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  • Postgres-BDR: The Next Generation of PostgreSQL High Availability (

    Sponsored by: EnterpriseDB

    Near-zero downtime, or “Always On,” has become a must-have for successful digital transformation in any industry, but many people don’t know how or where to get started with their high availability (HA) upgrading. Access this white paper for a look into the current state of HA, as well as solutions and methods your organization can leverage.

  • Modernise Your Workflow With Sage 300

    Sponsored by: Sage

    Many companies are looking for platforms that will help them reduce costs and improve performance with enhanced business visibility, through an integrated suite of ERP solutions. Access this e-book to find potential solutions and methods that can help your organization.

  • Is your security engineered to beat social engineering?

    Sponsored by: Webroot

    To protect your business from social engineering, it’s important to focus on the “social” part of your organization: your workforce. Learn why hybrid workforces are targeted and why you should invest in multi-tiered protection in this infographic.

  • The Future of Trust is Identity-First - Eugenio Pace, Auth0

    Sponsored by: Okta

    IAM is often thought of as only a means of authentication or verification. This webcast focuses on the important role identity management plays in building trust between and organization and their customers. Okta’s Eugenio Pace talks through his views on identity and why it is critical to the future of digital business. Tune in to learn more.

  • A cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) to shift security left for your microservices and their APIs

    Sponsored by: Ubika

    Explore the key benefits and features of UBIKA’s cloud workload protection platform, built to protect your microservices and their APIs through automation and proactive engines.


    Sponsored by: Ubika

    Explore the key benefits and features of UBIKA’s WAAP Gateway and WAAP Cloud, a web access manager that provides security services you need to maintain authentication and authorization.

  • How to share data between containers with K8s shared volumes

    Sponsored by: Spectro Cloud

    Sometimes applications require multiple containers to work together. When this happens, that’s where Kubernetes volumes comes into play. This article provides a quick guide on:What Kubernetes volumes isThe main types that Kubernetes’ supportsHow to share data between containers using K8s shared volumesRead the guide here.

  • SOC Modernization And The Role Of XDR

    Sponsored by: Cisco

    To modernize security operations centers (SOC) and keep up with the volume of security alerts, large organizations need advanced analytics to help automate tier-1 analyst tasks like triaging alerts, correlating alerts with IoCs, and preparing incidents for investigations.

  • Microsoft Surface for K–12 Education

    Sponsored by: ASI Solutions/Microsoft

    Providing collaborative technology tools to students is a great way to empower engaging digital learning experiences, but security breaches and their linked costs loom in the not-too-far distance. In this white paper, explore how Surface devices complete security solutions through key features and use cases across the world.

  • Do Your Backups Have Your Back Against Ransomware?

    Sponsored by: Asigra

    How can you adjust your cybersecurity strategy to outsmart evolving ransomware threats and prevent deleted backups and long recovery times? Read this white paper to learn how you can leverage an advanced backup solution to prevent ransomware attack loops and enable bi-directional malware scanning to protect your business.

  • The Next Generation Soc Tool Stack

    Sponsored by: MixMode

    Traditional SIEM offerings, while at times effective, often require many resources to function properly. This guide takes a deeper look into SIEM software to evaluate it and determine what steps can be taken to improve it. Access the full white paper and see what experts have to say about the efficacy of SIEM offerings.

  • Why HPE everything as a service is a game changer for your business

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    75% of enterprises will recognize the benefits of as-a-service consumption in 2021, according to IDC research. Tap into this infographic to learn how you can leverage everything-as-a-service solutions from HPE to experience the simplicity, security and control of elastic IT with financial flexibility and unlock hidden business value.

  • Self-learning Cyber Defense For Financial Services - Intelligence Achieved

    Sponsored by: MixMode

    Access this case study to learn how a large Financial Services Institution deployed MixMode to ingest and analyze otherwise unmanageable volumes of cloud-based data and unburdened its security team from false positives within the first week of deployment.

  • Victor Central Schools Prevents 20 Downtime-Causing Issues to “Realize Immediate Value”

    Sponsored by: Runecast

    In this case study, learn how Victor Central Schools, who was running 2 vCenters – 1 for server virtualization and 1 for Horizon desktops – partnered with Runecast to pinpoint potentially disastrous security weaknesses. Read on to learn how they realized 6 key results.

  • Cribl Vendor Agnostic Routing

    Sponsored by:

    Dive into this data sheet for a close look at Cribl vendor agnostic routing solutions, and discover how your organization can gain greater control over both your data and your management costs.

  • observability Pipelines:  Build vs. Buy

    Sponsored by:

    Join Cribl's Art Chavez and Mike Dupuis in this webinar to discuss the key considerations your organization must take into account when building or buying parts of your observability pipeline platform.

  • 3 Common Pitfalls of AI-powered Contract Management Adoption

    Sponsored by: AWS and Conga

    What are the frequent problems to be aware of when adopting new tech so that you can maximize ROI? Read this white paper to learn 3 common pitfalls of AI-powered contract management adoption and the key considerations you should take into account to avoid them.

  • Migration from CentOS to Red Hat Enterprise Linux The value of subscription

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Tune in to this webinar for a complete run-through of the RHEL migration path, and learn how quickly and easily begin augmenting your organization's hybrid cloud strategy.

  • Securing and optimizing Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment with Insights and Ansible

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Tune in to this webinar to learn which of your systems are exposed to high-profile vulnerabilities, and learn how to secure and optimize your Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment with Insights and Ansible.

  • Cloudreach helps large provider of financial markets data and infrastructure access large datasets more quickly and cost-effectively

    Sponsored by: AWS and Cloudreach

    Examine how Cloudreach helped one of the largest providers of financial markets data and infrastructure access large datasets more quickly and cost-effectively. The outcome of this assistance result in the company being able to access large datasets in a fraction of the time and a cost reduction in the storage of data. Access the case study here.

  • How to solve your biggest cloud problems

    Sponsored by: AppDynamics

    According to a Frost & Sullivan survey, 92% of respondents agreed that the cloud was the most critical part of their digital transformation strategy. Access this white paper to learn why cloud monitoring is vital to obtaining the right level of visibility and how you can realize the 5 key advantages for your vulnerable cloud environments.

  • Building Seamless Connectivity for a Competitive Edge

    Sponsored by: Motorola, Inc.

    Over 90% of manufacturing workers are using multiple devices to communicate while on the job, according to a 2021 Motorola Solutions Survey. Access this white paper to learn how you can overcome 4 key hurdles to increasing connectivity and realize immediate benefits in both safety and productivity.

  • The Bot Expert’s Guide To Captcha

    Sponsored by: DataDome

    How can you support your business with a more effective CAPTCHA? Read this white paper to learn how CAPTCHAs impact data privacy compliance and the user experience and to identify characteristics you should look for in the ideal CAPTCHA.

  • A Single Source Of Truth Guide To Breaking Down Data Silos

    Sponsored by: SnapLogic

    Read through this e-book to learn why your organization needs to eliminate data silos, and discover the essential steps for enabling enterprise automation.

  • Devops And The Alternative Cloud

    Sponsored by: Akamai Technologies

    20% of companies have no on-premises IT infrastructure at all according to this Accelerated Strategies Group (ASG) study. The report also dives into:Which cloud infrastructure providers companies useThe benefits developers cite for building apps in the cloudThe importance of data securityAccess the ASG report here.

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