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  • 7 Leading Machine Learning Use Cases

    While it’s clear that machine learning is an essential part of business transformation, many organizations struggle to understand where to apply machine learning for the most impact. Check out this e-book to learn about 7 leading machine learning use cases.

  • Harness Data to Reinvent Your Organization

    In order to sustain success for long periods of time, many organizations go through generations of reinvention. The next wave of reinvention has already begun, and data is the biggest driver. Read this e-book today to learn how to build a data strategy that can reinvent your organization.

  • Reinvent Your Business with Data New Paths, Practices and Prospects for Malaysia

    This IDC InfoBrief considers the data analytics realties of Malaysian organizations within the context of ASEAN data analytics maturity. Access this report today to learn how the Malaysian data and analytics landscape will change in the coming years, including the predicted impact of Malaysian government policies and investments.

  • Reinvent Your Business with Data New Paths, Practices and Prospects for Philippines

    Data and analytics are taking the ASEAN region by storm and the Philippines is no exception. While the Philippines has seen lagging adoption for both analytics and cloud environments, there is strong alternative for growth in the coming years with few barriers. Access this IDC InfoBrief to learn more about the Filipino data analytics landscape.

  • Reinvent Your Business with Data New Paths, Practices and Prospects for Indonesia

    All businesses are becoming digital, with data and analytics (D&A) playing an increasingly essential role. Investigate the latest practices and prospects of the Indonesian data analytics landscape in this analyst report, and discover the strategies, architectures, and skills required to create a solid foundation for emerging digital platforms.

  • Reinvent Your Business with Data New Paths, Practices and Prospects for Singapore

    Businesses in a competitive environment like Singapore need data analytics capabilities to remain competitive. This IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by AWS, explores the data and analytics landscape in Singapore and summaries the strategies, architectures, and skills needed to create a strong digital foundation. Download it today.

  • Reinvent Your Business with Data New Paths, Practices and Prospects for ASEAN

    This IDC InfoBrief scans practices and prospects in the ASEAN data analytics landscape, summarizing the strategies, architectures, and skills required to create a solid foundation for the emerging digital enterprise. Access it today to learn more about the cloud-based data and analytics architectures and platforms that are making waves today.

  • Reinvent Your Business with Data New Paths, Practices and Prospects for Thailand

    Thailand is expected to spend $202 million on data and analytics over the next 2 years. With sums like these, it is no surprise that companies are looking at Thailand as a potential market for the future. Access this IDC report and see how experts believe a growing interest in data and analytics will impact the future of the Thai economy.

  • Reinvent Your Business with Data New Paths, Practices and Prospects for Vietnam

    This IDC InfoBrief examines practices and prospects in the Vietnamese data analytics landscape, and summarizes the strategies, architectures, and skills required to create a solid foundation for the emerging digital businesses. Read on to learn more.

  • Identify Deliverable Metrics And Use Cases To Validate Data Analytics Deployment

    This SearchCloudComputing article discusses how to ensure cloud data analytics yield the benefits businesses seek. It also details how one company consolidated and restructured all its global data into a single data warehouse, enabling its executives to access accurate data reports with speed and eliminate manual conversions. Access it here.

  • Cloud Needs To Be A Continuing Journey For Analytics To Remain Impactful

    This SearchCloudComputing article details how your organization can leverage automation and reusable patterns to roll out and modify data pipelines so decision-makers can access even more data and insights. Read the article here to explore how to become a data-driven enterprise.

  • Drive Business Growth with Personalization


  • Amazon EC2 Types, Explained

    To get the most out of AWS, organizations need to get the most out of their EC2 instances. Use this exclusive infographic by AWS and TechTarget to choose the right AWS instance type and pricing plan. Save the infographic here.

  • Essential Cloud Storage Performance Metrics

    Read this expert guide, sponsored by AWS, to learn how to cut through cloud storage performance metric complexity. Inside, you’ll find a litany of important conventional and cloud storage metrics to use, as well as other useful measures like cost and service availability.

  • AWS Shakes Up Cloud Storage Pricing & Expands Free Tier

    AWS recently boosted data transfer limits from AWS Regions to the internet from 1 GB to 100 GB. To hear the latest on this development and AWS’ cloud storage pricing shakeup, read this TechTarget custom guide.

  • Supervised Machine Learning: What You Need to Know

    Supervised machine learning is one of the most widely used machine learning approaches—so what exactly is it, and why is it so influential for use cases ranging from object recognition to assessing risk? Access this expert guide today to learn everything you need to know about supervised machine learning and its intricacies.

  • AWS Cloud Storage VP Talks Data Growth & Price Cuts

    Access our latest TechTarget expert guide to find out why AWS is investing in cloud file storage services, view the major focus for the AWS storage portfolio over the next several years, and discover how AWS plans to address customer concerns over price.

  • AWS SageMaker Canvas Eases the Development of Predictive, ML-Powered Business Applications

    Access this TechTarget Content to learn how AWS’s SageMaker Canvas is simplifying the development of applications that use machine learning, radically expanding the ability of companies to leverage AI and ML across their organization.

  • AI Optimization: Why It's Critical to Success at the Edge and Beyond

    Cost-effective and easy optimization strategies are more necessary than ever thanks to edge deployment of AI. Access this TechTarget guide to hear thoughts on AI optimization from experts at Ford Motor Company, Panasonic AI Lab, and XMOS, as well as strategies they're taking to drive powerful AI solutions within their organizations.

  • Which Kind of Machine Learning? Understanding the Different Types of AI

    Any research into AI will leave you reeling under the various types of learning you never knew were possible: machine learning, deep learning, swarm learning… the list goes on. This expert guide will help you distill AI down to its essential categories and better understand its use cases and methodologies. Read on to learn more.

  • Strategies and Practices to Improve Your Cloud Database Management

    While cloud databases present new and tough challenges to DBAs, this expert guide will help you identify and implement a series of best practices that can help alleviate the complexity of cloud database management. Keep reading to learn how you can improve your cloud database management systems, including monitoring strategies and compliance tips.

  • Real-World AWS Cloud Database Success Stories

    AWS has developed a comprehensive ecosystem of cloud databases suitable for a variety of needs—with recent additions including data lake capabilities and machine learning-powered relational database optimization. Keep reading to learn the real benefits of these technologies, straight from the testimonials of real-world cloud database users.

  • How to Effectively Plan Cloud Storage Scalability

    Differences in storage workload scaling needs can often leave organizations wondering about where, and how, to start. Read this TechTarget expert guide to sort through cloud storage scalability benefits, limitations, and 10 planning tips to get started.

  • AWS Tackles Common Cloud DB Migration and Management Headaches

    Access this expert guide learn how AWS is bringing the full force of their machine learning and cloud as-a-service expertise to bear on cloud databases, unlocking a new level of ease and agility for DBAs.

  • Turn Your Digital Data Streams to Real-Life Value

    Digital data streams are being generated constantly, providing your business with critical information that can be used to increase customer satisfaction, improve internal processes, or augment a core product. Access this expert guide to learn 4 key steps you can take to turn your real-time data streams into actionable, critical value.

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