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  • Vendor Selection Matrix™: Account-based Marketing

    Research In Action, a leading European independent analyst firm, named TechTarget a leader in its most recent report Vendor Selection Matrix™ for Account-Based Marketing. Get your copy of the report to see why TechTarget is one of the top global ABM providers & the #1 vendor exclusively for enterprise tech.

  • Moving Beyond Activity: Helping Sales Focus on Quality Interactions and Yield

    This webinar proves the key to more revenue is not more touches, but improving quality of every touchpoint you do have. See how, with just a 5% improvement with each interaction, you can increase your chances of winning a deal 67%. Watch now to get key insight and guidance.

  • Anatomy of Real Purchase Intent Signals

    Intent data is only as good as its source and the quality of signals that inform it. This infographic shows what attributes make up a strong intent signal, so you can confidently identify real purchase intent. Download your copy to learn more.

  • A Look at Data Science in 2021

    With 40% of organizations identifying a lack of available skills and expertise as a key barrier to data science and machine learning adoption, and 22% highlighting data access issues, the time to learn essential data scientist skills has never been better. Access this expert guide to learn what skills and solutions are most important for you to

  • Cloud Computing: Market Insights and Best Practices for 2020

    Stick to your new year's resolution and improve your cloud strategy with this Cloud Computing: Market Insights and Best Practices for 2020 e-guide.

  • Office 365 Backup, the Enterprise, & You

    We well recognize that properly safeguarding your company's SaaS-based Office 365 workloads is often easier said than done. That's why we've stocked our guide on Office 365 Backup, the Enterprise, & You with the must-haves for effective O365 protection, backup, and recovery. Claim your copy now to ensure your company is properly equipped to

  • How to Choose Your Next Server

    Are you currently evaluating colocation, high-performance computing (HPC), HCI/CI, and or server hardware solutions for your company? If so, we need to hear from you ASAP! Simply fill out our brief questionnaire by clicking here. To sweeten the pot, you'll receive a copy of our expert guide on How to Choose Your Next Server.

  • Comparing SD-WAN Deployment Methods: DIY or Managed

    One common approach to SD-WAN is as a managed service. However, it is important to weigh to pros and cons when determining if it is the right fit for your organization. In our expert guide, learn everything you need to know about managed SD-WAN to help you make a more informed buying decision. To access this guide, participate in our WAN survey.

  • Accelerating Strategic Account Revenue Using Intent Data

    Is your intent data being leveraged by sales teams to uncover new opportunities in their named target accounts? With the right data sources and support, strategic sellers can more productively cover their assignments and deliver more revenue growth. Download this eBook to learn how.

  • Market Insights Webinar: B2B Tech Buyer Content Preferences and Behavior in 2021

    Join VP of Market Insights Jon Brown as he dives deep into TechTarget’s 2021 North American Media Consumption research to deliver essential insight for refining content and engagement strategies for maximum impact. Get the buyer intelligence you need to make more shortlists and accelerate key deals in your market.

  • Closing the Loop on ABM Revenue in 2021

    Download “Closing the Loop on ABM Revenue in 2021” today to see how you can apply ABM principles and maturing capabilities in new ways to maximize value delivery and revenue across more accounts.

  • Making Sense of B2B Purchase Intent Data and Putting It to Use

    Simply adopting a CRM system doesn’t guarantee better customer relationships. The data you put into the system matters. In this e-book, Patricia Anton, founder of Anton Consulting, Inc. discusses how you can bring together data, human processes and technology to create a competitive advantage.

  • Securing Today's Remote Workforce

    We've selected you to participate in our Identity and Access Management Research Program! By participating in the questionnaire and sharing your cybersecurity insights, you'll gain FREE access to our whole IAM library. Act now before this offer expires.

  • The Rise of Credential Stuffing Attacks: How to Keep Employee Accounts Secure

    As long as employees are responsible for like passwords and accounts, there will be threats targeting those credentials. This e-guide offers expert insight into protecting your employees against credential stuffing attacks, highlighting key challenges, hacker methods, best practices, and more.

  • The IAM Trends That Matter Most – 2021 edition

    In this e-guide, our experts walk you through the IAM market, including trends, challenges, and best practices.

  • The Hybrid Cloud Bible – 2021 Edition

    Hybrid cloud is everywhere in today's business world – but succeeding with this strategy in 2021 and beyond requires some careful planning. In this e-guide, our experts walk you through the top considerations for hybrid cloud: how vendors in the space stack up, the challenges you need to know about, proven best practices, and more.

  • Expert Insights: Using Chatbots in Customer Service

    Developing an effective chatbot strategy is a complex process that requires some careful planning. In this e-guide, our experts walk you through what you need to know to succeed with chatbots – including best practices for creating chatbot scripts, evaluation metrics to measure performance, and more.

  • Cloud Security Threat Trends Heading Into 2021

    In this e-guide, our experts walk you through the biggest cloud security threats, risks, and vulnerabilities as we head into 2021 – and offer advice to help keep you protected.

  • Cloud Security 101: Best Practices & Self-Assessment

    This e-guide walks you through security best practices in the age of cloud. Also inside, put your security knowledge to the test with two cloud security quizzes from our experts.

  • CASB, CSPM, CWPP Emerge as Future of Cloud Security

    Gartner researchers recently emphasized 3 tools essential to the future of securing cloud environments: cloud access security brokers, (CASBs), cloud security posture management (CSPM) and cloud workload protection platforms (CWPPs). Inside our brand-new e-guide, dive into the 3 tools to help you define your company's cloud security needs.

  • API Security 101: Your Expert Guide to API Defense

    As organizations take measures against common vulnerabilities, hackers have set their sights on a new target: APIs. This e-guide shines a light on API risks and vulnerabilities, as well as the tactics forward-thinking businesses can use to stay secure.

  • API Design: Tools, Techniques, and Best Practices

    API design is different than routine application design – and the options, complexities, and potential roadblocks can seem endless. Fortunately, this e-guide collects tools, techniques, and best practices to help you master the art of API design.

  • The Changing Face of ERP: Trends and Predictions

    Take a brief survey to access our ERP guide and explore what skills you should be focusing on amid the growing ERP skills gap.

  • AI optimizes content management workflows, personalizes CX

    AI can upgrade CMS workflows to optimize content creation, streamline content preparation processes and improve customer experiences. Download this expert guide—after a brief survey—to learn how AI technologies, including machine learning, NLP, image recognition and more, can be applied to content management workflows and the benefits that offers.

  • Accelerating Strategic Account Revenue with Intent Data

    This OnDemand webinar, features Nancy Nardin, Leading Sales Technology Expert and John Steinert, CMO TechTarget. Watch as they discuss how forward-thinking sales teams use high-quality intent data to deliver significant revenue growth in key accounts. Tune in to learn more.

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