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  • Leverage Public Cloud IaaS with Rumble Cloud

    Sponsored by: Rumble Cloud

    For a beginner’s guide to adopting Public Cloud IaaS (infrastructure as a service), dig into this 5-page white paper by Rumble Cloud.

  • Maximize Object Storage Efficiency with Rumble Cloud

    Sponsored by: Rumble Cloud

    To find out how you can integrate OpenStack Swift, Ceph, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) – and to learn how doing so can augment your storage strategy – check out this overview.

  • Leveraging FinOps Whitepaper

    Sponsored by: Google

    In this white paper, discover how your organization can find the answers to these questions, highlighting how organizations are generating measurable business value - beyond cost savings - through their cloud transformation.

  • The Business Value of Dell PowerFlex

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies and Intel

    In this IDC white paper, discover why IDC calculates that users of Dell PowerFlex will realize an average benefit of $7.24 million and a 276% return on investment (ROI) over a three-year time frame.

  • Are These The Droids You’re Looking For - Bringing Balance to Application Identities

    Sponsored by: CyberArk

    In this webcast, CyberArk Global Technology Office Senior Director, Brandon Traffanstedt, and CyberArk DevSecOps Senior Product Marketing Manager, John Walsh, come together to discuss the power of application identities and their important role in the future of cybersecurity. Watch the full webcast now to learn more.

  • Software Defined Interconnection A Better Way For Enterprises, Carriers Clouds And Xaas To Connect.

    Sponsored by: Console Connect

    What do distributed IT infrastructures and data centers have in common? They both require seamless global connectivity. To discover how you can drive such connectivity, read this overview.

  • The Oversight Spend Insights Report

    Sponsored by: Oversight Systems

    According to a report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, US credit card debt grew to over $1.13 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2023. This Oversight Spend Insights Report identifies emerging trends in spend management and share those findings so you can help your organization make smarter financial decisions. Read on to learn more.

  • Florida Crystals Case Study

    Sponsored by: AWS & Intel

    In this case study, you’ll discover how Florida Crystals was able to migrate its SAP infrastructure to Amazon EC2 instances with Intel Xeon processors to reduce costs, boost performance, and support sustainability goals. Read on to learn how a specialized partner can help with such a complex migration.

  • Hugging Face Case Study

    Sponsored by: AWS & Intel

    Hugging Face has teamed up with Intel to enhance AI development with their open-source libraries and Intel's cutting-edge tech. In this case study, you’ll find out how this partnership can enable more efficient, cost-effective AI deployments. Read on to discover how you can expedite your AI projects.

  • More Device Support Without Adding Staff Members

    Sponsored by: JAMF

    Lakeville Area Public Schools, a district south of Minneapolis, has been growing rapidly, now supporting almost 11,000 students across 20 buildings. Discover how Jamf Pro helped them keep their tech support hours down and successfully navigate budget cuts with ease. in this case study.

  • The Business Value of Google Security Operations

    Sponsored by: Google Cloud

    As threats evolve, proactive security is paramount. As a result, SIEM systems are now critical to cloud security operations. In this report, IDC analyzes the capabilities of Google’s SIEM platform, and evaluates its business value based off data provided from real customers. Read on to learn more.

  • Security Operations Use Case Guide

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow and Thirdera

    Discover in this eGuide how ServiceNow Security Operations can help your security teams scale faster, smarter and more efficiently by automating critical collaboration of data and process between IT, security, and risk to effectively respond and remediate threats.

  • The Total Economic Impact Of FinThrive Revenue Cycle Management Platform

    Sponsored by: FinThrive

    As external players look to gain more traction in the healthcare industry, hospitals need to evaluate how their data is tied to revenue. FinThrive offers an RCM platform that replaces manual, time-consuming processes with streamlined, integrated cross-product solutions. Read the full Forrester report on the FinThrive platform to learn more.

  • How SDOH data Impacts Telehealth Access and how Payers can use it to Improve Outcomes

    Sponsored by: PurpleLab

    Healthcare and cellular service share an unexpected bond: Both do not offer access to rural areas nearly as much as they should. Recently, the solution for healthcare has been telehealth, which received a boost during the pandemic and

  • The state of play in the private 5G market

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Tune in to this exclusive webinar for a look inside the state of play in the private 5G market, and discover how automation and zero-touch provisioning will streamline private 5G network operations and reduce costs for your organization.

  • Open Hybrid Cloud Market overview and trends

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Join this exclusive Red Hat webinar for a look inside the state of hybrid and multi-cloud edge, and discover why opportunities and challenges are taking on new forms and being reshaped by 5G technologies.

  • Smarter Brings Speed, Productivity And Sustainability Together

    Sponsored by: Lenovo & Intel

    Easy to deploy and manage, the pocket-to-cloud suite of solutions comprises AI-enhanced services, software and devices like ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 processor unlocks new AI experiences. Step up to Intel vPro®, Evo™ Edition that’s designed for what IT needs and users want.

  • Enterprise Observability with Context

    Sponsored by: Aliado

    In this short video, discover how IBM Observability by Instana APM provides enterprise visibility to improve application performance management no matter where the apps reside – public, private, on premises and more.

  • 6 Observability Myths in AIOps Uncovered

    Sponsored by: Aliado

    Too many organizations misinterpret common monitoring considerations... and possibly set themselves up for disaster. Join this deep-diving webinar as IBM VP Chris Farrell takes down 6 different observability myths one-by-one.

  • Managed Workplace Package With Smart Spaces For Manufacturing

    Sponsored by: Spectrum Enterprise

    How can you extend your network to the production floor? Managed Workplace Package with Smart Spaces simplifies the deployment and management of multiple network components you need to connect your production floor to your digital network. Read on to learn more.

  • FiveTran Video

    Sponsored by: FiveTran

    As organizations continue to look for new ways that they can better protect and store their data, many are turning to building data replication processes to improve their operations. But with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know which one best fits your company’s needs? Tune into this webinar to learn more.

  • The 2024 State of Security Posture Survey Report

    Sponsored by: XM Cyber

    In XM Cyber’s “The 2024 State of Security Posture Survey Report,” which unpacks insights from 300 security leaders, review 6 key findings about strategies for exposure remediation and more.

  • Navigating The Paths Of Risk The State of Exposure Management in 2024

    Sponsored by: XM Cyber

    In 2023, the XM Cyber Continuous Exposure Management (CEM) platform uncovered more than 40 million exposures. To access 7 key findings that these exposures illuminated, and to deepen your understanding of the state of exposure management in 2024, dig into this research report.


    Sponsored by: TeamViewer

    If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with customers worldwide, it can be challenging to provide after-sales services in a timely manner. Learn how remote troubleshooting solutions can save time, cut costs, support sustainability goals and streamline customer service in this white paper.

  • Securing AI: Similar or Different?

    Sponsored by: Google Cloud

    This Google Cloud whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of securing AI systems, highlighting the similarities and differences compared to traditional systems, and offering practical recommendations for organizations to mitigate security risks and ensure the responsible development and deployment of AI. Read on to learn more.

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