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  • Boost productivity with a high-definition user workspace

    Download this white paper to learn how a HDX technology can help your organization successfully extend the delivery of virtual apps and desktops to remote, mobile and branch office users — all while maintaining a high level of security and control over corporate data.

  • Envisioning a smarter way to work

    Your employees spend valuable time searching for information and navigating the inefficiencies of a prototypical office work environment. Read this whitepaper that explains how Citrix can optimize your work space operations through integrative and automated features.

  • Citrix ADC for Business Continuity

    In this white paper, uncover the pillars of business continuity that a business must address in order to maintain operations and learn how Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) can help your business address them.

  • 5 Reasons Your Organization Needs Citrix ADC

    Citrix ADC is a software-centric application delivery solution that can help you to provide fast, reliable, and secure application delivery across multi-cloud environments. Download this infographic to learn more about Citrix ADC.

  • Enerjisa delivers secure remote working for 1,000 users

    As the largest energy supplier in Turkey, Enerjisa supports over 9.6 million customers and over 21 million users across the country. Find out why Enerjisa chose Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops to helm their remote working goals –and learn about the benefits they earned while delivering remote work capabilities to over 1,000 users.

  • Helping Your Remote Workers Thrive

    The goal of every enterprise should be to bring remote workers a work experience that’s as close to a normal in-office workday as possible. Tune in to this webinar to hear experts from Google and Citrix discuss the new realities of remote working, including their top 10 best practices for working from home as productively as possible.

  • Citrix Developer Program for the World’s Coolest Developers

    The Citrix Developer Program is here. Join this developer community to keep your skills competitive and fresh. As a part of the community, learn how to build application using a low-code platform for both desktop and mobile users. Learn more about the opportunity here.

  • 2020: An Opportunity to Course-Correct Transformation Efforts

    Inside this Q&A, Calvin Hsu, Vice President of Product Marketing at Citrix weighs in with his thoughts on the shortcomings many organizations are experiencing in pursuit of digital transformation goals – and where they should be focusing their efforts to succeed.

  • From the Classroom to the Kitchen Table

    Tune in to this webinar to hear from Salman Khan, founder and CEO of online education platform Khan Academy, as he and panel of experts discuss the new realities of higher education and remote learning – and how to best position your organization to meet student and teacher expectations.

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

    With today's contributors working in disparate locations and on a variety of devices, the delivery of a superior user experience has become a priority. For offsite employees and fieldworkers, access to your critical business applications can be a major headache.

  • What is a Business Continuity Plan and why do SMBs need one?

    Any unplanned interruption of normal business processes, from a simple power outage to a major hurricane to a worldwide pandemic can cause businesses to encounter hurdles and setbacks that impact operations and revenue.

  • Business-class file sharing. Simple e-signatures. Secure remote access —all in one account.

    The success of your business depends on fast access to information. That means file sharing that lets you collaborate on documents in real time on any device.

  • 5 IT essentials for building a collaborative work environment

    Collaboration tools are vital in today's organizations. But before you adopt all the top-rated tools, you need to make sure you're choosing the option that best suits your organization. Download this white paper to learn about the importance of using the right collaboration tool and explore the 5 essential features your future tool should have.

  • Three signs it's time to move to a digital workspace

    Download this 6 page guide to see how a digital workspace with unified endpoint management can improve employee productivity and security.

  • Citrix Workspace

    Citrix Workspace empowers IT to deliver secure access to apps, data and services,on any device, through a single pane of glass for comprehensive management,visibility and intelligence, which includes actionable end-to-end analytics.

  • Delivering the real promise of analytics for the digital employee experience

    Tune into this podcast to hear industry experts from IDG and Citrix discuss the implications of advanced IT analytics capabilities on the modern employee experience – and how analytics can be used to optimize digital experiences and increase productivity.

  • Reality Check: Why Digital Transformation Hasn’t Paid Off

    While most digital transformation investments were focused on refining customer experience outcomes, they also exposed a key, but often overlooked ingredient. Dive further inside this brief report from IDG to discover how organizations have recently rerouted their digital transformation strategies to focus on employee experiences.

  • How a digital perimeter enables IT to secure their digital workspace

    Digital transformation is the rocket fuel that helps companies boost productivity, engage consumers, and empower their people. However, the new application infrastructure is also posing new workflow challenges and security risks. In this white paper, learn how a secure digital perimeter enables IT to combat these security risks.

  • SD-WAN Best Practices for Security

    The goal of this paper is toprovide a concise summary ofimportant securityconsiderations and optionsfor SD-WAN deployments.

  • The 13 UEM Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up

    Save a copy of this Forrester report to read through the results of a 23-criterion evaluation of unified endpoint management vendors – and to find out which UEM providers come out on top.

  • Hybrid app delivery: Manage traditional and microservices apps in 1 place

    Microservices are drastically changing the way that applications are deployed and managed. This introduces a high level of complexity to network infrastructures because traditional applications are not going away. In this ebook, explore considerations for adopting a hybrid ADC strategy and how it can help you.

  • Cloud-ready ADC: Simplify management of your complex environment

    Traditional app delivery solutions help ensure availability, performance, and security, but not all solutions can bridge the gap between modern and legacy application environments. Download this white paper to learn about a cloud-ready application delivery controller that helps to simplify complex environments and adapt to changing needs.

  • 5 Keys to Successful Digital Transformation

    According to a recent study from Bain & Co., only 8% of enterprises are actually achieving their planned digital transformation objectives – leaving a whopping 92% of companies struggling to keep up. Inside this executive summary from IDG, learn the top five keys to shifting your enterprise from the 92% into the elite 8%.

  • Protecting Applications and APIs in Multicloud/Hybrid Cloud

    In this IDC white paper, discover the threats and challenges targeting applications today as well as new techniques and solutions for defending applications and application programming interfaces (APIs).

  • Citrix Workspace on Google Cloud Platform

    While Google is a great way to offer your employees a variety of options as far as programs, device choice, and device location, it can be hard to manage from a business perspective. Check out this short white paper to learn how choosing a third-party Google workspace solution can simplify security, permissions, and infrastructure management.

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