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  • Automotive and Transportation Rolls Royce

    Sponsored by: Siemens

    To chart Rolls Royce’s journey to low-code development – and to unlock insights from Head of Engineering Methods for Rolls Royce, David Yazdani – tap into this case study.

  • The 2024 Block Data Storage Buyer's Guide

    Sponsored by: StorPool

    How can you ensure you select the most appropriate block storage software or system for your business’ unique needs? Look no further than this Block Storage Buyer's Guide. Download a copy to solve 8 common block storage challenges, to evaluate block storage options, and more.

  • GoSecure Titan Secure Email Gateway (SEG)

    Sponsored by: GoSecure

    With hackers highlighting email as a key attack vector, you need to make sure your email is secure. GoSecure’s Titan Secure Email Gateway (SEG) is a robust solution meticulously crafted to shield organizations from an array of email-based threats while elevating the overall security posture of their email communications. Read on to learn more.


    Sponsored by: GoSecure

    As sophisticated threats force organizations to guard their sensitive data, managing cybersecurity infrastructure becomes paramount. This guide explores the many benefits of consolidating cybersecurity solutions, helping you navigate this transformative process to enhance your cybersecurity resilience and efficacy. Read on to learn more.


    Sponsored by:

    This e-book provides a comprehensive playbook on optimizing payment acceptance rates. It covers strategies for authentication, authorization, retries, and fraud management. Gain insights from industry experts on improving revenue and reducing costs through end-to-end payment optimization. Read the full e-book to learn how.

  • How GenAI Powers Cutting Edge Healthcare Innocation and Experiences

    Sponsored by: Comcast Business

    By 2026, IDC forecasts, 60% of global healthcare organizations will double their GenAI investments. To unpack that prediction and more, watch this webcast featuring Research Director at IDC Health Insights, Jennifer Eaton.

  • Study of the economic impact of Palo Alto Networks Cloud-Delivered Security Services

    Sponsored by: Palo Alto Networks

    Security budgets are growing tighter while threats are escalating. In this webcast, Palo Alto VP of Product Management, Scott Fanning, is joined by Forrester Research Analysts, David Holmes, and Adi Sarosa, as they walk through the findings of Forrester’s recent Total Economic Impact Report of Palo Alto security. Watch now to learn more.

  • Migration to the Cloud

    Sponsored by: AWS

    The what and the why to start your Cloud journey. You’ll deepen your understanding of cloud innovation through expert insights on market trends, the far-reaching benefits, and start to demystify security and compliance.

  • ESG Dell Technologies Continuously Modern Storage

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies

    As businesses require more from their data and the IT teams that manage that data, IT leaders need to rethink what they require from their data storage infrastructure. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel® Xeon® processors.

  • ESG Bring Your Storage from Ground to Cloud

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies

    Organizations need a strategic balance between harnessing multiple cloud environments and managing the intricacies of integration, security, and optimization. Download this Enterprise Strategy Group report to discover how the Dell APEX Storage for Public Cloud family of software-defined storage offers, can help address these challenges.

  • What Systems Do Most Call Centers Use?

    Sponsored by: Intervision

    Discover the key technologies that elevate the modern call center experience, from CRMs and call routing to AI-powered features. Learn how to build a future-ready contact center that delivers exceptional customer service. Read the full blog post to explore the latest call center systems and best practices.

  • How to Demystify DevOps Metrics: The Key Is Enterprise-wide Standardization

    Sponsored by: Qualitest Group

    Standardizing DevOps metrics across an organization is key to demystifying them and driving continuous improvement. Learn how to socialize, set goals, and leverage dashboards to boost DevOps maturity. Read the blog post to discover more.

  • Smart Move: How Utilities are Optimizing Smart Grids and Meters with QA and App Testing

    Sponsored by: Qualitest Group

    Smart grids, smart meters, and microgrids are transforming the energy industry. Expert QA and testing are crucial to unlock their full potential. Learn how utilities can optimize these technologies through quality engineering in this blog.

  • Break down barriers How low-code development empowers your innovation

    Sponsored by: Siemens

    To understand how low-code development stacks up against traditional development, dig into this infographic.

  • Application portfolio management

    Sponsored by: Siemens

    In this 2-page white paper, unlock a quick guide to application portfolio management (APM) for CIOs.

  • Migrate VMs From VMware to KVM

    Sponsored by: StorPool

    Read this detailed Migrate VMs to KVM: A how-to guide to understand the benefits and process of migrating VMs from common hypervisors to cloud-first stacks powered by KVM. It includes a detailed step-by-step process and a Command List.

  • Intelligence Powered DNS

    Sponsored by: Centripetal Networks

    More and more enterprises are implementing AI to safely navigate the never-ending waves of breaches and attacks storming their infrastructure. AI has even found a place in the DNS space, detecting data-driven patterns to carefully select which connections are safe and which are not. Watch this video from Centripetal to learn more.

  • GoSecure Titan Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) Explainer Video

    Sponsored by: GoSecure

    GoSecure Titan VMaaS helps defend against the constantly changing threat landscape by continuously identifying critical assets, threats and vulnerabilities and working quickly to remediating threats as they arise allowing businesses to get more value from their security and IT operations. Watch this explainer video to learn more.

  • NetApp Cyber Resilience to Counter Ransomware Solution Brief

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    Sophos’ State of Ransomware report notes that 72% of organizations saw an increase in the volume and impact of ransomware attacks last year. Review the advantages of NetApp’s cyber resilience approach in this resource, including real-time ransomware response, rapid recovery, and intelligent data classification.

  • Spend Less Get More Infographic

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    Simply “fast storage” is no longer enough. You need storage that can ensure nonstop data access enhance data protection, and reduce power consumption. NetApp all-flash SAN storage can help you achieve these aims. Download this infographic to preview the results of implementing NetApp all-flash storage in your company.

  • How Preventative Cloud Security Actually Works

    Sponsored by: Checkpoint Software Technologies

    For cloud security professionals, it’s time to start preventing attacks before they happen, lowering the risk to you and your organization.Watch this video to learn how Check Point CloudGuard platform is changing cloud security.

  • Global FS and Reinsurance Leader Secures 40% Cost Efficiency with Expert Quality Engineered Managed Testing Services

    Sponsored by: Qualitest Group

    This BFSI giant found their Agile transformation was faltering due to quality and agility issues. Qualitest's comprehensive Quality Engineering strategy delivered 40% cost savings, 85% defect reduction, and 3.6x defect detection improvement. Read the full case study to learn how.

  • Meeting ambitious production goals

    Sponsored by: Siemens

    Striving for faster, less expensive manufacturing, many manufacturers have adopted a configurable, out-of-the-box manufacturing execution system (MES). For a 15-page guide to such an MES, tap into this Siemens e-book.

  • Smartbridge Whitepaper

    Sponsored by: LogicVein

    Your organization may have multiple software systems – and those systems may be disparate. How can you ensure data exchange and interoperability between such systems? Download this 4-page overview to learn how LogicVein’s SmartBridge can help.

  • What are the Benefits of Contact Center Technology?

    Sponsored by: Intervision

    Contact center technology can enhance customer service by providing stronger analytics, improved operations, and happier customers and agents. Learn more about the benefits of this technology in this blog post.

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