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  • Quick Guide: Getting to Grips with Service Desk Metrics

    Sponsored by: Citrix Online UK

    This quick guide from Service Desk Institute identifies the most popular industry metrics that you should be employing, considers the best ways to measure them and demonstrates how to utilise these measures to improve your service delivery.

  • E-Guide: Managed Services FAQ

    Sponsored by: Pillar Data Systems

    In this FAQ guide Erick Simpson, managed services expert, vice president and CIO of Intelligent Enterprise and MSP University, examines what should be included in a managed services agreement, popular pricing models for managed services providers, how to market managed services, and more.

  • The Evolution of the Data Center and the Role of Virtualized Infrastructure and Unified 3D Management

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    In this paper IDC examines Hitachi's new Virtual Storage Platform and Command Suite management software and explains how they speed the benefits of virtualization and dramatically improve the management of the infrastructure while modernizing the storage architecture.

  • Why Service Level Management is Mission Critical for all IT Service Providers

    Sponsored by: Autotask Corporation

    Service Level Management is the process of setting benchmarks for service level performance, measuring that performance and ensuring compliance with your service goals and your customers' expectations. Read this whitepaper to learn how to make the most of your Service Level Management (SLM) tools.

  • IBM Service Management for the Intelligent Utility Network

    Sponsored by: IBM

    The current utilities environment requires companies to decrease costs while increasing the ability to control utility assets. One key challenge is how to take advantage of new technologies to better manage the delivery of service to customers today and into the future. IBM Service Management for the IUN provides a blueprint for getting started.

  • Integrated Service Management: Visibility. Control. Automation.

    Sponsored by: IBM

    With Integrated Service Management, organizations gain visibility, control and automation across organizational and infrastructure boundaries, making it possible to have an end-to-end view of a business service, effectively manage risk and compliance, and fundamentally change the economics of service delivery—all in support of business objectives.

  • Identify and Leverage Your Existing Service Life Cycles

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This executive brief will illustrate the progression of service management since the 1990s, illuminate the hidden service life cycles and discuss how, once they are visible, we can start to make them work — to improve services and better align IT with business objectives.

  • E-Book: A CIO’s Guide to Outsourcing

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    Access this e-book and learn outsourcing contract danger signs, how to tell if changing vendors is worth the risk, the importance of encouraging innovation and flexibility from providers, and more!

  • New Data Protection Strategies

    Sponsored by: IBM

    As the demands for data capacity and higher service levels grow, protecting corporate data becomes more challenging. Continuous Data Protection, as discussed in this white paper by Evaluator Group and IBM, can cost-effectively improve security with minimal impact to business.

  • Identify and Leverage Your Existing Service Life Cycles

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This executive brief will illustrate the progression of service management since the 1990s, illuminate the hidden service life cycles and discuss how, once they are visible, we can start to make them work — to improve services and better align IT with business objectives.

  • ASG-Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ASG-DDM)™

    Sponsored by: ASG Software Solutions

    Understanding which hardware and software components support which business systems is extremely difficult. For many years, the clipboard and spreadsheet appear to have been the tools of choice, with the result that many decisions were made based on outdated and inaccurate information. Read this paper to find out more.

  • Presentation Transcript: Global Business Xchanging Shares Results of Proactive IT Operations Implementation

    Sponsored by: BMC Software, Inc.

    This presentation transcript explores how IT pros can better align their departments with the scope of the business. Learn how business service management can enhance customer service, improve service availability, and optimise performance of critical systems.

  • Aperture Data Collection Process: A Necessity for Realizing the Benefits of DCSM

    Sponsored by: Aperture - An Emerson Network Brand

    As the data center continues to grow in complexity, the Data Center Service Management (DCSM) discipline is becoming widely adopted by organizations that wish to migrate to higher levels of process maturity. This technical brief will discuss the benefits of using DCSM.

  • Cloud Computing in Perspective

    Sponsored by: BMC Software, Inc.

    Many CIOs recognize the power of cloud computing and are looking to implement the technology in their own IT realms. But with all the noise in the market about cloud computing, how do you know where to begin? Learn how to better improve service delivery to your business with cloud computing.

  • Presentation Transcript: Unified Approach to Managing the Virtual Environment

    Sponsored by: Forsythe

    In this presentation transcript, learn about a unified approach to IT management. Discover how to decrease complexity introduced by virtualization and cloud computing to ensure optimal performance of your virtual and physical environments.

  • Presentation Transcript: The Secret to Maximizing Virtualization ROI in the Dynamic Data Center

    Sponsored by: Akorri

    This presentation transcript details an approach to optimize your virtualized infrastructure performance. Learn how to leverage key performance indicators and cross-domain analytics to plan for future capacity demands and improve service levels. Discover the secret to managing your VMware infrastructure performance for optimal resource utilization.

  • Atrion Enhances Managed Services and Boosts Profit Margins with Nimsoft

    Sponsored by: Nimsoft, Inc.

    Atrium needed help gaining end-to-end service level monitoring insights and finding a monitoring platform with a strategic vendor partnership that could help support business growth objectives. Read this case study to learn about the problems Atrion faced and how Nimsoft products helped them overcome those challenges.

  • Ensuring Web Service Quality for Service-Oriented Architectures

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    This white paper discusses the testing challenges presented by Web services, and introduces best practices to ensure SOA application quality through the use of Oracle’s award-winning Web service testing solution, Oracle Application Testing Suite.

  • SharePoint E-zine Volume 13: Nailing Down SharePoint Service-Level Agreements

    Sponsored by: SearchWinIT

    Set the terms for server availability in your SharePoint governance document as part of a service-level agreement. Learn in this month's issue how to create realistic metrics that go hand in hand with governance policies. Looking for a hosting provider for your SharePoint installation? Find out which questions to ask to get the best deal.

  • Presentation Transcript: Demystifying ROI for Managed Services for IPT (IP Telephony)

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    If you're looking to better manage your IP telephony but don't know where to start, this presentation transcript, taken from the webcast of the same name, can help.

  • Why You Should Take a Holistic Approach to ITIL and Service Support

    Sponsored by: BMC Software, Inc.

    In these tough economic times, how do you address the challenge of reducing costs without diminishing your service quality? Companies can lower costs significantly and meet the growing demand for services by taking a more holistic approach. This paper discusses the importance of taking a unified approach to service support management and...

  • Service Desk Consolidation Cuts Costs and Increases Service Quality

    Sponsored by: BMC Software, Inc.

    The service desk is the last place you should try to cut back. For external-facing organizations, quality support keeps customer loyalty and repeat business high and ensures that partners and suppliers can do business with you cost effectively. Read this white paper to discover the path to proper service desk consolidation and its many benefits.

  • Modernizing IT: Strategies for Improving Service Quality and Reducing IT Costs

    Sponsored by: BMC Software, Inc.

    Working harder simply won't get you there. No matter how many people you allocate, sinking more labor into old IT practices cannot concurrently meet rising demands on IT and cut costs. Read about cost-effective, automated ways to meet this challenge head-on in our latest article, “Strategies for Modernizing IT, Reducing Costs, and..”

  • Understanding ITIL® Service Portfolio Management: An Approach For Implementing Effective Service Lifecycle Management

    Sponsored by: BMC Software, Inc.

    IT executives and their teams need a comprehensive and accurate view of IT services. A service catalog includes all relevant details about your services, including which service level agreements (SLAs) are associated with it, who is able to request it, how much it costs, and how to fulfill it. This paper describes the IT Infrastructure...

  • Presentation Transcript: Service Delivery Best Practices: Translating Customer Needs into Network Services

    Sponsored by: Alcatel-Lucent

    This transcript is a printable version of the webcast presented by enterprise expert Tom Nolle which is designed to help service providers examine the methodology associated with creating optimally profitable services.

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