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  • Traps Machine Learning WP

    The endpoint remains the weakest link in enterprise security. Access this resource to learn how effective machine learning can help prevent malware and protect your endpoints.

  • How to Secure Your Network from Ransomware

    This white paper explores the trends in ransomware, from what attackers are hoping to gain, to what it costs victims. Click inside to learn about a new approach to defending against this malware through cloud-based threat analysis.

  • Ransomware: Unlocking the Lucrative Criminal Business Model

    To better understand how you can combat ransomware, read this Unit 42 Report which outlines the history of ransomware, as it has evolved from a tool used for profit, to a weapon of espionage. Then, learn about how you can prepare for these attacks and respond to them both in their current form, and as they continue to mutate in the future.

  • Next Generation Firewalls for Dummies

    Read "Next Generation Firewalls for Dummies" to learn how this innovative technology is able to go above and beyond traditional network security, and defend your entire IT infrastructure.

  • An Exploration of Enterprise Network Firewall Vendors

    Click inside this research report to explore 16 offerings from vendors such as Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, and Cisco broken down by their individual strengths and weaknesses. Then decide for yourself which best suit's your business needs.

  • 5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Evaluating a Next-Gen Firewall

    Click inside to learn 5 common mistakes that occur when evaluating next-gen firewalls and how you can avoid them.

  • The "Patient Zero" Problem and the Need for Modern Endpoint Protection

    The digital era requires the need for a modernized approach to endpoint protection. In this IDC research paper, learn how to address and overcome the latest network security challenges. Then, discover IDC's 5 fundamental rules for modern endpoint security.

  • App-ID Tech Brief: Traffic classification that identifies applications traversing your network

    In this technology brief, learn about App-ID, a patented traffic classification technology that identifies applications traversing your network. Find out how App-ID enables creation and enforcement of safe application enablement policies and brings increased application visibility and control back to the firewall.

  • Buyer's Guide: Cybersecurity

    Keeping up with new attack techniques, and effectively defending against advanced threats, is perhaps the biggest challenge facing security teams today. This Cybersecurity Buyer's Guide provides an approach for organizations to use when evaluating cybersecurity protection strategies.

  • Firewall Buyer's Guide

    Your network is more complex than ever before and because of this complexity along with your security infrastructure, your ability to respond to cybersecurity challenges may be hindered. Read this Firewall Buyer's Guide to uncover 10 considerations to keep in mind when choosing a firewall to advance your security posture and incident response.

  • Buyers Guide: Network Security Management

    When it comes to network security, organizations often repeat processes. In this buyers guide, access 10 features your network security management should include and the benefits of network security management. As an added bonus, quiz yourself to determine if it's time to move to network security management.

  • Next-Generation Firewalls: The Cornerstone of Future Security

    Learn about one next-gen firewall that combines network, cloud and endpoint security capabilities, and enables them all with threat intelligence to help prevent cyber breaches. Read on to find 6 key abilities of this strategy.

  • Understanding the Role of Stolen Credentials in Data Breaches

    In this white paper, learn the 2 steps of a successful credential theft, then learn about a service that fights back against both of these attack paths.

  • Rethink Your Strategy to Defeat Evasive Attacks

    Malware is rapidly changing, and security policies need to change alongside it. Inside, learn about why implementing an analytics-based threat detection system is your best bet at keeping your network safe.

  • Comprehensive Data Security In The Cloud

    In this white paper, learn about some common cloud and SaaS application threats, as well as the 3 step guide to protecting your data in this new environment.

  • 10 Things Your Next Firewall Must Do

    Uncover the 10 things your next firewall must do in order to strike the balance between blocking attacks and allowing mission-critical apps to run when and where you need them.

  • Analysts Reveal how to Secure SaaS

    This report illustrates the explosive growth of SaaS applications, and their role in creating significant security challenges for IT teams. Learn how CASB products can help deliver the visibility and granular control you need to protect and secure these apps.

  • Securing Office 365 Is Easier Than You Think

    SaaS security concerns can no longer be ignored: Discover how to safely enable Office 365. Read on to address O365-specific security concerns, including details on how to secure O365 from malware insertion and data loss, gain visibility into SaaS usage, and more.

  • Protect Yourself From Antivirus

    Traditional antivirus (AV) is no longer the solution to preventing endpoint breaches—it's the problem. Access this resource to learn why traditional AV no longer offers meaningful security value for your organization, and see how to get started protecting your endpoints without AV.

  • PwC: A Security Framework for Business Leaders

    Don't satisfy yourself with the status quo. In this guide, access an extensive security framework which will analyze, detect, prevent, and respond to all known and unknown cyber threats. Learn how to formulate a strategy that will rapidly automate protection, extend network visibility, and more.

  • Data Breaches: Is Prevention Practical?

    Increased reliance on digital environments only expands the attack landscape for data breaches. Explore this survey to find out how organizations are handling data breach prevention and uncover key findings about which preventative practices are most effective for data security.

  • Buyer's Guide to Cybersecurity Solutions

    Risks are evolving, and so are solutions. Learn how to evaluate and select the best technology for your organization.

  • Advanced Endpoint Protection for Dummies

    Learn how the modern attack strategy works, and find out the best techniques to prevent zero-day attacks and more.

  • Application Usage and Threat Report

    Find out the biggest threats, as well as the most important tactics to defend your organization, in this annual report.

  • Breaking the Cyber Attack Lifecycle

    This white paper discusses the modern landscape of cybersecurity, and how enterprises can detect and prevent attacks at every stage of the attack lifecycle, and remain agile in the face of advanced attacks.

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