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  • 10 ways to optimize costs and innovate with AWS

    Discover 10 ways AWS helps you optimize costs and accelerate innovation. Migrate workloads, optimize Windows applications, and leverage AWS machine learning accelerators - all to boost performance and savings. Read the infographic to learn more.

  • Six smart growth accelerators for software vendors

    The cloud landscape is changing, with a rise in demand for cloud software. With that in mind, this infographic highlights 6 key accelerators for software vendors in cloud and SaaS. Check out the infographic now to learn how you can propel your software company's cloud growth.

  • The Top 5 Generative AI questions on every Chief Product Officer’s mind

    This AWS infographic, Top 5 Generative AI Questions on Every Product Team’s Mind, will further your understanding of this new technology and help you guide your customers to greater success with generative AI.

  • Three Proven Tips for Delivering Full-Stack Scalable Apps at Speed

    Full-stack development makes it simple with complete ownership and end-to-end visibility—so your teams can accelerate time to market, increase agility, and realize greater cost efficiency. Speed up the development of mobile and web applications with:Modern tools and frameworksModern APIsModern compute

  • 7 benefits of adopting smart manufacturing

    This AWS e-book outlines 7 ways manufacturers can adopt smart cloud solutions to maximize productivity, asset uptime, quality, safety, revenue streams, supply chain visibility & sustainability. Read now to learn how AWS services & partners enable smart manufacturing.

  • Get started with generative AI on AWS

    Read the eBook Get started with generative AI on AWS to help guide your organization towards effective, responsible generative AI applications that maximize mission value.

  • The ultimate guide to data cost optimization

    Whether it’s due to increasing volumes of data or ongoing economic uncertainty—optimizing the costs of your data strategy is critical to remain competitive in today’s complicated and ever-changing business landscape. What’s the best approach? Find out in The Ultimate Guide to Data Cost Optimization. Download now.

  • Determining the total cost of ownership: comparing serverless and server-based technologies

    Serverless applications can save up to 68 percent of development costs by automatically allocating compute on a pay-for-use basis. Read the Deloitte whitepaper Determining the Total Cost of Ownership: Comparing Serverless and Server-based Technologies to learn more.

  • Maximize the business value of generative AI

    Generative AI has taken the industry by storm, with nearly everyone imagining how the powerful technology will transform the future of business. But looking beyond the hype, what is the real potential of generative AI? Download this e-book to unlock key insight into the state of generative AI, including answers to the most prevalent questions.

  • Strong security enables data-driven decision making

    More organizations want data at the center of every business decision, but the complexity of managing many stakeholders and options, combined with an evolving security landscape, has made agile, data-driven decision-making unsustainable. Brose this e-book to learn more.

  • Accelerate business growth with machine learning

    As a subset of AI, machine learning (ML) is viable across a number of use cases which organizations are eager to take advantage of. This white paper explores how organizations are leveraging advancements in ML to drive business value, focusing on 3 essential objectives. Read on to learn more.

  • 5 ways a secure cloud infrastructure drives innovation

    Protect your applications and infrastructure. Improve your ability to meet core security requirements with our comprehensive services and features. Read this e-book 5 Ways a Secure Cloud Infrastructure Drives Innovation to find out more.

  • 6 steps to driving business value with machine learning

    The 6 Steps to Machine Learning Success eBook will guide you on your ML journey. Read the eBook to learn about:A successful machine learning journey in 6 stepsHow to transform ML investments into competitive advantagesInspiring stories of industry leaders who’ve successfully implemented machine learning

  • Enterprise priorities for workload migration and modernization

    Read the eBook “Enterprise Priorities for Workload Migration and Modernization” to learn how AWS can help you:Lower the cost of infrastructureIncrease staff productivityReduce time to market for new featuresImprove operational efficiency

  • Accelerating machine learning innovation through security

    Read the Accelerate Machine Learning Through Security eBook to learn how security features from Amazon SageMaker and the AWS Cloud can help you go from idea to production faster.

  • Speed Digital Transformation with an End-to-End Industrial Data Strategy

    Without a comprehensive data strategy, most industrial customers start with a single use case. Enter an alternative approach: unifying data under a comprehensive industrial data strategy to eliminate silos. Examine how to undertake this effort in the following e-book and learn how AWS Industrial Data Fabric can assist.

  • CJ Moses on Advancing Security in the Financial Services Industry

    In this e-book, you’ll discover 2023 security trends according to AWS CISO, CJ Moses. Download now to dive deep into these predictions and take the next step in planning your security strategy for 2023 and beyond.

  • Turn retail data into a competitive advantage

    The right data strategy can enable your retail business to optimize processes, reduce costs, delight customers—and gain a critical advantage over your competitors. Unfortunately, most retailers today aren’t leveraging the full business value of their data. Access this e-book to learn more.

  • The proven cloud for RISE with SAP

    Choosing the right cloud provider is an important step in modernizing and transforming your ERP landscape. Discover how AWS is helping organizations accelerate and streamline their journey with AWS for RISE with SAP.

  • 7 benefits of adopting smart manufacturing

    To discover 7 reasons why you should consider adopting smart manufacturing at your organization, and to find out how businesses like Tyson Foods have benefited from smart manufacturing, check out this e-book.

  • AI and ML Power Financial Services Transformation

    With the mission to put AI and ML in the hands of every developer, AWS provides a deep set of AI and ML services for financial services institutions of all sizes, and for developers across expertise levels, to help accelerate their journey. Find out more here.

  • Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation: Speed, Scale, and Transformation in the Cloud

    From creating a cloud-based digital production platform to combining disparate multimodal data sets, organizations everywhere continue to double-down on cloud investments to streamline infrastructure management and drive business innovation. Browse this e-book to examine cloud innovation tactics for your company.

  • ESG: AWS Sustainability Solutions for Retail and CPG

    Read this eBook to understand how technology and data are driving the future of sustainability in retail, how AWS helps retailers and CPG companies reach sustainability goals, and how retail companies have successfully implemented AWS solutions like carbon tracking, digital twin technology, and Augmented Reality (AR).

  • How leading businesses build game-changing applications with AWS

    This lookbook explores how forward-thinking businesses are using the scale, capacity, and compute power of AWS to make groundbreaking strides toward bringing revolutionary ideas to the forefront. Download the lookbook and learn how to build and run applications securely on AWS.

  • 6 key steps to take on your generative AI journey

    This AWS eBook outlines a proven path to GenAI success—from taking the first step to measuring results—with insights from Amazon best practices and its experience helping thousands of customers realize their own initiatives. Read the eBook here.

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