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  • Digital Transformation in the Financial Industry 5 Steps to Customer Centricity

    Download this white paper, which lays out 5 steps for financial services institutions to take when pushing for a customer centric digital transformation.

  • Driving Digital Transformation and the Smart Manufacturing Enterprise with Analytics

    In the manufacturing sector, IIoT gets a lot of hype when it comes to digital transformation. But don’t forget its equally important partner: Analytics. Download this LNS Research report to examine how analytics are used to optimize manufacturing processes today and find out why analysts say they’re a key part of DX.

  • Digital Transformation Checklist

    Leveraging data for innovative banking services only becomes useful when financial institutions know how and when to apply that data to their own services and processes. Download this 5-point digital transformation checklist to understand how you can successfully meet growing demands of customers amid all the technological and digital disruption.

  • The Critical Role of Maintenance and Repair Data for Manufacturers

    With the digitization of factories, a wide volume of data has become available, which creates new opportunities for enterprises to efficiently monitor and repair assets. Use this industrial IoT white paper, which explores the financial impacts of applying insights from operational IIoT data to physical maintenance processes.

  • Leveraging Maintenance and Repair Data to Support Operations Excellence

    Use this industrial IoT guide to understand how you can enhance maintenance approaches with IoT data and ultimately reduce labor and repair costs.

  • A Modern Model for Preventing Bank Fraud

    TABB Group research has found that financial firms are shifting from a historical reliance on a collection of independent point solutions towards implementing a data analytics pipeline platform to streamline fraud prevention. To read about the 5 key ingredients used to protect against bank fraud, read this e-book.

  • Next-Generation Customer 360° and Data Hubs in Financial Services

    Hitachi Vantara and Pentaho can link all meaningful data to customer records to provide a much deeper understanding of your customers with a 360-degree customer-centric data hub. To read about the specific values of this solution a relevant case study, access this e-book.

  • The Digital Nexus in Banking

    With Hitachi, achieving the level of regulatory compliance your business needs become a lot easier while managing data becomes less of an arduous task. To learn about the 3 major benefits of managing data with Hitachi and to go over the provided compliance maturity checklist, read this e-book.

  • Understanding Industrial Transformation Today

    Industrial transformation (ix) is a proactive and coordinated approach to leverage digital technologies and is increasingly important to manufacturers. Download this research report to explore IX and its current rate of adoption and find out why 66% of companies are in the midst of implementing it today.

  • DataOps: Moving Financial Services Organizations into the New Economy

    By implementing a DataOps model, organizations will see their information management elevated to a new level through 5 transformative benefits. However, moving to DataOps is a journey with many variables, access this e-book from Forbes Insights and Hitachi to view the 8 considerations they outline.

  • 2019’s Key Tech Trend for Capital Markets? That’s Private

    Did you know that in early 2019, Google was fined $50 million for violating GDPR? Lax approaches to data privacy just won’t fly anymore. Read this white paper to learn how to find the balance between a profitable, data-centric business strategy and modern compliance hurdles.

  • Data-driven Business, Delivered

    Achieving successful, always-on storage is contingent upon 7 essentials.To read the full list of these storage must-haves, as well as the full range of benefits of using all-flash to modernize your storage stack, access this e-book.

  • The Enterprise Big Data Lake

    Read this white paper to learn how 2 engineers at Google found a way to bring its gigantic indexing needs down to reasonable processing requirements through a radically new type of algorithm running on massively parallel clusters.

  • Cloud Data Management

    Cloud data management (CDM) has risen to address the challenges of an increasingly more common hybrid IT environment, enabling complex infrastructures to still output optimized data analytics. Read this report for an in detail explanation of what CDM is and does so data professionals can understand how they might organize a successful CDM program.

  • Data Management Analytics

    Read this white paper to learn how to utilize data blending to bring in new revenue, improve customer experiences, and lower operational costs.

  • Achieving Intelligent Data Operations

    Data integration, degradation of data quality, technical incompatibilities, and a general lack of knowledge among data workers—these are all common challenges throttling data operations in modern environments right now. Read this white paper for a Q and A session from IDC that can help organizations work past these common struggle areas—and more.

  • Hybrid Cloud with Hitachi Vantara and VMware

    With just 22% of businesses using just public cloud, and 69% using a hybrid cloud, its become clear hybrid cloud is becoming the future for enterprise IT. Download this e-book to answer those questions, and get insights in ways to address the complexity of hybrid environments.

  • Can You Ensure 100% Availability of Your Data?

    With downtime lasting on average 130 minutes and costing about $740K, having 100% data availability is paramount to ensuring performance of business-critical applications. Access this whitepaper to learn about Hitachi Vantara's 100% data availability approach, and take away 8 long-term data downtime benchmarks.

  • Hitachi Vantara and Vmware: Partnership Beyond Technology

    Download this white paper to learn about the changes and challenges organizations like yours are encountering as they chip away at their digital transformation goals – and find out how to start capitalizing on transformative opportunities now rather than later.

  • 5 Ways to Transform IT Agility with Deep VMware Integrations

    Dive into this infographic to learn the five ways that Hitachi Vantara and VMware can transform your IT ecosystem into the agile and innovative hub your organization needs to digitally transform.

  • Create Innovation with Converged Infrastructure

    Download this white paper to learn how to rapidly deploy modern, intelligent IT infrastructure capable of supporting both cloud-native and legacy applications – and that is ready to house innovative new tech like AI and machine learning.

  • Cisco and Hitachi Adaptive Solutions for Converged Infrastructure

    Download this whitepaper to see if a converged infrastructure solution may be what your organization needs to break through the limits of legacy infrastructure, and put you on a path to increased operational efficiency.

  • Hybrid Cloud: Realize the Benefits

    When migrating to the hybrid cloud, business often expect immediate benefits, but this can be challenging to achieve with the technical challenges of cloud migration. Download this short 2-page whitepaper for a look at how Hitachi Vantara and VMware can fast-track migration through comprehensive software-defined services.

  • Unlock the Strategic Value of Data with the Next Evolution of Converged Infrastructure

    Infrastructures can either hold back your ability to leverage data, or allow you to put it to strategic use for growth. Download this infographic to get 3 questions you need answered to make sure your converged infrastructure is ready for your data needs.

  • How to Keep up with Data Center Modernization

    Onboard more applications. Deliver higher performance. Perform more data analyses to unlock critical insights. Your team is likely being asked to do more than ever. That's why this e-book highlights the all-flash and hybrid flash lineups from Hitachi Vantara, designed to meet the above needs.

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