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  • Fighting Ransomware With Splunk Attack Range

    Recent ransomware campaigns are all over the news and can have devastating effects on the organizations involved. Opportunities to detect ransomware activity differ based on the trojan being used. Learn all the tactics ransomware uses and how to detect them in this webinar.

  • The Essential Guide to Foundational Security Procedures

    For years, security managers have faced a host of challenges — too many alerts, a security talent shortage and disparate security tools. By leveraging automation and orchestration, foundational security procedures can address these challenges. Download this e-book for your guide to building foundational security procedures into your operations.

  • How to Optimize Digital Experience with Service-Level Objectives

    For every additional second a page takes to load, 10% of users leave. This startling statistic illustrates the direct tie between digital experience management and business key performance indicators. Download this white paper to learn how to optimize your digital experience with service-level objectives.

  • API Monitoring: The Basics

    Today’s apps are increasingly dependent on external APIs, which, in turn, are increasingly reliant on other APIs. This means that when an issue rises, there can be a domino effect that interrupts many different systems. To confidently craft an API monitoring strategy, get key guidance and best practices in this white paper from Splunk.

  • Observability in the Cloud Operating Model

    In the cloud operating model, there are 4 key workflows that must be addressed to facilitate successful application deployment: provisioning, security, networking and observability. To achieve the key requirements necessary for a modern observability platform in the cloud, download this e-book.

  • GigaOm Radar for AIOps Solutions

    A shortage of talent has forced the hands of many operations teams, who now recognize that the ability to remediate problems discovered by the power of AI/ML emphasizes the ability of AIOps to do more without the need for additional staff.

  • APIs in Action A Guide to Monitoring APIs for Performance

    Due to the rise of microservices, the spread of single page web apps and the continued dominance of native mobile apps, APIs have become critical to today’s modern web. Download now to unlock a guide to monitoring APIs for performance.

  • The CIO's Guide to the Future of Intelligence

    Increasingly challenging and competitive market conditions are pushing enterprises to employ data and analytics, but without proper guidance, many can be left in the dust. Download this IDC report for a CIO’s guide to the future of business intelligence, containing everything from common pitfalls to actionable insights.

  • Gigaom Radar For Application Performance Monitoring (APM)V1.02

    Within the complicated world of modern distributed applications and hybrid environments, having an up-to-date application performance monitoring (APM) solution is now critical. Discover key criteria, vendor insights and analyst takes on the best APM offerings today with this market guide.

  • Supercharge Your Observability

    As IT teams expand in scope and scale, they must monitor and react to complex hybrid environments, more frequent software changes and more telemetry data emitted across fragmented tools. Luckily, there is a single solution that can cover all the bases. Explore the benefits of Splunk’s complete observability offering in this e-book.

  • Observability primer: Is it just monitoring 2.0?

    Observability helps you glean a system’s health and performance without knowing its inner workings. Infrastructure, log management, and APM vendors have embraced this approach over traditional IT system monitoring tools. This report gives an in-depth look into what Observability means and how it differs from the traditional monitoring approach.

  • GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability Solutions

    Maintaining operational awareness is difficult enough within a single cloud environment; when multiple cloud vendors are involved, a robust cloud observability solution becomes essential. Discover key criteria, vendor insights and analyst takes on the best cloud observability offerings today with this market guide.

  • BRIEF 2022-08 Enabling a Digital Retail Experience Fueled by Data with Splunk and Google Cloud

    According to an ESG report, 43% of senior IT decision makers in retail believe their IT environment has become significantly mor complex over the past 2 years. Watch this video to learn how you can enable an omnichannel shopping and fulfillment experience that’s delivered in a personalized way.

  • Ransomware, Malware and Cyberthreats

    As ransomware threats continue to increase, knowledge proves critical as a foundational defense strategy for organizations. Explore this white paper for an overview of ransomware’s evolution, from the AIDS Trojan virus documented in 1989 to DarkSide’s 2020 attack of Colonial Pipeline.

  • It’s Your Move: 4 Keys to Working with an Observability Toolset

    Complex cloud systems can create unnecessary clutter and clouded visibility, making it difficult to make informed decisions and manage your IT infrastructure. The right observability toolset can fix this, but only when handled properly. Read this white paper to access 4 keys to working with an observability toolset.

  • 10 Essential Capabilities of a Best-of-Breed SOAR

    With a high volume of security alerts, increasing sophistication of malware, and the numerous other challenges cybersecurity teams combat, Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) has emerged as an IT solution. Explore this white paper to learn 10 essential SOAR capabilities to consider when searching for a SOAR solution.

  • 4 Lessons for Observability Leaders in 2023

    How do organizations continue to improve their visibility and responsiveness across increasingly dynamic infrastructures? Download this white paper to discover 4 lessons for observability leaders in 2023.

  • Now Tech: Security Orchestration, Automation, And Response (SOAR), Q2 2022

    There are many SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response) vendors. Therefore, when security professionals are searching for the right fit, it is crucial that they know providers’ sizes and functionalities. Access this Forrester report for an overview of today’s SOAR market.

  • Web Optimization Takes a Team:

    Regardless of industry, web performance matters. With just a 0.1 second mobile site speed improvement, retail conversions increase over 8%. Learn more reasons why your business should invest in building a culture of web performance in this e-book.

  • Security Teams Need Threat Intelligence Integration

    High-profile and -impact cyberattacks reinforce for infosec teams the crucial nature of integrating threat intelligence into security operations. Dig into this 451 Research brief to learn about the 4 major business impacts regarding threat intelligence.

  • 6 Myths of AIOps Debunked

    AIOps platforms can help you handle today’s increasing volume and velocity of data, but how do you know what’s real and what’s just marketing hype? Download this e-book to debunk 6 common AIOps myths and keep your business moving.

  • The Transformational CISO’s Guide to Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

    The role of the CISO is changing and the most successful organizations are recognizing that genuine digital and business transformation depends on security modernization. Tap into this e-book to learn how SOAR can help many of the biggest challenges facing CISOs.

  • Omdia Universe: Selecting an AIOps Solution, 2021–22

    To support greater efficiency and scale of IT operations, many organizations are looking at AIOps as a way of automating manual processes and monitoring performance. Explore key considerations, buying criteria and vendor evaluations in the AIOps marketplace with this market report from Omdia.

  • The SOAR Buyer’s Guide

    Investing in a SOAR solution is a wise and highly strategic decision. But do you know what criteria you should consider when evaluating which SOAR solution to choose? Read the SOAR Buyer’s Guide to uncover the who, what, where, when and why of buying a security orchestration, automation and response solution.

  • SANS 2022 SOC Survey

    In this survey, SANS takes a capabilities-based approach in looking at the current SOC landscape, with the aim to help organizations assess their performance compared to their peers. Download SANS SOC Survey 2022 to learn more about trends across incidents and security breaches from 2021-2022.

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