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  • NetOps Meets DevOps: The State of Network Automation

    To see if network operations have the reusable, scalable, and software-defined automation assets that they need to match the pace of Agile development, F5 and Red Hat conducted a survey of over 400 IT DevOps and NetOps professionals. Discover the results from the survey to learn about the current state of network automation.

  • Executive Checklist: Cloud-Native Platform

    Learn 8 steps to guide your journey to cloud-native application development, including Red Hat® customer success stories.

  • APIs and the Need for Agile Integration

    Many are turning to APIs with an agile integration approach for increased scalability, flexibility, and reusability. Open this quick product sheet to learn more about pairing your APIs with an agile integration approach, and the steps you can take today to move in an agile direction.

  • The Path to Cloud-Native Applications

    Learn 8 steps to guide your journey to cloud-native application development, including Red Hat® customer success stories.

  • Red Hat Storage One for Content Repositories by Supermicro

    Save this datasheet to view the features, as well as the cluster, server, and environmental specifications of a software-defined storage solution— Red Hat Storage One by Supermicro—designed to specifically meet the needs of large-file workloads like content repositories.

  • Red Hat Storage One for General-Purpose NAS by Supermicro

    Read this datasheet to view the technical features and specifications of Red Hat Storage One by Supermicro, an integrated, preconfigured, and fully supported software-defined storage solution built for general-purpose NAS workloads. Its aim is to simplify SDS deployment for organizations like yours.

  • Introducing Red Hat Storage One

    SDS is now easier to adopt and consume. By reading this blog post, you'll be privy to the technical details of Red Hat Storage One, a pre-integrated SDS deployment that has been rigorously tested and carefully configured for specific workloads. Your predictable and low-risk SDS experience starts here.

  • The New Rules of CIO Leadership

    In this report, hear from over a dozen high-profile CIOs and CDOs as they share their secrets for keeping up to date with current trends and tackling digital transformation – from breaking down business siloes to resetting old expectations.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Red Hat Consulting's Container Adoption Program And Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

    In this ROI analysis, learn what benefits other container adopters have seen, the risks they've been able to mitigate, and how you could see similar results with containers in your organization.

  • Agile Integration: the Blueprint for Enterprise Architecture

    In this whitepaper, learn how some organizations are bringing together three important architectural capabilities: containers, distributed integration, and application programming interfaces in a new architectural framework called agile integration.

  • The Business Value of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

    Enterprises adopt Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform to drive down the cost of application development and running applications in production. Access this whitepaper to learn why customers are only finding this success with JBoss EAP, and some of the real-world results they've seen by adopting the platform.

  • Red Hat Services Program: Container Adoption

    Access this whitepaper on a container adoption program that addresses three workstreams – infrastructure, release management, and application development – turning isolated container experimentation into scaled container adoption while simultaneously transforming IT teams and processes.

  • Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management

    The API management tool market is certainly saturated, but not every solution will work for every infrastructure. Read through this Gartner Magic Quadrant and compare offerings from organizations such as AWS, CA Technologies, Red Hat, Microsoft, Oracle, and many more.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions (S/4 HANA)

    Open to learn about Red Hat Enterprise Linux, an OS built around the needs of SAP that promises high availability, smarter management capabilities, and advanced analytic and insight features to give your critical SAP systems the tools they need to thrive.

  • The Modern Data Center: Vital For Digital Transformation

    In this Forrester report based on a collection of in-depth surveys and interviews with infrastructure professionals, find out how companies like yours are taking steps towards making their datacenter a valuable partner to all lines-of-business.

  • Machine Learning on IoT Data with SAP Leonardo and Red Hat JBoss Middleware

    Collecting IoT datasets is helpful, but it takes machine learning techniques to extract the important signals from these datasets and create predictive models. Download this white paper to explore a real-world use case for IoT and machine learning, and how 1 sports application is using the technologies to help golfers improve their game.

  • Automating Security and Compliance for Hybrid Environments

    The various and disparate components of hybrid infrastructure can make enforcing tightening security and compliance regulations a nightmare for IT – but it doesn't have to be. Tune in to learn how security and compliance auditing and remediation responsibilities can be turned over to automation instead.

  • Build a Hybrid Cloud with Red Hat Containers on Microsoft Clouds

    In this slideshow, learn how Red Hat containers and Microsoft Azure are being bundled to provide the best of open source and cloud application features to modern development teams. Plus, check out a live demonstration on how to deploy OpenShift via Azure's control interface and Red Hat's management engine.

  • Monitoring the Performance of Your Container Environments

    Containers are ubiquitous. They can be spun up so quickly that after a certain point it becomes impossible to manage them manually. Jump to the 8:20 mark in this webinar to see a demo of a container monitoring solution that can provide the visibility your organization needs.

  • Benefits of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Microsoft Azure

    Hear from Red Hat and Microsoft leaders on how their joint OpenShift and Azure effort is becoming a de-facto toolkit for developers and IT operations looking to keep up with increasingly fickle user demands.

  • Secure Virtualization Trusted by Government Agencies

    Red tape in the virtual environments of a small business and a government agency are starkly different – especially when it comes to security. Click to learn about a virtualization platform designed to negate security threats within hypervisors and VMs without compromising performance, and learn why it's trusted by agencies like the NSA.

  • Smart Virtualization: Doing More with Less

    Learn more about a smart virtualization platform, designed to increase performance and security capabilities while simultaneously driving software and hardware cost savings through advanced VM efficiency.

  • Modernize Virtualization Infrastructure

    Flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy are the defining traits of a high-performing virtualization infrastructure – traits that, over time, can slip from the grasp of classical hypervisors. Find out how an open, modernized virtualization platform can offer an alternative – especially once costs begin stacking up.

  • Modernize Financial Services with Open Source

    Click to learn how three finance companies used open source as a springboard towards automation and other innovative technologies in order to get a leg up on competition.

  • Digital Transformation Reshapes Financial Services

    Regulatory mandates, industry standards, and security protections are just a few of the main challenges of building out an effective end-to-end IT infrastructure in the financial sector. Open this whitepaper to see how many in the financial services industry are using open source technologies.

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