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  • Optimize Value And Reduce Expenses With Citrix Workspace

    Digital workspaces can be costly – but they don’t have to be. This white paper is a thorough how-to guide for maximizing cost efficiencies by choosing the right digital workspace for your organization. Open now to get started.

  • Cloud-Delivered Security For The Digital Workspace

    In this paper, see how your business can get comprehensive security and reliable access to apps, anywhere, from any device, with Citrix Secure Access Service Edge. Open now for full details, including use cases, features, benefits and more.

  • Citrix Video 1

    Dive into this 46-min webinar where experts discuss emerging trends in security architectures, challenges to existing security approaches, SASE for modern, secure access, and the Citrix unified approach to SASE.

  • Citrix Video 2

    In this quick video, Calvin Hsu, VP of Product Management at Citrix, shows how Citrix Workspace can help give secure access to all the apps remote workers need. Jump in now to hear about key security platforms, capabilities, features, and more.

  • The Modern Digital Workspace Is Here For You: Citrix Workspace .

    Signing in and out of apps and lack of remote access are just a few of the roadblocks that eat into employee productivity. Open up this paper to take a look at Citrix Workspace – designed to remove those key pain points and create a streamlined user experience for employees.

  • Application Delivery And Security

    Today’s apps are more complex than ever – which makes delivering and securing them all the more difficult. Download this e-book to explore how Citrix solutions aim to help businesses ensure maximum application security and performance through their Application Delivery Controller (ADC), SD-WAN, Web App and API protection and more.

  • Spark The Employee Experience With A Citrix Workspace And Microsoft 365 Intelligent Cloud

    How can CIOs address complex business demands while providing the right desktop tools for a newly mobile workforce? This eBook aims to answer that question and more, giving a look at how Citrix Workspace, together with Microsoft 365, can help spark the employee experience while boosting productivity. Open now to learn how.

  • Designing For A Remote Workforcehow To Keep Your Data And Intellectual Property Safe

    At the start of the pandemic, businesses rushed to give employees remote access to the tools they needed to work from home. However, many of these tools won’t protect your business from threats. Open up this white paper to find out how you can keep your data secure—while still providing a great user experience for your employees.

  • Ransomware: Four Ways To Protect Data Now

    It’s a nightmare for anyone: The dreaded alert that important data has been encrypted and essential functions have been shut down. Fortunately, there are steps you can take before this happens to lower the risk of ransomware, and to minimize its impact in the event of an attack. Open up this white paper to learn four ways to protect your data now.

  • Webinar: New Models of Healthcare

    Click into this video to go behind the scenes with three IT leaders as they discuss the tactics they undertook in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – adjusting application delivery and security approaches to enable their frontline workers in healthcare.

  • Higher Education: Ensuring Continuity During A Disruption

    This white paper presents a strategy for providing higher education services duringplanned or unplanned business disruptions. Plus, best practices for a continuity strategy and a look at digital technology that provides secure access to apps and data on any device, over any network, at any time. Open now to get started.

  • Healthcare Summit: Bringing Cloud Down to Earth with Leading Practices

    In this Healthcare Summit session, Brendan Lin, Lead Enterprise Architect for the US West Enterprise and Healthcare vertical, discusses lessons learned from field engagements at Citrix. Tune in now to hear Lin’s tips, leading practices and how to avoid common pitfalls, all taken from his fifteen years of personal experience in the field.

  • Remote Works Education Panel

    In this installment of Citrix’s remote works education panel, industry experts discuss higher education’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, what it means to the future of learning and what role technology will play in enabling it. Tune in now to get started.

  • How A Next-generation Digital Workspace Boosts Employee Engagement And Productivity

    Open up this white paper to learn how next-generation digital workspaces in financial institutions can help boost employee engagement and productivity.

  • The Future Of Healthcare Hinges On Employee Experience

    Open up this white paper to learn how to get started bringing a better employee experience into healthcare by offering the technology doctors, nurses and non-clinical staff need to achieve their goals.

  • 5 Ways Citrix Workspace Empowers Remote Workers—While Simplifying It Management And Security

    Open up this white paper to explore 5 ways you can support your remote teams, improve collaboration, and recognize the benefits of the new work focus, all while keeping your data secure.

  • Empower Your Employees For Digital Success

    Open up this eBook to explore how Citrix and Google Cloud are working together to bring digital workspaces to employees – with the aim of providing safe access to all apps, content, and data, regardless of the device used.

  • Empowering Employees To Succeed

    Open up this overview to see how Citrix and Google Cloud are working together to bring digital workspaces to employees – with the aim of providing safe access to all apps, content, and data, regardless of the device used.

  • Harness The Virtualization Technology That’s Right For Your Business With Citrix Virtual Apps And Desktops On Microsoft Azure

    Today’s competitive, fast-moving market demands a hosting environment and cloud platform that unifies app and desktop management across all employee devices – whether they’re working from home, in a hybrid environment or in the office. Open up this eBook to explore how to manage complexity, secure IT infrastructure and more.

  • On-Premises To Cloud

    This white paper covers the journey from on-premises to cloud, offering up 5 incremental steps to scale your workspace deployment to seamlessly deliver the future of work. Open now to get started.

  • The Definitive Guide To Citrix Workspace

    Citrix Workspace is known for delivering a variety of capabilities designed to solve unique business and IT challenges, but the full scope of its features can be difficult to pin down. Look no further. Discover the full specs and details of Citrix Workspace in this guide.

  • 8 Experts On Flawless App Delivery

    In a world of distributed computing and componentized applications, securely building and deploying a successful application is a challenge. Poor execution can result in underperforming apps, security risks and unacceptable infrastructure costs. Download this Citrix guide to hear from 8 experts on how to flawlessly deliver applications.

  • Citrix + Google Cloud: Reimagine your employee experience

    Dive into this white paper to learn more about current work trends and how digital workspaces can help drive a better employee experience in your organization.

  • Citrix Workspace and Google Cloud Platform

    Citrix Workspaces offers a secure way to deliver virtual apps and desktops from Google Cloud. In this white paper, explore simple and secure digital workspaces that allows employee to work from anywhere, using a combination of Citrix and Google Cloud platforms.

  • Deliver workspace security and zero trust with Citrix and Google Cloud

    2020 was a prime example of the need for flexible, secure remote working capabilities. Citrix and Google have been innovating in this space for decades – read this solution brief to learn more about their workspace security and zero trust offering.

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