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  • Hyper-V: Best practices and what’s new

    Access this resource for updates on trends and common backup pitfalls to avoid, what it takes to build a successful data protection strategy, and how to protect Hyper-V workloads with Veeam Backup & Replication.

  • 2021 Cio Guide To Modern Data Protection

    As you revisit your data protection strategies as a result of the pandemic, it’s important to ensure modern backup, recovery, and data management are all fundamental parts of the picture. This CIO’s guide to modern data protection in 2021 will show you how to do just that. Access it here.

  • 2021 Data Protection Report

    This Veeam data protection report looks into a recent global survey of 3,000 unbiased organizations to understand their current approach towards data protection and management. Access it here to discover how your organization’s data protection challenges and goals compare and examine 5 key overarching takeaways that researchers found.

  • 2021 Modern Data Protection Best Practices By Veeam

    Check out this guide for a rundown of 12 best practices that are instrumental in modernizing your data protection in 2021 and see just how Veeam fits into the equation.

  • Google Cloud Backup for Dummies

    Download this Google Cloud Backup for Dummies e-book to learn how to build a robust Google Cloud backup plan, understand the risks facing your GCP data, view 10 cloud data protection best practices, and more.

  • Modern Backup Buyers’ Guide

    Run through this buyer’s guide to see what capabilities and questions decision makers should consider when evaluating their companies’ cloud backup and data protection needs.

  • Veeam Software Video

    Access this resource for an overview of Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure v2 and discover the added benefits this new version provides like tiered GFS to hot and cool Azure Blob tiers and application consistency for Windows and Linux.

  • Top 10 Best Practices For Vsphere Backups

    Explore this document to see 10 best practices to enhance Veeam Backup & Replication for VMware vSphere surrounding backup and restore strategies, proper sizing, ensuring backup space, and more.

  • 4 Azure Considerations To Reduce Costs

    Download this in depth guide to take a look at 4 considerations for controlling cost with a cloud platform while still getting the best of all available offerings and features.

  • The Biggest IT challenge in 2020 is coming from the board room

    In this video, Veeam will examine industry trends that are causing the IT reality gap, how those expectations are driving challenges and potential strategies, and offer some ideas on how to close the gap from both a technical and operational perspective. Access it here.

  • Veeam's cloud data management predictions

    VeeamON Virtual provides the latest insights and predictions for cloud data management to keep top of mind, including the ones that affect the backup and availability markets. Access this video to learn about these predictions so your organization can enhance and optimize its cloud data management practice.

  • Beat Ransomware: Education, Implementation And Remediation With Veeam

    Access this e-book from Veeam to learn tips from ransomware survivors on how to prevent an attack or recover quicker and discover the 3 strategies you can use to ensure you have the resiliency you need to avoid data loss, financial loss, business reputation damage, and more.

  • Conversational Azure Backup Best Practices

    Access this e-book to learn 10 backup best practices that will help you effectually, cost-effectively, and securely protect your Azure investments.

  • Top 5 Ways To Simplify Cloud Data Protection With Microsoft Azure

    Read this white paper to gain a better understanding of Microsoft and Veeam’s combined solutions and see how Veeam + Microsoft Azure are bridging the gap between on-prem and public cloud backups across 5 business concerns.

  • Making an impact with Cloud Data Management Veeam & IBM

    In this webcast, learn how to overcome the data challenges businesses are facing on the way to digital transformation, dive into the data protection issues of 2020, and view the benefits that Veeam Cloud Data Management can provide to customers.

  • DEMO VIDEO: Physical Backup and Recovery

    Watch this short demo of Veeam® Backup & Replication™ to learn how to backup and recover physical servers. You will see basic product features and how to create a protection group and backup a Windows server.

  • DEMO VIDEO: Applications Recovery

    Watch backup demos for widely used applications and databases including: Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server; Oracle and SAP HANA; Backup from Storage Snapshots.

  • 5 Reasons to Switch Your Backup

    This quick read is designed to help you understand the most common reasons other organizations have switched their primary backup solution and why now is the best time to make this switch.

  • DEMO VIDEO: VM Backup and Recovery

    Watch this short demo of Veeam Backup & Replication to learn what it protects, its primary features, and how to backup and recover virtual machines (VMs). This demo also includes an example of a quick deployment, the configuration of various backup jobs, and recovery options for VMs.

  • The Economic Impact of Veeam Cloud Data Management Platform

    To put Veeam to the test, IDC interviewed 10 organizations about their experience with the Cloud Data Management platform. Access this white paper to learn the use cases these organizations found, business values and quantified benefits they experienced, economic value they witnessed, and improved backup and recovery they achieved.

  • 5-min demo: Hybrid Cloud Acceleration

    The adoption of modern backup systems is driving rapid cloud adoption through the unification of tools, ensuring over 49% savings in hybrid cloud protection. This demo from Veeam shows how to use native backup and recovery services straight from the cloud, reducing time, cost, and resources. Access it here.

  • 5-min demo: Data Security

    With modernized data protection, organizations can cut their average ransomware recovery cost down or not pay anything at all. How? Tune into this demo to learn how you can protect your data with immutability from Veeam.

  • 5-min demo: Modernizing Backup

    Access this video to discover how to re-use your backup data to drive rapid application development through virtual sandboxes and to view a demo of this solution.

  • Unleash the Power of NAS Backup

    Data unlocks great potential and value in businesses, but only when it’s deployed properly. Cloud data management solutions help businesses counter data sprawl, deal with data growth, and keep data at the center of their business plan. Check out these different case studies and testimonials to see if Veeam Cloud Data Management is right for you.

  • Physical Servers Backup with Veeam: Best Practices and Configuration

    When looking for a physical backup solution, it is often difficult to provide comprehensive protection with just one product. Explore this e-book to learn the multiple options to consider when researching physical server backup and recovery and to view a potential solution that offers central agent management and deployment.

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