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  • What's the difference between multi-cloud vs. hybrid cloud strategies?

    The question is no longer if your IT department will use the cloud, but how it will use it. Learn the pros and cons of both hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategies in this E-Guide, and make the best choice for your unique needs.

  • The 5 Step Guide to Data Centre Modernization

    Take a look at this info-graphic to learn 5 steps to modernize your data center, starting with creating a strategy by assessing current requirements and anticipating future needs.

  • Mainframes in a Public Cloud Era

    Learn why the relationship between cloud and mainframe computing needs to be harmonious – and why creating a hybrid mainframe environment can provide a unique competitive edge in the face of big data, advanced analytics demands, and more.

  • Getting Ahead of Inevitable Multi-Cloud

    Inside this E-Guide, learn how CIOs and IT leaders at companies like yours are getting ahead of their enterprise's inevitable multi-cloud environments and the strategic factors they're taking into consideration in the process.

  • Keeping Mainframes at the Core of Transformation

    Inside, learn how organizations like yours are addressing the elephant in the room – what to do with mainframes in the golden age of cloud.

  • The Future of IT Operations & Infrastructure

    Discover what technology and strategic decisions are expected to fuel the transformation of IT operations and infrastructure. Spoiler; it's not just cloud.

  • The State of the Modern-Day Mainframe

    Within this E-Guide, find out how IT departments are tackling the challenges legacy mainframe systems are exposing – especially as DevOps and cloud platforms become the default choices for data centers across the world.

  • To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

    If you're not currently in the cloud, you're at major risk of being overtaken by an organisation that's already outsourced major infrastructure and applications to the cloud. Review this whitepaper to see answers to the top 5 most popular questions around cloud migration.

  • Mainframes: Anomaly or Workhorse?

    Continue reading to uncover how the roles of mainframes are continuing to evolve across industries – and how, when utilized correctly, they can play a pivotal role in digital transformation.

  • What Managed Mainframe Services Look Like

    You've probably heard of managed public cloud services or managed infrastructure services, both of which can offer relief to IT teams who are already swamped with other technology management tasks. But what about managed mainframe services? Find out more inside.

  • Enterprise IT struggles with DevOps for mainframe

    Many mainframe DevOps migration plans are expensive, but that is not always true. Open this E-Guide to learn more about the need for pushing DevOps to the mainframe and strategies to help you get there.

  • Expert Guide: How Information Governance Can Help You Digitize Your Organization

    One of the many goals of digital transformation is to create a streamlined way of getting things done, where the information needed is always available. Achieving information governance is a good place to start. Read this expert guide to learn why establishing information governance can help you create and implement a digitization strategy.

  • How Network Pros can Evolve with Digital Transformation

    This expert e-guide explores how network pros can become transformative and adopt new skills to interact with their evolving businesses. Get tips on how you can rethink your approach to the enterprise network for a digitally disruptive world.

  • Evolving IT from a Support Role to a Business Partner

    In this E-Guide, find out how CIOs and IT leaders are taking measures towards transitioning their IT teams into valuable members of the business. Plus, learn how modern ITIL frameworks can take this transition a step further.

  • Cloud Management 101: Metrics, Costs, & More

    In this expert-written guide, familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of cloud management, including the key performance metrics, cost and billing factors to keep an eye on, and the ins-and-outs of cloud management platforms that can offer a remedy.

  • Avoiding Common SaaS Contract Blunders

    Open up this E-Guide to hear from CIOs about their past experiences negotiating SaaS contracts – both successfully and unsuccessfully. Learn from their past blunders and develop best practice contract negotiation skills of your own.

  • CIO's Guide to Hybrid Cloud Computing

    In this guide, read how CIOs are adapting the functionality of the cloud to enhance their organizations. Plus, learn about the advantages and disadvantages that a hybrid cloud approach brings to the table.

  • Infrastructure Planning for the Future: HCI, Automation, & More

    In this expert e-guide, find out how CIOs and IT decision makers across industries are prepping their infrastructure systems for the future, employing tools like hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), IT automation, and even outsourcing to help them keep up with skyrocketing performance demands.

  • Digital Transformation Needs Mainframe DevOps

    Your mainframe is the heart of your business. If it is not working at full capacity, neither will your applications or your employees. If you are like most organizations and looking to undergo a digital transformation, your mainframe needs DevOps. This e-guide unveils how DevOps improves mainframe system capabilities.

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