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  • How Dropbox Fuels Creative Work

    Dropbox is a leading global collaboration platform that's transforming the way people work together, from the smallest business to the largest enterprise. Explore a demo of the platform in this brief video.

  • How Dropbox Education Powers Collaboration

    From smaller businesses to larger enterprises, Dropbox is a leading global collaboration platform. In this brief video, discover how Dropbox Education powers collaboration.

  • Work in Progress Opening Keynote 2019

    In this keynote address from the 2019 Work in Progress conference, Drew Houston and the Dropbox executive team share insights on today’s ever-changing work world and how technology can work better and smarter for you.

  • How Dropbox Simplifies Retail Workflows

    A global retail collection needs a full, integrated team to bring their vision to life. Watch this video to learn how Dropbox business can help retail organizations plan and meet business goals through seamless cloud collaboration capabilities.

  • How Dropbox Helps Builders Manage Projects

    Watch this video to learn how Dropbox can help builders better manage their projects and simplify collaboration with its scalable cloud architecture and on-the-fly permissions and file-sharing capabilities.

  • 5 Tips For Improving Customer Experience In Retail

    Shoppers want a seamless customer experience (CX) when they interact with brands. They want to quickly find the items/services they need and have meaningful interactions with their brand of choice along the way. Use this white paper for 5 tips that will help you improve your CX, and better meet demanding customer expectations.

  • Transparent Design: How an Open Creative Process Transforms Teams

    Large creative teams need organic collaboration with minimal disruptions for maximum results—but, keeping every mind on the same page is a challenging task. Use this white paper for 5 steps that will bring your development teams toward a more open, lucrative creative process.

  • Top 5 Reasons To Go Digital In Media

    As audiences continue to demand instantaneous access to content from anywhere, at any time, on any device; media companies with historic legacy systems have had to adapt their approach. Read this white paper to learn from top digital transformation leaders and content creators for their top 5 reasons for digitization.

  • 6 Experts Share Advice On Leading Successful Transformation In Education

    As the education sector begins to more widely explore digital transformation, universities are discovering they are faced with similar conundrums. Read this e-book to find out firsthand from IT experts how top universities are fueling their transformation success, how you can get started too, where to focus—and more.

  • Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Content Collaboration Platforms

    The content collaboration platform (CCP) market covers a range of products and services that enable content productivity and collaboration. Download this report to learn about the vendors ranked in the report.

  • Collaboration in Higher Education: Fueling Faculty Research and Student Learning

    To realize the myriad of benefits that come with collaboration efforts (in a university or similar organization,) adoption and integration of cost-effective, cloud-based tools must be considered—read this white paper to learn more.

  • Ten Tips For Achieving Digital Innovation In The Workplace

    Employees expect workplace flexibility, agility and an environment that encourages collaboration—fortunately, IT leaders have the opportunity to attract and retain talent and contribute to general employee happiness. Read this this white paper to learn how to fuel growth and innovation with streamlined business processes and automation.

  • Secure Mobility in Higher Ed

    98 percent of people aged 18-24 have a mobile phone, and savvy higher ed professors are taking advantage of this mobile prevalence to better engage their students in new, innovative ways. Read this white paper to learn embrace mobile opportunities in higher education, while still remaining compliant and secure.

  • Unlocking Collaboration In Higher Education

    When working together is seamless, your impact and reach can expand from a local level to a national—or even global—scale. Read this white paper to learn why enabling a scalable, collaborative environment in higher education is so important—maybe even more so than in any other industry.

  • Scale Up Without Slowing Down

    Establishing your business around the world offers a wide range of benefits—but, without the right tools, this can be a cumbersome process. Use this white paper to learn how you can scale your business globally with being slowed down by common hiccups and struggle points.

  • Why Businesses Need a Collaboration Strategy

    In this white paper, explore how to foster an effective collaboration environment within your organization and glean insight into the varying needs of collaboration landscapes and best practices to build a collaborative culture.

  • Dropbox Business Security

    In this white paper, explore your collaboration platform options with Dropbox Business. Get an overview of Dropbox product features, and explore the security a Dropbox Business collaboration platform can offer your organization.

  • Why Businesses Need a Collaboration Strategy

    In this white paper, explore how to foster an effective collaboration environment within your organization and glean insight into the varying needs of collaboration landscapes and best practices to build a collaborative culture.

  • Dropbox and Maine Pointe: Breaking Free from Your Hard Drive with Smart Sync

    View this webinar to learn about Dropbox Smart Sync product features and benefits. Glean insight into Smart Sync from Dropbox Product Marketing Manager, Kevin Watt, and find out why Maine Pointe decided to migrate their content from SharePoint to Dropbox Business.

  • The Modern Enterprise: Work and Collaboration Insight from Dropbox, Slack, and Asana

    In this webinar, glean insight into today's collaboration ecosystem with insight from Dropbox, Slack, and Asana industry experts. Learn about the evolution of collaboration, and get a firsthand look at how to optimize your current collaboration landscape.

  • Scale up Without Slowing Down

    81% of U.S. companies view the international component of their business as important and expect to increase activity in the next year, according to The Business Journal. Read this white paper for the pros and cons of international business expansion, and how to prepare for it.

  • Build Your Digital Transformation Strategy on a next Generation Technology Foundation

    According to a Forrester Digital Process Automation Survey, nearly two-thirds of correspondents are transforming their whole business strategy rather than just operational efficiency. Watch this webinar to learn how to think big picture with your digital transformation - your customers will thank you.

  • Dropbox and Salesforce: Dow Jones Shares Their Digital Transformation Strategy

    Dropbox is a great way to streamline team communications and reduce time employees waste on the non-productive aspects of their position and, in combination with a platform like Salesforce, customer service can return as the primary focus. Watch this webcast for more information on how Dropbox and Salesforce work together to integrate workflows.

  • Flow Together: Best Practices for Powering Teamwork from Collaboration Experts

    With this e-book, explore how collaboration operates as an essential part of your business. Discover the features of a strong collaboration environment, and learn how you can improve your workplace's collaboration culture with Dropbox.

  • The Business Value of Dropbox Business in Supporting Collaboration

    The way modern enterprises work together is often a challenge, resulting in the need for new collaboration strategies and tools. In this report from IDC, explore the business value of Dropbox Business in supporting collaboration. Get an overview of Dropbox Business, and uncover the productivity benefits Dropbox can bring to your organization.

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