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  • The Complete Guide To Enterprise Work Management

    Many organizations have tried to add greater visibility to their work processes only to find that another disconnected tool just makes the problem worse. Introducing Enterprise Work Management (EWM). Read this 35-page e-book to get a complete understanding of what EWM is and why it’s important.

  • Mixing Agile And Waterfall.

    44% of project leaders say they must support a mix of Agile and Waterfall methodologies, according to Adobe Workfront. The truth is, Agile and Waterfall each make sense for different types of projects. This white paper explores when you should use each model, the pros and cons of each, and the benefits of mixing both methodologies. Read it here.

  • The future of marketing is creative

    It’s time to find the common ground between the overwhelming data of the digital age and the wide-eyed imaginations of creators and marketers. Explore this article to access survey results and expert insights that can help you find the sweet spot where data and AI unleash human creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

  • Thinking Beyond The Third-party Cookie.

    Access this comprehensive guide to the cookiepocalpse to learn how you can not only survive without the third-party cookie – but thrive in a completely new digital marketing world where customer relationships are built on a foundation of real-time engagement and trust.

  • When Moments Matter.

    Great customer experiences happen in real time, not days or weeks after a customer engages. But to deliver personalization when it counts, enterprises need a full picture of their customers. Check out this white paper to learn how you can take a smarter approach to customer intelligence with Adobe customer data solutions.

  • Adobe Acrobat Sign and Microsoft Accelerate Time-To-Business With Integrated e-Signing

    Download this Forrester report to learn about the productivity benefits organizations experience when employees are able to leverage Adobe Acrobat Sign from within the Microsoft applications where employees currently perform their work.

  • Back-to-Basics: Adobe Sign and Microsoft Integration

    Together, Microsoft and Adobe Sign offer integrations that enable teams to create, send, track, and e-sign documents without having to leave the Microsoft applications they’re already working in. Watch this webinar to learn about key integrations & their benefits as well as how you can get started.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Adobe Acrobat Sign

    Forrester interviewed and surveyed Adobe customers and found that they achieved a 519% return on investment with Adobe Acrobat Sign. Download now for a look at the insights and positive impact of implementing Adobe Acrobat Sign, part of Adobe Document Cloud.

  • Using E-signatures to Improve Digital Workflows

    Download this eBook to learn how, by integrating business-critical e-signature capabilities with the Microsoft applications employees are familiar with, organizations aren’t just getting more done – they’re doing it more efficiently and delivering better experiences for employees and customers alike.

  • Five things you can do to prepare for a cookieless future

    Download this white paper to learn about 5 simple (but hard) steps you can take to get your business ready for a cookie-less future and prepare for the next decade of digital experience.

  • Adobe Commerce Users Get AI Search for Sites


  • Content Drives New B2B e-Commerce


  • Beyond the dotted line: How e-signatures improve digital workflows

    E-signatures can drive efficient digital workflows across an organization, improving the effectiveness of HR, sales, and legal teams. Download this eBook to discover how Adobe Sign integrates with the entire Microsoft 365 platform to give users additional performance-boosting capabilities.

  • Becoming an experience-based business

    Learn how organisations building on a revolutionary foundation for how they go to market are succeeding because of their focus on providing excellent customer experiences.

  • How a cloud-native CMS makes content delivery faster and easier

    Download a copy of this 16-page guide to see how a cloud-native CMS can make content delivery faster and easier for the ultimate personalized experience.

  • Mobile and Cloud: Shaping your Content Security

    In this e-guide, we explore how to manage sensitive content and documents, wherever they exist. Get tips about your content security options from experts like Forrester Research's Rick Holland, and learn about the potential benefits of mobile document management systems.

  • Shaping Tomorrow's Workplace with Collaboration and AI

    Find out how digital transformation and AI are reshaping the flow of information through businesses of all shapes and sizes, from how data science platforms work to how customer relationships are created and managed.

  • Build your Content Security and Document Management Plan

    In this expert e-guide, we explore how you can create an effective content security and document management strategy. Discover 5 tips for a sound content security policy and learn about the differences between digital signature, e-signature, and digital certificates.

  • Update Your Collaboration Toolbox: SharePoint 2016 and Office 365

    In this expert e-guide, we take a look at your options for migrating to SharePoint 2016 vs. using Office 365 for collaboration in conjunction with tools like SharePoint Online.

  • CRX 2.2 from Adobe—the development platform for today’s complex, content environment

    Read this comprehensive white paper on Adobe CRX to learn how this enterprise content management (ECM) platform provides developers with a stable, open, well-documented and extensible content and query model.

  • Adobe Flash Builder 4

    Enterprises are challenged to create easy to use rich Internet applications that enable users and customers to access and interact with data and content in more intuitive and visual ways. Download this trial software to learn more.

  • Adobe ColdFusion 9

    Adobe ColdFusion 9 software enables developers to rapidly build robust Internet applications by condensing complex business logic into fewer lines of code.

  • Ajax at Adobe with Dreamweaver CS4, Adobe AIR and More

    Hear Kevin Hoyt, platform evangelist at Adobe, discuss building Ajax apps using the latest version of Dreamweaver CS4 and extending apps outside the browswer with Adobe AIR.

  • Engaging with the New eLearning

    Industry studies reveal evident increases in training and development delivered via eLearning. This white paper explores the advantages of eLearning and highlights 12 strategies with focus on virtual learning programs.

  • Informal Learning: Extending the Impact of Enterprise Ideas and Information

    Forward-thinking organizations are turning to enterprise learning in their quest to be better informed, better skilled, better supported at the point of need, and more competitive in their respective marketplaces.

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