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  • Global Guide to Electronic Signature Law

    In this global guide to electronic signature law, discover how over 45 countries around the globe view the legality and admissibility of e-signatures. Explore the summaries of electronic signature law from all the largest global economies, and review what approach to e-signatures your organization should take in order to maintain compliance.

  • Adobe Document Cloud for Sales

    What does your organization know about your potential vendor's e-signature security features? In this white paper, discover 4 pertinent security questions you should be asking potential e-signature vendors, and learn how e-signature technology can help your organization achieve digital transformation.

  • Business Acceleration with Electronic Signatures

    View this infographic to learn how your organization can speed up processes with faster, easier, and more efficient e-signatures with Adobe Sign.

  • Adobe Document Cloud for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint

    In this white paper, learn how Adobe Document Cloud for Office 365 can help your organization convert its paper-based processes into compelling digital experiences.

  • E-Signature Solution for Global Businesses

    In this e-book, explore the benefits and challenges of electronic and digital signatures. Learn how organizations that employ e-signature technology can better conduct business at a global scale, and review your software options with Adobe Sign.

  • From Email to Virtual Reality: The Impact of Technology on Employee Experience

    In this IDG Technologies Report, explore the impact of technology on employee experiences. Learn how old-standby email to futuristic VR/AR tools are challenging IT teams and benefiting other workplace staff, and uncover how to use emerging technologies to your organization's advantage.

  • Enterprise Collaboration: Benefits, Misalignment's, and Risks

    In this white paper, learn how to address common enterprise collaboration and digital transformation challenges by addressing corresponding data privacy, data security, and regulatory compliance obstacles. Additionally discover how collaboration initiatives can help your organization accelerate decision-making, increase productivity, and more.

  • Business Transformation Through Smarter Document Workflows

    In this white paper, uncover why digitally transforming your document workflow is the best place for businesses looking to begin their transformation journey, and explore how smarter document workflows can help your organization improve security, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

  • State of Hawaii Enhances Government Services with E-signatures and Paperless Workflows

    In this webcast, hear how government and technology come together for the State of Hawaii, as it leads the charge to go paperless in the Aloha State and bring services faster to its citizens.

  • Hitachi Solutions

    Hitachi Solutions was undergoing a significant evolution; they wanted to ensure their processes were optimized. In this case study, learn how Hitachi Solutions deployed Microsoft and Adobe solutions in-house to improve processes and better serve their customers.

  • From E-Signing to Digital Workflow Transformation

    Download this white paper to learn how today's leading business productivity apps, including Microsoft Office 365, are empowering users to get more done by enabling integrated e-signing technology.

  • Adobe Document Cloud for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint

    How much time does your business spend preparing critical documents? Explore how Adobe Document Cloud for Office 365 can speed up your business and cut down on how much time employees spend on menial tasks.

  • Your Signature Move: 5 Great Reasons to Make Electronic Signature a Part of Your Business

    Find out the top five reasons why adopting e-signatures can benefit your business (and your customers) by integrating with digital systems that you already have in place, and providing a legal and secure solution for streamlining document signatures without the pain and hassle of archaic physical signatures.

  • From Paperless to Digital Signatures with Adobe Sign

    This Forrester Research report examines the Adobe Sign platform, part of Adobe's Document Cloud, to assess its potential economic impact. Uncover Forrester's key findings about how to save time and control costs by limiting your use of paper documents.

  • The Complete Guide to E-signature Technology

    In this e-guide, learn how to streamline your document distribution process through the use of e-signature technology. Discover key differences between e-signature and digital signature applications, and review your software options with Adobe.

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