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  • The Only Automated Tool To Help Migrate From Drupal 7 To Drupal 9 Up To 80% Faster

    Sponsored by: Acquia, Inc.

    As Drupal 7 nears its end-of-life, organizations that are dreading a costly and slow migration to Drupal 9 should look into Acquia Migrate Accelerate. Read on to learn how Acquia can help speed up your Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 migrations by 80%, provide your organization with migration dashboards, offer recommendations, and more.

  • Ultimate Guide To Drupal 9

    Sponsored by: Acquia, Inc.

    Drupal 9 was released to be an effortless transition from Drupal 8 while containing upgrades like rich media management, better content workflow, and better site management. Check out this overview to learn what features Drupal 9 has, why and how you should upgrade your version of Drupal, and discover what the future holds.

  • The Only Solution For Delivering Sites At Scale

    Sponsored by: Acquia, Inc.

    As you create more and more quality content, you run the risk of encountering site sprawl—a serious issue that slows processes, creates security risks, and hinders your development team. Examine Aquia’s Site Factory solution to learn how you can better manage all your sites from one centralized, low-code, secure platform.

  • How Iress solves customer issues 4 times faster with Slack

    Sponsored by: Slack

    Iress eliminated 500 emails per day by managing critical issues in Slack. Leveraging Slack as part of a broader support strategy has helped Iress cut the average response time for complex customer issues from eight days to two, and led to a 64% decrease in the customer support ticket backlog. See how.

  • Computer Weekly – 29 September 2020: How supply chain management is changing after Covid-19

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the profound changes in supply chain management as a result of the global pandemic. We find out how digital experience platforms can help deliver an omni-channel web presence. And we look at the role of technology in cracking down on international money laundering. Read the issue now.

  • Best Practices in Content Management

    Sponsored by: Adobe

    See how 6 companies were able to reinvent content management with a modern CMS in this eBook.

  • The Digital Enterprise Starts with Video Journeys for Employees and Customers

    Sponsored by: Vbrick

    Access this white paper to see Aragon Research’s 6th annual Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video which examines 15 providers in the market that is quietly growing alongside the need for richer customer journeys and digital asset management.

  • Optimising content management workflows with AI

    Sponsored by:

    This e-handbook explores how a pantheon of AI technologies -- from machine learning and natural language processing to image recognition and video search -- promises to revolutionise content management workflows and personalise customer experiences. Some words of caution, however. These are early days for AI-infused content management.

  • Up and running: How to deploy a modern CMS quickly.

    Sponsored by: Adobe

    Download this guide for tips on how to choose, deploy, and optimize a CMS that provides more engaging experiences for your customers and better results for your business.

  • Digital Signatures Made Easy

    Sponsored by: GlobalSign

    To ease the electronic transition, seamless document processing is becoming more useful than ever and the key to it all are digital signatures. Check out this e-book to run through 5 key phases of the digital signature implementation process to effectively digitize your content.

  • Optimising content management workflows with AI

    Sponsored by:

    This e-handbook explores how a pantheon of AI technologies -- from machine learning and natural language processing to image recognition and video search -- promises to revolutionise content management workflows and personalise customer experiences. Some words of caution, however. These are early days for AI-infused content management.

  • How to Select the Best ECM Platform for Your Company

    Sponsored by: SearchContentManagement

    With data expanding, and the need for central data consoles, ECM tools step in to help enterprises of all shapes and sizes capture, store and preserve content. But how do you know what ECM is right for your organization? In this buyer's guide, discover the benefits of a modern ECM platform, and decide what ECM is right for your organization.

  • The Complete Guide to E-signature Technology

    Sponsored by: Adobe Systems Incorporated

    In this e-guide, learn how to streamline your document distribution process through the use of e-signature technology. Discover key differences between e-signature and digital signature applications, and review your software options with Adobe.

  • How Can Content Services Software Benefit You?

    Sponsored by: Dropbox

    Download this expert guide to explore 8 important vendors to consider while making a buying decision to help make your decision-making process just a little bit easier. You'll also uncover 5 use cases illustrating how ECM software addresses common compliance and management challenges.

  • Cloud Collaboration Tools: The Future of the Modern Workplace

    Sponsored by: Dropbox

    How can you benefit from cloud-based collaboration? In this expert guide, explore how cloud collaboration tools can help your business combat content tsunamis and increase worker productivity. Download now to uncover the benefits of cloud collaboration, and explore popular collaboration tools, such as SAP Jam and Fuze.

  • E-Discovery:How CloudBasedStrategiesAre Changingthe World of Law

    Sponsored by: Mimecast

    Download this e-guide to learn how e-discovery is conquering containerized data with comprehensive cloud-based strategies, and explore how e-discovery's existence has changed the world of law through collaboration.

  • Expert Guide: How Information Governance Can Help You Digitize Your Organization

    Sponsored by: Ensono Limited

    One of the many goals of digital transformation is to create a streamlined way of getting things done, where the information needed is always available. Achieving information governance is a good place to start. Read this expert guide to learn why establishing information governance can help you create and implement a digitization strategy.

  • Need for Speed:Using the Cloudfor Faster Page Load Times

    Sponsored by: Cloudinary

    Read this expert guide for an overview of how Concourse Media chose, tested and implemented a cloud content management system, and the benefits they've experienced so far.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Digital Asset Management

    Sponsored by: Cloudinary

    Digital asset management is changing the way businesses produce and share virtual content. Read this expert guide to learn about cloud and on-prem DAM platforms and how they can simplify the way you manage digital content.

  • How Enterprise File-Sync-and-Share is Evolving

    Sponsored by: Dropbox

    Gartner predicts that 80% of large and midsize organizations will deploy content collaboration tools by 2020. This expert guide takes you through survey results revealing how businesses are responding to the rapid development of enterprise file-sync-and-share (EFSS), factors driving investment decisions, and more.

  • Get your Content Management System GDPR-Ready

    Sponsored by: Box

    In this expert e-guide, we explore how to maintain compliance for your critical content in the cloud. Uncover vendor-agnostic compliance tips from Box compliance president Crispen Maung for your content management system.

  • AI and Machine Learning: What's Next for ECM

    Sponsored by: Box

    In this expert e-guide, we explore a flexible, AI-driven approach to cloud-based content management and collaboration. Learn about a platform designed to enable you to power content with machine learning, leverage smart search, modernize content-based processes, and more.

  • Mobile and Cloud: Shaping your Content Security

    Sponsored by: Adobe

    In this e-guide, we explore how to manage sensitive content and documents, wherever they exist. Get tips about your content security options from experts like Forrester Research's Rick Holland, and learn about the potential benefits of mobile document management systems.

  • Mainstream Content Management for all Files

    Sponsored by: Data443

    Content management for unstructured documents and files once seemed impossible. Tap into this expert guide to see how technologies can enable businesses to start properly managing all their files, whether they're structured or not.

  • Build your Content Security and Document Management Plan

    Sponsored by: Adobe

    In this expert e-guide, we explore how you can create an effective content security and document management strategy. Discover 5 tips for a sound content security policy and learn about the differences between digital signature, e-signature, and digital certificates.

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