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  • Modernising the mainframe: Key challenges and the state of play

    Ensono undertook research to understand what businesses are keeping on the mainframe, what they are migrating, and how your enterprise can future-proof your mainframe investment. Read the Executive Summary and see where these innovative organisations are heading with their strategy.

  • Heightened Expectations in the Insurance Industry Demand Agile Processes and Technologies

    Without a strong and flexible IT foundation, insurers spend much more to gain business agility as legacy systems cannot keep pace with the demands of accelerating innovation. In this paper, uncover how to manage and modernize your existing systems and take full advantage of the cloud to design and build new systems and applications. Access it here.

  • Insurance CEO Spotlight on Technology

    To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive markets, insurers must adopt new tools and practices. Download this white paper to explore key things to consider before moving forward, and uncover how to create a hybrid IT foundation that will help bring your organization into the insurance spotlight.

  • Insurance Industry Spotlight: AM Best’s Innovation Scoring and Assessment

    In this white paper, see AM Best’s innovation scoring and assessment for insurance companies who are on the brink of innovation – and what they recommend to push them over the edge. Download now to learn more.

  • Make The Most Of Your Mainframe Performance

    Read this e-book to learn how you can cut costs, improve performance, and optimise applications with Ensono’s Mainframe Performance and Capacity Assessment.

  • How Retailers Can Manage Unpredictable Demand in the Cloud

    The retail sector can be extremely volatile due to demand spikes throughout the year. Yet, businesses must have their IT prepared at all times to satisfy customers, something traditional hardware often fails to due. Access this brief to learn more about why cloud is the go-to option for retailers.

  • Building a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for the Future

    VDI has been around for many years, but there have been several issues – including application performance and the user experience. Download this paper to see how Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) for retail aims to fix these issues and learn how you can implement AVD in your organisation.

  • How Retailers can Enhance the Customer Experience With Agile Development

    Customer expectations are changing. Customers expect experiences that are instant, seamless, connected and personalised—and it’s up to retailers to maintain this level of CX while managing the unpredictable nature of spikes in demand around seasons, the weather, and holiday events. Learn how cloud is saving the customer experience here.

  • De-Risking SAP Transformation in Retail

    Explore this eBook to learn how Ensono can help your retail company prepare for and execute a successful SAP cloud migration while minimizing risks to your application, data and business processes.

  • Enhancing the Retail Customer Experience – Why Cloud is Key to Always-on IT

    In today's retail environment, it's more important than ever to ensure that you have a resilient IT platform. Access this brief to learn more about how public cloud can enable an IT environment that creates positive CX with robust security and performance built in.

  • A Snapshot of the Cloud in 2021

    In this State of the Cloud in 2021 report, explore key findings around multi-cloud, cloud security, private cloud, and data sensitivity in the cloud. Save your copy of the report here.

  • Moderinising the Mainframe: Key Challenges in 2021

    As organisations move forward with digital transformation plans, it is important that mainframes are updated to address today’s business challenges. Check out this research paper to learn more about these key challenges and learn how you can overcome them through a hybrid approach of both mainframe and the public cloud.

  • Protect, Detect and Respond

    Do insurers have blind spots when it comes to protecting their data and networks? Many actively ignore significant risk due to a lack of visibility, expertise and real-time tools. What can be done to compliantly get a better view of possible malicious activity? Download this guide to learn how mainframe threat detection can help.

  • IT Security Alert for Insurers

    As customers demand greater flexibility, options and mobile service, insurers' technology investments must improve agility, speed to market and data insights. Download this checklist to find out 8 ways Ensono can help insurers optimize and modernize mainframes, infrastructure and cloud.

  • IT Accelerates M&A Integration

    Today, insurers are merging, acquiring and divesting business units at an accelerated rate. But without rigorous preparation and a flexible IT foundation, an insurance merger can become an integration nightmare. Download this checklist to learn 5 important considerations to make for IT integration before, during and after a merger or acquisition.

  • Winning the M&A Race: How IT Creates Value for Insurers

    Right now, insurers are facing many new challenges. They need to create new digital experiences to increase customer engagement, as well as modernize their existing IT. Open up this paper to take a closer look at IT integration challenges, increasing business values during M&A, strategies for migrating your applications, and more.

  • Security and Compliance: A Bird’s Eye View of Transformation

    With cyberattacks in the news now more than ever, insurance agencies are under increased pressure to modernize IT to ensure security and compliance. Download this guide to learn how placing emphasis on your mainframe can help you build a secure, audit-proof environment for your data, applications and networks.

  • Re-Prioritizing Security and Mainframe to Meet Current Challenges

    Right now, 81% of US public sector organizations have blind spots in their IT infrastructure. To fix this, consider securing your mainframe. Mainframe security provides more context into threats, compliance, identity and more. Read this resource to learn how Ensono can help you get started in your mainframe security journey.

  • State and Local Alert

    Citizens today expect access to government services to be easy, simple, fast and mobile. However, there are too many government limitations. By modernizing the mainframe, governments can improve overall performance and agility, without the need to migrate. Open this white paper now to learn how.

  • Lock in your security maturity through strategic mainframe modernization

    Today’s state and local government IT leaders are grappling with increasing vulnerabilities and threats to critical IT infrastructure as well as complex compliance requirements. Download this guide to learn how investment in mainframe modernization can help these organizations to maintain, secure and control data, applications and networks.

  • Combining the power of our proprietary platform with our consulting services to provide deep business insights

    According to a recent survey, 80% of organizations are either completely blind or have gaps in monitoring their cloud environments. Open up this white paper to see how to get the broad visibility and deep insights you need to gain control of your diverse IT environments, while saving both time and money for your organization.

  • Why are Software and Licensing Costs Eating Up Your Budget?

    Mainframe monthly licensing charges can easily eat up 30% of your IT budget, not including all the hidden costs like penalties for non-compliance or waste from over-licensing. Download this checklist to see other factors affecting software licensing costs that you need to consider and get started lowering your mainframe costs.

  • Solutions that appeal

    This guide takes a closer look at the many approaches to mainframe billing, and how to ensure you aren’t carrying the entire cost of your state-owned mainframe by only paying for the pieces you consume. Open now to get started.

  • Building Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for the Future

    Open up this white paper to explore virtual desktop infrastructure services and take a closer look at how your organization can get started building a VDI platform that goes beyond the pandemic and into the future of work.

  • How to Choose Your Mainframe Modernization Strategy

    Before losing valuable time and costs moving to the cloud, organizations should consider the benefits of modernizing their existing mainframe investment. Download this white paper to uncover three strategies for mainframe modernization in your organization.

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