Keys to Microsoft Application Acceleration: Advances in Delivery Systems

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Mission-critical Web apps are at the heart of your business, any delay or disruption results in lost productivity and profitability. But delivering fast applications is challenging due to increased user mobility, ""chatty"" TCP protocols, and long traffic distances caused by data center consolidation and widespread users.


Fortunately, now you can ensure significantly faster access to the Microsoft applications your users depend on. Download a complimentary guide to learn how an integrated advanced delivery solution can help you:


  • Improve SharePoint user response time up to 60x
  • Dramatically accelerate Microsoft apps for all users - anytime, anywhere - using advanced compression and content caching
  • Intelligently manage application traffic with Layer 4-7 load balancing
  • Increase application security and ensure 24/7 availability of Microsoft applications
  • Free up valuable server resources with TCP optimization and SSL offloading
Feb 8, 2021
Sep 18, 2008
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