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  • Introducing The Modern, Cloud-Connected Mainframe

    Discover in this white paper why the time has come to break down the walled garden around the mainframe, making it a first-class citizen within the rest of the enterprise hybrid IT architecture, unleashing data to flow freely and enable better, faster business decisions.

  • UX is the great enabler of public sector digitisation

    In this white paper, take a close look at how the public sector can put the citizen at the heart of plans for digitization and identity management and create flexibility and robust solutions for the future.

  • Building a technical strategy in a post pandemic world

    Discover in this e-book why, in management of their homes, housing associations and landlords must grow tenant expectations for service, safety, and comfort in the post-pandemic market.

  • 5 steps to a world class supply chain

    In special white paper by Retail Gazette and cloud-native consultancy, join Ensono Digital as it looks at how careful analysis of supply chain structures and reassessment of the basics can reap rich rewards, improving resilience, and flexibility while reducing costs.

  • Why isn’t IoT the ubiquitous technology we anticipated?

    In white paper, join Ensono analysts as they try to surface some of the most important elements to consider when rolling out IoT and how you can accelerate the adoption of IoT within your organization.

  • Unlocking Your Data For Better, Faster Decision Making Key Findings

    The volume of data that is captured, created, and consumed worldwide is forecasted to be over 181 zettabytes in just a few years. At the enterprise level, those organizations involved with AI adoption are now under pressure to utilize this data to make significant improvements to the business. Read on to learn how to make the most of your data.

  • Enabling Data-Driven Decisions Within Your Organisation

    In a recent survey, it was found that almost 60% of big data projects in the enterprise space have failed. However, in a follow up survey, it was determined that 60% is actually conservative and the fail rate is actually about 85%. But why is this rate so high? The answer lies in the shortcomings of data platforms. Read on to learn more about them.

  • Retail Revival in Turbulent Times Executive Summary

    Faced with unprecedented uncertainty and a darkening economic outlook, retailers need to look to data to anticipate rapidly changing customer needs. But pressure on budgets is forcing retailers to scrutinise spend more than ever before. Take a look at this research to learn how retailers are preparing for a tough trading landscape.

  • Retail Revival in Turbulent Times

    In the UK, recent research reveals that the retail sector expects to lose a significant portion of customers pinched by the cost-of-living crisis, Could a pivot towards targeted, agile change be the best approach to surviving turbulent times? Read this White Paper to learn how you can address the top retail challenges during a recession.

  • Strategies For Winning The Battle For The Policyholder

    According to recent research insurance profits fell by about 15% across the sector over the last year. This white paper examines the opportunities for insurance businesses willing to lean in on new and emerging technologies and outline the strategies that could bring success in a sector in flux. Download now to learn more.

  • Making your mainframe a first-class IT citizen

    This white paper explores how, by prioritizing the mainframe in your IT transformation strategy, you can unlock your mainframe’s strategic potential. Read on to learn about the benefits that doing so can reap for your business.

  • WBR Competitive advantage: What’s the mainframe got to do with it? Part 3

    Join Ensono experts in this final installment of a three-part webinar, as they explore how your mainframe can help or hinder your organisation's strategy, security, and risk factor.

  • ISG Provider Lens MF Services 2023 Report

    Discover in this analyst report the strengths, challenges, and competitive differentiators you need to know when selecting a mainframe solution provider for your organisation.

  • ISG-ProviderLens-Mainframe as a Service (MFaaS)

    Legacy mainframe systems are complex and slow to change, thereby reducing business agility and holding back growth. Tap into this analyst report to learn what ISG perceives as most critical factors for mainframes services and solutions in 2023 and gain a deeper understanding of different mainframe-as-a-service (MFaaS) vendors and how they stack up.

  • ISG-ProviderLens-Mainframe Modernization Services

    One business may decide to modernize its mainframe to achieve compliance. Another may decide to do so in order to deliver superior data analytics. Regardless of the driver, any business undertaking mainframe modernization wants a cost-effective, agile solution. Check out this ISG report to explore the mainframe modernization market.

  • WBR Bridging the Gap Mainframe Predicting App Migration Workload

    Tune in to this Ensono webinar for a close look at the essentials of mainframe predictability, and learn how to get started with a forecast model that fits your organization's needs.

  • WBR Mainframe Performance Capacity and TCO

    Tune in to this Ensono webinar to find out, in which you’ll learn the secrets of optimising mainframe performance, capacity, and TCO.

  • Modernizing the Mainframe While Preserving IT Investments and Managing Risk

    Fragmented data, exceeded budget, data risk—these are 3 challenges common to mainframe modernization. To avoid these challenges and facilitate a smooth transformation, many organizations utilize a tool or service. One such service is Application Migration Methodology (AMM). Read this white paper to understand AMM’s 5 steps.

  • Mini Guide: Is Mainframe Modernization Right for Your Organization?

    Is your business considering mainframe modernization? The time to modernize your mainframe is now. Dig into this white paper to start your modernization journey to enable cost savings, streamline operations and take advantage of new capabilities.

  • Part 2 Competitive advantage What's the mainframe got to do with it

    Tune in to this webinar for a close look at modern mainframe modernization strategies, the evolution and commercial benefits a new approach can deliver, and how a new mainframe playbook can grant your organization a competitive advantage

  • The Total Economic Impact Of Ensono IT Infrastructure Management Services

    In today’s evolving workforce, enterprises considering outsourcing must look beyond hard cost savings to enable activities that accelerate innovation, improve retention and create differentiation, according to a Forrester report. Access now to explore the ROI enterprises may realize by deploying Ensono’s IT infrastructure management services.

  • Global data and risk analytics provider modernizes and migrates mainframe applications to public cloud (AWS)

    In this case study, learn how a data and risks analytics provider partnered with Ensono to moved business critical applications to the public cloud (AWS), including the client’s largest mainframe CPU consuming application. Read on to uncover how they realized 3 major outcomes.

  • Choices for Mainframe Modernization

    Mainframes often support the most critical business functions, yet many companies still choose to carry outdated and limited legacy mainframes. Learn key considerations for mainframe modernization using data from this analyst report to reduce your complexity, risk and running cost of IT.

  • Mainframe with cloud-like capabilities comes to the Sunshine State with Ensono’s Mainframe-as-a-Service

    The State of Florida’s NWRDC was approaching a juncture with mainframe servers aging and one needing to be replaced soon as it approached end of support. Access this case study to learn how Ensono’s proposed plan of NWRDC leveraging its remote-hosted mainframe-as-a-service solution helped the state of Florida.

  • Strategies for Designing an Agile, Secure and Cost-Optimizing Cloud Transformation

    Many organizations fail to accurately capture and understand broader business objectives during their cloud journey. Access this white paper to learn strategies for designing an agile, secure and cost-optimizing cloud transformation that requires a methodical approach.

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