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  • Onshape Solves Their Biggest Monitoring Challenges with SignalFx

    Onshape’s cloud-based 3D CAD systems are designed to facilitate collaboration across design teams from any device. In this quick video, learn how Onshape achieved these features and more by using SignalFx, earning real-time visibility into application and full-stack performance.

  • How Nike’s Digital Transformation is Monitored

    Three years ago, Nike began its digital transformation journey. Now, the developers behind the transformation have some insight and advice to offer on infrastructure as code, monitoring CPU load, and more.

  • Drift’s Real-Time Conversations Require Real-Time Cloud Monitoring

    IT teams utilize containerized microservices on AWS to support rapid growth—but to take it one step further, teams are now searching for all-in-one monitoring solutions. In this video, learn how SignalFx’s monitoring solution helps Drift predict—and prevent—outages before they affect customers.

  • How Acquia Improved Monitoring Services with SignalFX

    Inside, find out firsthand how cloud based giant Acquia achieved monitoring capabilities that were able to adapt to all of the company’s highly complex use cases without breaking the budget.

  • Namely Employs SignalFx to Enable Observability and Engineering Productivity

    Find out how Namely, creators of the all-in-one HR solution, utilized SignalFx to earn real-time monitoring across their highly advanced microservices architecture, accelerating product development workflows and shifting valuable engineering resources away from unnecessary firefighting.

  • Observability should not slow you down

    Observability should enable speed and agility, not hold it back. In this article, learn how to identify your team’s observability priorities and match those priorities with the right solution.

  • AWS re:Invent 2019: Building a Culture of Observability

    In this AWS re:Invent session, hear from IT leaders from SignalFx and Atlassian as they discuss their successes and failures while striving to creating observability teams while working alongside incident management processes – and what factors your organization should consider in the journey towards true observability.

  • Close the Gaps in Your Defenses with Automated Detection, Investigation and Response

    This e-book explores the anatomy of a truly integrated defense, including automated detection, investigation and response. Read on to start thinking about where the gaps might be in your own environment, so you can build a strategy to lock them down for good.

  • 10 Essential Capabilities of a Modern SOC

    To build a modern SOC, organizations need a security operations platform that supports 10 key capabilities. Tap into this e-book to find out what they are.

  • Splunk Expands AI and Machine Learning Capabilities to Deliver Predictive IT Service Intelligence

    IT operations can benefit a great deal from adopting machine learning technologies. ML supported IT systems wouldn’t just help automate menial tasks; these technologies can help to predict problems before they happen, visualize data for employees, increase monitoring, and more. Read on to learn how ML can improve your IT operations.

  • How to Up Level your Defenses with Security Analytics

    If you don’t have actionable insights to detect and respond to emerging and current threats, you’re not reaping the rewards of modern SIEM technology. Find out what you (and your SIEM) are missing and how to harden your defenses.

  • Market Guide for AIOps Platforms

    AIOps platforms are becoming more widespread; yet successfully deploying an one is easier said than done. The benefits of successful deployment, however, are plenty: leaders can comprehend and contextualize large amounts of unstructured and volatile data, augment ITOps, and perform better analysis. Read on to learn more about the state of AIOps.

  • The Essential Guide to Process Mining

    Data analytics can be immensely helpful for business operations—but too often, these insights come too late to be helpful. Process mining can continuously monitor business operations, analyze that data as it comes in, and present that information to business specialists. Read on to learn more about how process mining can help your business.

  • The Road to DevOps Success

    The more complexity data introduces, the less your organization can benefit from the agility of DevOps. With machine data collection and analysis, every team can monitor, optimize, and collaborate to see the best business results. Learn more about how machine data collection improves the efficiency and productivity of DevOps in this white paper.

  • The Essential Guide to Data-Driven Business Operations

    Coming up with real-time insights that give an accurate picture of an organization’s opportunities is a much sought-after goal by BizOps specialists. Unfortunately, many BI tools promise a lot and deliver very little. Read on to learn about process mining, and how to integrate this approach into your business intelligence strategy.

  • Splunk Security: Detecting Unknown Malware and Ransomware

    Ransomware is, unfortunately, an increasingly frequent and costly attack method. It’s a subset of malware that steals data and holds it ‘hostage’ until a ransom is paid. In this white paper, learn about detecting the early signs of compromise or malicious activity by following this step-by-step journey. Read on to get started.

  • What is Your Data Really Worth? Exec Summary

    If your company doesn’t consider itself a data innovator, it might be time to change that. Companies that place the strongest strategic emphasis on data add to their annual revenue, cut annual operating costs, and exceed customer retention expectations. Read on to learn more about what makes a data innovator and how that impacts business results.

  • Modern Digital Enablement Checklist: How to Close the Last Mile Gap with a Cloud-Based Approach

    Are you prepared for digital transformation? Learn how using cloud software along with data analytics and machine learning technologies can strengthen any organization. Download the Modern Digital Enablement Checklist report and learn to close the last mile gap with a cloud-based approach.

  • Essential Guide to Security

    Check out The Essential Guide to Security for 2020 to discover new security use cases as well as how to implement Splunk's security product suite for advanced security analytics, SOAR, SIEM, MITRE ATT&CK, machine learning and more, all in one place to power your SOC.

  • The SOAR Buyer’s Guide

    Do you know what criteria you should consider when evaluating which SOAR platform to choose? Download your complimentary copy of “The SOAR Buyer’s Guide” for the core capabilities you should look at when evaluating a SOAR platform.

  • The Four Elements of Data-to-Everything

    As data becomes more widely available, and as it continues to skyrocket in volume, the most versatile companies are informing every business decision with data. But how can a business transition from merely gathering data, to being a truly data-driven company? Read on to discover the 4 elements of a Data-to-Everything platform.

  • The SIEM Buyer's Guide 2020

    In this SIEM Buyer's Guide for 2020, learn what a SIEM solution is, what it isn’t, its evolution, what it does and how to determine if it is the right security solution for your organization.

  • Top Five Highlights From Splunk .conf19

    .conf19 was Splunk’s user conference’s 10th anniversary — and they put together some highlights so you can catch up on what you might have missed. Read on and find out why Splunk is the ultimate Data-to-Everything Platform, new product launches and major feature releases, and Splunk’s new venture funds and expanded Splunk for Good activities.

  • Blueprints for Success: How Forward-Thinking Organizations Bring Data to Every Action

    Today’s most innovative organizations are using data to unlock new insights, empower more teams and ignite action across the enterprise. Download this e-book to discover how leading organizations are unearthing valuable business insights, creating security strategy, and enhancing IT operations for less downtime and greater efficiency.

  • Splunk Cloud Product Brief

    Learn how you can achieve fast time to value, security and reliability by outsourcing your infrastructure management and admin tasks to Splunk Cloud.

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