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  • Wind River Safety Certification by the Numbers

    Wind River is the #1 commercially deployed Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) with over 840 safety-critical programs. With 20 years of experience in safety certification software products, there’s a reason so many organizations trust Wind River. Learn more about Wind River here.

  • The Linux Journey

    Linux is a popular choice among developers for good reason – but how do you navigate the Linux journey to arrive at a purpose-built, deployable, and maintained solution? In this informative video, find a roadmap to guide you through all things Linux, from prototype through post-deployment.

  • Is your safety certification at risk?

    This webinar examines the factors that influence a certifiable solution program schedule and details what you can do to mitigate common risks to achieve an on-time and on-budget development effort.


    Wind River Studio provides certifiable platforms for safety-critical systems, meeting avionics, industrial, automotive, and medical standards. Discover how their cloud-native tools expedite development of real-time operating systems. For faster, secure robotics or infrastructure solutions, explore Wind River Studio.

  • 7 Building Blocks for CVE Prioritization

    Advanced embedded Linux systems require vigilant vulnerability management. This post presents a 7-step approach to CVE remediation prioritization, focusing on impact, exploitability, criticality, fix ease, compliance, age, and scoring. Discover strategies to assess, resolve CVEs, reduce technical debt, and secure Linux systems.

  • Simics for Digital Twin

    Is a digital twin the right move for your business? This video aims to help you answer this question by examining digital twin considerations, requirements, and use cases. Click through to learn more now.

  • What Is DO-178C?

    DO-178C, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, is the principal certification document used by aviation across the world. This blog explores the ins and outs of DO-178C, going through its many parameters and criteria for qualification so that you can better understand and comply. Read on to learn more.

  • New Surveys on Programming Languages Popularity Highlight Advantages of Modernized VxWorks

    New studies show a rise in popularity for languages like Python, Rust, and C. VxWorks supports these languages, broadening embedded development, tackling talent scarcity, and simplifying safety in software creation. In this resource, discover VxWorks features for the future of intelligent systems.

  • Removing Legacy Costs

    Legacy software costs were hampering an autonomous vehicle company. Wind River migrated them to an open-source platform, streamlining development and slashing costs. The company accelerated feature releases by 6 months and boosted ROI 30%. Read how Wind River’s digital transformation expertise saved millions.

  • Cascading Cost Runs

    An AI company struggled with cost overruns and delayed products. By moving to an updated Linux platform, leveraging board support packages, and offloading lifecycle management, they cut time-to-market in half, reduced costs by $2.6M/year, and reallocated 15 positions to innovation.

  • Unacceptable Residual Risk

    A medical device maker needed to fix vulnerabilities within 60 days to meet FDA requirements. Wind River provided an OTA update solution and CVE monitoring to address high-risk issues efficiently. The OTA updates saved time and costs, allowing limited technicians to focus on critical problems. Learn more by reading this case study.

  • Wind River in Aerospace and Defense

    For over 40 years, Wind River has helped build safe, secure computing systems for aerospace and defense. Meet safety certification needs and accelerate innovation with Wind River’s cloud platform. Read this resource to learn how Wind River enables the intelligent edge.

  • Accelerating Avionics Safety Certification

    Aerospace manufacturers struggle with costly, time-consuming DO-178C avionics software certification. Wind River's certifiable IP blocks reuse pre-certified components, slashing certification time and cost. This case study examines how a customer leveraged Wind River's software to quickly certify a 16-core system, saving millions.

  • Accelerate Automotive Innovation

    An automaker needed faster innovation but managing Linux slowed them. They turned to Wind River for Linux platform management. This let engineers focus on new features, accelerating time-to-market 6 months & boosting ROI 30%. Read the case study on how Wind River's Linux services sped automotive innovation.

  • Wind River Certifiable Intellectual Property (IP) Blocks

    Wind River's DO-178C-compliant IP streamlines avionics certification. Their pre-verified virtualization, networking, security & storage solutions slash development time, costs & risks.

  • VXWorks for Aerospace and Defense

    VxWorks® aerospace and defense software saves costs and accelerates certification. Proven in 750+ safety programs and 120+ aircraft, Read how VxWorks streamlines compliance, satisfies real-time operating systems needs, secures systems, simplifies software integration, and inspires developers.

  • What You Should Consider When Selecting an Operating System for Your Next Project

    This white paper details 10 key factors when choosing an OS for your next project, including considerations related to safety certifications, virtualization, security and support. Also inside, learn about VxWorks, a leading real-time operating system for embedded systems at the intelligent edge. Read the full white paper.

  • Top 10 Overlooked VXWorks Features

    This webinar takes a detailed look at VxWorks, the real-time operating system developed by Wind River. Watch this presentation to learn about the top 10 overlooked features of VxWorks.

  • Container Technology Energizes Edge Computing

    The security, portability, and agility of container technology complement the proven capabilities of the real-time operating system (RTOS), VxWorks, now available for containerized deployments at the intelligent edge. Download this white paper to learn more.

  • Accelerating Development with Simulation in the Cloud

    In this webinar hosted by James Hui, System Simulation Project Manager, Wind River, you will learn how to accelerate application development with simulation in the cloud.This talk covers:Why choose simulation and why the Simics platformWhat benefits the cloud bringsA few short demonstrationsWatch now!

  • What Is a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)?

    What is a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) and how does it work? How does an RTOS and an OS differ? And what the benefits of using an RTOS vs. an OS? This guide will answer all these questions and more, including how to choose the right RTOS for your next embedded system project. Access the guide here.

  • Certified Success: LSIS Speeds Delivery of Smart Train Control System With Wind River

    Read this case study to learn how LSIS, a leading specialist in electric power and automation solutions, partnered with Wind River to develop an unmanned remote control system for trains in Korea.

  • FITSCO Meets Critical Quality, Timeline Goals for Automated Train Signaling Solution with Wind River

    No one likes being stuck in traffic due to a train, but most do not stop to consider the safety and technology requirements that go into something so simple. When one of the largest rail companies in China needed to pass stringent safety requirements for their signaling systems, they turned to one vendor. Read on to find out how their story ended.

  • VxWorks for Industrial Systems

    In the industrial and manufacturing sectors, over 75% of organizations are already pursuing smart manufacturing initiatives to make their own platforms more agile and easier to manage. In an effort to achieve real-time performance metrics and lower costs, IT teams are turning to real-time operating systems. Read on to learn why and how it works.

  • Multi-Core Processors and Safety Certification: How Can Virtualization Help?

    If your organization is subject to certain safety standards such as ISO certifications or others, then you know the importance of having a safe and secure, high-performance system. For those running multi-core Linux devices, virtualization can be the right answer. Watch this video to learn more about multi-core use cases and a regulation framework.

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