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  • Google Video 3

    Sponsored by: Google

    Join this Google webinar to find out how you can use Google Kubernetes Engine’s built-in insights to analyze the cost and performance of your workloads.

  • Why Small Open-Source Projects Pose Significant Security Risks

    Sponsored by: Tidelift

    Take a look through this e-guide to explore why small open source projects have become a source of vulnerability for many organization, and find out how your organization can prevent these potential security risks.

  • The Next Evolution Of Zero Trust

    Sponsored by: AT&T Cybersecurity and Palo Alto Networks

    Identifying a weakness of ZTNA—too much access—AT&T and Palo Alto Networks have partnered to enable ZTNA 2.0. What makes ZTNA 2.0 different from ZTNA? 6 capabilities, including limited access and boosted user experience. Explore this infographic to learn more.

  • CloudSMART for SAP on AWS

    Sponsored by: HCLTech

    Discover in this white paper how HCL CloudSmart for SAP's full-stack offering can help accelerate your SAP transformation journey on AWS.

  • Webroot Video 2

    Sponsored by: Webroot

    Using new tactics, cybercriminals are able to take advantage of dispersed workforces, including office networks. Is your security strong enough to beat social engineering? Watch this brief video to understand how cybercriminals are evolving and how you can avoid becoming a victim of social engineering.

  • 4 tips for delivering superior apps

    Sponsored by: Red Hat & Dynatrace

    By adopting containers and a cloud-native approach to application development, you can achieve the scalability and flexibility necessary to meet user demand for new features and services. Read on to learn 4 steps that your organization can take to deliver superior apps with app development partner ecosystem solutions.

  • How to secure buy-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

    Sponsored by: Inciper

    If your organization is in the market for a cloud-based CRM, then you need a solution that advances your digital transformation journey, ensures compliance, and focuses on the whole business, not just one department. Read on to learn more about a solution that offers all of that and more.

  • The State Of Dataops

    Sponsored by: StreamSets

    How can you establish a more efficient ecosystem to improve data quality and optimize the data lifecycle? Access this ESG research content to learn about the data challenges that respondent organizations are experiencing and understand the initiatives they are pursuing in order to deliver on the promise of DataOps.

  • Red Hat Video

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    This financial services spotlight webinar hosted by IDC Financial Insights and Red Hat details:The biggest challenges of the finance industry today, where organizations stand, and what comes nextPreparing for the DORA act in the EUAnd best practices in cloud management for financial servicesListen in to the discussion here.

  • CIAM Customer Success Stories

    Sponsored by: Okta

    In today’s digitally evolved world, customers expect a seamless experience that caters to their high UX expectations. Okta aims to demonstrate that organizations that utilize their CIAM offerings can maintain a highly customized access platform, while maintaining a high level of security. Read the full case study to learn more.

  • EN Identity Made Easy Episode 3 - Stronger Customer Authentication

    Sponsored by: Okta

    While most authentication deals with securing an enterprise network while allowing employees the proper access, it is important to remember customers also require authentication. In this third installment of the Identity Made Easy webcast series, experts from Computer Weekly and Okta discuss Customer Identity. Watch now to learn more.

  • Lifecycle of a Fake Website

    Sponsored by: Allure Security

    Angry customers and over-burdened IT staff—these are what you’re left with when your business falls victim to brand impersonation in the form of a fake website. This infographic details the 8-step lifecycle of a fake website. Read now and gain the awareness needed to protect your organization.

  • Tackle Your Cloud Challenges With Forrester’s Scenario Quick Start Cards

    Sponsored by: Akamai Technologies

    Forrester’s Quick Start Cards Report packages frequent client inquiries into step-by-step guidance that helps companies address a wide range of cloud scenarios. It includes advice on mitigating vendor lock-in, closing the skills gap, and optimizing budgets. Access the guides here.

  • The Importance Of Prevention, Not Detection, In Email Security

    Sponsored by: Checkpoint Software Technologies

    It should go without saying that any email security solution that doesn’t prevent inbox incursions isn’t really providing email security. This white paper looks at the importance of prevention over detection in email security, and presents Avanan’s offering, which aims to move into the next generation of email security. Read on to learn more.

  • Prioritization To Prediction Volume 3: Winning the Remediation Race

    Sponsored by: Cisco Umbrella

    Hackers aren’t waiting for you to find and fix the vulnerabilities hiding in your code, so you need to make sure your vulnerability management is up to par. In this third volume of the Prioritization to Prediction report, Kenna aims to gauge how organizations compare against each other in the vulnerability remediation market. Read on to learn more.

  • Data Analytics For Fortune 500 Companies: Top Use Cases

    Sponsored by: LatentView Analytics

    How can you derive competitive advantage and create new value for your organization by improving your data strategy? Read this e-book to learn key insights on building an enterprise-wide data strategy across multiple industries so that your organization can maximize its ability to transform data into tangible business value.

  • Lunch Garden Ctac facilitates transformation project with AWS and SAP

    Sponsored by: AWS and CTAC

    Lunch Garden, Belgium’s largest restaurant chain, identified a goal: to enhance its customer experiences. To accomplish this, the organization surrounded itself with a team composed of SAP, AWS and Ctac. Dig into this case study to understand how the team empowered Lunch Garden with SAP S/4HANA RISE on AWS.

  • Sky Lakes Medical Center Avoids Paying Ransom, Lowers PACS TCO

    Sponsored by: Cohesity

    In October 2020, Sky Lakes Medical was breached by a massive ransomware attack. Read this case study to learn how Sky Lakes leveraged the comprehensive Cisco–Cohesity hyperscale data management solution to greatly mitigate the impact of the attack and avoid paying a penny of the ransom.

  • A SANS 2021 Survey: OT/ICS Cybersecurity

    Sponsored by: Nozomi Networks

    What threat vectors are OT/ICS leaders most concerned about? 480 respondents answered this question and more when they participated in the 2021 SANS OT/ICS Cybersecurity Survey. What topped the list? Financially motivated cybercrimes. Browse this report and unlock insight into other organizations’ defense strategies and challenges.

  • Azure Sentinel vs. Azure Security Center

    Sponsored by: Predica Group

    Given that networks are becoming more distributed and cyberthreats are increasing in sophistication, many organizations are turning to tools to strengthen their defenses. Two such tools are Microsoft Azure Security Center (ASC) and Microsoft Azure Sentinel (AS). What do these tools do, and how do they differ? Check out this blog for answers.

  • Offering Outstanding Learning Experiences In The Classroom And Beyond.

    Sponsored by: Lenovo & Microsoft

    Discover in this case study why Majmaah University has relied on rock-solid infrastructure from Lenovo to empower its 13,000 students and 3,000 faculty and staff.

  • 30 Minutes To A More Secure Network, On Campus And Off

    Sponsored by: Cisco

    Between distance learning tools, cloud-based applications and a student population that’s scattered beyond campus, proactive school cybersecurity has never been more important. Read this e-book to learn how you can quickly strengthen your network against student data breaches, sophisticated threats and more.

  • The Challenges of Hospital Wireless

    Sponsored by: Comport

    Read through this e-book delve into the unique challenges facing hospital wireless experiences, evaluate where your organization stands with its current wireless ecosystem, and learn what steps you can take to move your hospital’s wireless solution forward.

  • Risk-Based Authentication

    Sponsored by: Cisco

    According to Cisco, trust should be seen as a grading of risk, where each situation is evaluated on a spectrum, and each new attempt merits a reevaluation of trust. This white paper explores how risk-based authentication (RBA) can help organizations achieve their zero-trust goal through more nuanced trust evaluation. Continue on to discover more.

  • IBM Maximo Visual Inspection

    Sponsored by: Alkan Telecom

    Download this detailed paper to learn how AI-based solutions like IBM’s Maximo Visual Inspection improve asset management, with AI-powered insights at scale and made actionable through automation.

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