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  • 4 Ways Digital Transformation Can Help the Bottom Line and How a SIEM Can Help

    IDC estimates that digital transformation could translate to over $18 trillion of new value. This is great, but what specific effects could these transformation strategies have on the bottom line and on cybersecurity? Read this white paper to get the answer.

  • The Benefits of Splunk For Security Operations

    Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) and Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA) enable IT and security operations centers to identify, analyze, and mitigate advanced cyberthreats. Forrester interviewed several customers with experience using Splunk’s security solutions. Download the report to evaluate the potential financial impact of Splunk ES & UBA.

  • The Essential Guide to Infrastructure Data

    IT decision makers estimate that 55% of their data is dark data, meaning that over half of the data your company generates is likely going unnoticed or unused—not ideal in today’s data-centric world. Read on to learn how Splunk can help you better harness infrastructure data in a variety of crucial use cases, from AWS data to medical device data.

  • The Data Age Is Here. Are You Ready?

    Many organizations are realizing their legacy data infrastructure isn’t ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Read this survey of over 2,000 data-focused IT and business leaders to learn what challenges businesses are handling well, where companies are failing to meet their own expectations, and ways for you to conquer these same challenges.

  • How to Turn Your Data Into Business Outcomes

    Many businesses realize that their data has hidden value, but struggle to actually see it. Read on to learn how you can center your digital transformation efforts around a single solution to simplify and amplify your efforts to extract value from your data even as you better organize and govern it, all at once.

  • Application Performance Monitoring: Market Overview

    Access this Gartner white paper to see their Magic Quadrant which evaluates the strengths and cautions of the leading application performance monitoring vendors.

  • The Essential Guide to AIOps

    AI has long been touted as the next big thing, and now its real-world IT application is finally here. Read this white paper to learn more about the routine practices AIOps could help you to automate.

  • How to Get Your Cloud Migration Strategy Right

    The core responsibilities of IT to monitor and measure infrastructure haven’t changed—but digital business infrastructure can’t seem to stop changing. As infrastructure gets more complicated, IT must still somehow achieve infrastructure visibility. In this guide, learn how to do it right.

  • Measuring the ROI of Security Orchestration and Response Platforms

    Security orchestration and response (SOAR) platforms have become the force multiplier needed to unlock the full power of an organization’s security investment by helping security teams focus on innovation rather than mundane tasks. Read this white paper to measure the ROI of SOAR.

  • The Essential Guide to Container Monitoring

    In this guide, Splunk defines the importance and benefits of software container monitoring in container vendors today — like Docker, Kubernetes, RedHat OpenShift, and Amazon EKS. Learn what a typical and successful Kubernetes deployment looks like and how to effectively monitor its orchestration.

  • 7 SIEM Trends to Watch in 2020

    In the last year alone, demand for SIEM technology has remained strong, with threat management as the primary driver, and general monitoring and compliance secondary. In this white paper, learn about 7 SIEM trends to watch for in 2020.

  • Continuous Application Performance Management SaaS and Software

    A report by analyst firm Research in Action reveals the importance of adopting a continuous application performance management (CAPM) solution that continuously identifies performance and availability issues to provide proactive detection and diagnosis. Read the report here.

  • Beginners Guide to Observability

    In this guide, Splunk defines what observability is and what it takes to achieve it. They will also give some examples of observability in action and guidance for what to look for in a solution.

  • Worldwide ITOM Analysis

    Dive into this Gartner Market Share Analysis to learn about the top five vendors in the ITOM space and their core competencies and to get more information on the latest trends in the ITOM world.

  • Blueprints for Success: How Forward-Thinking Organizations Bring Data to Action

    Data is already being generated at an unprecedented rate, one that will continue to increase. So how are successful companies using so much data without getting lost in it? Download this e-book to learn how Splunk’s data platform is able to help its users turn an unnavigable sea of data into a path to success.

  • How to Optimize Your Investments in IT Monitoring Tools

    IT Operations teams have expanded monitoring requirements with increased responsibility across infrastructure, applications and events. How can I&O teams optimize their IT monitoring investments? Download How to Optimize Your Investments in IT Monitoring Tools to learn more.

  • What Is Your Data Really Worth?

    Companies with fully implemented data use strategies see tangible returns on their investment, with increases in annual revenue, customer retention, and lower operational costs. Examine this Splunk survey yourself to see how mature data companies truly outperform their data-adverse competitors.

  • Clear Up Your Event Storms with Event Analytics

    Modern IT teams look to event analytics to weather event storms. This interactive e-book talks about how event analytics switches the focus from merely managing events to finding and fixing what’s broken so IT teams have more time to really focus on more strategic tasks.

  • IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools Market Guide

    Gartner has released its latest Market Guide for IT Infrastructure Monitoring (ITIM) Tools which provides key findings from research into the ITIM tool market and its latest developments. Download your complimentary copy of this Market Guide.

  • The Essential Guide to Foundational Security Procedures

    Download your complimentary copy of “The Essential Guide to Foundational Security Procedures” to learn how to build standard security procedures, respond to threats quickly with orchestrated workflows, and leverage Splunk Phantom for orchestration and automation.

  • Take your SIEM to the Cloud

    Download your complimentary copy of the white paper Take Your SIEM to the Cloud to learn about how to improve your security posture using a cloud-based SIEM, the flexibility a cloud-based SIEM solution can provide, and the power of big data analytics and a SIEM in the cloud.

  • Why Your Cloud Strategy Needs a Data Strategy

    As organizations grapple with more data, they’re finding that data can easily be stored in the cloud—yet adoption does not come without its own challenges. Read on to learn how you can implement a data strategy that can help you overcome these issues as you adopt and migrate workloads to the cloud.

  • 10 Ways to Take MITRE ATT&CK From Plan to Action

    In this e-book, explore how the MITRE ATT&CK framework helps different parts of the organization.

  • How Leading Organizations Use AI to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

    The best IT departments aren’t the ones that solve your issues when they crop up—they’re the ones who prevent the issues from ever happening in the first place. While this might seem like an impossible task, it’s not. Read on to learn how AI-powered predictive analytics are augmenting and improving preventative IT performance.

  • Fast Track Your Multicloud Monitoring Initiative

    The latest development in cloud computing is the rise of multicloud, where organizations use a variety of cloud services within a single architecture. Since this “different stacks for different tasks” approach is becoming the new normal, it’s worth defining everything the multicloud entails. Find some definitions, examples, and more here.

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