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  • 2020 Aragon Report: eSignature Provider Comparison

    Download this 2020 Aragon Research Globe report for an evaluation of 20 major eSignature providers to help you determine which provider is best for you.

  • 5 Ways eSignatures Speed Up Workflows & Accelerate Growth

    In this eBook, explore the 5 major reasons—and benefits—of investing in an eSignature solution.

  • 4 Ways Digital Contracts Will Help Your Business Save Time & Money

    Download this eBook to explore the 4 key ways digital contracts can help your business save time and money.

  • Is Higher Education In Europe Defined By Human Experience or Tech?

    To remain competitive and avoid obsolescence, education leaders must continually innovate, meet supercharged student expectations, and transform the learning environment while remaining human centric. But in the end, is higher education in Europe defined by human experience or tech? Access this data sheet to find out.

  • Preparing for the Future of Higher Education in Europe

    The world of higher education in Europe is facing fundamental changes. To understand how these institutions are responding to changes in their sector, and provide practical solutions, Dropbox carried out a study on the future of higher education. Download this report to explore the results.

  • Create better work together

    Through intelligent app integration, people can customize their Dropbox experience, making streamlined communication possible. Access this 4-chapter e-book to discover how to empower your team to be more productive while streamlining communications and collaboration

  • The Business Case for a Smart Workspace

    Download this research report by Dropbox and Vanson Bourne to learn about collaboration overload, and what businesses today are doing to prevent it.

  • How HelloSign can transform your business

    Download this product overview to learn about Dropbox’s e-signature solution, HelloSign, and how it can help you easily collaborate and streamline processes for better customer service and quick ROI.

  • eSignatures made easy with DropBox and HelloSign

    eSignatures are more than just a digital dotted line. For the best business results, organizations must consider the entire document lifecycle: document creation and coordination, acquiring signatures, and storing documents. Dropbox and HelloSign’s collaboration allows for the integration of these steps. Learn more in this webinar.

  • Seamless eSignature workflows with Dropbox and HelloSign

    Not too long ago, workflows were often slowed to a halt so employees could sift through all the necessary paperwork. Waiting for the right signatures on critical documents could slow down processes by weeks. With e-signature workflows, document turnaround times have improved by 80%. Learn more about the benefits of e-signatures in this guide.

  • The Aragon Research Globe for Digital Transaction Management, 2020

    This Aragon analyst report evaluates 20 major Digital Transaction Management (DTM) providers based on their strategy, performance and reach in the market. HelloSign was identified as a Leader in the report, with the highest Strategy position. Download a copy to learn more.

  • From Friction to Flow: 9 Ways Business Leaders Can Fix the Productivity Problem

    Download this guide to learn about the top collaboration challenges facing businesses today and how to harness modern collaboration apps to boost productivity across the organization.

  • How Dropbox is Working to Make the Workspace More Productive

    Imagine the impact on your employees’ productivity if they could focus on the work that matters most without distractions like switching between platforms, apps and content types. With Dropbox Business, that’s possible. Learn about the platform in this white paper, and how it can enable a productive digital workspace.

  • Build More Efficiently with Collaborative Tools

    Collaboration is the cornerstone of any successful project – especially in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. In this eBook, learn how Dropbox can help you connect your productivity, project management, and security tools to overcome business challenges and improve AEC collaboration.

  • How Dropbox Fuels Creative Work

    Dropbox is a leading global collaboration platform that's transforming the way people work together, from the smallest business to the largest enterprise. Explore a demo of the platform in this brief video.

  • How Dropbox Education Powers Collaboration

    From smaller businesses to larger enterprises, Dropbox is a leading global collaboration platform. In this brief video, discover how Dropbox Education powers collaboration.

  • Work in Progress Opening Keynote 2019

    In this keynote address from the 2019 Work in Progress conference, Drew Houston and the Dropbox executive team share insights on today’s ever-changing work world and how technology can work better and smarter for you.

  • How Dropbox Simplifies Retail Workflows

    A global retail collection needs a full, integrated team to bring their vision to life. Watch this video to learn how Dropbox business can help retail organizations plan and meet business goals through seamless cloud collaboration capabilities.

  • How Dropbox Helps Builders Manage Projects

    Watch this video to learn how Dropbox can help builders better manage their projects and simplify collaboration with its scalable cloud architecture and on-the-fly permissions and file-sharing capabilities.

  • 5 Tips For Improving Customer Experience In Retail

    Shoppers want a seamless customer experience (CX) when they interact with brands. They want to quickly find the items/services they need and have meaningful interactions with their brand of choice along the way. Use this white paper for 5 tips that will help you improve your CX, and better meet demanding customer expectations.

  • Transparent Design: How an Open Creative Process Transforms Teams

    Large creative teams need organic collaboration with minimal disruptions for maximum results—but, keeping every mind on the same page is a challenging task. Use this white paper for 5 steps that will bring your development teams toward a more open, lucrative creative process.

  • Top 5 Reasons To Go Digital In Media

    As audiences continue to demand instantaneous access to content from anywhere, at any time, on any device; media companies with historic legacy systems have had to adapt their approach. Read this white paper to learn from top digital transformation leaders and content creators for their top 5 reasons for digitization.

  • 6 Experts Share Advice On Leading Successful Transformation In Education

    As the education sector begins to more widely explore digital transformation, universities are discovering they are faced with similar conundrums. Read this e-book to find out firsthand from IT experts how top universities are fueling their transformation success, how you can get started too, where to focus—and more.

  • Ten Tips For Achieving Digital Innovation In The Workplace

    Employees expect workplace flexibility, agility and an environment that encourages collaboration—fortunately, IT leaders have the opportunity to attract and retain talent and contribute to general employee happiness. Read this this white paper to learn how to fuel growth and innovation with streamlined business processes and automation.

  • Secure Mobility in Higher Ed

    98 percent of people aged 18-24 have a mobile phone, and savvy higher ed professors are taking advantage of this mobile prevalence to better engage their students in new, innovative ways. Read this white paper to learn embrace mobile opportunities in higher education, while still remaining compliant and secure.

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