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  • Service Management super session

    Sponsored by: Atlassian

    Bloated budgets, outdated user experiences, lack of visibility: these are just a few of the issues plaguing today’s service teams. Atlassian Intelligence aims to treat these symptoms with powerful assistive and generative AI features. Watch this webinar to learn more.

  • How to Achieve Continuous Audit & Compliance with PAM to Email

    Sponsored by: CyberArk

    Privileged access management (PAM) is essential in today's expanding threat environment. In this webinar, you’ll gain insights into PAM's essential role in ensuring continuous audit and compliance. Tune in now to discover how you can streamline IT security audits.

  • Atlassian Webinar 4

    Sponsored by: PwC

    Core technology modernization in banks and financial institutions is a pivotal strategy that goes beyond improving operational efficiencies—it's a fundamental reimagining of how these institutions can serve their customers. Join us in this webinar to learn more.

  • Atlassian Webinar 1

    Sponsored by: PwC

    Join guest speaker Nadia Ballard, Research Manager, Industry Clouds, Solutions and Verticalization Strategies at IDC and Sumit Abilius, Consulting Solutions Director, Cloud and Digital at PwC to learn more about the three emerging indicators of a successful industry cloud transformation.

  • Atlassian Webinar 3

    Sponsored by: PwC

    Join Lane Martin, PwC Head of Payments Principal, Tanvi Patel Digital Payments Principal, and Aloke Agarwal, Director at PwC and Industry Cloud Product Owner to learn how PwC collaborated with leading payment vendors and created tools that can address your needs while enhancing your customers experience.

  • XDR and the Benefits of Managed Services

    Sponsored by: Cisco

    Join this exclusive webinar interview with ISMG as Port53 Technologies President Omar Zarabi discusses the evolution of XDR and the new benefits brought by managed services.

  • Accelerate Cloud Migration

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    Join this enlightening webinar where Nutanix experts Harsha Kotikela and Kanchan Mirani will shed light on the challenges VMware customers may face as they navigate the shift towards cloud adoption.

  • AWS Snyk Video

    Sponsored by: AWS Snyk

    For application developers, contain help build and scale at a much faster pace.But they also introduce security vulnerabilities. In this hands-on live hacking session, AWS experts exploit vulnerabilities in a containerized workload on AWS and remediate each attack scenario. Watch now to learn more.

  • Digital Acceleration Strategies for Success in Healthcare

    Sponsored by: Talkdesk

    Digital technologies have completely changed how consumers access healthcare, and this was only compounded by the pandemic. Now, consumers have almost unlimited choices when it comes to patient care and how they interact with providers. While these advancements are great, they are not without major challenges. Watch this video to learn about them.

  • Webinar with Diana Larsen

    Sponsored by: Miro

    There are many buzzwords in the tech industry, but one that is often misunderstood is agility. Business agility is not a one-time thing that is achieved. Agility is developing behaviors and practices that are efficient and sustainable. For leaders looking to develop their team’s resiliency and agility, the time is now. Watch this video to see how.

  • Time to Level Up Your PAM Program to Email

    Sponsored by: CyberArk

    Today’s hackers are concentrating their efforts on the inherent vulnerabilities of unmanaged privileged access. As a result, organizations need to reconsider how they conduct privileged access management (PAM). In this webcast, CyberArk experts discuss strategies organizations can implement to level up their PAM programs. Watch now to learn more.

  • Silk Cloud Database-as-a-Service

    Sponsored by: Silk Technologies Inc

    In this webinar, you’ll hear from Tom O’Neill, International CTO, and David Berliner, Senior Director of Product, of Silk as they share insights into how organizations can overcome key database challenges by leveraging cloud database-as-a-service. Tune in now to gain expert knowledge and discover the potential of cloud DBaaS for your business.

  • Navigating Uncertainty

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    Join us for an enlightening webinar where Nutanix experts Harsha Kotikela and Kanchan Mirani will shed light on the challenges VMware customers may face as they navigate the shift towards cloud adoption.

  • Atlassian Webinar 2

    Sponsored by: PwC

    Join Justin O’Connor, PwC Digital Banking Principal, and Aloke Agarwal, Director at PwC and Industry Cloud Banking Product Owner, in this webcast to learn how banks can navigate the challenges of modernizing legacy systems, while mitigating vendor risk and operational complexity.

  • Unleash the Power of AI to Elevate CX

    Sponsored by: Talkdesk

    Research shows that AI and analytics bring a total annual value of up to $2 trillion to the financial services sector. One main driver for this is the adoption of AI in the contact center to improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of customer service operations. Watch this video to learn how you can leverage AI to power your CX to a new level.

  • SAP Business One - Solution Overview

    Sponsored by: SAP and TWM

    Even if your business is small, managing every aspect from financials to customer service is not easy. To effectively control every aspect of your small business, you need an ERP software that makes managing processes both easier and more affordable than ever before. Watch this video to learn more about jumpstarting your SMB with the right ERP.

  • SAP Business One Bright Future

    Sponsored by: SAP and TWM

    As leaders develop business roadmaps to take their organizations into the future, forward-thinking leaders are turning to the power of cutting-edge AI functionalities for business management to boost innovation and efficiency. Watch this video to learn more about an advanced business management solution that makes your roadmap a reality.

  • Revolutionize manufacturing operations with video

    Sponsored by: Vbrick

    As organizations continue to seek out ways that they can streamline complex processes, facilitate seamless communication, and provide comprehensive training for their teams and customers, many are turning to video content. But why? Tune into this short video to learn more.

  • QlikTech Australia Pty Ltd Video

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    In this webinar, you’ll find out how you can automate the replication of valuable enterprise data and analyze it alongside SAP data to uncover deeper insights for your business through cloud analytics. Watch now to learn how you can tap into the potential of your SAP data and unlock better business insights with Qlik and AWS.

  • Identity Security Trailblazers - Healthfirst to Email

    Sponsored by: CyberArk

    The demands of security are constantly evolving, and what was effective a decade ago is no longer sufficient. In this webcast, CyberArk Global Marketing Lead, Amy Blackshaw, joins Healthfirst’s Brian Miller, who discusses Healthfirst’s journey from inadequate firewalls to state-of-the-art email security. Watch now to learn more.

  • Maximize Risk Reduction with an Identity Security Approach

    Sponsored by: CyberArk

    Every single identity within your organization presents enough risk to necessitate its own security and management. In this webcast, CyberArk’s Brandon Traffanstedt, Chris Maroun, and David Higgins, all come together to shed light on how you can maximize risk reduction with an identity security approach. Watch now to learn more.

  • LinkedIn LIVE - Lock it down

    Sponsored by: Cradlepoint

    Securing your business’s communications is crucial – especially when those communications contain financial, reputational or safety implications. To discover how you can build a secure foundation for your critical communications, tune into this webcast featuring Principal at AvidThink, Roy Chua, and two Cradlepoint leaders.

  • Nintex Video 1

    Sponsored by: Nintex

    The era of ‘growth at all costs’ is over. Today, every single department in every company needs to cut costs and optimize efficiency. But there’s a problem: Your current tools and methods don’t match your ambitions. Watch this webinar to learn how to make the leap from process improvement to optimization and automation.

  • Cloud-native networks and the future of telecommunications

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    In this Red Hat webinar, explore the state of cloud-native networks and the future of telecommunications, and discover how 5G may already be shaping your organization’s telecommunication strategy.

  • SIOS Technology Corp Video 1

    Sponsored by: SIOS Technology Corp

    Every day, organizations rely on critical applications, databases, and ERP systems to run their business – which is why high availability and disaster protection for these workloads, wherever they reside, is essential. Watch this brief video now to find out how you can better protect your environment.

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