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  • Transitioning Adobe Experience Manager to Cloud Service.

    In this paper, learn more about the potential benefits of taking your platform to the cloud, as well as a comprehensive three-step transition process you can use towards Cloud Service. Open now to get started.

  • Lower total cost of ownership with Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

    Organizations are under tremendous pressure to adapt to ever-evolving consumer expectations and deliver uninterrupted experiences at scale. Access this paper to learn how Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service aims to help.

  • Leading and Winning with the New Hybrid Workforce

    In a transformed workplace—with employees in remote or hybrid situations—business leaders are navigating how to drive enterprise growth in a new environment. This report, a collaboration between Adobe and Forbes Insights, is informed by survey findings based on 500 CIO and CXO respondents from NA and EMEA.

  • eSignatures Drive the Last Mile in Doument-Centric Business Process Transformation

    IDC Analyst Brief (4 pages): From business to nonprofits and government services – organizations cannot afford disruption of vital documents. Adopting electronic signatures will be key to accelerating the move to fully digital document processes and establishing future resiliency.

  • The Business Value Of Adobe Experience Manager Assets

    In this IDC report, explore the business value of Adobe Experience Manager Assets—and how the right tools can transform your business. Save the report here.

  • Retail Rethink Playbook Building On The Opportunity

    This white paper explores the impact of the pandemic on retail and how different verticals and retailers have managed the change. How has the rush to online changed interactions with the customer, impacted on product, supply chain and operations and how are retailers using digital and omnichannel services to optimize their stores?

  • B2b Under Quarantine

    Recently, Adobe commissioned WBR Insights to survey 100 CEOs, CTOs, CDOs and VPs of Marketing and Digital, Global Heads of eCommerce to find out more about the challenges they face with B2B under quarantine. Download the report here to explore the innovative solutions being brought to the table despite disruption.

  • Want To Build An Irresistible Ecommerce Experience?

    92% of customers who visit a webstore do not make a purchase. The reasons vary—culprits include confusing navigation, a difficult checkout process, and skimpy or incomplete content. Luckily, this eBook identifies the essential eCommerce features needed for all stages of the customer journey. Download the eBook here.

  • The Best Of Both Markets

    Whether you’re adding business-to-business (B2B) or direct-to-consumer (D2C) digital storefronts, you’ll need a new set of commerce features, which you’ll have to build or buy. Download this guide to explore 5 reasons to choose a hybrid platform that supports B2B and direct-to-consumer selling.

  • Transforming Customer Experience With Personalized Communications

    Transforming your communications and customer experience strategy isn’t a simple task—especially in regulated industries where digital transformation is only a recent priority. Explore how to transform customer experience with personalized communications in this guide.

  • The Rise Of Intelligent Commerce

    As customers and companies both know, the customer journey has become more personalized than ever. One key factor in personalization is intelligent commerce, especially when it comes to unique product recommendations. Find the shortest path to intelligent commerce in this eBook.

  • The IT Expert’s Guide To AI And Content Management.

    Access this e-book to learn 3 critical ways AI can transform your content, 6 tools of the AI trade, and more.

  • The Shop Never Stops: Consumer Preferences Report

    Online shopping preferences have evolved since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In October 2020, Adobe carried out interviews with 7,046 global consumers to understand exactly how online shopping behaviors have changed over the past 12 months. Download this white paper to review their key findings.

  • Supercharge Your Content Updates With Page Builder

    To connect with today’s customers, you need to continually create and publish new, relevant content—and get it online fast. Download this white paper to learn about Magento Commerce’s Page Builder tool and how it can make content creation faster, easier and more efficient.

  • Consumer Preferences In Ecommerce 2020

    Magento carried out a survey of 7,046 consumers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to understand how shopping behaviors have changed in the past 12 months. Explore their key findings in this infographic.

  • The Four People From Almost Every B2b Sales Cycle

    Learn how to create content-powered commerce experiences for personas who influence nearly every B2B sale, in this white paper.

  • Becoming an experience-based business

    Learn how organisations building on a revolutionary foundation for how they go to market are succeeding because of their focus on providing excellent customer experiences.

  • How a cloud-native CMS makes content delivery faster and easier

    Download a copy of this 16-page guide to see how a cloud-native CMS can make content delivery faster and easier for the ultimate personalized experience.

  • 2021 eConsultancy Trends

    This Econsultancy-Adobe report focuses on how IT professionals responded to the 2021 Digital Trends survey, compares their answers with peers from other business functions, and looks at the differences between top-performing companies and the mainstream. Download your copy to learn more.

  • From best practice to a business necessity: How e-signatures are enabling remote work

    Adobe recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a global survey to understand how digital document processes are supporting business resilience during the pandemic. The results were staggering with 72% of organizations say that digital document processes enable them to better maintain business continuity amidst unforeseen circumstances.

  • IDC Analyst Brief: Electronic Signatures Accelerate Business

    Access this white paper from IDC for an overview of e-signatures including how e-signatures can streamline business, top challenges to consider when adopting, and what’s next for technology leaders in digital document solutions.

  • How IT leaders modernized operations with e-signatures

    Organizations today are modernizing sales practices and operations through the use of e-signatures and other new technologies. In this knowledge brief, Aberdeen explores how IT leaders are tightly integrating these technologies with vital business platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics and Office 365.

  • Mobile and Cloud: Shaping your Content Security

    In this e-guide, we explore how to manage sensitive content and documents, wherever they exist. Get tips about your content security options from experts like Forrester Research's Rick Holland, and learn about the potential benefits of mobile document management systems.

  • Shaping Tomorrow's Workplace with Collaboration and AI

    Find out how digital transformation and AI are reshaping the flow of information through businesses of all shapes and sizes, from how data science platforms work to how customer relationships are created and managed.

  • Build your Content Security and Document Management Plan

    In this expert e-guide, we explore how you can create an effective content security and document management strategy. Discover 5 tips for a sound content security policy and learn about the differences between digital signature, e-signature, and digital certificates.

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