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  • Accelerating Cloud Migration Services Through Automation Delivers Multiple Benefits

    Cloud migration is necessary for businesses seeking to maximize tech investments but is often resource intensive and difficult. Check out this IDC report to learn how automation empowers your cloud migration journey, resulting in less mistakes and more free time to focus on building analytics and other features around your new cloud architecture.

  • Build a Data Governance Strategy for the New Digital Era

    Data governance, while not a new concept, is in a period of flux as data regulations become more stringent, cyberattacks more aggressive, and customers more demanding. Read on to learn how data governance is modernizing, even as it becomes inexorably linked with data integration, cloud computing, and more.

  • Data and Automation: Drivers of the Future Enterprise

    Companies are beginning to see the fundamental value of DataOps; after all, why wouldn’t you want to ensure that your data consumers are in close communication with data creators? Read on to learn how DataOps and automation are powering businesses into a new era of data-driven success.

  • Fast Track Cloud Migration & Modernization with Automation

    Organizations can now reap the benefits of a hybrid cloud strategy with increased agility and efficiency thanks to Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform. See how they can help you fast track cloud migration and modernization with automation in this brief video.

  • Drive Your Intelligent Data Operations with Automation

    DataOps is best understood as an organizational practice of blending traditional processes, such as master data management, with new ones like automation and cloud technology. Watch this video to learn how DataOps can help your organization reach new heights as you embrace digital transformation.

  • Automated Migration is Critical to Cloud ROI

    Cloud migration is a difficult but necessary step for many workloads. Now, organizations looking to migrate their complex workloads to the cloud must decide if the cost and disruption are worth the risk. In this 451 Research Report, learn how organizations have tackled this complexity challenge with automated migration.

  • The Economic Value of Hitachi Content Platform Storage

    Access this white paper to explore the total cost of purchasing and owning Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) versus the costs associated with renting object storage from a leading public cloud vendor over time.

  • Successful Application Modernization

    Working around monolithic applications—instead of with them—can set your IT team far behind. It’s time to make monolithic applications work for you. In this guide, learn how to best re-architect your monolithic applications, from making a business case to logging and monitoring your modernized application.

  • Accelerating Digital Innovation with DataOps, Cloud, and Automation

    Take a look at this white paper from IDC to learn the 5 stages of workload migration and discover how Hitachi Vantara is well positioned to help customers succeed in the transition to the cloud.

  • Cloud Has Moved On. Have You?

    Oftentimes, the speed of innovation within your organization is dependent on how closely your cloud and business strategies are aligned. In this video, learn how to fast track modernization by doing just that—aligning your cloud strategy with your overall business strategic plan for more success.

  • Have You Reined in Your Big Data

    Tune into this webinar on September 23rd, 2020 at 8am PST to hear an exclusive discussion between 7 experts from Hitachi Vantara on how to transform your data lake into a data monetization platform and all that process entails.

  • A Successful SAP S/4HANA Migration Plan for Your Business

    In this webinar, get tips on crafting an SAP S/4HANA migration plan for your organization and see how working with a partner, like Hitachi Vantara, can help accelerate your organization’s transformation to an Intelligent Enterprise.

  • Oracle Cloud ERP Implementation: Hitachi’s step-by-step guide

    In Hitachi Vantara’s latest Virtual Classroom, you will learn how to make the successful journey to the cloud with their step-by-step guide. Hear from their experts on how to migrate to the cloud with Hitachi Vantara's Fast Track approach.

  • 5 Questions Every CIO Must Answer in the Coronavirus Age

    The Coronavirus has completely changed the notion of a business environment, and there’s no telling when employees will be back in the office, if ever. In order to help IT and security leaders address these challenges, this white paper offers 5 questions for CIOs to ask themselves right now regarding identity and access management (IAM).

  • Oracle Cloud Implementation: 10 Common Pitfalls To Avoid

    In this checklist, Hitachi Vantara provides an overview of the biggest obstacles that can get in the way of a successful Oracle Cloud migration.

  • Global Investment Bank Benefits with Hitachi Solutions

    As large or global companies face the challenge of replacing aging, disparate data infrastructures, they also need to tackle issues like regulatory compliance. Watch this short video to see how Hitachi was able to help a global investment bank overcome these issues and cut costs, all in one fell swoop.

  • How Hitachi Content Intelligence Makes Key Industries Smarter

    Despite the fact that there are a variety of ways to store all the data being rapidly produced and harvested by businesses, businesses often lack ways to sift through this data and access the valuable bits. Check out Hitachi’s Content Intelligence offering to see how it indexes and organizes your data to help you keep its value on top.

  • Capitalize on the Value of Bank Data

    Organizations like banks are well-positioned to take advantage of big data, and the increased use cases for that data, because they often sit on top of a wealth of consumer insights. Check out Hitachi’s analytics solutions in this infographic to see how to make that data actionable.

  • Innovative Strategies for the Data Management Dilemma

    As businesses face an onslaught of data regulation, growth, and new utilization mandates, they face a dilemma—how do you navigate this world while still remaining profitable and innovative? Check out this Hitachi Vantara webcast to learn how innovative firms are taking control of this problem and gaining the edge against their competition.

  • Fortify Your Data Against Security Risks with a Digital Asset Vault

    As the volume of data organizations handle grows larger every day, they are faced with the challenge of securing this data for safety, regulatory, and backup purposes. Check out this white paper to learn more about Hitachi Vantara’s Digital Asset Vault, offering data retention, immutability, and available across a variety of environments.

  • Secure Remote Access for Vendors

    With some of your vendors working remotely both now and for the foreseeable future, now is a good time to check up on your vendor security. Tap into this infographic for 7 steps to securing vendor access.

  • Forrester Total Economic Impact Report - for Hitachi Vantara Cloud Services

    This May, Hitachi Vantara commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an economic analysis of the ROI that can be enabled from Hitachi Vantara cloud services. In this webinar, learn about the key findings of the analysis.

  • Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)

    Access this e-book to learn about the Assessment Report from Cohasset Associates, Inc. which will assess the functionality of HPC relative to 3 key regulations to see if it can meet the recording and non-rewriteable/ non-erasable storage of electronic records and supports the requirements for an audit system.

  • Moving Financial Services Organizations Into The New Economy

    Financial institutions exist in one of the most challenging modern markets—highly competitive, dictated by changing regulations, with customers that always expect the highest quality customer experience. In this industry, managing data securely and effectively is crucial. Read on to learn how Data Ops makes that possible.

  • Transforming IT Operations to Enable Better Business Outcomes

    Access this ESG paper to learn how enterprises are harnessing AI and ML to drive more intelligent operations in their businesses, including aiding admins in real-time collection and analyzing constantly generated telemetry data across the infrastructure.

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