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  • 2020 Digital Trends Deep Dive: Consent Defines our Digital Future

    An average of 74% of consumers across 10 global markets indicate a high degree of concern over online privacy. So, what can your organization do to ease consumers’ qualms? Find out in this report, which explores why consumer consent is so important, and what strategies companies are using to keep customer data safe and secure.

  • 2020 Digital Trends Deep Dive: AI Gets Marketers Back into Marketing

    AI and ML adoption is projected to grow the most among CX leaders in 2020. Find out why and explore the different ways companies are implementing it in Adobe and Ecoconsultancy’s 2020 Digital Trend report, which focuses on AI and ML adoption among marketers.

  • Digital Customer Experience Trends for 2020

    What does it take be a CX leader in today’s competitive landscape? Find out in this research report by Adobe and Ecoconsultancy, which looks at the most significant digital-related trends driving marketing and customer experience strategies, with a focus on understanding challenges, opportunities and priorities.

  • 2020 Digital Trends Deep Dive: Digital Inequality

    Download this report to explore findings from Adobe’s recent study on why an investment in CX technology is vital in today’s competitive landscape and learn how to develop and understand the attributes that define CX maturity.

  • 2020 Digital Trends Deep Dive: Putting the Customer in Context

    Today’s larger companies have recognized the need to reorganize themselves around the customer, with cross-functional teams and integrated technologies that break down silos to provide a seamless customer journey. But what’s the best way to do that? Find out in this 2020 trend report, which explores research from Adobe’s recent CX survey.

  • 2020 Digital Trends: Deep Dive: Cultural Transformation

    Which is a bigger obstacle for customer experience (CX): outdated workflows or dwindling budgets? Adobe recently distributed a survey to over 12,000 CX leaders, gathering information about common pain points, successes, and changes in CX management. Read the results here to get the answers.

  • 10 Predictions for The Next Decade of Analytics

    AI and other analytics technologies are driving incredible innovations and advancements that business leaders only dreamed of a short time ago. Download this blog post to explore the top 10 predictions for the next decade of analytics and the impacts they’re expected to have on business processes.

  • 360 View: Enhance and scale your customer experience strategy

    Open this webcast to review the key ways you should be engaging customer in modern contexts, and how you can leverage audience analytics for more effective connections.

  • Managing experiences across the customer lifecycle

    Customer experience is quickly becoming the centerpiece of business operations – those that ignore or neglect their CX will likely struggle to keep pace with competitors. Watch this webinar to see how Travelocity leveraged 5 pillars of CX to enhance their own customer-centric approach.

  • Digital Trends Webinar 2019: Data is the new everything and customer experience is king

    While technology is prevalent for virtually every business operation, the way these digital solutions coexist is, more often than not, disjointed and inefficient. Use this webinar to review 4 data-driven priorities that CX-centered businesses should pursue in 2020.

  • Banking on A Better Customer Experience

    For banks, the process of going from paper-based enrollment to an end-to-end digital experience can be a tough one. Download this guide for steps you can take to turn outdated enrollment processes into faster approvals and happier customers.

  • Digital Document Managements and E-Signatures Optimize the New HR

    Download this Aberdeen report that includes research outlining best practices and areas HR teams should invest in for better business process management.

  • Adobe Document Cloud & Microsoft 365: Improving Digital Experiences and Driving Significant Savings

    Upgrading document and content management systems can significantly boost productivity and drive employee efficiency. Download this Forrester report to review 5 quantifiable content management benefits of using Adobe Document Cloud and Microsoft 365 together.

  • Adobe Document Cloud Delivers Better Experiences

    Use this Forrester report to review the financial impacts of Adobe Document Cloud’s suite of digital experience tools, and how they can help advance your sales cycles.

  • Modernize and Transform Your Sales Organization

    Businesses that are sales leaders – those with the highest profits, most returning customers, and highly effective staff – are 90% more likely to use e-signature technologies, according to Aberdeen. Download this research report for a comprehensive insight into how e-signatures can streamline sales processes and boost revenue.

  • Incredible content, incredible experiences.

    Users want more personal experiences – which means the content you produce and share better align with those expectations or you lose out on those opportunities. Open this whitepaper to learn 3 ways you can create content that better aligns with CX goals, and intelligently personalizes for each user.

  • 2019 Digital Trends: Creativity in Focus

    With CX at the heart of modern digital initiatives, the way enterprises design these experiences can create your competitive advantage – or erase it. Download this insightful overview to explore the 3 key elements of creative UX and see how UX design stacks up against other methods of differentiation.

  • The Total Economic Impact of Adobe Acrobat DC

    Download this Forrester report for a full economic review of Adobe Acrobat from present value to ROI, and the true impacts it has on end-user employees.

  • The Total Economic Impact of Adobe Sign

    While signing processes seem menial at first glance, they make a surprising impact on your customer experience – one of the major priorities in modern business. Download this Forrester report on the business and CX value along with ROI of an e-signature tool like Adobe Sign.

  • Artificial intelligence unlocks the true power of analytics

    Basic analytics tools send so many alerts for non-issues that it becomes the norm to dismiss any and all alarm bells ringing. With AI analytics, there are fewer cry-wolf alerts, so your business can focus on what matters. In this white paper, Adobe compares 4 different analytics strategies. Read now to learn about how AI can improve analytics.

  • Making a Smarter Enterprise

    If humans are involved, so are biases. This is where AI presents a unique opportunity. While machine learning is similarly subject to human biases, the algorithms and processes have an unprecedented opportunity to be more neutral toward data.Check out the other unexpected benefits of AI by clicking inside this Adobe ThinkTank experience now.

  • Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines

    Download this personalization engine (PE) vendor report, which can help your prepare for your next PE purchase by cross-comparing 14 leading solutions from companies like Adobe, Oracle, and Evergage.

  • Analysis of the Enterprise Marketing Software Suite Options on the Market Today

    Download this Forrester Wave report for Enterprise Marketing Software Suites to explore the features to look for when choosing your next EMSS, and find out why Adobe, SAS and Salesforce were named as leaders for this market.

  • AI-Powered Personalisation- Above Expectation, Beyond Imagination

    Download this white paper for a look into how predictive analytics can enable better insights and allow businesses to deliver experiences their customers look for on a day-to-day basis.

  • Customer Analytics: The 20 Attributes that Lead to Business Success

    To deliver standout experiences in today’s digital businesses, you need to move beyond simple data collection and web analytics to true customer intelligence.Find out how Adobe Analytics can help you do that in this research report.

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