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  • Anatomy of a Salesforce Supply Chain Attack

    Sponsored by: WithSecure

    With over 3,400 available apps, the Salesforce ecosystem is huge and highly customizable. Each new addition increases an organization’s exposure to digital supply chain attacks through vulnerable applications and compromised developer tools. Read this white paper to receive actionable advice about hardening your Salesforce environment.

  • Clarks Customer Case Study

    Sponsored by: Check Point

    When Clarks’ IT team decided that the business needed a security overhaul, the team sought out a partnership with Check Point. This case study explores Clarks’ transformation to Check Point Quantum Security Gateways. Read on to learn 3 benefits that the shift enabled.

  • State of Arizona: Making Good on Fiscal Responsibility and Cybersecurity Mandates

    Sponsored by: Tanium

    Public sector organizations are still being asked to do more with less. Where should agencies be focusing their limited resources to retain and expand IT operations and security? Learn how Arizona met the needs of a growing workforce and transformed their operations and security approach, all while making good on fiscal responsibilities.

  • Boomi Edi Dashboard End-to-end Business Process Visibility

    Sponsored by: Boomi

    Purchasing, invoicing, and shipping done by utilizing disjointed EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) can make for slow, tedious, and expensive transactions. As EDI was not designed to handle the processes that are now expected of it, it has become crucial for organizations to have a solution that solve these issues. Access this guide to learn more.

  • HackerOne Application Pentest for AWS: Demo

    Sponsored by: HackerOne

    Many businesses enlist the help of penetration testers (pentesters) to locate security gaps. To enable protection for enterprises that use AWS, HackerOne created Pentest for AWS, which employs a community of ethical hackers specialized in AWS. Explore this landing page to view a demo of the service.

  • See what Cloud NGFW for AWS can do for you

    Sponsored by: Palo Alto Networks

    With more businesses migrating to the cloud, ensuring cloud security is crucial for IT teams. To enable enterprises with strong cloud security, Palo Alto Networks developed Cloud NGFW for AWS. Explore this landing page to access an interactive tour of the service and to learn 4 capabilities that Cloud NGFW for AWS provides.

  • Does Your City Need To Build Its Own Fiber Network?

    Sponsored by: Spectrum Enterprise

    All communities should have the capabilities to be able to provide faster fiber connections to their business constituents. However, many either struggle to part from their traditional methods or think the process of find a provider is daunting. Access this infographic for 6 reasons you should consider partnering with a fiber provider.

  • Human Skills Are Needed Now More Than Ever As Companies Digitise

    Sponsored by: ManPower Group

    Today, tech-related jobs make up more than 50% of the top 20 in-demand roles, globally. But, in the height of the Great Resignation, it’s crucial for organizations to not only recruit talent with the necessary technical qualifications, but also the right combination of soft skills. Access this article to discover more.

  • Autonomous ( A DEM) Digital Experience Management Across the Organization

    Sponsored by: Palo Alto Networks

    Digital transformations to highly distributed environments and to hybrid work models can result in challenges related to security and user experience. To address these challenges, Palo Alto Networks developed Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) for Prisma SASE. Read this ESG report to learn about 5 of the service’s capabilities.


    Sponsored by: Hyland

    53% of accounts payable (AP) professionals anticipate that their departments will be of greater strategic importance within the next 3 years. However, many are still struggling to manage errors that can result from AP staff manually entering invoice data and indexing files. Access this guide to learn more.

  • Consolidate Your Preventive Maintenance And Real-time Data With Accruent Solutions

    Sponsored by: Accruent

    Organizations require effective maintenance management capabilities to deliver improved performances. To empower enterprises on this front, Accruent developed 2 management software services: vx Maintain and vx Field. Read this e-book to explore product overviews.

  • 15 Black Friday Strategies for E-Commerce Teams

    Sponsored by: Namogoo

    E-Commerce sales for the 2022 holiday season are predicted to reach $891.77 billion, with $8.9 billion forecasted to be spent on Black Friday alone. So, as Black Friday approaches, it is crucial for your business to prepare for the busiest shopping season of the year and strategize ways to stand out. Access this guide to learn more.

  • Latency Is The New Outage

    Sponsored by: Redis

    How can you resolve latency issues for your organization to deliver improved customer experiences? Access this white paper to understand why delivering speed and agility is so crucial and learn how you can ensure the lowest latency possible by implementing a multi-nodal data layer for your organization.

  • How to Navigate the Intersection of DevOps and Security

    Sponsored by: Synopsys (WhiteHat)

    Check out this white paper to learn how your organization can navigate the intersection between DevOps and security, and how to train your team in the culture of DevSecOps.

  • Optimize your business: 3 key challenges MSPs need to overcome to increase profit margins

    Sponsored by: Cloudcheckr

    Challenges MSPs face when generating and evolving cloud profits include improving cloud unit economics, developing an effective billing strategy, and much more. Read the following paper to learn tactics to tackle each of these issues, as well as profit enhancement suggestions for your MSP.

  • Best Practices in Third Party Risk Management: Are They Working?

    Sponsored by: Black Kite

    There are plenty of well-established best practices for managing third-party risk, but are they really working? Access this blog to learn which methods are sufficient and how to properly measure risk in your organization.

  • Best Practices to Combat the Threat of Ransomware with Veritas

    Sponsored by: Veritas

    In a short time, cybersecurity and ransomware have become the top concern for every industry. Reports estimate there is an attack every 19 seconds with over 600 million cyber-attacks happening globally per year. There is even organized cybercrime such as ransomware as a service. To protect you in this volatile world, read on to learn more.

  • E-commerce in Numbers

    Sponsored by: MediaNova

    Understanding E-commerce and the power of digital transformation is critical to adding and retaining customers. In this piece, you will get a breakdown of the state of E-commerce by the numbers including current statistical trends you need to know.

  • PostgreSQL Performance Tuning

    Sponsored by: SolarWinds, Inc.

    PostgreSQL is a database for a new generation of enterprise applications. If you provide applications for your customers, then you need to make sure that your database performance monitoring and tuning tool is enterprise-class as well. To learn more about how to get the best performance out of your PostgreSQL database, then read on to see more.

  • Magrabi Chooses Medianova to Stay Fast

    Sponsored by: MediaNova

    In this case study, you will see how the Middle East’s leading eyewear and eye care health company was able to partner with a leader in improving site performance. Everyone knows that a faster and more responsive website leads to more customers in a shorter amount of time. Read on to see how they achieved rapid success.

  • Hybrid IT and Virtualized Workloads Preparing for a Shift to Microsoft Azure

    Sponsored by: SolarWinds, Inc.

    Government agencies are moving to the cloud by the masses and adopting a hybrid IT environment to support the migration, highlighting the need for comprehensive, full-stack visibility across the entire hybrid IT environment. Find out everything you need to know about migrating to and monitoring Microsoft Azure cloud deployments in this blog.

  • Private CDN Between Myth And Reality

    Sponsored by: MediaNova

    Making the decision whether to take on a Private CDN can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. There are some general misunderstandings about Private CDN that are finally put to rest in this article. If you think you’d be on your own managing a CDN, or its too expensive or only for enterprises, then think again. Read on to learn more.

  • Why Customer Identity?

    Sponsored by: Okta

    According to a recent report 61% of data breaches involve credentials. This white paper takes a deeper look at customer identity access and management (CIAM), analyzing why it is so important for both security and UX, and providing you with key qualities you should look for in a solution. Read on to discover more.

  • Case Study: Data Protection for Grocery Distribution and Retail Markets

    Sponsored by: Protegrity

    Tap into this case study to learn how Protegrity enabled a supermarket chain to increase the level of security in its data exchange and analyze data anonymously while meeting GDPR standards.

  • Medianova Overview

    Sponsored by: MediaNova

    When it comes to speed and performance of your website, understanding and utilizing a static CDN solution can be the catalyst for both rapid customer conversion rates and increased sales. Read on to learn more about a partner who can optimize your website with the technology to drive your business onward to profit.

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