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  • Cathay United Bank Case Study

    Banking services who fail to transform with streamlined development process will be undermined by newer and more modern competitors. Read about how a traditional and established Taiwan bank, Cathay United, was able to enhance their competitive edge despite the rapid delivery and agility of emerging fintech startup competitors.

  • Four Pillars to Delivering a Successful Open Banking Infrastructure

    Rising customer demands and expectations of financial services are leading banks to become more reliant on fintech to satisfy emerging customer needs. Read this 3-page whitepaper to learn the four pillars to successfully executing an open banking structure to accommodate new customer trends.

  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

    In a technology dominant business world, pairing and integrating solutions together often improves performance than running one by itself. Review this whitepaper which overviews how a Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform can transform your hybrid cloud application platform.

  • A Developer's Guide To Lift-And-Shift Cloud Migration

    Rapid cloud adoption has many businesses looking for ways to transition to a cloud-native development method. Read this e-guide to learn exactly how your business can accomplish these three key pillars to lifting and shifting to a cloud-native development model.

  • Red Hat and Partners Launch to Expand Kubernetes Automation Ecosystem

    Check out this IDC brief to learn more about the Operator model, which is particularly useful for complex stateful apps in Kubernetes.

  • Cloud, Open Source, and the World's Best Bank

    The rapid adoption of digital tech in businesses continues to rise, in large part due to the power of cloud platforms. Read this case study to see how a DBS cloud platform cut operating costs by 80% for a Singapore bank, and how your organization could see similar results.

  • Building modern apps with Linux containers

    Read this 15-page eBook to learn some container basics, as well as some of the most important security and management considerations to take into account before using containers in your own organization.

  • Operators 101: Your auto-pilot for Kubernetes workloads

    Creating an automated IT infrastructure has become a strategic change businesses should make if they want to improve customer experience and optimize IT staff. Read this web article to understand operators, and how Red Hat can make automated workloads a reality in a system like Kubernetes.

  • Red Hat Application Run times

    Rising expectations and demands placed on development organizations means they need to fill out the tall order of delivering solutions faster with lower risk and reduced cost. Download this e-brief to understand how a Red Hat Application can impact your runtimes, making new demands easier to manage.

  • The Culture and Process Change Imperative

    Inside this Harvard Business Review analysis, take a deep dive into survey results collected from real world IT and business leaders as they weigh in on their renewed, cultural and process centric digital transformation strategies – and find out what methods are the most effective.

  • Boost business agility: A guide to modernizing IT with hybrid cloud and containers

    Investing in solutions that allow a business to overcome challenges with a streamlined, agile, scalable, and fast infrastructure has become a necessity. Read this whitepaper to learn how your business can become modern and flexible through hybrid cloud and containers.

  • A Data Driven Blueprint for Accelerating DevOps and Agile Practices

    Implementing an optimized container orchestration system will help business develop a competitive edge within their industry. Read through this whitepaper which explains how a Kubernetes container solution can deliver sustainable and reliable improvements to DevOps and Agile processes.

  • Container Storage

    With the adoption of DevOps and a rising demand for faster development processes, containers have quickly begun to see a spike in usage. Download this container eBook which gives you everything you'll need to know when incorporating containers in your development processes and IT operations.

  • The Essentials to Delivering Persistent Storage for Container-based Applications

    Containers-based applications are quickly becoming a valued tool in the world of IT operations. Read this whitepaper to see exactly how container enhances your development process, and even helps operations admins.

  • Agile Integration Is Critical To Successful Digital Transformation

    Read this Forrester report to learn how organizations similar to yours are tackling their own Agile integration initiatives, and learn some best practices to bring back to your organization's strategy.

  • How to create a Banking Platform Business Model with Agile Integration

    In this webinar learn how the principles of Agile integration can be applied to build a programmable bank and leverage the banking platform business model.

  • From Concept to Reality, an Agile Integration Reference Architecture

    Watch this webinar to learn about the pillars of an agile integration: APIs, distributed integration, business processes and rules, and containers, and how they all come together to create the perfect agile integration strategy for your organization.

  • How to Leverage Agile Integration to Reinvent Competitive Advantage

    Listen to this webcast to learn what an agile integration strategy means for your organization, and how others, such as the Amsterdam Airport, and KeyBank have implemented their own agile integration strategy.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Red Hat Consulting's Container Adoption Program And Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

    Adopting containers and discontinuing the use of legacy systems is almost always complicated, which has led Red Hat to create their container adoption program. In this Total Economic ImpactTM report from Forrester Consulting, learn how its users have been able to see a total ROI of 120%.

  • Agile Integration: the Blueprint for Enterprise Architecture

    In this whitepaper, learn how some organizations are bringing together three important architectural capabilities: containers, distributed integration, and application programming interfaces in a new architectural framework called agile integration.

  • Red Hat Open Innovation Labs Catalyze Innovation

    Speeding up software release cycles is the key to any successful IT operation, but accomplishing this takes more than just new tools. Access this whitepaper to learn how Red Hat applies DevOps to real business needs, and see the 6 simple steps it will take to get you started towards an open source DevOps culture.

  • The API Owner's Manual

    Learn about real life examples from companies like Amazon and Netflix about how they built successful API programs. Plus, discover 7 best practices for architecting your own API management program.

  • Design Your App Modernization Strategy

    Once you determine that you need to modernize certain apps, the next step is figure out which method best fits your development, whether it's restructuring with PaaS or redesigning with APIs. In this e-guide, explore how to design an app modernization strategy that suits your business's architecture and cloud use.

  • Modernize Legacy Apps for the Cloud

    In this expert e-guide, we explore how organizations are modernizing legacy apps for cloud, mobile, and other digital transformation initiatives with 3 different approaches to modernization, containers, and PaaS.

  • Approaches to SAP HANA Adoption: ERP, Business Intelligence, and More

    In this expert e-guide, we explore how organizations across a variety of industries are leveraging SAP's in-memory platform to enhance reporting, analytics, self-service BI, ERP transformation, mobility, and more. Discover which approach to SAP HANA – on premise, in the cloud, or via mobile apps – is best for you.

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