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  • DevOps Security, Monitoring & Compliance with OpenShift and Sysdig

    IT, cloud and DevOps-related risks are on the rise and addressing these challenges alone can be resource-intensive. In this webinar, join experts at Red Hat and Sysdig as they discuss how to extend security, compliance and monitoring capabilities with a secure-by-design platform – watch now to get started.

  • Automating TLS provisioning with OpenShift Service Mesh

    Traditional application servers are being replaced by modern application microservices architectures that enable distributed workforces to collaborate. This webinar highlights the importance of using mutual TLS (mTLS) to secure communications between services and overviews some of the nuances about its setup – watch now to get started.

  • Digital Transformation the Open Source Way

    This guide identifies the five areas within an organization that must commit to change to affect long-term success.

  • Teaching an Elephant to Dance

    Learn about the organizational and cultural changes your organization needs to make to succeed with DevOps and other approaces to being more nimble and responsive.

  • EMA Top 3 Enterprise Decision Guide 2020

    AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are rapidly growing within a Kubernetes context, according to new research by EMA. These changes call for the integration of Kubernetes into cloud migrations and DevOps transformations. In this EMA report, explore how to address these key obstacles.

  • Managing Your Kubernetes Clusters for Dummies

    Red Hat has proposed a single solution to solve any and all ITOps woes: a unified management solution. Now, in this special edition Red Hat for Dummies guide, learn how to achieve this unified management solution when managing your Kubernetes clusters. Save the guide here.

  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes

    In this FAQ guide to Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes, explore the new key features included in the latest version, including the most compelling use cases for Red Hat, how to achieve unified multicluster management, and more. Get the answers here.

  • How to Deploy a Platform for the Future

    Download this Red Hat product overview to take a look at how to choose the right Linux cloud distribution platform, including open source enterprise software and tools, automation, life-cycle support options and more.

  • Five Considerations for Managing Your Kubernetes Clusters

    Cloud-native and cluster sprawl don’t need to go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, that’s been the case for many modernizing businesses as of late. In this For Dummies guide, explore 5 considerations for managing your Kubernetes clusters. Save the guide here.

  • Building apps in containers: 5 things to share with your manager

    This report will give you ammunition to educate management on the benefits of containerized software development and cloud-native applications.

  • Developing apps in containers: 5 topics to discuss with your team

    Learn the five most important concepts your dev team needs to understand to succeed with containers, particularly in a hybrid and multi-cloud world.

  • Multicloud Portability for Dummies

    Learn how to craft a sensible strategy that leverages both hybrid clouds and multiple cloud vendors' capabilities.

  • Cloud-native meets hybrid cloud: A strategy guide

    With so much change in both software development and infrastructure with cloud options, many organizations no longer have a coherent application strategy. Learn how Red Hat forged theirs.

  • Navigating the Cloud Opportunity

    In this Red Hat report, CRN surveyed 150 IT decision makers across industries to examine the challenges businesses encounter with multicloud realities and explore the ways in which service partners can best capitalize on the opportunities presented by the cloud. Learn how to differentiate your business in a crowded multicloud marketplace here.

  • Manage Security Risk With Red Hat Insights

    Managing today’s cyberthreats requires the ability to rapidly assess, prioritize and remediate potential threats. Read this solution brief for a comprehensive overview of the key features and capabilities of Red Hat Insights, designed to help organizations manage risks with enhanced visibility.

  • Streamline IT Administration

    This brief covers some open source management features – promising to help streamline operations and boost efficiencies. Download to read more about tool administration, security management, container tools and more.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Edge Computing

    Download this datasheet to see some features and benefits of open source for edge computing, plus, explore built-in edge capabilities of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

  • Why Linux Management Matters

    Download this guide to peruse 4 key management best practices that can help your organization with Linux open source.

  • Improve Security & Compliance

    Speed and response time are essential in reducing the impact of data breaches – in fact, containing a breach within 200 days or less reduced the overall cost of a breach by more than 50% in 2020. Read this e-book to learn more about how to improve security, reduce risk and ensure compliance.

  • Save Administrator Time and Effort By Activating Red Hat Insights to Automate Monitoring

    Download this resource to explore five common use cases for how to save administrator time and effort by activating Red Hat insights to automate monitoring in your organization.

  • 5 elements of successful digital transformation

    According to Red Hat, successful digital transformation efforts share five elements: leadership, product, development, architecture, and operations. In this checklist, learn how using these 5 key elements when planning technology investments helps protect your organization from failure—and produces positive outcomes. Start here.

  • Transformation takes practice

    It’s a question asked time and again by business leaders: Why are so many digital transformation efforts failing? In this e-book, Red Hat sets out to answer this pressing question, with a focus on open transformation. Save the e-book here.

  • SAP S/4HANA Migration Benchmark Report

    In Q1 of 2020, SAPinsider conducted a survey to examine the status of their audience’s SAP S/4HANA migrations, and how they plan to meet their strategic needs and objectives. Explore their findings in this report.

  • Blanc und Fischer IT Services GmbH improves manufacturing with Red Hat, IBM, and SAP

    Blanc und Fischer IT Services GmbH is the central IT service provider to the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding. The group was one of the first to adopt the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) for SAP Solutions on IBM POWER9 servers. Learn about their experience working with Red Hat and the benefit they achieved in this case study.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions

    Your SAP landscape is the core of critical business operations like ERP, SCM, and customer experience—why is why it’s so important to have a strong underlying infrastructure to support your environment. Learn about Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux server offering for SAP solutions, and how it can help provide the support you need in this data sheet.

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