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  • Banking on the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Amazon Web Services

    The banking industry has seen significant transformations in the last couple of years and these changes don’t seem to be slowing down. So, how can organizations best take on the challenges of digital transformation and modernize to advance? Browse this white paper to learn more.

  • SAP Webinar

    Sponsored by: SAP

    At the core of every operational excellence initiative is the need for effective business process transformation. Tune into this webcast to learn about a cloud-based process management platform designed to empower companies with the ability to understand, improve, and transform all their business processes – quickly and at scale.

  • Adapting Your Risk Management Program to Cloud and Hybrid Environments

    Sponsored by: Rapid7

    As security teams grapple with a rapidly expanding attack surface and environments that have become increasingly dynamic and challenging to secure, organizations must evolve their Risk Management programs. Join Rapid7's Jane Man and Ryan Blanchard on Thursday, August 24th to learn more.

  • Three Paths To Thriving Amid Financial Services Disruption

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow and Deloitte

    To keep up with the ever-evolving landscape, it has become critical for financial service leaders to transform and adapt by connecting insight, experience, and ecosystems. Access this guide to learn more.

  • Low TCO Solution Brief

    Sponsored by: 8x8

    In an era where every organization is desperately trying to meet customer expectations, it’s critical to evaluate your communications technology and decide whether or not you should revamp it. Browse this guide to learn more.

  • Best Practices In Cybersecurity And Cyber Resilience

    Sponsored by: Cohesity

    To keep your business running before, during, and even after an attack, you need more than cybersecurity. You need cyber resilience. Read this white paper to discover six best practices to reduce risk, strengthen compliance, and achieve cyber resilience—and get a checklist of key capabilities your organization needs to fight ransomware.

  • Ansible Automation And Cyberark Conjur Secrets Manager Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Red Hat & CyberArk

    Today’s development pipelines consist of multiple tools and extensions, each of which may handle and even store its own set of secrets. Access this white paper to learn how you can set up an integrated solution to centralize and control how secrets are handled and used within DevOps continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

  • UC Service Management and Provisioning Automation: Trends and Outlook

    Sponsored by: Kurmi Software

    As organizations continue to migrate from more traditional hardware-based, on-premises PBX/Unified Communications (UC) systems to cloud-based UC and UCaaS systems, many know little about the landscape and can be daunted by transformation. Browse this guide to learn more.

  • 2022 Global Networking Trends Report

    Sponsored by: Maintel

    When 76% of IT teams report that they believe that remote workers are harder to secure, and 51% of organizations say they’ve had continuous problems connecting workers to company resources, it’s become clear that the digital workplace needs a revamp. But how can this best be done? Browse this report to learn more.

  • Red Hat + Kasten: Kubernetes Backup with OpenShift Container Storage

    Sponsored by: Red Hat & Veeam

    Access this blog post to learn about a technology partnership that is empowering organizations to confidently run containerized applications at scale while also protecting them constantly with a policy-based approach to automation.

  • Going beyond API-led integration to business-driven marketplaces

    Sponsored by: Axway

    An API-led integration strategy enables enterprises to build internal marketplaces to unlock data & services. This article outlines how to develop an API program, gain adoption, build a portal, and create an integration

  • Couchbase Solution: Catalog and Inventory

    Sponsored by: Red Hat and Couchbase

    Businesses with large and dynamically changing portfolios require an agile and flexible data infrastructure that allows them to deliver relevant product content and a real-time view of inventory throughout the customer experience to drive every browse closer to a buy. Tune into this product demo to learn how you can use one.

  • Challenges In Solutions Engineering

    Sponsored by: Red Hat & Dynatrace

    Change is exciting for some. But for organizations that are moving from one platform, or one technology, to the next, it can be a daunting, complex experience. In this podcast, you’ll gain insights from a solutions engineering professional and learn about some of the challenges that come with business transformation. Tune in to learn more.

  • NWL Event

    Sponsored by: InterSystems

    The National Health Service (NHS), an interconnected web of healthcare trusts across the United Kingdom, is a massive conglomerate with large quantities of critical patient data dispersed across the entire infrastructure. In this case study, discover how the North West London branch developed a unified data integration platform on the cloud.

  • Dell Video 3

    Sponsored by: Dell

    Dive into this TechTarget resource for a close look at 4 key security factors for IT and cybersecurity teams to consider when choosing a server vendor in 2023.

  • Dell Video 2

    Sponsored by: Dell

    In this TechTarget resource, discover how, with the help of the latest generation of Dell Technologies PowerEdge servers with 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, IT decision makers can reach significant benefits in sustainability without having to pay a premium.

  • What’s the best long-term strategy for MFT cloud migration?

    Sponsored by: Axway

    As data volumes and compliance demands grow, organizations are migrating managed file transfer (MFT) systems to the cloud. A thoughtful cloud migration strategy is key. In this article, learn how to craft an MFT cloud migration plan tailored to your needs.

  • Driving Digital Transformation in Financial Services

    Sponsored by: Dell

    Check out this TechTarget resource for some of the most effective ways in which financial services companies around the world are using IT modernization to accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

  • MFT cloud migration: 5 reasons not to lift-and-shift — and what to do instead

    Sponsored by: Axway

    To consider five reasons why you shouldn’t conduct your managed file transfer (MFT) cloud migration by lift-and-shift – and to discover an alternative approach – review this blog.

  • Customer Story: Talkdesk

    Sponsored by: Cyara

    When this cloud-based contact center solution provider became concerned about the consistent quality and efficacy of their technology, they sought out a way that they could test and troubleshoot their processes and potential issues for agents. Access the case study to hear the full story.

  • 2023 Work-from-Anywhere Global Study

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    Hybrid work emerged as a response to global incidents, but years on organizations have adopted the practice full time. This report explores the findings of a global research study commissioned by Fortinet to gain a better understanding of companies’ current work-from-anywhere (WFA) policies and their cybersecurity issues. Read on to learn more.

  • Generative AI and Cybersecurity Risk

    Sponsored by: Netrix

    While artificial intelligence (AI) has fueled stronger security, hackers are also taking advantage of the powerful technology to increase the effectiveness of their attacks. This white paper looks at the effect that AI has had across the cybersecurity landscape, exploring both the benefits and drawbacks it has introduced. Read on to learn more.

  • Data storage: The top 3 consequences of garbage collection

    Sponsored by: ScaleFlux

    In this ScaleFlux blog post, discover the top 3 consequences and benefits of garbage collection in modern solid-state storage strategies.

  • EUDI Wallet: A Single Identification Method

    Sponsored by: Scrive

    The European Union Digital Identity (EUDI) Wallet is designed to provide EU citizens with digital identity credentials to support travel, access to public services, and more. This e-book takes and in-depth look at the EUDI, analyzing how the technology works as well as how it will affect things going forward. Read on to learn more.

  • Black Hat 2023 and DEF CON 31: Two Conventions, One Long Week

    Sponsored by: Nexum

    Security conferences present a means for professionals to learn, network, and gain new viewpoints into pressing issues. This blog presents a summary of 2 key conventions, Black Hat 2023, and DEF CON 31, comparing the similarities and differences between each. Read on to learn more.

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