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  • Realize the business and economic benefits of a remote, flexible workspace

    Save a copy of this eBook to discover five reasons your organization should start taking steps to increase the quality of employee experiences—and learn how to earn added IT visibility and control features in the process.

  • Citrix Workspace Overview

    Access this white paper to learn how utilizing a digital workspace platform can help maximize employee experiences by increasing productivity and engagement through 8 key features.

  • Business Continuity Explained

    Flip on this quick video to learn the new definition of a “business continuity” strategy in the wake of the global pandemic—and how to update your organization’s strategy to stay prepared.

  • Reducing the Costs of Your Next ADC Refresh

    You need an ADC strategy that goes beyond hardware and offers you flexibility and choice as you transition workloads to the cloud. Are you confident that your current strategy is delivering the best return on investment for your business? In this e-book assess the potential financial impact of your ADC choice.

  • Ensuring Application Performance and Business Continuity in a Remote Work World

    When unforeseen events threaten to disrupt your business, you need to ensure that your workforce and business operations can continue to function seamlessly. In this white paper, discover the five objectives of business continuity planning and learn how to be certain that your applications, IT, and security are available—even in uncertain times.

  • Unlock your Cloud’s Full Value with a Secure Digital Workspace

    Access this white paper to learn about Citrix Workspace, a digital workspace platform designed to yield a better return on your cloud investment through 3 distinguished benefits.

  • Improving Employee Engagement Starts with Employee Experience

    Access this video to discover the significance of employee experience in employee engagement and learn about a digital workspace solution that organizes and automates complex tasks so employees can focus on doing their best work.

  • The Definitive Guide to Selecting the Right ADC for the Digital Transformation Era

    Apps are constantly changing — and they quickly spread across your network. You need an ADC that can support hybrid cloud and application delivery in new ways with new technologies. This e-book identifies ADC key considerations for hybrid cloud, new generation application architecture, emerging security threats and more.

  • Six Must-Haves for Application Delivery in Hybrid- and Multi-Cloud Environments

    Discover why ninety-four percent of organizations surveyed are already modifying, overhauling, or reassessing their network infrastructure to facilitate application delivery in hybrid- and multi-cloud environments. In this e-book, learn why you should re-architect your network infrastructure to optimize application delivery.

  • How your network can take on the cloud

    If you're moving to multi-, hybrid-, or cloud-based infrastructures, your networking solution could be the key to a streamlined transition. In this e-book, learn how the right network solution will simplify app delivery and protect your entire infrastructure, so that you can navigate your journey to the cloud with confidence.

  • Are your employees working securely, or just working remotely?

    Maintaining security posture has grown more important than ever as end-users work outside the walls of the office. Dive into this checklist to learn useful tips for increasing the security IQ of your end-users.

  • 5 Ways Citrix Workspace Empowers Remote Workers—While Simplifying IT Management and Security

    When your organization’s workforce relies on too many systems and applications, complications can quickly emerge. Inside this white paper, learn the 5 ways that a digital workspace platform can deliver users all the systems and applications they need to do their jobs.

  • Maximize Your Investment in Microsoft Office 365 with Citrix Workspace

    Read this white paper to learn 3 ways to solve key security challenges related to cloud-based delivery, streamlining administration, and ensuring a simple, highly productive experience for users.

  • The State of Remote Work

    Check out this e-book to examine a roadmap for getting remote work right including how to build a remote work strategy, create a culture for all employees to thrive, and rethink the role of technology in the future of work.

  • Remote Work Sustainability Trends

    Access this e-book to learn the 3-pronged approach to reducing emissions for IT and the 5 benefits that come with it.

  • Single Sign-On Without the Complexity

    An improperly managed SSO forces organizations to implement several access solutions from different vendors to cover their application landscape. In doing so, any productivity and user experience benefits are wiped out, zero trust becomes more difficult and costs go up. Take control of security – read this e-book on Citrix Workspace SSO.

  • The State of Remote Work, 2020

    In this report, Forrester outlines how enabling remote work is now a critical business function. Giving clear guidance to users, focusing on security, and leveraging the right technologies allow for a successful distributed workforce.

  • How Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Beats the Competition

    Inside this webinar, gain an understanding on some of the latest Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops unique features and how they can help your organization become more agile and secure while delivering an optimized user experience.

  • Optimizing Digital Healthcare Solutions with Citrix and Microsoft

    As the workplace becomes more distributed, healthcare IT organizations are tasked with maintaining critical functions while remaining connected to internal teams and their patients. Inside this white paper, learn how Citrix Workspace alongside Microsoft 365 delivers an intelligent platform that provides truly digitized patient care experiences.

  • Call Center Resilience: A Citrix Case Study

    Download this case study to learn how Citrix was able to execute on their business continuity plan with minimal impact to their business or customers—while ensuring the safety of employees and maintaining KPI's.

  • Technology is complex. Desktops-as-a-Service is not.

    Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) securely delivers virtual apps and desktops from the cloud to any device or location. Access this white paper to see why businesses of all sizes are adopting DaaS through its use cases, ease of use, and benefits.

  • How to drive productivity in today’s cloud-first world

    In this white paper, learn how secure digital workspaces can make it easier for IT to manage all apps, desktops, data, and devices across disparate locations – and give employees the unified experience they need to be productive.

  • Are Your Desktops Ready for the Cloud?

    As cloud hosted virtual desktops become the new norm, many organizations are questioning how to get there themselves. Inside this white paper, uncover the top three challenges likely standing between your organization and cloud-based desktop deployments – and how to solve them.

  • Guidelines for Maintaining Business Continuity For Your Organization

    Dig into this white paper to learn Citrix’s 5 standards of business continuity and read about the critical strategies for enabling uninterrupted access to business resources for end users during disruptions to the ordinary.

  • The Modern Digital Workspace is Here for You: Citrix Workspace

    Jump into this white paper to learn how Citrix Workspace can help bridge the gap between your employee’s out-of-office digital experiences and their in-office ones through features like single sign-on, a cloud-based central dashboard, and more.

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