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  • Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management

    Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for security information and event management (SIEM) aims to help you identify a suitable vendor in today’s threat landscape. Their view of the market for SIEM solutions focuses on transformational technologies and approaches to meeting the future needs of end users. Read on to get started.

  • A Guide to Embracing a Zero Trust Security Model

    Today’s new landscape of cloud, remote workforces and mobile devices opens the attack surface by allowing data and workloads to be accessed independent of their location. Splunk’s unified security platform aims to offer a solution by practicing a zero-trust mode. Download the e-book to discover solution benefits of adopting a zero-trust approach.

  • Threat Hunter Intelligence Report Data Breaches

    The SolarWinds breach uneased government and corporate cyber systems, and in doing so, sparked the need to address cyber vulnerability. Splunk’s THI team has put together a research report on recent high-profile cyberattacks and the vulnerabilities that they exploited. Read the report on to see what happened.

  • The Transformational CISO’s Guide to Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response

    In the Transformational CISO’s Guide to Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response, explore the ROI of SOAR and much more. Download the guide here to learn how giving security teams time to be proactive and strategic helps businesses innovate and thrive.

  • A Guide to Modern IT Service Management With AIOps

    Organizations must break down silos and visibility gaps to drive a holistic ITSM approach and protect revenue. So how do you make it happen? Open up this eBook to learn how you can deliver always-on services with AIOps

  • The State of Observability 2021

    New global research reveals that observability delivers better visibility into application performance, security posture, and public cloud infrastructure. Dive into this State of Observability 2021 report to see more key insights, and why early investments into observability can help improve performance, customer experience, and the bottom line.

  • Supercharge Your IT Monitoring

    Open up this paper to explore the three fundamentals of observability, how they work together, and how they can help your get started on the journey to full observability.

  • Seven Steps to a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

    Digital transformation has become a critical part of any organization’s goal to stay ahead in this digital world. But where to start? And what are the critical steps required? Access this paper to take a look at seven steps to consider when transforming your digital services.

  • Threat Hunter Intelligence Report Malware

    Download this Threat Hunter Intelligence Report to take a look at some of the most prevalent types of malware to watch out for. This report also covers tips for protecting your data and highlights a few other threats (and threat actors) you should know about.

  • 12 Immutable Rules for Observability

    New global research reveals that observability delivers better visibility into application performance, security posture, and public cloud infrastructure. Dive into this State of Observability 2021 report to see more key insights, and why early investments into observability can help improve performance, customer experience, and the bottom line.

  • 3 Essential Strategies for Multicloud Success

    Organizations are going all-in on multi-cloud environments, often unaware of the breadth of the distributed footprint of their infrastructure and applications—and the momentum is not slowing down. Explore 3 essential strategies for multi-cloud success here, so you can enjoy the benefits while avoiding the most common obstacles.

  • 3 Must-Haves for Managing Multicloud Complexity

    Discover the 3 must-haves for managing multicloud complexity in this guide for CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs on their cloud journey. Save the guide here.

  • Five Automation Use Cases for Splunk SOAR

    In this e-book, discover 5 common use cases for SOAR, the steps you need to take for each use case, and how to automate these steps using a pre-built playbook from Splunk SOAR.

  • Measuring the ROI of Security Orchestration and Response Solutions

    Security operations solutions produce several economic benefits in addition to helping your SOC team work more efficiently. This white paper aims to quantify those benefits by outlining a methodology to estimate your Return on Investment (ROI) from investing in SecOps Solutions.

  • A Guide to Protecting Against Supply Chain Attacks

    The severity of supply chain attacks cannot be overstated. A single attack gives hackers access to the sensitive data of many organizations, across many industries. With this guide, learn how a data platform can help protect organizations from threats like the SolarWinds attacks.

  • State of Security

    The continued rise in cloud adoption has quickly become the top issue driving security investment—but new security threats are looming for the remainder of 2021. In Splunk’s 2021 State of Security Report, explore how remote work taxes the SOC, machine learning’s role in security, and why cloud complexity demands consistency.

  • Top 5 Things to Consider When Replacing a Legacy SIEM

    Security information and event management (SIEM) capabilities are constantly evolving, especially in the era of AI, automation and machine learning. Read this e-guide to unlock 5 things you should consider when replacing your legacy SIEM for a modern one.

  • Gartner: Combat Digital Security Threats to the Supply Chain

    The information security threats to the modern supply chain, across data and IT infrastructure, product, and operations components are real, complex and growing. This Gartner research report was created to help supply chain leaders better identify, understand and mitigate these threats – read on to get started.

  • A Beginner's Guide to Kubernetes Monitoring

    In the past several years, containers and Kubernetes have, deservedly, taken over the IT world. Whether you’re brand new to Kubernetes or looking for a refresher, download this Beginner’s Guide to Kubernetes Monitoring to learn more.

  • Making Sense Of Digital Experience Monitoring Solutions

    Digital experience monitoring (DEM) is a customer-centric approach to observability that helps businesses identify and respond to any issues that might impact their user’s engagement with their website or app. In this white paper, learn more about DEM and uncover key factors you should consider when choosing a solution.

  • The Forrester Wavetm: Security Analytics Platforms, Q4 2020

    The security analytics market is booming in popularity due to an increased need for visibility across disparate networks and endpoints. Major players such as IBM, Microsoft and Splunk are getting in on the action. Looking to compare? Download this Forrester Wave report to evaluate 11 leading security analytics platform vendors.

  • Pioneers Of The Data Age How Leading Organizations Bring Data To Everything

    Access this e-book to learn how organizations ranging from Porsche to NASDAQ to REI are utilizing Splunk’s Data-to-Everything Platform to harness the explosion in data volume and incorporate machine learning and IoT into their agile cloud environments.

  • Splunk Security: Detecting Unknown Malware And Ransomware

    The traditional way of detecting an advanced malware or threat compromise in a Windows environment relies on using a signature-based anti-virus or malware product – but these won’t catch everything. Download this white paper to learn – step by step – how to detect unknown malware activity and early signs of compromise in a Windows environment.

  • Transforming for the Future: How industry leaders harness the power of cloud

    The goals of cloud computing are straightforward — accomplishing them is the hard part. In this resource, explore what the most successful cloud transformations all have in common, and how your team can tap into these strategies by the end of the week. Learn more here.

  • The Siem Buyer's Guide For 2021

    The importance of a security information event management (SIEM) solution in today’s enterprise is magnified by the growing sophistication of attacks and the use of cloud services increasing the attack surface. In this buyer’s guide, Splunk aims to explain what SIEM is, what it does and how to determine if it’s right for your organization.

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