software-defined automation assets that they need to match the pace of Agile development, F5 and Red Hat conducted a survey of over 400 IT DevOps and NetOps professionals. Discover the results from the survey to learn about the current state of network automation.

  • APIs and the Need for Agile Integration

    Many are turning to APIs with an agile integration approach for increased scalability, flexibility, and reusability. Open this quick product sheet to learn more about pairing your APIs with an agile integration approach, and the steps you can take today to move in an agile direction.

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