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  • Key benefits of virtualized storage: Increased flexibility and application awareness

    Sponsored by: FalconStor Software

    Storage is the cornerstone of any virtualization deployment. In this expert e-guide, discover the benefits and disadvantages of virtualizing storage systems for server administrators. Plus, find out about a tool that can help ease storage management in virtual environments.

  • Expert insight into how storage virtualization works

    Sponsored by: FalconStor Software

    A virtualized storage environment can greatly simplify storage management. Access this expert e-guide to find out more about the benefits of storage virtualization and the different technologies that you can utilize to increase storage utilization.

  • Eguide: Using Thin Provisioning to Reduce Virtualization Storage Demands

    Sponsored by: FalconStor Software

    This expert e-guide from explains how to use thin provisioning to increase storage availability in your virtual environment. Also, discover the benefits of virtualizing storage systems, such as flexibility and application awareness. Read on to learn more.

  • Essential Guide to Data Deduplication

    Sponsored by: ExaGrid Systems, Inc.

    This E-Guide provides an introduction to data deduplication and the various dedupe solutions currently available today. You'll learn about the benefits of each type of dedupe, how and where data should be deduplicated, and how to establish a deduplication solution that translates to cash in your pocket. Read on for more.

  • Essential Guide to Virtual Data Protection

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Storage

    In just a few short years, we’ve gone from struggling to apply effective data protection to virtualized environments with outdated tools to a variety of solid alternatives. Your job now is to find the best solution for your company’s environment.  This Storage magazine Essential Guide should help make it just a little bit easier.

  • Intel Cloud Builders Guide: Scale out Storage with EMC Atmos

    Sponsored by: Intel

    Access this white paper for an overview of scale-out storage and gain insights on cloud topology, hardware and software deployment, configuration steps and more.

  • Dell Fluid Data Helps BioWare Stay Ahead of the Game

    Sponsored by: Dell Compellent

    BioWare, a leading developer of console, PC and online role-playing games, is keenly aware of how critical data can be to the bottom line. The company implemented a data center virtualization solution based on the Dell Compellent Storage Center SAN with Dell Fluid Data technology and VMware server virtualization software. Read now to learn more.

  • E-Guide: How to secure virtual environments: 3 things to keep in mind

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    In order for virtualization administrators to achieve their prime goal, securing their virtual environment, they must carefully plan and execute an effective strategy. Access this expert e-guide to learn three crucial considerations for virtualization security and discover how to avoid common security issues.

  • 6 Storage Efficiency Technologies: What They Do and How You Save

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This E-Guide can help you achieve your efficiency goals by outlining different storage tools to use, how they work and how you can save by using them. Also discover the pros and cons of storage management tools today.

  • Virtualization technology what the doctor ordered for health care IT

    Sponsored by: CDW Healthcare

    While virtualization may be approaching maturity in many IT shops, it's just coming of age in hospital data centers. It may prove to be a golden age, however, as the push to virtualize gains momentum on all fronts: servers, storage, backup and desktop. Access this exclusive e-guide to read virtualization success stories from four health IT leaders.

  • How File Storage, Virtualization and Remote Data Protection All Tie Together

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This expert E-Guide outlines the benefits of intelligent file-level replication and how it can take on today’s huge amount of storage – and protect it. Also learn how file virtualization is a viable method for remote office data protection.

  • eGuide: Storage virtualization for data migration, consolidation

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Data migration is a major challenge for customers upgrading their storage hardware. Fortunately, virtualization can help to streamline this process. This expert e-guide, brought to you by, explores the fundamentals of storage virtualization and points out the new revenue opportunities that accompany it.

  • E-Guide: Building on SANs: Getting the most from virtualized storage

    Sponsored by: Dell Compellent

    How can you be sure that you are making the most of your virtualized system? Not only should your network be organized and easy to navigate, but it should work for you in terms of lowered costs and increased productivity. In this e-guide, learn about SAN technologies and how they can be utilized to the outmost extent in the health care setting.

  • PCI Express extender approach I/O virtualization

    Sponsored by: Dell Compellent

    What’s the latest around the PCI Express extender approach to I/O virtualization? Check out this interview as George Crump, lead analyst for Storage Switzerland, discusses using PCIe bus extenders to implement I/O virtualization.

  • Backup and Recovery for Enterprise Applications in VMware Environments

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    An in-depth survey of 463 senior IT professionals in both large midmarket and enterprise-class organizations in North America revealed some interesting trends around server virtualization.

  • Presentation Transcript: Storage Virtualization Technology Pros and Cons

    Sponsored by: Dell Compellent

    In this podcast transcript, Marc Staimer discusses the ins and outs of storage virtualization technology. Find out the pros and cons of storage virtualization, when to rule out storage virtualization in your environment, and how to decide between file-based or block-based storage virtualization in your data center.

  • Implementing Fibre Channel SANs in a virtual server environment

    Sponsored by: Dell Compellent

    This Q&A featuring VMware expert Eric Siebert divulges the advantages and disadvantages of implementing FC SANs to support your virtual server platform.

  • VDI Storage: Capacity and performance requirements for VDI implementation

    Sponsored by: Dell Compellent

    This VDI FAQ guide can help you by outlining how to design your VDI solution, the impact VDI has on storage, how to solve capacity and performance problems in a VDI environment and more.

  • E-Guide: Determining the Type of Cloud To Use and Your Cloud ROI

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    This expert EGuide outlines how each of these cloud methods compare in terms of scalability, security, performance, reliability and cost. Read on to learn how to decide which type is right for you and the steps to take to help determine your cloud ROI.

  • Using Virtual Provisioning to Reduce Storage Demands

    Sponsored by: FalconStor Software

    Access this expert e-guide to gain insight into using thin provisioning to increase storage availability in your virtual environment. In addition, discover the benefits of virtualizing storage systems, such as increasing flexibility and application awareness.

  • Key Considerations for Virtual Desktop Storage

    Sponsored by: FalconStor Software

    Access this expert e-guide to understand how storage virtualization works and the benefits it provides, such as increased storage utilization. In addition, learn which storage method makes the most sense for your virtual desktop environment, and find out how storage requirements and growth can be managed by using storage virtualization.

  • Intel Cloud Builders Guide: Scale out Storage with EMC Atmos

    Sponsored by: Intel

    With the emergence of cloud computing, businesses are looking to increase their storage capacity to support the increase in digital content . Access this white paper to learn how about scale-out-storage initiatives that will benefit your business.

  • Five Considerations for Efficient Storage Virtualization

    Sponsored by: Dell Compellent

    Virtualization is mainly associated with servers, but in fact, storage systems are really the vital factors that determine deployment success. Access this white paper to learn how to optimize your virtualization deployment through storage efficiency.

  • Intel Storage Technologies: Powering Tomorrow’s Cloud

    Sponsored by: Intel

    Storage technology can ensure that systems are prepared for a virtual environment in the cloud. Access this white paper to learn how to implement solutions that will provide added data protection and security for your enterprise.

  • HDS, clouds and the enterprise storage renaissance

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    This white paper outlines important information regarding next-gen storage and the requirements that different companies must meet in order to implement these new technologies.

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