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  • Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service Buyer’s Guide

    Sponsored by: VMware

    This white paper introduces you to the benefits of utilizing Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), which allows for more flexible remote management and reduces the amount of under-utilized hardware and maintenance tasks on your end. Read on for more on the DRaaS landscape.

  • How Greencap Unified Its Backup and Recovery Across Its Hybrid Cloud Environment

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    Greencap had been using multiple backup solutions in parallel which meant days of sifting through years of project info. Dive into this case study to learn about a centralized backup solution that allowed Greencap to backup data easier and faster while using less storage space.

  • Secure your data, your recovery and your mission

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    Check out this white paper to discover 5 key backup and recovery concerns, learn how Commvault addresses them, and access cyber security recommendations for developing a multi-layer strategy.

  • Case Study: Pittsburg State University

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    Check out this case study to learn why the Hedvig solution from Commvault caught PSU’s attention after just 10 minutes and discover how it satisfied all of PSU’s requirements while preparing the institution for the future.

  • Disaster Recovery Waits for No One

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    Whether your disaster is natural or man-made, how can you make sure your DR plan is ready? Access this resource to learn 4 steps to ensure your IT services are ready for action and that your data can be quickly put back where you need it to be.

  • Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery datasheet

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    Check out this data sheet to discover 5 key questions to ask of your backup and recovery solution and discover one platform that provides everything you need to conduct backup, recovery and archiving activities, enable operational reporting, and perform hardware snapshot management.

  • Case Study: The University of Melbourne

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    With this volume of data growing at a breakneck pace, the University of Melbourne needed centralized critical data protection, reduced complexity, and increased scalability. Access this case study to learn how Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery was able to meet this demand and discover the 4 major benefits it yielded for the university.

  • Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery for Endpoint users

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    Access this resource to learn about a simple backup platform that is available on-premises, in the public/ hybrid cloud, and as SaaS that reduces data risk, increases visibility, and improves employee data access and security for endpoint users.

  • Ransomware: 4 Ways to Protect and Recover

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    Not only are ransomware attacks an unfortunate part of cyber life, business is so good for criminals that they are developing more and more sophisticated threats. Access this resource to learn 4 best practices to protect and recover your critical data from ransomware attacks.

  • Ransomware: The moment of truth for data protection

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    Access this data sheet to learn the 5 steps you can take to maintain a constant state of recovery readiness, as keeping your backups safe and ready for rapid restoration can save time and keep your business out of harm’s way.

  • Innovative Communication Strategies for Healthcare Organizations Combating COVID-19

    Sponsored by: Avtex

    Download this blog post for a list of updates and recommendations healthcare providers can leverage to optimize communication with patients and other care organizations during the pandemic.

  • Your Guide to Technical Remote Hiring

    Sponsored by: HackerRank

    In the face of COVID-19, many tech hiring teams have halted their standard processes in favor of remote interviewing, sourcing, and screening. Download this guide to see how the best-in-class teams approach remote tech hiring in a dynamic, candidate-centric market.

  • Does Your Business Continuity Plan Include Unified Communications?

    Sponsored by: PGi

    Downtime is very costly and yet, many businesses are not prepared to protect their mission-critical communications during a power outage, storm, fire, or other disaster. In this infographic, learn how hosted unified communications services can help you simplify business continuity and disaster recovery.

  • CW APAC: Trend Watch - business response to coronavirus

    Sponsored by:

    With countries the world over reeling from the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, which has meant sweeping changes both economically and socially, Computer Weekly looks at how firms in the Asia-Pacific region have adapted to what has so quickly become the new normal.

  • Don't Pay the Bad Guys

    Sponsored by: Rubrik

    Companies pay ransoms because they feel like they have no other choice because of slow recovery time, compromised backups, and lack of scope of the damage. Access this webcast to learn 3 unique differentiators from Rubrik that address these pain points while keeping your money secure.

  • Best Practices for Enterprise NAS Backup

    Sponsored by: Cobalt Iron

    Access this resource to learn how enterprise NAS backup is different from other approaches, the specific challenges customers are facing, and how Cobalt Iron’s Compass can help save time and money with its efficient backup and restores.

  • Defense In Depth with Rubrik Polaris Radar

    Sponsored by: Rubrik

    Access this e-book to learn about Polaris Radar from Rubrik, a SaaS platform that accelerates recovery from ransomware with minimal business disruption and data loss.

  • How to build and maintain a secure data backup environment

    Sponsored by: Cobalt Iron

    Ideally, companies will try to keep data protection lean while trying to scale, all without constantly adding enormous costs. Access this resource to learn the top required features for modern data protection and discover why the Compass data protection platform may be the solution you have been waiting for.

  • Risk Mitigation: A Critical Link in Cyber Security

    Sponsored by: Cobalt Iron

    Is your short-term thinking and planning blocking your company’s ability to manage a real security crisis and recover from it? Access this resource to learn why risk mitigation is the pillar for any truly effective cyber security plan and discover its 3 components.

  • Was Your Company Ready for COVID-19 and is it Prepared for Future Emergencies?

    Sponsored by: OVHCloud

    Take a glimpse at the results of an April 2020 study that surveyed over 400 IT decisions makers and influencers in the United States to find out how prepared organizations felt in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic – and how they’re planning to re-configure their continuity strategies for the future.

  • Can you transition your backup administration team to remote work?

    Sponsored by: Cobalt Iron

    How can you keep your workflow secure and updated and ensure business continuity when administrators can’t physically be at the data center? Access this resource to find out and learn the 3 key steps to remote work optimized protection.

  • Perform critical event management in 5 steps

    Sponsored by: EverBridge Inc.

    Access this white paper to learn the 5 basic steps to get your organization started with critical event management (CEM) and how to build a business case for it.

  • Fast-Growing Food Distributor Modernizes Backup With Compass

    Sponsored by: Cobalt Iron

    Explore this case study to learn how Cobalt Iron’s Compass was able to deliver fast, reliable, and robust backup for leading food distributor, Cheney Brothers’, large and complex SAP HANA environment.

  • The Security of your Data Should Not be an Add-On

    Sponsored by: Cobalt Iron

    Access this data sheet to learn about a backup solution that has the appropriate cyber incidence response features and functionality tightly woven into the core architecture, not just as another add-on feature.

  • Enterprise Anti-ransomware Backup Solution Profile

    Sponsored by: Cobalt Iron

    Cybersecurity software is the best means to detect and prevent ransomware, but it can’t always stop it. That is where enterprise backup solutions come in. Access this paper from DCIG to discover 5 distinguishing features of anti-ransomware backup solutions.

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