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  • Destination: Cyber Resilience

    Cyber resilience is defined by the adoption of security defenses that continually monitor for threats and anticipate attacks with tailor-made technology ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. Download Mimecast’s Cyber Preparedness Report to learn the steps you can take to make your organization cyber resilient.

  • Defense in Depth: Closing the Gaps in Microsoft 365 Security

    If your organization uses Microsoft 365 email, is it sufficiently prepared to handle advanced email threats and attacks? Dive into this white paper to explore the security challenges facing companies that rely on Microsoft 365 for email and learn recommendations for mitigating these risks.

  • TA551/Shathak Threat Research

    TA551/Shathak is a sophisticated cybercrime actor targeting end users on a global scale. The group has distributed different malware families over time, but has consistently used password-protected ZIP archives containing macro-enabled Office documents. Download this e-book for a technical deep dive and an analysis of this threat.

  • To Pay or Not To Pay: ransomware has become boards’ biggest concern

    If your business was hit by ransomware, would you pay to get your data back? Companies are going to face ransomware at some point in the future; make sure you’re prepared. Check out this e-book to get cybersecurity experts’ advice and learn how to prepare for ransomware attacks.

  • Critical-infrastructure operators welcome government engagement on cybersecurity

    Across Australia, utility and data providers are calling for clarity and assistance in shaping and meeting tougher regulations as cybercriminals continue to pummel national infrastructure. In this white paper, explore why the Australian government is getting involved in managing policy uncertainty to help these providers map a way forward.

  • COVID-19 security has been an ongoing challenge for Australian CISOs

    In the massive transition to remote work, security executives are dealing with targeted threats, adoption hurdles and overwhelmed users. Criminals have become craftier, and this has caught end users unaware. Download this white paper to learn why CISOs agree that direct user engagement can make the biggest impact on risk.

  • How To Reduce The Risk Of Phishing And Ransomware

    Is your organisation prepared for phishing or ransomware to pounce at any moment? Access this Osterman Research report to look at these two threats up close to examine how they’ve affected security in the past year and a half and to study how the risks of both can be reduced.

  • How To Prepare For Ransomware Attacks

    Download this Gartner white paper to learn how to protect your organization from ransomware by looking beyond the endpoints. Use it to study the anatomy of a ransomware attack and the ransomware defense life cycle to get a better sense of how these unique attacks enter your system and how you can get rid of them.

  • Building A Pervasive Email Security Strategy Through Platform Integration

    Access this white paper from Gartner to learn how to build a pervasive email security strategy through platform integration. This guide contains sections on platform integration, using AI for phishing defense, cloud strategy, market research, and more.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Mimecast

    Access this Forrester case study which documents and quantifies how Mimecast protects organizations against threats.

  • Does Office 365 Deliver The Email Security And Resilience Enterprises Need?

    The native security capabilities of most cloud-based email infrastructures, like Microsoft 365, are often easier for cybercriminals to bypass compared to third-party alternatives. Read this white paper to learn more about what it takes to protect cloud email inboxes against today’s advanced cyberthreats.

  • The Mimecast-Netskope-Crowdstrike Triple Play: Integrating Best-Of-Breed Solutions

    The Mimecast-Netskope-CrowdStrike “Triple Play” is a joint effort created to address the growing information security challenges facing today’s IT pros. Read on to learn how these organizations combined their best-of-breed cybersecurity solutions to help organizations address cyberattacks and data loss.

  • The State Of Brand Protection 2021 A New Front Opens Up In The War For Brand Safety

    Brand impersonation saw a massive spike in 2020, both in terms of attacks as well as domains suspected to be fraudulent. Read this research report to learn more about the state of brand impersonation in 2021, including how this threat has evolved and what organizations should be doing to protect their brand.

  • How Small Businesses Overcome Email And Security Challenges

    Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often lack the resources of larger enterprises, requiring them to be more thoughtful when designing their security programs. Read this Osterman Research report to learn about the email-based cyberthreats targeting SMBs and what they can do to better protect their inboxes.

  • Company-Issued Computers: What Are Employees Really Doing With Them?

    Today’s organizations are issuing laptops, mobile phones and other company-issued devices to their staff in order to accommodate remote work – but are these devices being used for personal use? If so, what are they using it for and, most importantly, what are the associated risks? Read this research report to dive deeper into this recent trend.

  • Archiving And Data Protection With Microsoft Teams

    Do third-party archiving and data protection solutions satisfy the compliance and privacy regulations for modern organizations in Microsoft Teams? Osterman Research conducted an in-depth survey of IT decision-makers from organizations currently using Teams to find out. Access it here to learn the results of the survey.

  • Mimecast Securing The Enterprise In The Covid World The State Of Email Security

    Back at the start of the pandemic, organizations rushed to enable their employees to work remotely – and cybercriminals quickly followed with new threats targeting email inboxes. Read this e-book to learn about how the email threat landscape is changing in a post-COVID world and how your organization can protect its digital workforce.

  • Safeguarding Collaboration Tools For The Remote Workforce

    The era of remote work has increased reliance on effective collaboration tools. Read this Forrester report to learn about how collaboration is changing, the risks of modern collaboration, how to address these risks, and more.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Mimecast

    Organisations using Microsoft 365 are always on the lookout for ways to extend the advantages offered by this platform. In this case, we discuss security and risk. Download this Forrester report to see how decision makers felt about Mimecast’s cybersecurity and archiving solutions for blocking threats, streamlining e-discovery and more.

  • Strengthening Your Security Program With Mimecast’s Integrations And Open API

    The new digital landscape for 2021 presents organizations with both opportunity and unprecedent risk. Access this API Strategy Guide from Mimecast to learn about building your security ecosystem around APIs and integrating them with your existing SIEM/SOAR/ITSM/Endpoint Security.

  • White Paper The Truth About Cybersecurity Training

    Cybersecurity training: Why is it so difficult, and what can be done to improve it? Examine this Osterman Research paper to learn what decision makers had to say about their security awareness programs and security risk – and understand why proactive change needs to happen if organizations are to stay secure.

  • Archiving As A Key Element Of Good Information Governance

    An integral component of info governance is archiving—but how do you ensure that the appropriate information is being captured, indexed, stored, and made available? Download this Osterman Research report to learn how to effectively integrate archiving into your governance strategy and view 5 ways to achieve success.

  • Cyber Resilience Executive Society

    For CISOs and other security leaders, 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic served as a harsh reminder of the need for agility and resilience in cybersecurity programs. Read this report for a review of the trends, challenges and cyberattack variants observed across 2020.

  • Securing the Enterprise in the COVID world

    Dive into this report for the key findings from Mimecast’s 2021 state of email security survey on the DMARC standard, cybersecurity awareness training, the post-COVID threat landscape, and more.

  • Top 10 Capabilities that Organizations Need in a Secure Email Gateway: A buyer’s guide

    With the proliferation of advanced threat techniques in today’s ecosystem, organizations are adopting secure email gateways (SEGs) for a multi-layered approach against email-borne threats. How can you be sure you’re considering the right one? This buyer’s guide details the 10 most important capabilities organizations should seek in a SEG solution.

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