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  • How to Maintain Control of Documents and Files Shared with Others

    Tune into this video for a walkthrough of ShareFile, in which you'll learn how to set restrictions, on the file-level for secure sharing and collaboration. Scott Lane, Distinguished Citrix Engineer, demonstrates the platform's file-level authentication and authorization capabilities, and more.

  • Securely Deliver Apps and Desktops to Any Enterprise

    Tune into this video, in which Scott Lane, Citrix Distinguished Engineer, demonstrates how to leverage cloud resources like Office 365 and Azure AD to access your desktop environment. You'll see federated authentication services at work, and more.

  • Contextual Access to Apps and Data Anywhere Anytime

    Tune into this video to learn about the power of contextual access, which allows IT to set policies for who can access data based on location, device and network. You'll learn how to ensure all endpoints—whether dedicated desktop or mobile device—are properly protected.

  • Manage PC, Mobility and iOT with Unified Endpoint Management

    Watch this webcast to learn how you can deliver apps and data securely to users and how unified endpoint management (UEM) can help solve challenges of traditional client management in the context of the new digital workspace.

  • Enhancing the Customer Experience with Application Analytics

    This white paper explores how to harness the increase of application data to better monitor your network across different cloud environments and improve the visibility of your virtual desktop infrastructure to ultimately drive better customer experience.

  • Unify Mobile and Desktop Management

    In this quick 3-minute video, learn how to protect your network security endpoints and prevent data leakage through Citrix Workspace and Windows Information Protection (WIP).

  • Powering the Future of Work with a Unified Workspace

    Discover how you can power the future of work through a unified workspace in this 3-minute video detailing how simple Citrix Workspace is for users to access all of their business-critical applications.

  • Replace Desktop PC and Desk Phones with a Raspberry Pi

    Hardware consolidation enables you to improve your security, user experience, and lower overall cost. Tune in to learn how low cost devices can not only replace costly hardware, but also less expensive tools that quickly add up, like desktop phones.

  • Control Workspace Environment & Optimize User Experience

    You need to manage your workspace to better meet your employees' needs or risk employees introducing shadow IT into your organization. See how to set up optimizations for systems, policies, and profiles and the impact it has on your users.

  • Citrix UEM for Digital Workspaces

    Today's workforce requires the same access to apps and data, regardless of location or device. Traditional client management tools are no longer sufficient. Unified endpoint management (UEM) combines client management with enterprise mobility management into a single pane of glass to manage users, devices, apps, and data.

  • Manage PC, Mobility, IoT with Unified Endpoint Management

    Traditional client management tools can no longer support modern business needs. Windows 10 and the growing number of personal devices are forcing digital workspaces to embrace unified endpoint management. This webcast addresses how UEM helps solve challenges of traditional client management in the context of the new digital workspace.

  • Unified Endpoint Management Checklist

    Modern business demands dictate that you need a unified endpoint management tool that combines client management and enterprise mobility management into a single pane to manage devices, apps and data. Use this ten-point checklist to see how prepared your organization is to adopt UEM.

  • 5 Signs It's Time to Consider a UEM Solution

    Unified endpoint management (UEM) has emerged in response to several device management needs. This white paper reveals the five signs that it is time for your organization to start looking to incorporate UEM into your organization's device management strategy.

  • Solve Migration, Security, and Productivity Challenges Around Office 365

    Organizations around the world are embracing Office 365 as their tool of choice for productivity applications. However, it is critical to have a strong plan in place to ensure a seamless migration. This webinar discusses challenges that typically arise during an Office 365 migration and how to deal with them.

  • Cloud Management: The Future of Hybrid IT

    Cloud systems management is the next significant challenge for IT pros to tackle. This e-guide explores why cloud management platforms are the future of hybrid IT, what to look for in a platform, and the primary challenges you are going to need to overcome.

  • The Five Milestones to GDPR Success

    This Forrester Research Report details how to achieve 5 key milestones to have GDPR success by the May 2018 deadline.

  • Taming the GDPR

    Preparing for the GDPR requires organizations to understand the regulation, develop best practices for success and avoid common pitfalls. Leverage this resource to help you fully understand the GDPR and uncover strategies for tackling the regulation head-first.

  • International CPA Firm Counts on Citrix Cloud

    Watch this short case study video to learn how one CPA firm was able to use the public cloud to deliver data and applications securely to anywhere in the world.

  • Maintaining Business Continuity & Security for Your Organization

    Whether planned or unplanned, business disruptions that aren't managed effectively come at a high cost. This white paper offers strategies for keeping your company productive during unplanned security incidents.

  • Evaluate Cloud Management Tools

    As more devices and OSes enter the enterprise fray, IT must learn how to deliver apps to users on several different platforms. Download this e-guide to uncover three factors to drive your EUC strategy, find out how Citrix's cloud platform is taking on management and evaluate hybrid cloud management tools for your enterprise needs.

  • Demo: Citrix Workspace XenMobile Service

    Watch this short video to learn about a mobility management service that gives you access to a single cloud based console to easily manage your users devices and business applications.

  • The Security Compliance Countdown

    May 25, 2018 – the deadline for GDPR compliance – is right around the corner. However, 48% of organizations believe their security infrastructure doesn't facilitate compliance, according to a Ponemon Institute study. This infographic reveals a "to-do" list to help your organization safeguard personal data in preparation for the GDPR.

  • Ensuring High Availability - XenApp and XenDesktop deployments on Citrix Cloud

    Download this whitepaper to find out how you can use app and desktop virtualization deployed in the cloud to deliver highly available apps and desktops on-premises or on public cloud infrastructure.

  • XenApp and XenDesktop Service Trial Checklist

    Use the following resource to prepare for your XenApp and XenDesktop Service trial on Citrix Cloud. Included inside is a breakdown of five key decisions to make before starting your trial, sample architecture for how to set up an on-premises environment for Citrix Cloud, and more.

  • Secure Cloud Collaboration without the Complication

    There are still some lingering doubts about the cloud's ability to maintain high security standards, but you can put them to rest. Read this white paper to learn how cloud-based collaboration tools are securing the apps, data, files, and services you depend on every day to provide a safe collaboration space for your employees.

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