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  • HotelPlan Case Study

    HotelPlan Group, an international travel and tourism company based in Switzerland, wanted to save money and modernize its core IT environment by migrating its SAP systems from costly UNIX platforms and legacy servers with Red Hat. Learn about their experience and the benefits they’ve achieved in this case study.

  • Boost Hybrid Cloud Security

    As security evolves, so too do threats. In a world that is quickly moving to cloud architectures (94% of organizations are using some type of cloud), security has never been prioritized more. The cost-saving benefits of cloud are all proven, but without the right security, the risk is not worth the gain. Dive into this e-book to learn more.

  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes

    With Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management, your team can benefit from end-to-end management visibility and control, strong security and compliance, and more. But first, you might have some questions. In this Q&A index, find the answers to all your Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management questions. Save the index here.

  • Embracing containers

    Containers open new opportunities for applications that are deployed on any type of cloud environment, whether it’s private, public, multicloud, or hybrid in nature. In this Red Hat report, get back to the basics of containers and learn how they best fit into your cloud strategy. Read more here.

  • A1 Bulgaria updates digital service strategy with Red Hat OpenShift

    In this 4-page report, learn how to build a microservices-based application environment with a step-by-step case study of A1 Bulgaria (formerly known as Mobitel)’s journey.

  • Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus Reduces Virtualization TCO

    Dive inside this case study to learn how the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus switched to Red Hat’s subscription-based software to reduce the TCO of its virtualized IT environment, earning new automation capabilities and reliability features.

  • Open Circle Solutions builds innovative golf management system with Red Hat OpenShift

    In this case study, learn why Open Circle Solutions, who focuses on market disruption, chose to work with Red Hat to accelerate development and ensure Agile integration—for both their customers and their own employees.

  • IMBA cuts time to deploy HPC environments from months to hours with Red Hat

    Open this case study to learn why the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) used Red Hat OpenStack Platform, and how they were able to create a flexible, scalable, software-defined data center that has cut installing custom environments from months to hours.

  • Rhätische Bahn accelerates service integration with Red Hat OpenShift

    Containers, microservices, and productivity go hand in hand—if you do it right. In this guide, learn how Red Hat’s container microservices integration strategy helped one company implement interfaces 20% faster than their now-retired monolithic approach.

  • Success Story: Poste Italiane

    In this 10-minute video, join the CTO of Post Italiane as he explores how his company has benefitted from Ansible Automation. One key element was approaching Post Italiane’s infrastructure as code from an end-to-end perspective—which was made easier with the help of Red Hat and Ansible.

  • Avoiding digital transformation failure

    When a digital transformation fails, it’s often because there’s an imbalance between people, processes, and technology. When new tech gets all the attention, operations, leadership, and collaboration can fall behind. This Red Hat guide offers insight into avoiding digital transformation failure with a trusted software supply chain (TSSC).

  • RH_JosephFitzgerald_FINAL

    Automation has matured. At first, IT viewed automation as a tool, or a tactic. Now, automation technology has evolved into a strategy—so much so that Forrester Research has identified it as a “boardroom imperative.” In this video, learn how Red Hat and Ansible are transforming IT budgets, integration, and scalability.

  • RH_MarcSebastienAnton_FINAL

    It’s time to define your approach to Ansible. From MVPs to orchestrated workflows, there are massive opportunities for growth with Ansible strategies. Unfortunately, these same processes can be open invitations for risk. With Red Hat Consulting Services, find the guidance you need when navigating your Ansible strategy.

  • Organize for Innovation

    There’s a growing irony in IT: A state of disruption has become the constant. In this book, follow along as Jim Whitehurst, President and CEO of Red Hat, explores this ironic state of disruption and evaluates how it’s changing open source, education, Linux, and many other IT realms.

  • Best Practices for Successful Transformation Journey with Automation

    In this round table discussion, join leaders at Andorra Telecom, Rabobank and Discovery as they share best practices and success stories regarding their digital transformation and journey towards automation.

  • The Evolution of Automation: Unite People and Opportunity for Growth

    To ensure the productivity and security needs of today’s organizations are being met, IT leaders are embracing the benefits of automation for unifying their people and processes. Watch this webinar for an in-depth look at the Red Hat Ansible automation platform – its key features, capabilities and success stories.

  • Digital Transformation Success: The Evolution of Automation

    Today’s organizations are up against a slew of IT bottlenecks, including legacy integration, security & compliance, and code standardization. Tune into this webinar to hear experts from Red Hat explore the dynamics creating these challenging bottlenecks – and which automation technology choices can most effectively solve these challenges.

  • Open Innovation Labs

    In this 1-minute video, learn how Red Hat Open Innovation Labs helped Santander automate their entire onboarding process.

  • The SAP Side-by-side Concept Powered by Red Hat

    According to a recent study, over 70% of digital transformation projects fail – oftentimes, outdated application infrastructures have trouble keeping up with the change. Watch this video to see how Red Hat tools can help your business in this process and offer new delivery models and revenue streams, faster time to market, and more.

  • Rethinking Digital Transformation

    The current state of digital transformation is constantly shifting and evolving. It’s important to pause every so often and take note of where things stand. In this guide, learn what digital transformation looks like right now.

  • Rethinking Digital Transformation

    With this new Harvard Business Review report, discover new data on the culture and process change imperative in 2020. Learn how the drive for digital transformation has changed (and intensified), as well as which technologies executives now see as priorities.

  • Boost business agility

    This guide serves as a blueprint for any enterprise looking to build a containerized hybrid cloud. Inside, learn how Red Hat can help your team establish unified hybrid solutions and consistent cloud infrastructure, with a focus on container management.

  • Moving legacy applications to containers

    Maintaining legacy applications accounts for the majority of IT costs. Discover how to move legacy applications to containers to free up resources and reduce operational costs. Read the guide now to learn more.

  • OpenShift Container Platform

    In this data sheet, learn about Red Hat OpenShift 4, a hybrid cloud Kubernetes application platform that increases developer productivity, lowers IT operations costs, and more.

  • Best Practices forSAP S/4HANA Migration and Implementation

    Migrating to SAP seems like an easy decision to most companies. Before jumping in, makesure to read through this e-guide to learn all about the benefits and setbacks yourorganization may experience throughout the process, from implementation to management.

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