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  • Modern Application Delivery for an Adaptive, Reliable Network

    Traditional app delivery solutions help ensure availability, performance, and security, but not all solutions can bridge the gap between modern and legacy application environments. Download this white paper to learn about a cloud-ready application delivery controller that helps to simplify complex environments and adapt to changing needs.

  • Safeguard application uptime and ensure consistent performance

    With an increase in cloud application usage in the modern business, expectations for better cloud performance have begun to rise. Read this whitepaper to see how Citrix can help safeguard your application performance, and get more out of your cloud performance so it meets rising industry standards.

  • Realize your Cloud's Potential

    Find out how a secure, digital workspace can help your organization unlock the full value of your cloud investment.

  • How to Get and Maintain Control of Your Microservices

    Download this white paper to learn about a hybrid application delivery system that can provide DevOps teams with the agility they demand while giving networking teams the control and centralized management they need.

  • Envisioning a smarter way to work

    So many of your employees' spend time searching for information and navigating the inefficiencies of a prototypical office work environment. Read this whitepaper that explains how Citrix can optimize your work space operations through integrative and automated features.

  • The Digital Workspace: 3 Elements of Success

    When it comes to managing the digital workspace, IT leaders overwhelmingly selected security as the top challenge. However, when managed properly, the right cloud-based digital workspace can keep organizations secure. In this white paper, learn how a unified Citrix experience can help organizations expand their security.

  • 5 Ways to Reduce Risk and Boost Productivity

    While IT must enable both the flexibility employees need to be productive and the security the business requires, this balancing act often ends in compromise. In this white paper, explore 5 ways a secure digital workspace can reduce risk and boost productivity.

  • Conquer the Cloud by Reducing Complexity

    Find out how to reduce cloud complexity, minimize security threats, and improve user experiences with Citrix Workspace – a platform designed to be a response to the intricacies of today's cloud and application environments.

  • SD-WAN Benchmarking: Best Practices for QoS

    Download this paper to review key concepts and considerations for benchmarking and validating the capabilities of QoS solutions when deciding on an SD-WAN platform.

  • Modern Application Delivery for an Adaptive, Reliable Network

    In this white paper, find out how you can simplify app delivery by adopting a single platform that administrators can view, automate, and manage remotely for scale-out application architectures in this white paper.

  • Deliver Optimal Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Performance with NETSCOUT

    In this upcoming webinar on June 20th, hear from industry experts as they weigh-in on the latest developments in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Using real-world examples, you'll get live demos of configuration and output screens, tips, and reviews designed to provide practitioners with the background needed to succeed.

  • Unlock Opportunity with a New Security Approach

    Enable new ways of working with a new security framework that secures your apps and data across clouds, devices, and networks.

  • The Future of Work and CIOs

    Discover the challenges that CIOs are facing as they attempt to cater to the demands of today's on-the-go workforce. Plus, find out how SaaS apps and multi-cloud offer an initial pathway towards a digital workspace, and can plug security and performance holes that your traditional workspace may have left exposed.

  • Think beyond UEM to accelerate your digital transformation journey

    Download this white paper to learn about a workspace management platform that provides a single point of control across every part of your digital workspace – going beyond just endpoints to apps, content, identities, networks and more.

  • The New Focus on Employee UX

    In this E-Guide, learn why workspace-leader Citrix has leveled their sights on maximizing user experience and employee productivity – including a look into the Citrix Synergy summit that got this ball rolling.

  • The Latest Updates in Citrix VDI

    Inside this E-Guide, explore some of the latest upgrades, advancements, and developments coming from Citrix, including a dive into the nuts-and-bolts of recent VDI releases and an explanation of new infrastructure integration capabilities.

  • Traditional vs. Digital Workspaces

    View this infographic to compare digital and traditional workspaces, and explore which is helping organizations like yours boost productivity while simplifying IT complexity and more.

  • Three signs it's time to move to a digital workspace

    As we move into the future, a corporate or virtual desktop is no longer enough to quickly onboard employees. Read on to learn of the three signs that are an indication that it's time to move to the secure digital workspace.

  • A Look Back: VMworld 2018

    Check out this guide for a look back at the top ten most hyped sessions of the VMworld 2018. You'll also find a brief synopsis of VMware's latest activities from the past year and looking forward.

  • The Rise of Unified Digital Workspaces

    Unified workspaces have many advantages and allow users to work with the devices and resources they prefer, but they also introduce a number of complexities for IT. In this e-guide you'll uncover how to address these complexities and undergo a successful digital workplace transformation.

  • The People and Platforms Behind the Cloud

    The cloud is changing the way businesses approach several aspects of their company – from the people in charge to the networks that power it all. In this guide from industry experts, learn how the roles of IT, and specifically CIOs, are evolving in step with the cloud.

  • Integrating IAM into your Digital Workspace

    Learn how you can integrate identity and access management products into your digital workspace, and explore how security policies can take advantage of user's devices to provide context for determining access on the IT side.

  • Fundamentals of Endpoint Security: Anti-Malware Protection

    Access this e-guide to learn about anti-malware protection and how endpoint security technology can prevent malware from infecting end-user computers and corporate networks.

  • Network Optimization in Hybrid Cloud Deployments

    In this expert e-guide, John Burke, CIO and principal research analyst for Nemertes Research, explores how to optimize your network for hybrid cloud environments and delves into 3 hybrid cloud-specific challenges that impact your network's performance.

  • Adapt Security for Hybrid Cloud Environments

    In this expert e-guide, find out how you can overcome the security challenges of hybrid cloud, and learn about the organizational and cultural changes that accompany this shift in security.

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