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  • Secure the Cloud: Cloud-Enabled Mobile Workforce

    As organizations adopt the cloud, new requirements for protecting mobile users are emerging. In this white paper, learn how Prisma Access can help provide cloud-delivered security infrastructure that makes it possible for your organization to connect users to a cloud gateway, enable secure access to all applications and maintain full visibility.

  • Secure Transformation: Replacing Remote Access VPN with Prisma Access

    Remote access VPN has been an enterprise network staple for years; however, enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud applications that are changing the requirements for security and networking. In this white paper, learn about the limitations of VPNs and how Prisma Access can help provide secure access to all applications.

  • The State of SOAR Report, 2019

    Across 2019, organizations began to integrate security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) to address the security skills gap and increasing volume of threats. This white paper highlights the key findings from a recent study into key challenges and tools necessary for effective incident response. Read on to uncover the results.

  • Top Security Orchestration Use Cases

    While some organizations may attempt to maintain disparate security teams and tools, the security orchestration methodology offers organizations a process for aggregating their security resources to establish a unified strategy. In this white paper, discover a collection of security orchestration use cases. Read on to learn more.

  • Creating Intelligent SOCs: Demisto’s Top Machine Learning Use Cases

    Machine learning capabilities have revolutionized the way organizations are able to automate tasks and improve their security operations. This white paper is a collection of machine learning use cases, focusing on Demisto’s machine learning platform. Read on to learn more.

  • Consistent Security with SD-WAN

    When adopting SD-WAN, decisionmakers often focus on the networking benefits, prioritizing connectivity and cost over security. This can put the network at risk. In this white paper, uncover 4 best practices for selecting and deploying SD-WAN security.

  • Buyer's Guide: Cybersecurity

    Keeping up with new attack techniques, and effectively defending against advanced threats, is perhaps the biggest challenge facing security teams today. This Cybersecurity Buyer's Guide provides an approach for organizations to use when evaluating cybersecurity protection strategies.

  • Firewall Buyer's Guide

    Your network is more complex than ever before and because of this complexity along with your security infrastructure, your ability to respond to cybersecurity challenges may be hindered. Read this Firewall Buyer's Guide to uncover 10 considerations to keep in mind when choosing a firewall to advance your security posture and incident response.

  • Buyers Guide: Network Security Management

    When it comes to network security, organizations often repeat processes. In this buyers guide, access 10 features your network security management should include and the benefits of network security management. As an added bonus, quiz yourself to determine if it's time to move to network security management.

  • Comprehensive Data Security In The Cloud

    In this white paper, learn about some common cloud and SaaS application threats, as well as the 3 step guide to protecting your data in this new environment.

  • Protect Yourself From Antivirus

    Traditional antivirus (AV) is no longer the solution to preventing endpoint breaches—it's the problem. Access this resource to learn why traditional AV no longer offers meaningful security value for your organization, and see how to get started protecting your endpoints without AV.

  • Buyer's Guide to Cybersecurity Solutions

    Risks are evolving, and so are solutions. Learn how to evaluate and select the best technology for your organization.

  • Advanced Endpoint Protection for Dummies

    Learn how the modern attack strategy works, and find out the best techniques to prevent zero-day attacks and more.

  • Application Usage and Threat Report

    Find out the biggest threats, as well as the most important tactics to defend your organization, in this annual report.

  • Breaking the Cyber Attack Lifecycle

    This white paper discusses the modern landscape of cybersecurity, and how enterprises can detect and prevent attacks at every stage of the attack lifecycle, and remain agile in the face of advanced attacks.

  • Live Webinar: Strategies That Work for Advanced Persistent Threat Prevention

    Join this exclusive live webcast on July 10, at 11 AM GMT to take an in-depth look at the state of ATP prevention today and find out how your organization can keep your sensitive data and applications safe.

  • Modern network security for modern threats

    This exclusive paper discusses the current state of network security and examines a set of flexible solutions that account for changes to applications, threats, and users, providing air-tight security.

  • Taming the Integration Nightmares of a 1,000 App Enterprise

    Access this informative white paper today, which highlights an innovative integration approach that will enable you to significantly boost business agility and cost control.

  • Cybersecurity Imperatives: Reinvent Your Network Security With Palo Alto Networks

    In this valuable resource, discover a security platform designed to keep up with today's ever-evolving threat landscape, which offers optimum network security without lowering network performance or reducing business productivity.

  • Palo Alto Networks in the Data Center: Eliminating Compromise

    This resource explores best practices for data center network security. Learn how to protect your business without compromising flexibility and application availability.

  • A Pragmatic Approach to Network Security for Virtualized Computing Environments

    Organizations often struggle when it comes to virtualization technologies, especially in providing adequate network security for modern computing environments. In this paper, explore the common challenges organizations face today and uncover a framework and best practices that organizations can use to address them.

  • The Application Usage and Risk Report

    This Application Usage and Risk Report from Palo Alto Networks provides a global review of enterprise application usage by summarizing network traffic assessments conducted in 1,636 organizations worldwide. View now to uncover key findings so that you can build effective strategies to mitigate the risks inherent in certain application.

  • Solution Note: Enabling the Secure Use of Facebook

    With millions of users, Facebook offers significant opportunities for organizations to conduct research, execute targeted marketing, increase awareness and more. But enabling the use of Facebook introduces a number of security risks. In this paper, uncover how to reap the benefits of social networking while doing it in a safe and secure manner.

  • Protecting your Network and Data Center with Next-Gen Firewalls

    Learn how your organization can take advantage of next-generation firewalls. This resource provides clarity on this popular security solution so you can determine which features are right for your needs.

  • Next-generation firewalls are mainstream: What to expect

    Today, as enterprises increasingly implement next-generation firewalls, there are a number of kinks that must be addressed. In this e-guide, explore the ins and outs of next-generation firewalls including the potential implementation headaches and how to overcome them.

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