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  • Aligning Cyber Risk with CFO Priorities

    CFOs need to factor cyber risk into their overall risk calculations and partner with CISOs to assess vulnerabilities. Read this research report to gather 6 best practices for CFO and CISO collaboration, learn how to align cyber risk with CFO priorities, and gain insight into the leading cyber risks in APAC.

  • Work Protected World-class protection for the intersection of communications, people, and data

    Studies show that 91% of cyberattacks start with email, 94% of successful breaches involve some form of human error. Mimecast Data Retention brings today’s data challenges down to size by simplifying compliance, dramatically reducing the time and cost of e-discovery searches, and ensuring data is better protected. Read on to learn more.

  • Conversational Geek Microsoft Cyber Resilience

    When it’s reported that approximately 90% of cyber attacks start with an email, it’s critical to make sure that you’re protecting your inboxes to the best of your ability.To do so, many have moved their emailing to the cloud with Microsoft 365, but unfortunately, even that doesn’t eliminate risk. Browse this guide to learn more.

  • Threat Intelligence: Critical in the Fight Against Cyber Attacks, But Tough to Master

    The threat intelligence industry is estimated to double within the next 5 years, surpassing $20 billion in annual sales. But security professionals continue to struggle with the abundance of information generated by these systems, undermining the technologies many benefits. Download this report to learn about the state of threat intelligence.

  • Closing Security and Resiliency Gaps in M365

    While Microsoft offers multiple native security capabilities, many security teams are supplementing these capabilities with layered security and resilience solutions to further reduce risks. Explore 2 common approaches to supplemental strategies and learn more about where IT and security teams are adding layered controls in this ESG Showcase.

  • How to Deal with Business Email Compromise

    Take a look through this Osterman Research report to discover how organizations are failing in their defense against business email compromise (BEC) attacks, and how to augment your company’s security posture.

  • Social Engineering Defense

    As email threats grow more sophisticated, so must your measures for protecting your inbox. This data sheet explores how you can strengthen your email security by leveraging AI, ML and social graphing. Read on to learn about a tool that uses all three capabilities: Mimecast’s CyberGraph.

  • Behind The Screens: The Board's Evolving Perceptions Of Cyber Risk

    As the model for work has changed, so have the C-suite’s perceptions about cyber risk. To dig deeper into those perceptions, this report breaks down the survey responses of 78 business leaders. Continue on and access the findings.

  • AI and Cybersecurity: The Promise and Truth of the AI Security Revolution

    All of the hype around AI and ML challenges security teams to cut through the noise and identify practical applications of the technologies. So, how can teams accomplish that goal? This white paper is here to help. Read now to learn how security teams can best leverage AI and ML.

  • The State of Email Security Report 2023

    33 billion electronic records are expected to be stolen in 2023, according to this State of Email Security Report. Access the cybersecurity report here to learn more, including:How collaboration tools are being used as an attack vectorHow AI & ML is being used in cybersecurityThe top 10 takeaways from this year’s report

  • Securing Australia’s cyber future

    According to a recent study 77% of Australian companies were affected by ransomware attacks over the last year. This e-book looks at the state of cybersecurity in Australia, analyzing how current cybercrime trends are affecting organizations, and what strategies organizations can use to overcome them. Read on to learn more.

  • State of Randomware Readiness Report

    Ransomware remains a critical challenge for IT teams. To investigate the state of business’s ransomware readiness, Mimecast surveyed 1,100 cybersecurity professionals across the world. Keep reading to unlock the report’s 4 key findings.

  • Mimecast: The Must-Have Companion For M365

    Microsoft’s vast array of business tools, including 365, Outlook, Teams, and more have become integral components of many organizations’ day-to-day operations. Mimecast aims to thwart these malicious actors with their offering, which is designed to supplement Microsoft’s existing cybersecurity. Download this product overview to learn more.

  • Don’T Just Educate: Create Cybersafe Behaviour

    While security awareness and training (SA&T) has its use, employees need behavioral adaptations to truly remedy these security concerns. In this report, Forrester looks at the problems that the human element poses for cybersecurity and how behavioral training is helping organizations overcome them. Access the full report to discover more.

  • 5 Ways To Mitigate The Risk Of Zero Day Attacks Against Microsoft 365

    Many organizations are unprepared for zero-day attacks, making them vulnerable and largely helpless to defend themselves during the time between an attack’s discovery and mitigation. How do you both proactively and reactively mitigate the risk of a zero-day attacks? Access this this guide to learn more.

  • Overcoming The Challenges Associated With Achieving Dmarc Enforcement

    When an IT team abandons the implementation process of a DMARC provider because of its long, manually intensive nature, a business fails to realize the value of DMARC enforcement. Read this analyst brief to learn about emerging self-service solutions that help businesses achieve full DMARC enforcement and bypass implementation challenges.

  • 10 Ways To Prevent Ransomware Attacks

    In recent months the volume and sophistication of ransomware attacks, as well as the consequences, have been increasing substantially. Download this white paper to discover 10 ways you can prevent ransomware from bringing down your business.

  • Critical-Infrastructure Operators Welcome Government Engagement On Cybersecurity But Is It Already Too Late?

    To better understand your government’s role in your security, how to meet adapting regulations and protect your company from rising cyberthreats, read this white paper.

  • Is Your Supply Chain Soci-Able?

    Due to amendments proposed to Australia’s Security of Critical Infrastructure Act (the SOCI Act) in 2020, understanding supply chain risks has become a priority for Australian companies. Read this white paper to learn about how to achieve compliance with SOCI obligations.

  • Change Is Hard – But Not Changing Is Even Harder

    The digital transformation has led to some degree in virtually every aspect of an organization. This white paper discusses the importance of adapting cybersecurity to meet the demands of today’s digitally evolved world, looking specifically at the key role board members play in executing change. Download now to learn more.

  • Brand Trust: One Cyberattack Is Enough To Lose Consumer Trust And Custom

    According to a recent study, consumers agree they would stop spending money with their favorite brand if they fell victim to a phishing attack leveraging that brand. This white paper provides an overview of the dangers that phishing and other cyberthreats pose to organizations. Access the full white paper now to learn more.

  • To Pay Or Not To Pay: Survey Findings To Uncover How Australia Is Responding To Ransomware

    Ransomware: To pay or not to pay? The government advises not to pay ransomware criminals, but some organizations opt to, fearing data leaks. To understand how prepared Australian organizations are for the threat of ransomware attacks, a survey was conducted on 169 Australian IT and business leaders. Access the report to explore the results.

  • Awareness Training | Program Best Practice

    Employees are the weakest link in security. They are responsible for most breaches faced by companies. Security awareness training is not enough to tackle the risk of human error. This guide highlights 5 best practices to use with security awareness programs to effectively educate employees about security and help them retain the knowledge.

  • Teaching Good Security Behaviors With Seinfeld

    If your organization struggles with employee engagement for security awareness training, you are not alone. Without the proper training, employees can expose a business to major threats, but it is no different if they are trained but do not retain the information. To get your employees interested in security training, read on to learn more.

  • Signals And Noise: The New Normal In Cyber-Security

    Cybersecurity is a top priority for Boards and the C-Suite. Download this white paper to strengthen your security posture with executive level guidance from Economist Impact.

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