Disaster Recovery eZine - Covering All the Bases: A Concise Guide to Disaster Recovery Essentials, from Building a Plan to Putting It to the Test

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Disaster recovery (DR) has quickly become the top priority for today's storage managers. However, the issue isn't whether or not you have a DR plan, but rather if you have one that will work when needed. Unfortunately, accomplishing this goal has been a greater challenge than ever.


This eZine from the experts at Storage magazine is designed to help you overcome the common challenges associated with developing a stable DR plan. Use this eZine as a guide to hone your skills and find the gaps in your plan.


Explore this eZine to get insights into topics, such as:

  • The basics of VMware Site Recovery Manager
  • How to choose a hot or cold site
  • Replicating VMs
  • DR testing best practices

Check out this eZine to learn more.

TechTarget Disaster Recovery
Feb 8, 2021
Dec 5, 2008

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