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  • SHI’s 4-Step Plan to Optimize Your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Renewal

    A company’s Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) is one of the biggest IT decisions and largest spends, but too many rush into an EA renewal underprepared. Open up this eBook for help laying out a 4 step plan towards your EA renewal.

  • The SHI Guide to Zero Touch

    Zero Touch has suddenly become an essential part of maintaining the remote workplace. Zero Touch can address IT’s requirement to ship and configure entire fleets of smart devices automatically, while also providing the much needed agility to keep software and operating systems secure and up to date. Open up this eBook to learn more.

  • The SHI Guide to Azure Landing Zones

    Businesses are increasingly moving to Microsoft Azure—but for adoption to be successful, businesses need scalable, resilient, and effective ways of innovating in the cloud. That’s where landing zones come in. Click here to download this extensive guide to Azure Landing Zones.

  • From Microsoft 365 to the data center: Uncovering hidden opportunities to optimize your Microsoft estate

    This blog offers up three ways to maximize the value of your Microsoft investment, including the most overlooked options and specific steps you can take. Open now to take a look.

  • 365 Cost Optimisation Services

    Businesses have many reasons for moving to the cloud. But what if your organization isn’t getting the most out of their investment in Microsoft 365 offerings? Open up this paper to learn how to maximize your ROI with 365 cost optimization services.

  • Sam Managed Services

    Now more than ever it’s crucial that an organization’s software spend is fully aligned to their business goals and provides tangible value. In this paper, learn how SAM managed services can help your organization maximize the value of your IT investments, support digital transformation, and meet IT governance requirements. Open now to get started.

  • SaaS Cost Optimisation Services

    Left unsupervised, SaaS use can easily spiral out of control and become a large source of wasted spend and risk to your organization. In this paper, learn how you can enhance your SaaS usage and spend whenever possible with SaaS cost optimization services. Open now to get started.

  • The Keys to Cloud Adoption Success

    As organizations continue to invest in cloud technologies, there are more opportunities – and complications – than ever. Watch this video to discover the keys to cloud adoption success in just 3 minutes.Click here to watch.

  • An Introduction to SHI One

    Check out this quick video to explore how SHI One is transforming the way organizations interact with SHI services, giving them the ability to check on their public clouds, manage their services, and even manage their IT inventory from anywhere in the world on any device!

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