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  • Wind River Video 4

    The energy industry is turning to open-source software to solve the challenges brought on by shifting markets, downward price pressure, climate imperatives, and cybersecurity concerns. Join this expert discussion with technology and energy experts as they discuss the unique benefits of open-source solutions that you can implement now.

  • Wind River Video 3

    This webinar touches on some of the embedded use cases where it makes sense to leverage container technology on an RTOS, as well as use cases for containers on both Linux and VxWorks, how resource partitioning can maximize container benefits, and how to rapidly deploy a new app for VxWorks using containers. Watch here.

  • Realizing The Devops Vision In Embedded Systems

    With the serious shortage of skilled, security-cleared developers, achieving the high-level DevOps and other CI/CD practices your company desires remains out of reach. Download this whitepaper to learn how a strong portfolio of tools can help you overcome engineer shortages and modernize your organization's DevOps.

  • 10 Properties Of Secure Embedded Systems

    This white paper covers the most important security design principles that, if adhered to, give you a fighting chance against any attacker who seeks to gain unauthorized access, reverse engineer, steal sensitive information, or otherwise tamper with your embedded system. Read on to get started.

  • Wind River Video 2

    In this webinar, join Wind River for a discussion of the current threat landscape and a look at 10 principles that can achieve a multiplicative effect in helping your organization protect embedded systems.

  • Vxworks Redefining The Role Of The RTOS

    The world of embedded systems is undergoing a profound evolution. Once isolated and purpose-built, embedded systems are increasingly software-defined with much greater requirements for connectivity, reliability, and flexibility. In this eBook, discover how VxWorks gives developers the power to be more productive and innovative.

  • Open Source Transforms The Energy Industry

    Spending in the smart energy market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.6% from 2020 to 2027, reaching $253M. Use this guide to discover how technology decision-makers can invest in the right infrastructure and security to support this energy-focused future.

  • Robotics Advance With AI Technologies

    With the advent of more powerful AI and better communications technologies, industrial robotics are becoming more valuable than ever. Read on to learn how growth in the industrial robotics sector is being powered by innovative companies like Wind River which are aligning disparate, powerful technologies to drive unified growth.

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